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Recap written by Christine
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At the Abbott house, Jack told Harrison about the adventure to Italy that they’d be going on. Harrison was excited becaus he thought they were going to see his mom. Jack gently broke the news that Tara wouldn’t be there, but he promised they’d see her soon. He stated that Daddy Kyle would be there, and Summer found a place where they could get gelato. Harrison asked if he could bring his stuffed fox, Zippy. Jack pulled out a passport that he’d made for Zippy, and he gave it to Harrison.

Chloe on "Young and The Restless" 8/18/21

At Newman Media, Adam took issue with Chloe cc’ing Chelsea into a company memo. Chloe noted that Chelsea was part of her team, but Adam countered that it wasn’t official yet. Chloe thought it was a done deal, though. She reminded Adam that when he offered her the job, he’d promised that her friend would have a safe place to land. ‘Well, semi-safe,” she added. She didn’t think it would be completely safe as long as Adam was still here. He commented on her innate sense of distrust in him, at which she clarified that she’d learned to distrust him after years of experience. He asked where the fashion superstar was. She replied that Sally would be here soon. She noticed he and Sally seemed to hit it off at Crimson Lights. He wanted to get to know the people who worked for him. He liked Sally, but he had an interesting conversation with Phyllis the other day, and she wasn’t a fan. Chloe thought that sounded like a badge of honor. They circled back to the debate on Chelsea. Chloe thought that keeping Chelsea in the loop would only make her more excited about the idea of coming aboard. He thought that was great, but until Chelsea was on payroll, nothing confidential or proprietary was to be included in the emails. Chloe asked Adam if he went home and practiced sounding reasonable. She was waiting for him to crack and reveal his true self. He suggested that this was his true self and those years he acted like a jerk were for her benefit. She forced a smile and left.

Phyllis on "Young and The Restless" 8/18/21

Phyllis was at the Grand Phoenix. She texted Jack to come see her when he was free. Sally stormed up to the counter to report that someone broke into her room and stole her stuff. She was confused when Phyllis seemed unfazed about the theft that took place at her hotel. “That’s not necessarily theft,” Phyllis replied. Gesturing to the suitcases stacked in the lobby, Phyllis explained that if someone took off with those, that would be a robbery. Sally was startled to see that the suitcases were hers. “Isn’t it clear to you? You’re being evicted,” Phyllis announced. She’d had her employees pack Sally’s bags. Sally couldn’t believe this. Phyllis noted that this wasn’t the first time she kicked Sally out. Sally insisted that Phyllis couldn’t do this. “Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who bugs the hell out of me,” Phyllis replied. She suggested Sally go upstairs and make sure none of belongings were left behind before the key card stopped working. Jack arrived just in time to see Sally rush into the elevator. He asked if there was a problem, and Phyllis said not anymore. Sally returned, threw the key card on the bar and announced that she was no longer a resident of the overpriced, thin walled dump. She saw Jack and asked if there was anyone less suited to the hospitality business than Phyllis. He asked Sally if she could blame Phyllis. “I can, and I do,” she replied. Sally contended that she and Phyllis had a business arrangement. Jack thought Sally must know this was about more than a hotel room. Sally maintained that Phyllis had it in for her since she got to town. Jack stated that Sally could’ve worked hard and rose to the top on merit, but instead, she got greedy, and it cost Summer and Kyle. “What exactly did it cost Summer? She got her dream job because of me,” Sally replied. Jack sighed that Sally didn’t get it. “If you mess with another member of my family, I will not be so calm and forgiving next time,” he warned. Sally felt that Jack was being cruel. She maintained that they could’ve had something special, but Phyllis torpedoed their relationship out of jealousy. She swore she’d never forget what Phyllis did. Phyllis asked if Sally needed help carrying her bags. Sally snapped that she had it. She told Jack that she was sorry things didn’t work out for them. She grabbed her suitcases and, struggling, she maneuvered them out the door.

Phyllis had enjoyed seeing Sally try to leave, but it didn’t change the fact that Summer was staying in Italy. She felt like she’d wasted her time working to expose Sally and Tara. Jack thought Phyllis accomplished something important and helpful. He put a positive spin on it and said that at least Summer was in Italy by choice. He told her to be happy that Summer had opportunities, and like her mother, she knew how to make the most of them. She commented that he always knew what to say to her, and she loved him for that. She admitted he was right, but this was difficult for her. She knew it must be hard for him to lose Harrison and Kyle. Jack kept telling himself that this wasn’t about him. Phyllis quipped that this was always about her. He told her to think of this as a bold new opportunity for Kyle and Summer to start a new life as new parents. He suggested that the experience might spur them to have a child together. He wanted every holiday at the Abbott house to be crowded with grandchildren, noisy and boisterous like it used to be. She thought that sounded amazing, but her smile gave way to tears over Summer’s decision to stay in Italy. She had half a mind to hitch a ride with him to Milan. He invited her along, but she said it would be impossible, due to work. She’d called him over to ask if he’d deliver something to Summer. He was delighted to help. He owed her big time for saving him from making a major mistake with Sally.

