Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 18, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John talked to Marlena about what Belle told him about Allie. He also told her about EJ and Sami. Marlena wondered what happened to Sami. John thought she might have been with Allie. He also told her about Sami and Lucas having an affair. EJ told Johnny about Sami being with Lucas. Johnny wondered why Sami wasn’t banging down the door trying to make things right with him. He didn’t know and didn’t care. Johnny thought he was being harsh so he apologized for the way he talked about her. He wasn’t sure where Sami was. EJ wondered why at he was up to so he said he was looking for investors for his movie. Olivia warned Paulina not to tell Lani that she’s her mother. Allie went to see John and Marlena and wondered what happened with Sami. Marlena told her how they found out about Sami and Lucas. Allie said that no one knew what happened to Sami. EJ was surprised that Johnny was looking for investments for a movie. EJ wanted him to work for him instead of doing the movie. Paulina told Olivia that Lani was willing to forgive her as long as there were no more secrets between them. Olivia thought she was just helping herself. She didn’t want Lani to lose the only mother she’s ever known. Lani came back in the room and wanted to know what she wanted to say to her.

Allie continued to talk to John and Marlena about her mother being missing. She was afraid Sami got in an accident on her way to Gabi’s place. John thought EJ might not have told them the truth about what happened to Sami. Allie wondered if EJ hurt her mother. Johnny was surprised EJ wanted him to work with him. Johnny didn’t want to work for DiMera Enterprises. He wanted to make movies. EJ and Johnny ended up arguing over what he should do. Johnny said he would ask Sami and EJ said good luck finding her. Paulina told Lani that she didn’t have any more secrets. Lani agreed to forgive her. Paulina said she learned her lesson and would make up for letting her down. Lani just wanted her to be honest with her. Marlena assured Allie that John would find out where Sami was. Marlena said Sami knew how to take care of herself. John went to see EJ to find out what happened to Sami. EJ said that Sami decided not to stay at the mansion. John didn’t buy that because she didn’t see her family. He said it wasn’t like her not to give up without a fight. He asked EJ if he was sure he didn’t know where she was. EJ wanted to know what he was insinuating. EJ told John that he told Sami to get out after she cheated on him. He wanted him to get out of his house. Paulina was upset that she couldn’t tell Lani the truth. Olivia reminded her that she would lose her father too if she told Lani the truth. Sami suddenly texted everyone telling them she wanted to be alone.

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