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Victoria: Everything looks a little different, doesn’t it?

Ashland: I’m not sure what you mean.

Victoria: My house. It now feels like our home, a place that we can build a future together, for however long that turns out to be.

Ashland: Proposing to you was the best thing I’ve ever done. My past is behind me, my divorce is final, and I want to walk into the future, whatever it holds, with you.

Victoria: I still can’t believe tara was arrested. But, um, I’ll support you and harrison however I can.

Nikki: Victoria, darling, are you here? I am sorry for dropping by before you’ve even had a chance to unpack your luggage, but i just wanted to make sure you had heard the news about tara.

Ashland: I got the message from my lawyer when I was flying back.

Nikki: Well, nicholas mentioned it to me. I haven’t seen it in the press yet. But I’m sure very soon the whole world will know that tara was arrested for misappropriation of funds.

Ashland: I thought I was past being surprised by my ex, but i suppose her selfishness knows no bounds, not to mention her sense of self-preservation. I don’t have a doubt that tara will land on her feet, but, uh, all I care about is harrison and what this is doing to him.

Victoria: He’ll be in good hands with jack and kyle.

Nikki: Oh, yes, he will be in as stable a situation as possible under the circumstances. But I don’t know how much he knows about his mother being handcuffed and led from the house by police.

Ashland: Wait, wait. Did he see that happen? I mean, ’cause if he did, I can only imagine how jarring and confusing it would have been. I-I have to go see him right now. Please excuse me, ladies. It’s nice to see you.

Nikki: Oh, you, too.

[ Sighs ] I feel for that little boy.

Victoria: We all do. But we will surround him with love, the abbotts, ashland, and me.

Phyllis: I saved kyle and jack. I saved them from their overly trusting ways. They bought into tara’s whole thing of, “let’s be friends, let’s be family, let’s love each other.”

[ Sighs ] I’m heroic.

Nick: So, cynicism and meddling are your superpowers?

Phyllis: Uh, and being right.

Nick: I got to admit it. You were dead on. I was concerned that you might cross a line and it might come back to bite you in your very attractive backside. But you pulled it off. And I’m glad I was able to help you get to the truth.

Phyllis: You were incredible, too. We’re an unstoppable team when it comes to summer. I wonder what’s next for her.

Nick: You’re wondering what’s going on in milan.

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, I know that when kyle tells her about everything that happened, she’s gonna want to come home, where she belongs.

Nick: [ Sighs ]

Sally: Hey, tara. I was just following up on our conversation yesterday. I hope everything is alright with you. Please call me back whenever you can.

Lauren: I don’t know. I don’t think she’s gonna be available.

Sally: Well, does she have a meeting with fenmore’s marketing team or something?

Lauren: Tara spent last night behind bars.

Victor: Thank you for coming, amanda. Please have a seat.

Amanda: Thank you.

Victor: So, I was curious about an update on your situation with sutton. And how are you doing?

Amanda: The case against my mother is finally closed, and the D.A. Will be once again pursuing the conspiracy-to-commit-murder charges against them. So I have to thank you again for what you did. You practically got sutton to confess to killing my father, and I never would have been able to do that.

Victor: I’m glad you got the answers you were looking for. But I do have a feeling that you don’t yet have a sense of closure, do you?

Jack: I’m glad you’re back in town.

Ashland: Me too. I head to the east coast for a few days, and all hell breaks loose. I need to see my son, as I heard tara was dragged out of here by the cops.

Jack: Harrison is with his aunt traci at the children’s museum. They should be back right after lunch. And for the record, he doesn’t know anything about his mom.

Ashland: Well, I appreciate you protecting my son. But why was tara planning on taking him out of town in the first place?

Jack: A lot went on with tara that you didn’t know about before the arrest.

Ashland: Well, what else has she done?

Jack: She blackmailed summer, threatened to run away with harrison if summer didn’t leave town.

Ashland: Let me guess. Tara wanted to get the competition out of the way so she could land kyle. Since she’s no longer a locke, she set her sights on becoming an abbott.

Jack: Apparently.

Ashland: Yeah. Well, I tried to warn you from the beginning that the saintly airs that tara likes to put on were a pretense.

Jack: If I may say so, your handling this a lot better than I expected.

Ashland: Well, it’s not a shock because the moment I found out that tara lied about harrison’s paternity, I realized what she was capable of.

