Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip found Gabi at his computer in his office. He asked her what she was doing in his office. She lied and said her laptop wasn’t working. While he was talking to her, she took the flash drive out of the computer. She asked him to hire Jake. She said he could give them information on the competition. Philip asked if she had a motive. She said she didn’t. Philip said he would think about it. Ciara went back to the cabin because she forgot her phone. She used Ben’s phone to call an ambulance for him. She said she was going to her wedding. She couldn’t get service. He told her his ankle was sprained. She said she was leaving after she wrapped his ankle. Ciara set Ben’s leg in the splint. He thanked her. He told her he brought her to the cabin when she was hurt. He said she trusted him to take care of her. She looked as if she had a memory. She said she didn’t remember anything. She said she didn’t want Theo to worry about her. She said she would send for help when she got to Salem. She said she would be Mrs. Ciara Carver the next time he saw her.

Sami and Nicole got in an argument. Sami grabbed for Nicole’s neck. Rafe stopped them from arguing. Nicole said she wouldn’t have give EJ the letter if Sami hadn’t exposed her affair first. Sami asked how she got the letter. Nicole refused to tell her. Rafe said she got the letter from Philip. Sami warned her that it wasn’t over. Sami left the apartment. Nicole apologized to Rafe for getting him in the middle of her argument with Sami. Nicole said what she did to Sami didn’t make her feel better. She said she lost her husband and was alone. Rafe said he would be there for her. She said she didn’t know what she would do without him. When he put his arms around her, Ava walked in and saw them. EJ went to the DiMera mansion. EJ said his mistress wasn’t there. EJ said he and Sami lied to him for the last time. EJ and Lucas got into an argument. Lucas said he came over because he thought he was going to kill Sami. EJ said he wouldn’t hurt her. He said he would hurt Lucas. Lucas dared him to hurt him. Sami came in and stopped EJ from attacking Lucas. EJ pulled back the letter and said Lucas wasn’t worth it. He told Sami that Harold was packing up her stuff. He said he wanted her gone and out of his life. When EJ left, she said she should have let EJ kill him.

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