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How come you finally sprung for a shave? Article in “psychology today.” To spiritually. Not so easy to y, you know,I-I know — I know we pledged to live in the moment, right? Mm. Mm-hmm. And I’m feeling real inspired, so… why don’t we… make long-term plans? Can I get you a refill on your iced tea? Nah. All I want is you beside me…

[ Chuckles ] …Now and forever. I think that can be arranged. Any news on hayden’s mother’s toxicology report? Uh, I told them we’d rush the results. We just met with the medical examiner. And…? And it looks like you guys were right. Highly unlikely naomi dreyfus’s death was an accident. Whoa, who invited the riffraff? Ha ha. You’re so funny. Come on in. You guys ready to party? Yes. Spencer, it looks amazing outside. The led lights, the dance floor, the photo booth. Thank you. Mm. What about you? Do you approve? I don’t hate it.

[ Sighs ]

[ Voice breaking ] I don’t know what to do. Sonny’s gone, and… I don’t know what my future with jason looks like.

[ Breathing shakily ] I know that I, uh… need to put the past behind me and let go. Man: That’s easier said than done. You’re back. I haven’t seen you in months. I like to keep you on your toes.

[ Laughs ] I was wondering if, um… what? I didn’t know if the recent developments have kept you away. Recent developments? Yeah. Oh, you mean that you’re planning on marrying jason? I watched jason choose this life, and he had plenty of opportunities to get out, but he didn’T. So the violence that follows him, even if it’s not of jason’s own making, it’s his responsibility. So just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that he’s some kind of hero, ’cause h-he’s just not. Jason’s no longer a part of my life, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking he’s one of the good guys. Good guys don’t put my daughter at risk.

[ Clears throat ] Don’t tell me that. Tell him. Is there a problem? I don’t even know where to begin. Wherever you want. You know josslyn’s in danger. So I’m — I’m asking you — no, you know, I’m demanding — that you put a stop to this. Now, we all know progressive offers 24/7 protection, but we also bundle outdoor vehicles with home and auto to help people save more!

[ Laughs ]

[ Humming ]

[ Door creaks ] Oh.

[ Soft music playing ]

The dj is doing his sound check, the extra launch is on the mainland, and my father just texted that he’s over the atlantic. Operation rager is a go. Mm. Not so fast. We couldn’t risk getting dirty on the way over. Yes, is there somewhere we can change? Yeah, take any guest room in the south wing. But I prefer the east wing. Really? I’m more of a north wing kind of girl. Wow, you guys are hilarious. South wing it is. Uh. Here, before you go, take these. -Ah. -Ah. -What is it? -Vip bracelets. They grant access to the house, and only we have them. Really? Hmm. Yeah, what if we need to escape from the randoms? You thought of everything. I always do. Be right back. Aww. Shut up.

[ Laughs ] Do you need to change, too? Uh, noI… this is what I was gonna wear. Not to my party, you’re not. I specifically said “solstice chic.” What does that even mean? Here. Come with me. Do I need to get security in here? No, I have no issue with jax. Well, you’ll have to excuse me if the feeling isn’t mutual. Look, I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t like with me and sonny, o-or carly and sonny, for that matter. He was, uh — he was selfish. He always dragged carly back down because that’s what he needed. He didn’t care about her safety or the kids’ safety. It was a very unhealthy relationship. But I understand it’s different with you. I know that you love carly, and I know that you love josslyn, and that you would give your life for them. And I don’t say that lightly, so whatever reason you have for marrying carly, whether you’re both sad about losing sonny or to solve some, you know, some business problem — whatever it is, I-I-I’m begging you, jason, just do the right thing here. End this before someone gets hurt. Sonny: Why would you think I wouldn’t want you to marry jason? I don’T. I think not only would you understand, you’d be all for it.

[ Sighs ] I was gonna say, I thought you knew me better than that. Why — why does it seem like you’re holding back? I’m scared, sonny. Of what?

