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Gabi in "Days of Our Lives" 8/17/21

Gabi goes home while on the phone with Jake, encouraging that he will win Philip over. Gabi adds that once they are in at Titan, they will push Philip out and take over the whole company. Gabi wishes Jake luck in his interview and says she’ll see him at home to celebrate. Gabi hangs up and then drops her purse. When she reaches down to get it, she finds Sami’s necklace which she had dropped when she got kidnapped.

EJ in "Days of Our Lives" 8/17/21

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ lights Kristen’s letter on fire and tosses it in to the fireplace. EJ looks at the portrait of Stefano and declares that unlike the Phoenix, his marriage to Sami will not be rising from the ashes.

Nicole sits in bed crying. She removes her wedding ring and says goodbye Eric as she has to find a way to let him go, even if it kills her. Rafe then enters Nicole’s room.

Eli tells Lani that he’s sorry as he knows how hurtful that can be. Lani says she’s tried to figure out who Paulina is, but she just can’t as she does not know who she really is. Eli points out that she is still her aunt. Lani says there is just something about the way Paulina acts around her that never quite added up. Lani doesn’t know what it is but declares that she’s done trying to figure it out.

Paulina complains about her mother Olivia coming to town to talk her in to leaving but it won’t be that easy as she has some things to say too. Olivia responds that they wouldn’t have anything to talk about if Paulina just kept her promise. Paulina wishes she never made that promise. Olivia reminds Paulina that she promised her sister that she would stay away from her daughter. Paulina then reveals that they both know Lani is not really Tamara’s daughter, but Paulina’s daughter! Olivia tells her to take that back now but Paulina says it’s the truth. Paulina adds that Lani may have grown up thinking she was just her aunt, but she is her mother.
Lani calls Theo and tells him to hang in there and that she and Eli love him very much. Lani encourages that he will get through this and she will see him soon as she hangs up. Eli asks how Theo is doing. Lani says he’s really well considering as he’s not angry or bitter. Eli suggests Lani follow his example. Lani questions Eli thinking she should forgive Paulina. Eli thinks it’s time. Lani brings up everything Paulina put her through and what she did to her family. Lani questions why Paulina deserves forgiveness. Eli encourages Lani to do it for herself, not Paulina.

Paulina questions Olivia pretending she doesn’t remember her giving birth to Lani. Olivia assures that she remembers it very well. Paulina says she loved her as soon as she was born but then she had to give her up to her sister. Olivia points out that they didn’t have a choice. Olivia says she’ll never know what Paulina saw in that horrible man. Paulina responds that Ray wasn’t always horrible but Olivia insists that he was just hiding it and then when he showed his true colors, she hid it too by denying his abuse. Olivia said she saw her bruises and heard her crying. Paulina recalls being ashamed as Ray got more violent and admits she was afraid he was going to kill her. Olivia is glad she finally came to her and Tamara about it so they could do something. Paulina knew if she let Ray know about the pregnancy, he would never let her go. Paulina talks about Olivia knowing what to do and how she’ll never forget the moment she told her that she had to give the baby to Tamara. Olivia says she knew Lani would be safe with her. Paulina notes that Tamara agreed to raise Lani as her own and she knows it wasn’t easy. Olivia says they all made sacrifices and that Paulina promised to never tell Lani and to keep her distance. Paulina swears that she tried but she missed her every day and not being in her life was killing her. Olivia asks if that’s why she planned to take her to Paris. Paulina admits that she just wanted to spend alone time with her daughter. Olivia mentions that she couldn’t let her take her. Paulina talks about Lani being so excited for the trip and she had to just stand her up with no excuse. Paulina says that image has never left her of Lani thinking she abandoned her.

Eli tells Lani that he cares about her, not Paulina or her feelings, and he can see that this is tearing Lani apart so he thinks she would be happier if she found a way to make peace. Lani says it’s not like she wants to be mad at her. Lani guesses she can try to forgive her but she needs some questions answered. Lani wonders why Paulina has been so hot and cold for her entire life. Eli suggests she just ask her. Lani says he makes it sound so easy. Eli urges her to demand answers. Lani asks what if she doesn’t like the answers she gives. Eli says at least she will be able to move on.

Chad arrives at the DiMera Mansion and informs EJ that he and Kate just got back from New York with the new DiMera contracts signed, sealed, and delivered. Chad asks EJ if he wants to have dinner to celebrate but EJ says maybe another time. Chad asks if EJ has plans with Sami and jokes that she can come too. EJ then informs Chad that the backstabbing bitch is gone and she isn’t coming back.