Jack: And you’re sure there’s nothing more to it? (Cat 1) friskies world!

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Amanda: It meant the world to me to learn that my father knew that I existed and wanted to find me, but it was gut-wrenching to discover my grandfather’s involvement in all of this.

[ Sighs ] I just — I feel like I just found my family, and I am losing them all over again.

Victor: But you still have your mother and your sister.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Amanda: Excuse me. Huh. Speak of the devil. There’s naya now.

Victor: Mm.

Amanda: She wants to meet with me. I am not gonna go. I don’t even know what it would accomplish at this point.

Victor: Perhaps she wants to reach out and apologize.

Amanda: Yeah, and I do sympathize with the position that she’s in. I just don’t want to go another round of her pleading for forgiveness on sutton’s behalf. And I’m not saying that it got hostile. I just… it hurts me to see how misguided she is when it comes to him.

Victor: I understand your reluctance to reach out again, you know? You’ve been on a very, very difficult path. But you have only one mother. Why don’t you give her another chance?

Victoria: I still can’t believe that tara was arrested.

Nikki: Ah, I didn’t see that coming, either.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] She is a real piece of work.

Nikki: Are you worried that that might impact ashland’s divorce?

Victoria: It won’T. The divorce was already finalized in new york.

Nikki: Oh! Well, you must be pleased about that.

Victoria: Well, there’s no reason to be polite about it anymore. I’m thrilled for ashland’s sake. Tara — her betrayal cut him very deeply, and I’m glad that he can move on from this chapter in his life.

Nikki: So that he can start his next chapter with you?

Victoria: It caught us both off guard, but this connection that we feel — it just keeps getting stronger and stronger every day. I mean [Sighs] He’s an amazing man. And the way that he’s fighting this disease, he’s doing it with such grace and showing such strength when he went to new york to wrap up his life there. I have not felt this loved and respected in a long time.

Nikki: I can see that. The joy is positively radiating off you.

Victoria: Well, sometimes love does wonders for a person.

Nikki: Am I missing something?

Victoria: Like what?

Nikki: Did something else happen on your trip with ashland?

Ashland: What are you implying, jack? That I’m not shocked about what happened with tara because i knew she was making a move against summer?

Jack: Did you know?

Ashland: Well, I can see how you could come up to that conclusion, but I assure you there’s no conspiracy here. My only involvement, if you can call it that, was with the woman that you are seeing — sally spectra.

Jack: Wait, what went on between you and sally?

Ashland: She asked if I could make a connection between summer and angelina marchetti. So I reached out to eric forrester, and, uh, sally took it from there. And that’s it. Uh, I have no idea if sally and tara were working together, but it certainly seems as if they had a common goal.

Jack: Yeah, I wish I’d known about this a long time ago.

Ashland: You know, jack, I’m not one to — to look back on things with regret. I only want to look forward, and my priority right now is harrison.

Jack: Good. Good. Yeah, we all want what’s best for the boy.

Ashland: I certainly appreciate your family making sure that harrison is happy and busy, but I miss him, and with his mother gone, my guess is he’s missing me, too. So, uh, I’d like to stop by so we can discuss some arrangements going forward.

Jack: That may have to wait for a few days. With the news out about tara, kyle is in milan right now trying to talk summer into coming home.

Ashland: Mm. Well, I wish him luck with that. We all deserve a little happiness after everything that’s happened.

Jack: When you say “arrangements,” what exactly do you mean by that?

Ashland: Well, the first thing I’m going to do is file a motion with the court to restrict tara from seeing harrison.

Jack: And what about kyle?

Sally: Well, why would someone like tara, who has everything, be skimming funds from her own company?

Lauren: For some people, everything isn’t enough.

Sally: Well, I suppose you’re lucky that all this came out before you got in too deep with her.

Lauren: Yes. Very. Unfortunately, I got in too deep with you.

Sally: What? Wait. Okay, hold —

Lauren: You not only betrayed summer. You betrayed me and my trust even after I gave you a second chance.

Sally: Okay, please don’t tell me that you’re buying into phyllis’s crazy notion that tara and I are somehow in cahoots.

Lauren: It’s not a crazy notion. It’s the truth. And I know that now.

Sally: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: You know, when it comes to kyle, uh, I’m not rushing to judgment. I want to take the time to look at all the angles and then agree upon the best visitation arrangement for harrison going forward.

