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Recap written by Christine
Photos by Dora

Victor and Nikki in "Young and The Restless" 8/23/21

At the main house, Victor told his security guy to gather information on Ashland. He said this was a priority, second only to finding out what happened to Mariah. Nikki walked in and wanted an explanation. After the man left, Nikki warned Victor that digging into Ashland’s past could cause more tension with Victoria. She didn’t understand why he was looking for something nefarious now. He said he liked Ashland and he wasn’t trying to break up the relationship. He just didn’t want there to be any surprises. Victor said that, like him, Ashland was ruthless in business. Nikki thought that facing your mortality affected people. Nikki said Ashland and Victoria loved each other, and if Victor insisted on going through with this investigation, Victoria would feel like he didn’t trust her judgment. He said he was a loving father who didn’t want his daughter to be unhappy, but Nikki said this would make Victoria unhappy. Victor just hoped his investigation didn’t turn up anything shady. Nikki didn’t think it would, since Ashland had been in the public eye for many years. Victor didn’t want Victoria to go into the marriage until she knew everything about Ashland.

Nick bumped into Billy at Crimson Lights. Billy promised to keep his opinions about Victoria’s impending nuptials to himself, but Nick admitted that he thought Billy made some good points. Nick said that if this wasn’t just jealousy on Billy’s part, he wanted to hear Billy’s concerns. Billy said, besides the obvious, that Ashland would probably die, leaving Victoria heartbroken, they didn’t really know anything about Ashland. Nick mentioned that he’d said the same thing to his sister and his parents. Nick commented on the trajectory of the relationship – Ashland got involved with Victoria before his divorce finalized, then he found out he had terminal cancer, then they got engaged. He said something wasn’t right. He added that Victoria had a terrible track record with men, present company included. Billy didn’t take offense. “No, no. take offense, Billy,” Nick replied.

Nick tried to figure out what the rush was – why did Victoria and Ashland have to make it official to spend time together? Billy said that when Nick asked those questions, it was like he was conceding that Billy knew Victoria better than anyone else did, even her own brother. Nick refused to agree that Billy was a Victoria-expert. Nick said he was talking to everyone in Victoria’s life to get a read on some of her actions. He wanted to stay out of her personal business if possible. Billy sensed that Nick wanted to know if he was going to use the resources at ChancComm to go after Ashland. “You want me to do the digging because if it blows up in my face then I’m the one that takes the brunt of it,” Billy said. Nick theorized that Billy was already planning to do this whether Nick encouraged it or not. Nick left.

Ashland and Victoria in "Young and The Restless" 8/23/21

At their place, Ashland told Victoria that Jack and Harrison arrived safely in Milan. Kyle and Summer were house-hunting in Basiglio for a place with a big yard for Harrison to play in. Victoria said the Newman apartment was lovely, but it wasn’t ideal for a family of three. She mentioned that Harrison would see Ashland during the wedding week. Ashland thought Victoria was sweet to try and arrange that for him. He already missed Harrison. They shifted gears and talked about wedding plans. He wanted the wedding to be perfect fro her. She mentioned she heard him get up last night and start working. He said things were rough when he went to bed, and he couldn’t sleep. He woke up feeling stronger, though. He thought that the healing came from being focused on something outside himself – something with so much meaning for both of them. He announced that everything was ready for the official launch of their conglomerate next month. She was surprised it would be done that soon.

Ashland had a surprise for Victoria. It was a sketch of two identical towers – one was Newman Tower, and the new one next to it would be Locke Tower. He estimated it’d take about three years to build it, and he thought he might even get to see it. She never imagined two buildings. He said it was a symbol that they were twice the company. She said that was quite the premise. He loved the idea of identical towers dominating the skyline for a century to come. She said she thought it was great, though she didn’t sound enthusiastic about it. She added that they’d talk about it later, because she had to meet her mom. She left, and he looked caught off guard by her reaction.

Ashland went to The Grand Phoenix. He told Phyllis he wanted to purchase a gym and spa package, as he’d be coming regularly as part of his treatment regimen. He figured he should do month-to-month at this time. She was willing to accommodate that. He shifted gears and thanked her for exposing Tara’s crimes. Finding out made certain decisions easier for him. Phyllis found it odd that Tara was able to fool Ashland. He said he’d loved Tara once, at least, it was a kind of love, and love made you see things differently.

