Days Short Recap Monday, August 23, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ met with Xander to talk to him about getting his money back from Sami. He let Xander know that he knew he was paid to expose his affair with Nicole. Xander admitted that he still had the money. He was willing to help him if he gave him the money back. Jack and Julie went back and forth about whether Xander was covering for Gwen. Jack was sure that Xander didn’t have a reason to cover for Gwen. Julie shocked him by telling him that they almost had sex on the couch. She walked off so Jack wanted an explanation. She told him that it just happened. EJ knew Xander needed a lawyer to help him with his case. Xander thought he could get Justin to help him. He reminded him that he never won a case. Gwen appreciated Jack defending her. He said she didn’t do anything wrong and that it was on Xander. She reminded him that he forgave her and that Xander deserved a second chance. He wanted to know why she was defending him.   EJ gave Xander the run down of his charges. EJ told him that his name could make a difference in helping him. He said Xander would get a slap on the wrist if he helped him as long as he gave him the money. Xander said he would have nothing without the money. He wouldn’t have any job prospects or nothing. EJ was about to leave when Xander stopped him.

Gwen tried to explain what happened with Xander. Jack couldn’t forgive Xander for putting her in danger. He said he just found her and didn’t want to lose her. He told her that she was his daughter and he loved her. Xander said he was willing to keep half of the money. EJ told him that he would serve half his sentence. He wanted to have something. EJ said he could reinstate him at Basic Black since the DiMeras own the company. EJ had a contract waiting for him to sign. He was willing to represent him and guaranteed that he wouldn’t go to jail if he signed the contract. He wanted to know if they had a deal. Paulina ran into Julie at the town square. She apologized to Julie for what she was willing to do to the town square. She forgave Paulina for what happened.

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