Days Short Recap Thursday, August 19, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Chad that Johnny was home. Chad was surprised since he just talked to him and he didn’t mention it. EJ told him about Johnny wanting money to finance his film. Chad wondered what happened. EJ let him know what happened. He wondered if Chad could persuade Johnny to work for the company. Chad wondered what was in it for him. Claire met with Theo at the pub. She offered him some coffee to make up for what she did. He didn’t want to take it. He blamed her for helping ruin his wedding. She explained why she helped Ben. He told her how Ciara got her memory back and he was back to being her friend. He thanked her because she did warn him not to be with Ciara if she got her memory back. Ciara let Ben know that she didn’t sleep with Theo. He was glad she didn’t sleep with him. She knew he was faithful to her and was thankful for that. He told her that he had to tell her something. EJ wondered why Chad needed something in order to talk to Johnny. He reminded him how he didn’t want anything to do with the company when he took over. He also said that he wanted the company to be a legacy for his children. EJ told him that they were too young. Chad said they would be grown in a blink of an eye. Johnny walked in the room and was happy to see Chad.

Theo told Claire how he was going back home because there were problems at work. The company lost their social media manager. Claire offered to take the position. Ciara wasn’t happy when she found out that Ben kissed Claire. He explained that it was just one kiss. He didn’t want her to be mad at Claire. She realized that she was terrible to Claire when she lost her memory. She thought she should go apologize to her for the way she treated her. Chad thought Johnny should follow his own path instead of working at DiMera Enterprises. Johnny was glad that he agreed with him. EJ wasn’t thrilled that Chad didn’t back him up. Theo was surprised Claire wanted to work with him and JJ. He wondered if she could start right away. She asked him if she could do the job from there. He told her that she would have to go with him. EJ refused to make it possible for DiMera Enterprises to include a media section. Johnny was upset with EJ. They started arguing until Johnny left. EJ reminded Chad how he didn’t back him up. He reminded EJ about how he helped him with Jake and then he tried to be the sole CEO of the company.

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