Jack: I don’t want to sound insensitive, but…from what i understand, you don’t have much time.

Ashland: Well, I’m happy to say that I may have more time than I expected. I’m about to start treatment for my illness.

Jack: Well, I’m glad to hear that. I am. It doesn’t change what I’m concerned about — uncertainty in harrison’s life. Where’s he gonna live? Who’s gonna look after him? These are things that need to be decided by all the parties concerned — you, tara, and kyle.

Ashland: Your point is well taken. I will wait until kyle returns from milan to, uh, discuss any custody arrangements, and by that time, hopefully we’ll have a better understanding of tara’s legal situation.

Jack: Thank you. I appreciate that.

Ashland: You know, I just want you to know that I realize it’s not just our lives that have been affected by all this. Yours has been upended, as well, in a mess that you had no part in making. And I truly appreciate and am impressed by how you have stepped up as a grandfather, as a father, and as a man.

Jack: Family is everything to me.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

[ Cellphones chime ]

Phyllis: Ah, it’s summer.

Nick: She wants to have a video call with us and jack because they have news?

Phyllis: That could only mean one thing — she and kyle reunited and they want to pick up where they left off.

Nick: We don’t know that for sure. Let’s just wait and see what they have to say.

Phyllis: Okay, let’s wait and see for them to tell us what we already know.

[ Chuckles ]

Victoria: Ashland and I had a fantastic time in new york. So, if I have a glow about me, i guess that comes from traveling with someone that you love. You look very radiant yourself after your trip to england and italy with dad.

Nikki: Oh, nice try, but i see what you’re doing. Darling, if you aren’t ready to share anything from your personal life, it’s perfectly alright.

Victoria: There is something that I would like to talk to you and dad about, but I was hoping that ashland and I could sit down with both of you. Are you free later?

Nikki: Shall we say the ranch in about an hour?

Victoria: Are you sure you don’t need to run that by dad?

Nikki: We’ll be there. Count on it. In this family, everyone does their own laundry,

Amanda: I was surprised to get your text after our last conversation.

Naya: I’m sure you were.

Amanda: If you’re here to talk me out of filing this civil suit against sutton, you —

Naya: I’m not. I’ve had a lot of time to think, and I’ve come to a conclusion.

Amanda: Okay. I’m listening.

Naya: It might sound strange, but I’ve realized that giving you and hilary up was the best thing I ever did.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ]

Victoria: Tara forced summer to leave town by threatening to run away with harrison? That is so despicable.

Ashland: And now she’s experiencing the consequences.

Victoria: Well, I’m sorry that you weren’t able to see your son right away, but it’s a good thing that jack and kyle were able to shield him from the ugly truth about his mother.

Ashland: Well, I did get an update on tara while I was on my way back here. Given that her crimes involved companies and accounts that are based in new york, she’s being transferred back to manhattan for arraignment. She’s hired a lawyer who’s an old friend that we know in the city who’s agreed to take on her case. And because it’s a white-collar financial crime and her lawyer is top-notch, most likely she’ll make bail, but she won’t be able to leave new york.

Victoria: So she probably won’t be able to see harrison for the foreseeable future.

Ashland: Which is probably for the best. I’m gonna file papers with the courts to ensure that that’s the case, but I do worry what her absence will do to my little boy. I mean, he adores his mother. And we just have to figure out how to make this okay for him.

Victoria: We will. I’m really in admiration of the way that you’re willing to work with kyle. I know it’s not easy.

Ashland: Mm.

Victoria: But you’re doing the right thing, putting harrison first. Did jack say how long kyle will be in milan?

Ashland: Well, just long enough to convince summer thatY. The sooner, the better.

Phyllis: Summer and kyle have to be calling with good news. I mean, that’s the only reason they’d want us all together, right?

Nick: No matter what, it’ll be good to see their faces and hear what’s going on directly from them.

Jack: Hey! Together and smiling — that’s a good sign.

Summer: Hi, everybody!

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness. How are you guys doing?

Summer: Uh, we are great.

Kyle: All is good in our world.

Jack: That is wonderful to hear.

Phyllis: So, are you still mad at me for overstepping?

Summer: I have forgiven you, but, you know, mom, boundaries are actually a good thing.

Phyllis: Eh, usually.