[ Breathes shakily ] Of losing my relationship with jason. It’s a perfect friendship, to love someone like that without any complications. It’s rare. It is. And what if marrying him changes all that? What kind of plans do you have in mind? Well, you know, I’ve been thinking about that story that lenny loves to tell about, when he met phyllis while, you know, he was fishing. Oh, yeah, the story about how she wanted to have him lose his big catch because she felt sorry for the fish. I was thinking maybe we all could take a fishing trip. Right? I mean, when — when lenny’s up to it. Yeah, they both seem pretty committed on this new lease in life, no matter what the biopsy results are, so… but I see one little problem with your idea. Yeah? Mm-hmm. I don’t know how keen phyllis is on fishing. Oh, well, I’m not talking — it’s less about the sport of fishing and more about getting away from the bar, from the stresses of life. We can, uh, just, like, take a vacation. I like it. Great idea. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah, alright. Yeah. It’ll give lenny something to look forward to. So it means you’re gonna… stay, uh, for a few more weeks? I’m not going anywhere. So, fishing? You’re sold? Hook, line, and sinker. Define “highly unlikely.” Was naomi murdered or not? Well, sam, we can’t divulge the details of an ongoing investigation. Ongoing investigation. That’s not annoying or anything. And neither is you keeping out information. If we’re gonna keep looking into hayden’s shooting and disappearance, we should know what we’re getting into. Now, word on the street — there’s compelling evidence that her mom’s death wasn’t a suicide. Whose word and what street? I have my sources. You gonna tell us about them? I promised to be discreet. Oh, okay. According to the toxicology report, hayden’s mother was injected with a powerful drug. Injected? So the bottle of pills left behind was just a prop? I didn’t say that. Did you? No, I didn’t say that. So the medical examiner is certain that naomi didn’t ingest the toxin that killed her? Is it possible that she injected herself? Problem is, most drug users inject themselves in a vein in the arm, the legs, or the groin. Whereas naomi was injected somewhere atypical. She was injected in a spot that the M.E. Almost missed — in the back of her neck.

You weren’t around when morgan died, so you don’t really know, and I only know a little of what it did to carly and josslyn, but I can tell you what it did to me, jason. I-it scared the hell out of me. I mean, I-I don’t even want to think about it. I don’t want to wrap my mind around losing my only daughter that way. I — I understand. But you don’t

really understand, because your kids are safe across town with their mothers, while josslyn, she grew up in sonny’s house, and she’s gonna remain living there until she goes off to college. And your business rivals, they obviously know that, seeing how the novak guy approached her. So when you tell me that she’s protected, I don’t believe you. You’re right. You’re right. This is a risk to josslyn. I’m telling you, I’m doing everything in my power to minimize that risk. She has one of our best bodyguards with her all the time.

[ Scoffs ] A bodyguard didn’t save morgan. Josslyn isn’t morgan. She understands the situation we’re in. Does she love it? No, she doesn’T. Do we? No, we do not. But she gets why it has to be this way, just for now. And — and it’s true — I do love carly, and I do love josslyn. And trust me when I say that I’m not making any decisions for me or for what I want. All my decisions are made for them. To keep them safe? Yes. And I get — I get that you’re scared for your daughter.

[ Scoffs ] I’m not scared. I am terrified. And I get that I’m not giving you the answers that you want, but it’s the only answer that I have. Then you know that’s not good enough for me. You know, I thought I could appeal to you as a — as a rational human being, but — but if I can’t even do that…

[ Stammers ] I’m sorry. I-I’m done co-parenting with the mob. Trina: Well? You look incredible.

[ Chuckles ] So do you. Mm. Spencer, really went all out, huh? Yeah, when spencer sets his mind to something, there is no stopping him. I can see that. He likes you. You think so? Don’t you? I don’t know. Maybe. Okay. I have a confession to make. Wow, you look almost as good as I do in that. I appreciate the loaners. You should. They came all the way from milan. Oh, my god. What? Milan? The south wing? This whole party in general? I’m sorry. Is my hospitality bothering you? What’s bothering me is that you’re trying too hard. Marriage to me is what I had with you. What’s that? You know. I just — I like to — I like to be reminded.

[ Chuckles ] Bold…and passionate. Caring and heated. We had all the things, sonny. All the shades. We loved as hard as we fought. You’re not gonna fight with jason the way you fought with me. I know. It’s gonna be different. It has to be different. I just don’t want jason to stop being jason. Well, you — you know jason better than anyone, except me. So why do you think anything’s gonna change about him just ’cause you marry him? Look at you. You’re exhausted, and no wonder. Let’s go home. Not yet. Lenny… this sunset’s almost as beautiful as my wife.

[ Both chuckle ] And the tan-o is home. Like I always say, an answer for everything. That’s why you love me. You know I do.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll refresh these. I’ll be right back.

[ Both laugh ] Really? I know we should probably be opening, but it’s so nice having the place to ourselves. What are you two all huddled up about? We, uh — we have an idea. I don’t know if it’s

we have an idea. This is kind of all mike’s idea.

[ Laughter ] Lenny always says, when mike’s mind stops to rest… a backup generator kicks in.