Gabi goes in to her house and asks Ava if the necklace is hers but Ava says it’s not. Gabi jokes that it could belong to Rafe’s secret girlfriend.

Rafe tells Nicole that he knows three’s a crowd but he brought a friend as he gives her Duke the teddy bear. Nicole thanks him and says it’s exactly what she needed today. Rafe mentions going to her office to find her but he found Duke under the desk. Rafe brings up Nicole calling in sick. Nicole didn’t think she could face the day today. Rafe tells her that Holly let him in while reading a book. Nicole cries that she’s trying so hard to keep it together in front of Holly, but she knows her mom is sad. Rafe tells her it’s okay to be sad. Nicole doesn’t want Holly to worry about her as she wants to be there for her. Nicole asks how a mother can hide from her kid that she is so heartbroken. Rafe hugs Nicole as she breaks down crying.

Lucas visits Allie in the interrogation room at the police station. Allie is shocked to learn that Lucas and Sami slept together recently. Allie questions how EJ found out. Lucas explains that Kristen figured it out and wrote EJ a letter. Lucas adds that Sami tried to burn the letter, but he took it out of the fireplace and threw it away. Allie asks why. Lucas calls it a long story but explains that Philip thought he was doing him a favor by making EJ see the letter, so he took the letter out and gave it to Nicole because Nicole wanted to pay Sami back for exposing her one night stand with Xander and then Nicole gave the letter to EJ. Allie questions getting all of that and says she kind of got it but she’s still confused as to why Philip would think he’s doing Lucas a favor by wrecking Sami and EJ’s marriage. Lucas claims not to know and guesses that Philip thought if EJ saw the letter, he would dump Sami and she’d be on the market again. Allie asks if he’s saying he wants to get back with her. Lucas responds that he’s not saying anything but Sami blames him for EJ reading the letter and that’s it. Lucas declares that Sami wants to rebuild her marriage so it doesn’t matter how he feels. Lucas then gets a text from Belle so Allie asks how the district attorney meeting went. Lucas reads the charges are dropped and that Allie is free to go. Allie is excited and hugs Lucas, mentioning that she has to pick up Henry from Roman. Allie tells Lucas that she’s sorry about him and Sami as she exits the room.

EJ informs Chad of Sami sleeping with Lucas. Chad is surprised as he thought they were over years ago. EJ says apparently not. Chad tells EJ that he’s sorry and he knows he’s angry. Chad suggests when EJ cools down, maybe he can find it in his heart to forgive Sami. EJ asks if he means the way he’s hoping Abigail will forgive him. Chad says that has nothing to do with this. EJ points out that Chad did cheat on his wife, so Chad retorts that EJ’s wife cheated on him. Chad says he’s not making an excuse for either of them betraying their vows, but he thinks both of their marriages are worth fighting for. EJ is not sure that Sami would agree. EJ tells him that before she left, she insisted that she was going to ask Gabi to let her stay in the house and swore that she wouldn’t let him push her away, but then she never came back. Chad asks if he thinks she just changed her mind and gave up, pointing out that it doesn’t sound like Sami. EJ suggests maybe she went crawling back to Lucas. EJ declares that he doesn’t know and doesn’t care but Chad says they both know that’s not true. EJ apologizes to Chad for taking this out on him. Chad says it’s fine as he can take it. EJ knows about Chad and Gwen and the circumstances of his infidelity. Chad asks if he doesn’t think there was any with Sami. EJ responds that as far as he knows, all it took was Lucas offering he a shoulder to cry on.

Ava knows Gabi is trying to get under her skin but assures that Rafe doesn’t have a secret girlfriend and that she has his full attention. Gabi says as long as she’s secure in her relationship. Ava says that she is and asks if they are done here. Gabi says she’s just trying to figure out how the necklace ended up outside of their house. Ava suggests it could belong to Jake’s secret girlfriend since he’s more likely to have another woman. Gabi argues that Jake doesn’t want a sleazy side piece. Ava remarks that he already has the sleazy main dish but maybe he’s tired of slumming. Gabi questions Ava talking to her about class. Ava comments that the necklace looks like it could belong to Kate and asks what if Jake is sneaking around with Kate behind Gabi’s back like he and Gabi did behind Kate’s. Gabi assures that Jake is done with the old folks home and that they are solid. Gabi tells Ava that she can deflect all she wants but she’s pretty sure the necklace belongs to someone that Rafe is really in to, like Nicole.

Rafe holds Nicole as she cries. Nicole apologizes and says she’s sure there is something else he would rather be doing. Rafe assures that he’s right where he wants to be.