Nick: Let’s just let them talk, okay?

Phyllis: Okay. So? What’s your big news?

Summer: Um, okay, well, we have spent all day and night talking, and, um, we’ve gotten everything out in the open.

Kyle: And we’ve figured out where we want to go from here.

Summer: We want to stay in milan. Truthfully, it’s frustrating to see how fast dust reappears.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Summer: Look, the thing is, i love my job more than I thought I would. And, um, being the creative director for angelina marchetti’s fashion house is a dream come true in more ways than I expected, and i just — I don’t — I don’t want to give that up.

Nick: I tried to tell your mother that even if the plot to get you out of here was exposed, you may not want to come home.

Phyllis: So, wait a second. Is this final? Or are you two maybe just, you know, riding a wave of happiness?

Summer: No, this is — this is definitely what we want.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Summer: You know, regardless of how the job offer came about, it is perfect for me. And, you know, um, italy isn’t a bad place to call home.

Kyle: I think I can do my part running jabot from here. I hope you agree, dad, and can understand why I need to be with summer. She’s already sacrificed so much for me.

Jack: Well, I get your wanting to be with summer. Uh, yeah, we can work out all the businesses stuff. What about harrison?

Kyle: He’s been on my mind every second since I’ve gotten here.

Jack: Ashland just agreed to table any discussion of visitation until you’re back from italy.

Kyle: I’ll reach out to him. But summer and I were thinking maybe he’d let harrison come stay with us.

Victor: For a visit? Or you mean permanently?

Kyle: We’re hoping permanently. Look, I know it’s a lot to ask for. With tara caught up with her legal troubles and ashland dealing with his illness, coming to live with his dad in italy might be the best thing for harrison. And he’d have two people that care about him. Look, dad, I believe that ashland can see how much I love my son and how close we’ve grown. I will talk to him and hope for the best.

Jack: It’s worth a shot.

Nick: Kyle, I got to say, I’m impressed that you’re willing to go over there and allow summer to continue to thrive at this job. You know, maybe against all odds, maybe this time is finally the right time for you.

Summer: Well, we have no doubt about that.

Kyle: Yeah. You don’t have to worry about us. I promise. Well, we would love to keep talking to you all night, but we’ve got to go. We have a very special celebration planned.

Jack: Well, enjoy. You deserve it.

Kyle: Thanks, really, for all of your support.

Jack: Hey, that’s what parents do.

Nick: We just want you to be happy.

Summer: Okay, well, um… we’ll talk to you guys later.

Summer: Bye.

Jack: Bye.

Nick: Bye. Yeah. I, uh — I think I was more prepared for this outcome than you two.

Jack: Yeah, I wanted to keep things positive, but I got to say, this has thrown me for a loop. Never in all this did I imagine that my son and possibly my grandson would not be living in genoa city.

Nick: Look, I know, as thrilled as you are to see summer smile like that again, you’re disappointed. I am, too. I wanted them both to come home.

Phyllis: [ Voice breaking ] I’m just gonna miss her. That’s it. Um…that’s all.

Nick: I know.

Phyllis: I have to get some air.

Jack: Yeah, I could use some air, too. You mind if I join you?

Phyllis: Sure.

Victoria: You know, it’s just so odd. All the scheming that tara did, and the thing that brought her down was embezzlement from her own company.

Ashland: There is some poetic justice in it. In any case, she’s going to pay the price for what she’s done.

Victoria: I know you think she’ll lose custody, but it is possible that the judge will show her some leniency.

Ashland: Maybe. But I’m ready and willing to fight for my son.

[ Chuckles ] Do you remember when we were in our perfect little bubble last night?

Victoria: Mm.

Ashland: It was wonderful while it lasted.

Victoria: Yes, it was. Well, we can create that bubble again — but not now because we have a plan.

Ashland: Ah, yes, you’ve extended the invitation.

Victoria: I did, and my parents accepted.

Ashland: Ah, wow.

Victoria: You know, I wanted to push it off a little bit, but my mom was just chalked full of questions about our trip to new york.

Ashland: Yeah.

Victoria: She has a sixth sense when it comes to things like that.

Ashland: I know we discussed holding off on sharing the news with others, but I understand how important it is for you to tell your folks.

Victoria: Well, I have discovered over the years that paving the way with my father is usually best when it comes to major life decisions like an engagement.