[ Laughter ] Yes, that’s pretty spot-on. Alright, you know what? Uh-huh? You can go ahead and tell, uh, phyllis the — the romance, and I’ll do my best to reel in lenny. Is that alright? Alright, I’m on it. Alright. Alright.

[ Phyllis chuckling ] What on earth was that about?

[ Laughs ] Lenny, where’s your fishing rod? We got to start practicing to impress the girls. Lenny? Lenny?

[ Sniffles ]

[ Voice breaking ] Lenny?

[ Exhales deeply ]

Didn’t you say that you appreciated how people in port charles were authentic? Are you calling me fake? I’m saying that you — you do all this stuff and say all this stuff as a way of putting a barrier between you and everybody else. So maybe if you stop acting like a jerk for five minutes, you’ll find that people actually like you. I’m touched. See, there you go again. I’m sorry. It’s a reflex. Look, man, it’s — it’s great to have a party. The dj looks killer. Everybody’s pumped. It’s gonna be a great night. Yeah, it is. I don’t know. Maybe try having a conversation with some of the “randoms.” They might actually surprise you. And you might surprise yourself. Cam and i talked about this. About what? Me? And spencer. I convinced myself that I wasn’t gonna get involved, but when we got here and I saw you two all sparkly with each other… sparkly? You know what I mean. I just… I would never tell you not to date him or anything like that, because this is your life. But…? But… you don’t know spencer like I do. So, tell me. Well, inside that really fun package is actually a pretty messed-up guy who’s done some pretty messed-up things. Now, I’m not saying that you should judge someone based off what happened when they were eight. I mean, I used to go around dressed like corn. We’ll revisit that later. Yeah. But spencer has a certain edge to him, you know? He grew up super rich, obviously. He told me his mom died. The day he was born. And of course, everybody felt sorry for him. It’s horrible. So they decided to throw money at him. There were never any limits. And that’s stayed with spencer. I mean, he just keeps testing and testing and pushing things way too far before he realizes what he’s done. Now, that’s not to say that he doesn’t have a great heart, because I really think he does… but it’s just something that you should keep in mind before diving headfirst. Thank you, but just so we’re clear, I get the spencer’s got this whole racket thing going. He’s running it all the time.

All the time. I appreciate you for looking out for me, and I hope you know I’d do the same for you. Yeah, I know you would. Sisters before misters? Always. I wanted to talk to you privately. This may be none of my business. Okay. Shawn, you’re recently out of prison. Are you sure you want to get in the middle of all this? Maybe for your sake and for tj’s, you let sam investigate the past, and, instead, you focus on what comes next for you. Please tell me what we’re gonna do to get to the bottom of this. Well, I’m gonna start by eating some of these.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Do you want some? Ugh. Hold on. This is danny. I have to take it. Yeah, yeah. Go. We’re not done with this conversation. I hope not, because I love talking to you.

[ Ringing continues ] Dante. Mm-hmm? I need to talk to you about josslyn. Yeah, sure. What’s going on? Well, I’m sure you’re aware that, uh, organized crime conflict hasn’t ended with sonny’s death or cyrus renault behind bars. People have, uh — how do I put this? — Stepped in to fill the void. Okay.

[ Clears throat ] What people are you talking about?

[ Sniffles ] Well, you’re only gonna need one guess. I’m a little disappointed in myself. I thought I was making progress. Yeah? With what? Britt 2.0. The kinder… gentler… more empathetic version. But I have to say, it’s — really helps to see that this is hard for you. You’re welcome? Don’t get me wrong. I-I’m not over here all, “ha! He’s hurting now, too.” I haven’t regressed that much. But whatever’s going on… I can see that it’s costing you. And choosing carly over me — for lack of a better phrase — isn’t something you did lightly. Doesn’t mean it hurts any less… …but it makes it a little easier to live with. Sonny: The relationship will change. It has to, like you said. Unless you decided to stay platonic and not have a real marriage. We haven’t decided anything. Mm, well, that — you guys are gonna figure that out, but, look, here’s the thing — if you’re going to have this conversation with anybody, have it with the person who… you trust the most, and that’s jason. I trust jason more than anything. Okay, then. I think I’m fixated in worrying about how my relationship with him is gonna change. I mean, that’s real, but I think I’m deflecting. From what? If I marry jason and he becomes my husband… …that means that… you’re gone from my life. I mean, I’ll remember you, and I’ll love you always. But I’ll finally have to let go. Can I level with you? Yeah, of course. Sounds less like a romantic getaway and more like an excuse for a boys’ weekend.