Olivia argues that Paulina went behind Tamara’s back to plan the Paris trip and that Tamara was furious when she found out. Paulina mentions that Tamara called Olivia up to force her to cancel the trip. Olivia blames Paulina for breaking their deal while Paulina complains that she wouldn’t even let her explain. Olivia says she understood that she missed her daughter, but she could only have one mom. Olivia states that Tamara was Lani’s mother in every way that counted but Paulina kept trying to make it about her despite their agreement and says she is still doing it. Paulina asks if she thinks she never should’ve come to Salem. Olivia argues that Paulina could’ve visited for the Christening and then moved on. Paulina argues that she wanted to be around the babies because they are her grandchildren. Olivia says she feels for her, but she has to think about Lani. Paulina says Lani is all she thinks about. Olivia asks what she thinks it will do to Lani to find out the truth, that her whole life was a lie. Lani then arrives knocking on the door and calling for Paulina, saying she wants to talk. Olivia tells Paulina not to answer so Lani will go away and think she’s sleeping. Paulina questions leaving her daughter hanging just like she did years ago. Olivia argues that it’s not the same. Paulina declares that she’s sorry but she can’t do that. Olivia asks her to think about it before opening the door. Paulina answers the door to see Lani. Lani is then surprised to see her grandma Olivia inside. Lani hugs her, asking what she’s doing in Salem.

Ava tells Gabi that Rafe and Nicole are just friends. Gabi asks if she’s sure about that since Rafe has always had a soft spot for Nicole. Ava says Rafe is a good person. Gabi feels like Nicole was the one that got away since she was married to Eric while Rafe was with Hope. Gabi remarks that she always thought if Nicole was single like she is now, they would find their way to each other.

Nicole in "Days of Our Lives" 8/17/21

Nicole talks to Rafe about trying to stuff the pain down and keeping herself involved in other people’s business which is why she went so hard at Sami. Nicole says now that it’s done, she feels the full weight of losing Eric crashing down on her. Rafe guesses she’s finally accepting that it’s over. Nicole says she pretended for so long that she could make it work but she can’t keep fooling herself as they are too different and want different things. Nicole cries that accepting it isn’t easy because when she thought about her future, she and Eric were together watching Holly grow but now he’s gone and she has a whole life to live without him. Nicole doesn’t know what’s next. Rafe encourages that she will figure it out. Rafe adds that Nicole is not alone because he’s here to help with whatever she needs.

Chad questions EJ saying that Sami told him she wasn’t giving up on their marriage and then just disappeared. Chad asks if he doesn’t think it’s strange that Sami would go down without a fight. EJ says he’s tired of trying to work Sami out. EJ declares that he’s through with her and that subject is closed just like that. EJ says he learned from Stefano how to focus on what’s in front of you. Chad argues that Stefano was obsessed with Sami’s mother for decades. EJ points out that he never let the business falter which is why he’s turning his full attention to his role as CEO of DiMera. Chad reminds him that’s co-CEO and adds that he’s been thinking of their next move. Chad suggests they discuss it over dinner. EJ says he looks forward to it as Chad exits the room. EJ turns to Stefano’s portrait and says that Stefano was right about Sami. EJ declares that in love and in business, sometimes you have to cut your losses even if it means cutting some throats. Allie then walks in with Henry. EJ says he didn’t hear her come in. Allie points out that he was talking to the picture of his dad. EJ admits he does that sometimes. EJ notes that Henry is fast asleep and makes sure that Allie didn’t hear what he was saying. Allie gets that EJ misses Stefano. EJ says he’s very glad to see her as he heard she was in custody. Allie explains that Ciara was found so Belle was able to get the charges dropped which EJ is happy to hear. EJ adds that Ben and Ciara are finally going to get their happily ever after. Allie says that’s true but it sounds like EJ and Sami might not.

Gabi puts on the necklace she found which Ava questions. Gabi remarks that the old Ava would wipe another woman off the face of the earth. Ava insists that Nicole is her friend and just got her heart broken by Eric, so she’s not interested in Rafe or any other man. Gabi says she was almost convinced but she doesn’t think even Ava believes that. Gabi then walks out of the room.

Rafe in "Days of Our Lives" 8/17/21

Rafe knows Nicole feels like she’s drowning right now but he calls her the strongest woman he knows. Rafe praises her as a mother, friend, and business woman which has nothing to do with Eric or any man who would be lucky enough to be by her side. Nicole thanks him. Rafe says he’s just saying it because it’s true. Rafe calls her a force of nature and he knows she’s at a low point right now but she can only go up from here. Rafe says it starts with the first step which Nicole agrees with. Nicole gets out of bed so Rafe points out that she already has both feet back on the ground. Nicole decides she will go brush her teeth and jokes that she might even wash her face. Rafe encourages that she’s no longer at rock bottom as Nicole goes to the bathroom. Rafe comments that he told Duke they could put a smile on her face. Rafe then gets a call from Ava, who tells him about cooking dinner and asks if he will be home soon. Rafe says not for awhile so Ava offers to bring a plate to the police station. Rafe reveals that he’s actually at Nicole’s.