Phyllis and Ashland in "Young and The Restless" 8/23/21

Ashland said he and Phyllis got off on the wrong foot when he first came to town. He wanted to rectify that since her daughter was raising his little boy. She quipped that they were one big happy family, but he didn’t think they should go too far. He was impressed with the way Summer embraced her role as Harrison’s stepmother. Jack had reported that Summer was wonderful with him. Phyllis said that being a fan of her daughter would get Ashland a long way with her. He asked if she could help him win over her boyfriend. He told her how Nick compared him to Billy Abbott. It rankled him how the men in Victoria’s life treated her like a fragile flower, even though she was one of the strongest smartest, most capable women Ashland ever met. He’d told Nick that Victoria didn’t need to justify her actions to anyone. Phyllis said Nick was protective of his family. She thought Ashland had to concede that the circumstances of this marriage were odd. He asked what he thoughts were, since everyone else was weighing in. she thought true love was hard to find and it should be held onto. He hoped she could help Nick see this was only about two people who’d found the rarest of commodities – true love.

After Ashland left, Nick showed up. Phyllis told him about her talk with Ashland. Nick didn’t see the engagement ending well for Victoria. Phyllis said that it probably wouldn’t end well for Ashland. Nick had a feeling that something wasn’t right. Phyllis asked if he was going to try to talk Victoria out of it. He asked for one good reason why he shouldn’t. She had three – it was none of his business, Victoria was in love, which was hard to find, and Victoria was going to do what she wanted. He asked if she was saying he shouldn’t meddle to prevent someone he cared about from getting hurt. She said he was calling her a hypocrite, but he said he wouldn’t do that. “Sometimes your selective logic never ceases to amaze me,” he said. She told him to do what he wanted, because it didn’t matter to her. She just guaranteed there would be blowback from Victoria, though. He considered staying on the sidelines and letting Billy be the one to torpedo things.

Billy went to work and got on Lily’s laptop. She walked in and asked what he was doing. He claimed he was doing research on the project about romantic breakups in Genoa City. He was making a list of all the marriages and divorces, like Phyllis and Jack. Lily said not to forget Victoria, and Billy said he didn’t. Lily had a feeling Billy was hiding something from her. He admitted she was right. He not only was looking into long term residents, he was also looking into Ashland’s past, because that was another potentially dangerous and doomed relationship in the making. Lily noted that this sort of research was the job of the reporter who’d write the story. “So what are you really doing?,” she asked. She thought he was trying to find something that would make Victoria call off the wedding.

Adam and Sally in "Young and The Restless" 8/23/21

Sally ran into Adam at Society. She was having a bad day, and he offered to listen. Phyllis just sent her a massive bill for extras, like all the times Sally asked housekeeping for extra towels. He smiled at her ranting, but she said no one would be laughing when she paid Phyllis off for ruining her life. Adam thought Sally seemed to be better off. He reminded her that she’d said she found her niche at Newman Media – a place where her talents were appreciated, free from the town’s rampant hypocrisy. He said that maybe she should thank Phyllis, but Sally scoffed. He admitted that his attempts to get even had backfired, and he told her to learn from his experience. He added that payback was never as satisfying as you envisioned. She asked if he was suggesting she become a new and improved version of herself, like he did. He thought the fact that she didn’t leave town said a lot about how strong and determined she was. She suggested it meant she was stupid, but he vehemently disagreed. He encouraged her to channel her resentment into something positive and force her haters to watch her meteoric rise. She asked how that was working out for him. He said it was a lot better than doing things the old way. “Trust me,” he said. She replied that everyone told her that would be a mistake.

At Newman Media, Victor revealed that he knew Adam was trying to poach Locke employees. He said from now on Newman/Locke employees were out of bonds. Adam said he reached out to a select few individuals, and nobody made them come meet with him. Victor made it clear that Adam was not to undermine his sister or endanger the merger. Adam noted that he was in charge of this company, and he made the decisions. “You are an advisor. That’s the role you chose to work with me, your CEO,” Adam said. Adam stated that he’d taken Victor’s warning about Locke Communications group as advice that he could take, or not take. He had no doubt that Lily and Billy would see the same opportunity, and Victor said that was their prerogative. Adam said Locke’s employees were stuck in the middle of a transition, and he was offering solid ground. He said he wasn’t going to miss out on a potential goldmine of talent because Victor didn’t want hurt Victoria’s feelings. “It’s just business, Dad. As you have said a thousand times under similar circumstances,” he stated. Adam said he was doing what he needed to do, just like Victoria. He asked if Victor didn’t think Victoria was up to the task. “You know I do,” Victor said. Adam felt that this was part of business – competing for scarce resources. Adam asked Victor to keep his personal feelings out of it. “You’re my son alright. But I advise you to keep your personal feelings out of it as well,” Victor replied.