[ Laughing ] No, I get it. But, listen, I did some research, a little bit of research, um, and there are some really nice cabins on the river with luxe accommodations. So while the guys are, like, hooking these disgusting worms, we will be getting facials and sipping rosé. Ooh, now you’re speaking my language.

[ Both laugh ] Right? But I can’t ask anything more of you, nina. You’re already helping out with our hospital bills. I’m happy to do it. This vacation is for all four of us. Mm. An opportunity for you and mike to connect? Maybe.

[ Chuckles ] You’ve changed since you first got to nixon falls. You’re lighter now, unburdened. Hm.

[ Chuckles ] Space from your problems will do that to a person. And so can love. Mm-hmm.

[ Both laugh ] Want to get some tea? Okay. This is really good. Oh. Hey. Were your ears burning?

[ Breathes sharply ]

[ Shattering echoes ]

I-I didn’t even ask what you were doing here. Were you looking for jax? Uh, no, I came to see you. When, uh, joey novak approached josslyn, I-I was worried that you could be next. Why? Just, you know, because of our history. But that’s just it, jason — history. We’re not connected anymore. Well, I mean, I’m always gonna care about what happens to you. Well… no one’s approached me, so you can stand down. How you feeling? Good. Strong. Huntington’s hasn’t reared its head yet. You know you don’t have to pretend with me. Yes, I do. Believe me, I’d love nothing more than to focus on the future, but I can’t do that with a would-be murderer on the loose. That person hurt hayden and stole years of my life. But isn’t that the point?

[ Sighs ] In pursuing this, you could be sacrificing even more years of your life. Shawn, you just got out of prison, and finding yourself on the scene of a probable homicide is not a good idea. If it hadn’t been dante that had shown up that day, who knows what another police officer might have assumed? Now, I would just hate for our son to have just gotten his father back, only to have him taken away again. It was quick. Painless, by the expression on his face. Likely his heart or lungs. Lenny was just… carried off. You said you would never leave the tan-o again. I knew you were stubborn, but this one takes the cake.

[ Voice breaking ] You — you want me to carry him out? No.

[ Crying ] Phyllis, can I call someone? Can I help you in some way? I just need a final moment alone with my husband.

[ Sobbing ] I love you so much. I love you, too. I love you in a way I could never love someone else. That’s a comfort. I mean, there’s — there’s only one “us.”

[ Chuckling ] And it makes me laugh because, god, I was told a million times that you were bad for me. You even told yourself that a million times.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Sniffles ] I did. And there were hardships, and there were tough times and unimaginable losses, but…you were also the best for me. You were, because you loved me and you gave me children. We built a real life together. A true partnership. You were the one guy I couldn’t walk away from. Carly and jason have taken over the corinthos organization. Jax, even if that were true, I — what? You know it’s true. How does it concern you? Because my daughter lives in their house, dante. Your daughter’s always lived in that house, jax. Yeah, I know, but she hasn’t always been approached by business associates from rival mobs. Now, I’m not going to stand by and lose my only daughter because of carly and jason’s shady business dealings. Okay. Has this associate got a name? Yeah, it’s, uh, joey novak. Okay, look, jax, as a father, I understand your concern, I really do. But from a legal standpoint, I’m out of luck, right? Look, hey, I’ll talk to novak, okay? And I’ll put a plainclothes on josslyn for a little while, but without an actual crime being committed — yeah, your hands are tied. I get it. I get it. Well, it’s a good thing mine aren’T. Well, what the hell does that mean? It means I’m gonna do whatever I have to to protect my daughter.

What was that all about? Uh… nothing good. How’s, uh, danny? Everything alright? Oh, man. Major emergency. What was it? He got locked out of his game account. Ohhh.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, damn. Is he gonna make it? Yeah. Uh, it was touch-and-go for a little while, but I reset his password, and I think — I think he’s gonna make it. Yeah? Oh, that’s good. That — that — that’s good news. That happened to rocco one time, and I-I wasn’t sure about him for a while. That was touch-and-go for a little while, too.

[ Breathes sharply ] Do you think we’re gonna survive? Our kids? All of it. Yeah. Hey, you know, we — we could, um, start up, like, a — like, a support group, you know? Yeah? Mm-hmm. Okay. I’d like that. When’s the first meeting? How about right now? I know you’re coming from a good place, but come on. What am i supposed to do? Tj and molly took a huge risk to expose judge carson, and it worked. I’m out. I can’t take that for granted, jordan. I’m not asking you to, but if the choice is between uncovering the truth about hayden versus living with the mystery unsolved forever, what do you think tj would choose?