Ashland: You have any idea how you think it’ll go down?

Victoria: I think it will go over well, given that my dad likes you better than the other men that I’ve married. But I guess we’ll find out soon.

Victor: Well, kindly e-mail me the contracts. I’ll look them over and get back to you, alright? Yep. Thank you.

Nikki: Hi, darling. Busy day?

Victor: Hello, sweetheart. Yes. Making a few calls from home, and then I am off to the office.

Nikki: Well, I’m glad i caught you because victoria and ashland are coming by to meet with us.

Victor: Why would she want to see us?

Nikki: I have a couple of theories, but I think it’s best if we just wait and see.

Victor: Well, now I’m intrigued.

Sally: Lauren, please just hear me out.

Lauren: I feel like i’ve been listening to you for hours.

Sally: That’s not fair.

Lauren: You don’t know when to stop!

Sally: I don’t know what you think you know, but I would really like to clear up this misunderstanding.

Lauren: There is no misunderstanding. I know exactly what happened with summer, and I have proof.

Sally: What proof could you possibly have?

Phyllis: Hey, is she still denying it?

Lauren: She is.

Sally: Please don’t listen to phyllis’s nonsense.

Phyllis: Should we tell her what we heard?

Lauren: I think so.

Phyllis: Okay, let’s do that. Uh, tara admitted that the two of you worked together to force my daughter out of town!

Sally: You “heard” that. From who?

Jack: From me.

Trelegy for copd.

Amanda: Abandoning me and my sister was the best thing that you ever did? What do you want me to say to that? “Congratulations”?

Naya: I didn’t mean it as an insult.

Amanda: [ Scoffs ] Well…

Naya: I’m in awe of you. You’re remarkable. You’re intelligent and strong. You stand up for yourself and what you believe in. And from everything I’ve heard, hilary — she was very much the same. When I think back on… the college girl I was when i gave you up — insecure, lost, under my father’s thumb — I don’t think I could have raised you girls to be the amazing women you grew up to be.

Amanda: Well, I don’t think that that’s true. What about imani?

Naya: She has a great father who partially shielded her from my dad. That wasn’t my doing. If I am being brutally honest… I have to admit that all those years ago, even if I defied sutton, married richard, kept you and hilary, eventually i would have run back home and begged him to take me back into the fold. And he would have taken me back. Eventually, he would have accepted you girls. And then you would have grown up under his domineering thumb, like the rest of us.

Amanda: I don’t think you’re giving yourself enough credit.

Naya: Because I don’t deserve any. That’s who I was. It took you, my courageous child, fighting sutton, fighting the system, fighting me, to save me from myself. I wish I was more like my daughters.

[ Voice breaking ] But I’m not.

Jack: Tara told us you came to her with a plan that would benefit both of you.

Sally: Yeah, she probably did that to make herself look better. She didn’t want to admit what she did, and she knew that I was an easy scapegoat.

Lauren: I spoke to eric forrester myself directly, and he confirmed exactly what phyllis told me — that you asked him to recommend your friend summer for the job in milan.

Sally: Okay, we’ve already been over this. I never denied talking to eric.

Jack: But you did conveniently forget to mention that you went to ashland locke, went to him to intervene with eric for this job at marchetti. Ashland told me this earlier today.

Phyllis: This is absolutely unbelievable. You got ashland in on this? So you had both of the lockes doing your bidding for you?

Jack: Everything tara did to get summer out of town was with your help.

Sally: That’s not true.

Jack: Stop trying to deny this. Just stop, okay? When tara forced my daughter out of town, you made sure she had a nice, cushy job to go to, didn’t you? And then you slid into the job at jcv. My daughter lost everything. She lost the love of her life. She lost everything. But you got exactly what you wanted, didn’t you, sally?

Lauren: Well, not for long. It’s over, sally. You’re fired.

Ashland: Before we go, I have something for you.

Victoria: You’ve already given me so much the last few days. Ashland.

Ashland: I thought about going with the usual diamond, but I saw this sapphire, and it reminded me of the brilliance of your eyes.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] It’s — it’s stunning.

Ashland: You don’t have to wear it in public until you’re ready, but I just wanted you to have it. Things just happened so spontaneously in new york that, uh, I didn’t give you all the bells and whistles.

Victoria: The way everything happened was perfect.

