Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 23 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Victor put his security detail on the case of investigating Ashland and searching for Mariah. Nikki warned Victor that Victoria would be angry if she found out he was investigating Ashland. Victor liked Ashland, but he wanted to make sure that Victoria knew everything there was to know about him before she married him. Billy and Nick were in agreement that something wasn’t right with Ashland. Ashland got word that Harrison and Jack were in Milan, and Summer and Kyle were house hunting for a place with a yard for Harrison. Ashland told Victoria that their merger would be official in a month. Ashland surprised Victoria with a sketch of two towers, Newman Tower and a new one right next to it for Locke Tower. Victoria was subdued and changed the subject. Ashland cleared the air with Phyllis because her daughter would be his son’s stepmother. He asked her to help him win over Nick. Phyllis talked to Nick. Her opinion was that love was hard to find and that Victoria was going to do what she wanted, so he shouldn’t interfere. Nick considered staying on the sidelines and letting Billy be the one to torpedo things. Billy admitted to Lily that he was looking into Ashland’s past for an article. Lily thought that Billy was really trying to stop the wedding. Sally wanted to get revenge on Phyllis, and Adam talked her out of it. Victor was displeased when he found out Adam tried to poach some people from Newman/Locke. Adam noted that he was CEO, and Victor was an advisor. As CEO, Adam got to make the decisions, and this was just business. Sally overheard Victoria describing her ideal wedding dress to Nikki. Victoria was going to see if Summer could get Angelina Marchetti to make it. Nikki asked if Ashland would need an office at Newman Tower. Victoria admitted that she didn’t like focusing on the idea of Ashland working because she was worried he’d push himself too hard. Sally told Chloe she was going to talk her way into making Victoria’s wedding dress. Chloe didn’t think Summer’s aunt would work with Sally. Sally wasn’t dissuaded. Sally told Chloe that Adam talked her out of making a huge mistake.

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