[ Sighs ] Look, a-alright. I’ll — I’ll give it some thought. Thank you. Tj’s all I got. I don’t want to risk the chance to finally be his father. -Wow. -Mm-hmm. You look… you approve? I don’t hate it. You look pretty nice yourself. You’re beautiful. Thank you. What is all this? Uh, spencer thought I needed some flair. I would never use the word “flair.” Mm. [ Chuckles ] Oh. Well, you look great, flair or no flair. Guests should be arriving any minute. I’m so excited. Everyone have their vip bracelets? Yep. Now… who is ready for some epic misbehavior? We’re not on the run anymore, jason. Things are different now. Yeah, I know. And if I need to pretend to get through it, if that helps me, then that’s what I’m gonna do. Okay.

[ Scoffs ] That is so you.

[ Chuckles ] To just listen and absorb and accept.

[ Chuckles, claps hands ] I’ve missed that. Yeah, I think about that day… in the doctor’s office a lot. You know, when you were struggling with whether or not to — to find out if you had the marker. Fun times. And you asked and wanted to know what I would have done. Mm-hmm. If you had been me, you wouldn’t have found out. And I meant that. I meant everything that I said that day. You usually do.

[ Sighs ] You know, I’m — I’m glad. Um… I’m glad you decided to have that test. I really, uh… really respect the courage you showed then…

[ Sighs ] …You know, and the way you’re living through it right now, and I just — I… I just wish I could help.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Crying ] But you can’T. Take care of yourself, jason. Yeah, you, too.

[ Door opens ]

[ Sighs ] Lenny gave me a hard time at first. But why wouldn’t he? I came in here with — a — a stranger with nothing.

[ Sniffles ] But once he lets you in — oh, you’re in.

[ Both laugh ] You are in.

[ Sniffles ] It was so fast. We just saw him a half hour ago, and now he’s gone. How does that — how does that happen? Better than slow, I guess. Yeah, I guess.

[ Breathes sharply ] I feel so sorry for phyllis.

[ Sniffles ] Lenny was everything to her. Her forever love. Can’t imagine… …losing a spouse like that. It must just be never-ending pain. Sonny: God knows you weret the only one who tried to walk away. I tried, many times. We both did. And we always found our way back to each other. Sonny. Yeah? You’re my whole life. That’s my line.

[ Laughs ] You are.

[ Voice breaking ] And I’ll always love you. Right back at you. Forever. Forever.

Uh, y-you know, I know a — a great place. They got, uh, beer and snacks and, uh, dinner — you know, if someone wanted to have dinner, too. You know, a — a beer actually sounds really good right now. Oh. So you’re in? Yeah, I’m in. Okay. But, um, wait. What should we call it? Call what? The support group. I mean, that’s what this is, right? Oh! Yes!

[ Chuckling ] Yeah. Yeah. Uh. Let’s, uh… hold on. I got something. Come on. Hit me. Uh, okay. S-p-A. S-p-a? Single parents anonymous.

[ Chuckles ] Sort of reminds me of “spa”… mm. Mm. …Which is really relaxing. Yeah. And parenting is — totally not. Not. [ Chuckles ] Yeah. Yeah. But it’s kind of worth it. Totally worth it. Okay, so, uh, inaugural spa meeting… yeah. …Here we come. I think this could really take off, you know? Mm. You do, do you? Mm-hmm. Well, then, maybe we should sell stuff like merchandising options.

[ Chuckles ] Hats? Hats, uh, travel mugs? -Oh, I love a good travel mug. -You do? -Yeah. -Good.

[ Sighs ] It’s strange. I mean, obviously, I don’t remember… who I lost in my former life. But this feeling is so familiar, this ache.

[ Voice breaking ] Yeah, I-i wish I didn’t know that pain, but I do. And if I’m feeling this way, can you imagine phyllis?

[ Breathes sharply ] I got to help support her. Well… you don’t have to do it alone.

[ Sniffles ] We will figure out how to support her… together. You okay? I am now. I’m glad you’re home. It’s official. The launches are on their way. I cannot believe you rented a second one just for tonight. What was the alternative? Uh, people wait? Trina! Unacceptable. Sorry, my bad. Whatever. Make fun of me all you guys want. Mark my words — tonight is going to be epic. Oh. Mm. Well, one thing that hasn’t changed about you, spencer, is that you can’t even pretend to be modest.

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