Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 11, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ called Kristen and let her know that he got her letter. She asked him what he was going to do about Sami. He told Kristen that he threw Sami out. He said he wasn’t forgiving her. When he got off the phone, he looked at the necklace he bought for Sami. Sami yelled at Lucas for taking the letter out of the fire. She blamed him for EJ finding out the truth. Lucas said he tried to stop EJ from finding out. She thought Lucas put Philip up to doing his dirty work. He told Sami that he was upset about her and EJ being together. He said he talked to Philip about it. He told her that he didn’t go along with Philip’s plan. Lucas apologized for what happened. He said he loved her. He thought it was their chance to be together. She said her marriage wasn’t over. She said she would make EJ come around. When EJ went to the living room, he wondered why Lucas was still there. Sami said he was leaving. Lucas told her they weren’t finished. She said they were done. Lucas ended up leaving. EJ showed Sami the necklace he bought and dropped it. He said it was payment for services rendered. Sami picked up the necklace. She refused to leave the mansion. Sami told EJ that Gabi would let her stay. He told her she could stay until hell froze over. He said it wouldn’t make a difference to him or how he felt. She said she knew he loved her. She said he couldn’t get rid of her that easily. When she left, he promised Stefano’s portrait that Sami wouldn’t get away with what she did to him.

Gabi told Jake that she made a modification to Philip’s computer. She said she put a keylogger on his computer so she would be able to see every keystroke he made. She said they would be able to get information so they would be able to sabotage Philip. Jake loved her plan. Gabi told Jake when they got Philip out she would be CEO. Jake said he could take the job. She was offended when he said he would take the spot. Their argument turned sensual. They went to make love. Lucas went to Philip’s office. Lucas told him what happened. Philip said he would fix it for him. Lucas told him to leave it alone because he didn’t stand a chance with Sami. Philip said Sami was making a mistake giving up a man like Lucas. Ava went to Nicole’s apartment and asked if she was interrupting her and Rafe. Nicole told her what Sami did to her marriage. Nicole told her what she did to get even. Nicole wanted to know why Ava was there. Ava asked her for a job. Nicole thought it was a great idea. Sami went to Rafe’s house to see Gabi. Someone came up behind her. The person put a cloth over her face until she passed out. Sami dropped the necklace on the ground.

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