Ashland: But why don’t you let me just take one more stab at it?

[ Exhales heavily ] Victoria newman, will you marry me?

Victoria: Ashland locke, I would be honored.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Ooh.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I brought in ensure max protein,

Sally: Don’t do this, lauren. I am good at my job, and you know it, or you wouldn’t have made it permanent.

Lauren: So, you just want me to forget about the abhorrent behavior and personal failings? That’s impossible. I took you under my wing. I gave you so many opportunities, and I was excited to be your mentor. I’m done. I can never trust you again.

Sally: Please don’t look at me like that.

Jack: Oh, you don’t have to worry. I’m gone.

Lauren: So am I.

Phyllis: But I’m still here.

Sally: You’re gonna regret this.

Phyllis: You are in no position to issue threats. The best thing you could do is go away.

Naya: I want to be in your life more than anything.

Amanda: [ Cries ]

Naya: [ Voice breaking ] But how can I even ask that… when, at every turn, I’ve been so much less of a mother than you deserve?

Amanda: You don’t have to ask…because who you were, what you did back then — that’s all in the past. What matters right now is that the woman sitting in front of me is my mom.

Summer: Mom?

Phyllis: Hey, supergirl!

[ Laughs ] Too soon?

Summer: Are you okay?

Phyllis: I’m fabulous. Guess what. Lauren fired sally. I mean, it was blistering, it was crazy, but she did it. So it’s all good now. You can come home.

Summer: Oh. Gosh, I knew you were being too quiet on the phone earlier.

Phyllis: Well, because I was listening to you this time, and I was absorbing what you were saying. So, sally’s gone, and, uh, she’s not coming back. I mean, she left L.A. She’ll leave genoa city, too. So, I know milan’s amazing and gorgeous and the love your life is there and blah, blah, blah, but you need to come home.

Summer: And I will come home, to visit at least. Mnh…

Phyllis: Summer… I did this for you! I went after sally for you! I knew she was behind this, and I uncovered what she was doing for you! And I got hammered by everyone. By jack and by lauren and by your dad. And — and they thought I was going too far, but I knew i wasn’t, and I kept on going for you!

[ Gasps ]

Summer: Oh, mom…

Phyllis: So you need to come home, okay? Don’t look at me with pity in your eyes, please.

Summer: No, no. Mom, mom, it is not pity. It is so much love and gratitude. I mean, you’ve already protected me, sometimes, yes, a little too much, um… I’ve never felt alone out there ’cause you’ve always had my back.

Phyllis: I always have your back. I’ll always have your back.

Summer: You told me to go after what I want…and to fight for what I want.

Phyllis: Yeah, exactly.

Summer: And what I really want is to be here, this job, kyle, and to hopefully have harrison here, too. Mom, I know what you did for me and I love you so much for it and I’m so grateful. I love that you’ve always given me my freedom and never held me back. And you’re doing it again right now by understanding that what i need to do is, um — is to stay here.

Phyllis: [ Crying ] I don’t understand. I don’t understand.

Summer: Mom, you are the bravest person that I know. And you made me brave. And, um…we’re gonna be okay.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] Summer…

Summer: I promise.

Phyllis: Alright, you’re right.

Summer: I love you, mom.

Phyllis: I love you, too, supergirl.

[ Sniffles ]

[ Sighs ]

Ashland: Hello, nikki.

Victoria: Hi, mom.

Ashland: Victor, nice to see you.

Victor: Well, ashland, you look well.

Ashland: And you, sir.

Victor: Well, nikki tells me that your ex-wife, tara, was arrested. That must weigh heavily on you.

Ashland: It wasn’t the best news to come home to.

Victor: I bet you that complicates the divorce proceedings.

Ashland: Well, the divorce is already final, but it does make arrangements for custody a little bit more difficult. And then there’s the kyle abbott role to consider.

Victor: Well, now, that must be a difficult situation all around.

Ashland: I’m confident that things will go the way I hope.

Nikki: Well, victor and I are very curious to find out why you two wanted to meet with us.

Ashland: I’m just gonna cut to the chase. Victoria and I have an announcement to make.

Victoria: We’re engaged.

Nikki: My goodness. Well, your relationship has grown very quickly.

Victoria: Well, we love each other, and we just — we don’t want to waste any time. Dad? How do you feel about this?

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