Ashland was at the Abbott house with Harrison, who was playing with a toy plane Ashland had just given him. Jack walked in and smiled at his grandson. Ashland asked Harrison to promise to keep in touch with him and to listen to his Daddy Kyle. Ashland assured Harrison that Kyle and Summer loved him. Jack sent Harrison to the sun room, and he asked Ashland if he was okay. Ashland hated to admit it, but he wasn’t. However, he knew things had to be this way. Jack admired the way Ashland handled things just now, given his reputation. Ashland knew he was known to be rash, self serving and downright mean, but he loved Harrison and he always chose to do what was best for him. Jack said they had that in common. “He’s your grandson, but he’s my boy. Blood matters, but it’s not everything,” Ashland said. Sometimes you had to let go of the one you loved. Jack offered Ashland a spot on the jet, so he could take a little more time with his goodbye. Ashland appreciated the generous offer, but the flight from NY wiped him out, and he couldn’t imagine what a flight back and forth to Europe would do. He figured a clean break with Harrison was for the best. Ashland had said his goodbyes, then Harrison would be off to Italy, and that would be that. “This is not the last time you’ll Harrison. I firmly believe that,” Jack said. Jack admired Ashland, and he liked to think that if he were facing what Ashland was, he’d handle it with the same dignity, grace and courage that Ashland had. Ashland said thanks, then he went to the sun room to say goodbye to Harrison.

Phyllis came to Jack’s to drop off the gift for Summer. It was a framed photo of Phyllis holding her infant daughter. Jack got emotional over how tiny and beautiful Summer was. He told Phyllis it was a beautiful photo of her too. Phyllis thought Summer was lucky to have a future father in law who loved her almost as much as Phyllis did. Phyllis worried for Summer, but she thought Summer would be okay. Jack was sure of that. He said Summer had a bright future ahead of her with the love of her life, and that was something you didn’t take for granted.

Rey on "Young and The Restless" 8/18/21

Michael and Rey were on the Crimson Lights patio discussing Mariah’s case. Rey asked if Ian Ward could be behind the disappearance. While Michael called Ian a sociopath, he added that Ian was in maximum security prison, and his communication with the outside world was strictly monitored. Michael asked how Sharon was holding up, and Rey said she was a wreck. Michael said he kept coming back to the idea that Mariah was just taking some time to herself before the baby was born. Rey thought so too at first, but he said Mariah didn’t pack a bag, her phone was encrypted, and she hadn’t used her credit card or made a single cell phone call. “Mariah is in trouble and she needs our help,” Rey stated. Michael wondered if someone took Mariah because they had it out for Chance, or even Sharon.

Acting on Michael’s suggestion that Mariah’s disappearance was about Sharon, Rey went to Newman Media to question Adam. Rey asked when Adam last had contact with Mariah. Adam said it had been awhile; she was barely on his radar. Rey explained that Mariah had been out of town much longer than expected. “So someone goes missing and your first step is to come question me even though I have no connection to her,” Adam asked. Rey noted that he never said Mariah was missing, bu Adam thought that was the implication. Rey asked again when Adam last saw Mariah. Adam guessed it was right after he donated the kidney to Faith. He still wanted to know why he was being questioned. He assumed Rey wanted to search the office. Rey didn’t want to search, but he felt that Adam was overreacting. He also thought Adam could at least pretend to care about Sharon’s daughter. Adam said he did care, but he still didn’t understand why he was getting questioned. Rey suggested Adam was lashing out at Sharon for not loving him, or maybe Mariah crossed him one too many times, given how much she hated him. Adam accused Rey of grasping at straws. Adam had assumed he and Rey were moving in a better direction after Rey took Chelsea to Minnesota, but he guessed that was incorrect. Adam felt that Rey was dying to pin something on him. “The odds are in my favor that one day I will,” Rey replied. Adam hoped nothing bad happened to Mariah. He also hoped this conversation was over, since had work to do. Rey asked how Chelsea was, and Adam said she seemed fine. Rey was curious how Connor was adjusting, but Adam didn’t have time for casual conversation with Rey. Chloe and Sally walked in, but Adam asked them to come back later.