Lani tells Olivia that it’s so good to see her. Lani thought she wasn’t well enough to travel and asks why she came now. Olivia says she’s feeling better and she had to come see Paulina to get a couple of things straight. Paulina asks if Lani came to talk about Theo and if he got Ciara back. Lani informs her that they did find Ciara but they won’t be getting married as Ciara went back to Ben. Lani adds that Theo is pretty upset but he will be okay. Paulina says she’s sorry but she’s glad Ciara is safe. Paulina asks what Lani came to talk about. Lani declares that she came to offer her forgiveness for everything, which Olivia calls very gracious of her. Lani says that Eli helped her see that she needs to let it all go because holding onto the anger is not good for her or her babies. Paulina acknowledges that she disappointed her and that it’s not the first time. Lani remarks that Paulina has been disappointing her for her whole life. Paulina apologizes and says she’ll never stop being sorry for that or trying to make it up to her. Paulina declares that she will do whatever it takes. Lani tells her that she just wants one thing from her. Lani asks Paulina to promise to never lie to her ever again about anything.

Allie informs EJ that Lucas told her everything and she’s sorry. Allie asks if he’s sure it’s over. EJ confirms there is no coming back from this. Allie acknowledges how selfish Sami can be but also how much she loves EJ. Allie brings up how Sami went all over the world looking for him when everyone else thought he was dead. EJ says he’s grateful for that and always will be, but things have changed since then. Allie adds that Lucas said Sami is going to fight for their marriage and if there’s one thing Sami does, it’s fight. Allie knows Sami screwed up but asks if EJ is sure he can’t give her another chance. EJ says even if he was open to it, Sami’s not around and he has no idea where she went. EJ tells her that the last time he saw her, she was vowing to do whatever it took to change his mind and she was on her way to ask Gabi if she could stay in the house but then she never came back. Allie argues that it doesn’t make sense. EJ asks when anything Sami does makes sense.

Ava asks Rafe what he’s doing at Nicole’s. Rafe explains that she’s having a hard time with her split from Eric and he stopped by her office on the way home and found out she called in sick. Ava asks if Rafe went to check on her. Rafe states that she really needs a friend right now. Ava offers to come over since she’s her friend too. Ava suggests she bring dinner but Rafe doesn’t think Nicole wants anyone making a fuss. Rafe says he’s got this and asks Ava to save him some leftovers for when he gets home. Rafe adds that he’s sorry she went through all the trouble. Ava tells Rafe that she will see him when he gets home so Rafe hangs up. Ava then takes her dinner that she made and dumps it in the trash can. Gabi comes back in and asks Ava if Rafe had other plans. Gabi remarks that she’s sure it was fun for a little while but she can’t be too surprised that a guy like Rafe has already lost his taste for Ava. Gabi declares that it’s only a matter of time before Nicole has Rafe eating out of her hand.

Rafe tells Nicole that she needs to eat. Nicole says she’s not hungry. Rafe encourages her to try his world famous mac and cheese. Nicole says maybe later. Rafe adds that Holly helped make it and jokes about her not eating the mac and cheese that her daughter made especially for her. Nicole then gives in and eats, admitting that it’s actually pretty good. Nicole gives Rafe a bite and he agrees that it’s amazing. Rafe then takes the bowl and they joke over him not giving it back.

Allie goes to see Gabi and asks if she has seen Sami. Gabi tells her that she hasn’t and that she didn’t come over to talk to her about staying at the DiMera Mansion which Allie finds strange. Gabi asks if she’s asked EJ. Allie tells her that EJ has no idea where she is.

EJ has a drink in the living room until he’s startled by the entrance of the DiMera Tunnels suddenly opening.

Paulina in "Days of Our Lives" 8/17/21

Lani tells Paulina that she’s willing to let go of the past and start fresh, but they need a clean slate with no more secrets and lies. Lani asks if Paulina can promise her that. Olivia assures that Lani can count on her aunt Paulina to be honest with her. Olivia is sure Lani is anxious to get back to her babies. Paulina says she can speak for herself and it’s time that she did. Paulina informs Lani that she has something she needs to tell her.

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