While at Society with Nikki, Victoria reported that Ashland’s treatment was going well. Nikki was happy to hear that. She knew all about making the most of the good days. Victoria mentioned that Nick had reserved judgment on her engagement until he got to know Ashland. She’d been hoping for family unity on the subject. “You have to look at this from our point of view,” Nikki said. She said the family was concerned about Victoria marrying someone who could leave her all too soon. Victoria said they were taking this step because they didn’t know how much time they’d have together. She asked why Nick couldn’t just support and respect her decision, the same way Victor did. Nikki looked away. Victoria shifted gears and said they had a wedding to plan.

Sally overheard Victoria talking about the A-list packed wedding she was planning. She was going to ask Summer if she could get Angelina Marchetti to design her wedding dress. Victoria described the gown of her dreams, and Sally secretly typed all the information into her phone. Nikki and Victoria discussed music for the wedding. Victoria wanted a harpist and a string quartet.

Nikki asked what, if any, arrangements they’d need to make for what was soon to be Newman/Locke. Would Ashland need an office and reception area, any special equipment etc. The topic made Victoria’s cheerful mood evaporate. Nikki said she could take care of all that while the couple was on their honeymoon. Victoria said she and Ashland never discussed it. Nikki noticed the shift in Victoria and asked if she was upset. Victoria said it was complicated planning for an uncertain future. She and Ashland were planning for the best but they couldn’t ignore the reality. Victoria thought it was wrong to focus a lot on Ashland’s work life, because she was worried he’d push himself. She didn’t want him to push himself. Nikki said that it might prepare Ashland for the best outcome. Victoria mentioned that the merger would be official in a month. Victoria spent countless hours making sure it would go smoothly. She wanted the same thing for the wedding. She wanted it to be a celebration of her and Ashland as a couple, not as business partners. She wanted to take the work situation by ear.

Sally was sketching something on her tablet in the park when Chloe showed up. Chloe asked about Sally coming into the office. Sally replied that she’d sent Chloe a text saying she was going to work in the park. Chloe ran into Adam at work, and he’d mentioned that he saw Sally earlier, so Chloe was here to check on Sally. Sally said Adam stopped her from making a huge mistake. She brought Chloe up to speed on everything. She said Adam’s advice resonated because he’d been in her position. Chloe knew the feeling of wanting to hurt someone 1,000 times worse than they hurt you. Sally knew Adam wasn’t Chloe’s favorite, but she really felt better after talking to him. She was ready to ignore Phyllis. Chloe said Phyllis liked going to war, so it was probably best for Sally to stay off her radar. Chloe said to trust her, and Sally said a lot of people were asking her to do that lately.

Sally said she got her best ideas outside sometimes, and shes promised to be just as productive as she would be in the office. Chloe asked what Sally was working on. Sally rattled off a list of things, but Chloe sensed there was something else Sally was working on that she was hiding. Sally kept pretending that there wasn’t anything else. Chloe noted that she’d asked Sally to be honest with her. Sally cracked and said she wasn’t going to share this idea until she was further along. She said she was going to convince Victoria to let her design her wedding dress.

Sally in "Young and The Restless" 8/23/21

Sally said she heard Victoria say precisely what she was looking for in a dress. She predicted Victoria would be blown away when she saw Sally’s sketches. She thought Victoria would feel like Sally read her mind. Sally said that the wedding would be the social event of the decade and it’d put their fashion platform on the map. Chloe admired Sally’s talent and drive, but there was no way Summer’s aunt was going to let Sally anywhere near this. Sally said so many people had written her off, and it only made her more determined to get what she wanted.

Victoria went home and called for Ashland. He wasn’t there. She picked up the sketch of the two towers and stared at it.
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