Chloe and Sally went to Crimson Lights. Sally was curious what was going on with Adam and Det. Rosales. Chloe didn’t know why Rey was there, but whenever she saw Adam with a cop, she assumed he was getting arrested, though that clearly wasn’t the case this time. Chloe wondered why Sally brought her luggage to the office. Sally promised she wasn’t moving in and explained she had to leave her previous residence in a hurry. She wouldn’t miss Phyllis or the hotel, and she was sure her next home would be an upgrade. Chloe assumed it must be hard for Sally to deal with all these setbacks alone. She hoped Sally wasn’t planning to leave. Sally intended to stay; she wasn’t the most popular person in town, but she reasoned that she had as much right to be here as everyone else. Sally wanted to make some people regret ever doubting her.

Gloria and Lauren arrived at Society, and Lauren mentioned that Michael was on his way. Gloria appreciated Lauren taking her out. Lauren liked to take her assistants out a few times a year, so they could take stock of how things were going at the office. Gloria wanted Lauren to buy a bottle of champagne, and Lauren balked because this was a working lunch. Gloria replied that Lauren would need champagne soon, for the good luck toast. Gloria then revealed that this was her last day as Lauren’s assistant. Michael noticed the tension when he arrived. Lauren filled him in. He reminded his mother that she’d begged Lauren for that job. Gloria was grateful for the opportunity, but she had something better lined up. She assumed that she’d get the job as president of JCV.

When Gloria realized that Michael and Lauren didn’t think she should have the job, she called them narrow-minded. Exasperated, Michael asked why Lauren would hand a plum job like that to Gloria. Lauren said it would be quite a jump to go from assistant to running a major fashion division. Gloria countered that Sally did it. Lauren stated that Sally had already been made an executive before that promotion, and she had a lot of recent fashion experience in LA. Gloria said she was a fashion consultant at Jabot, she used to work with Chelsea and Chloe on their line, and she used to be an ‘Extreme Catwalk’ judge. Michael said there was a the little matter of running a business. Gloria said she’d done that several times, successfully. “Like what? Glo-Worm?,” he challenged. Gloria insisted it was a coveted, loved restaurant, but Michael reminded her that it went up in flames. She said that wasn’t her fault. Lauren was about to deny this request, but Gloria interjected to declare that she was talented, hard working, creative, and a natural. Best of all, she wouldn’t spend all her time plotting behind Lauren’s back. “Please. Give me the job. You know I can do it. And I might say you could do worse. But you already have,” Gloria added.

Lauren didn’t think Gloria’s sensibilities were a match for the JCV demographic. Gloria thought that meant she was too old, but Lauren denied saying that. “Of course you’re not. Great way to get yourself sued,” Gloria replied before, assuring Michael that she wasn’t looking for a settlement. She just wanted the opportunity excel. Gloria wanted to implement inclusivity in marketing at JCV – showing all types and all ages. Lauren admitted that was in line with her vision. Gloria felt that she could learn what the young people wanted. Gloria told Lauren to give her some time to show what she had to offer. She thanked them for the meeting, and she left. “What just happened? Did she just accept a job that wasn’t offered? Again?,” Lauren asked. A waiter came by offering champagne, and Lauren ordered a whole bottle.

Michael joked that they had to hope Gloria wasn’t enrolling in high school so she could relate to young people’s fashion needs. Lauren admitted Gloria was entertaining, but Michael said that was hardly the quality Lauren needed in the head of JCV. Lauren said Sally was good at her job, and in time, she would’ve been great. She couldn’t believe she had to fire her. Lauren wished Jack could find someone who was as perfect for him as Michael was for her. Michael that what he and Lauren had was once in a lifetime. She agreed they were one of a kind, but she still hoped everyone could have a big romance.

Gloria on "Young and The Restless" 8/18/21

Gloria ended up at Crimson Lights, where she invited herself to sit at Chloe and Sally’s table. After buttering Sally up, Gloria asked how Sally cultivated her freakish talent for knowing what the young demographic wanted. Sally thought the fact that she was young helped. Chloe said they had to get back to work, but she’d see Gloria this weekend for brunch. Sally and Chloe went to the patio. Sally thought it was nice for Gloria to wish her well. Chloe was sure Gloria had some hidden agenda.

Chloe and Sally went back to Adam’s office. He asked if they knew anything about the luggage by the break room. Sally claimed them, and Adam asked if Phyllis gave her the heave-ho. Sally said yes, but she thought Phyllis did her a favor. She left. Chloe asked what was going on with Rey. Adam brought her up to speed on Mariah. Chloe was surprised and hoped Mariah was okay. Adam figured she’d turn up soon. Chloe left. Adam texted Sharon that Rey told him about Mariah. He asked if there was anything he could do to help.

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