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hello, hello. Hello. You look super peppy. Are you on something? A new diet. I wanna hear more about that. Schnitzel, and all I can get. Don’t much care for schnitzel. Well, I do. And do you know what else curls my toes? Oh, heavens no. Well, I’m gonna tell ya. Having my bank account flush with quartermaine money. So, how’s it going at the mansion? Are we about to get rich, or what?

[ Birds chirping ] Chase: I might need some help. Uh, my hands don’t work so good. Michael… will you put the ring on her hand for me? Yeah, I’d be happy to. I am always in a meeting, never in the can. You got it? Thank you. Ugh, I swear, that woman is gonna drive me insane. What are you still doing here? I thought you had physical therapy. Yeah, but I, uh — I couldn’t leave without saying goodbye to my wife. Michael: Hey. Hi. I am so glad I ran into you. What’s up? I’ve made a decision. This cannot go on. Trina. [ Laughs ] When did you get here? After the snoring stopped and before the drool started. I do not snore. You want me to play it back? No, thank you, and you better delete that.

[ Both laugh ] No, I think I’ll keep it. You know, for security purposes. Joss and cam told me about stories from you back in the day. It sounds like you were a real pain in the butt. Yeah, it’s true that in my youth, I was somewhat mischievous, but I didn’t do any lasting harm. And, please, joss gave as good as she got. Just ask her. I will. So [Clears throat] How’d it go with your mom? Not well. Seattle, chicago, milwaukee. Chicago again, venezuela. Russia. It’s mostly university professors, psychiatrists. He’s offering his “expertise” on mental illness. When I think of the arrogance of that animal… I swear, I… what is it?

[ Exhales sharply ] What’s going on? Did you find this letter in ryan’s room? Yeah, with the others. I grabbed the whole stack. Why? It’s addressed to my son. What the hell is ryan chamberlain doing communicating to spencer? Naomi berlin? It’s dreyfus. What’s this about? Your daughter, hayden. And you are? Your best shot at bringing her home.

If we could just have a moment of your time. I’m not interested in talking about my daughter. Wait, wait, wait! Even if it meant bringing your daughter home to violet? You know that little girl really misses her mother. You just saw her. Didn’t she say as much? How do you know that? Who are you? I’m shawn butler. I went to prison for hayden’s shooting. I thought I pulled the trigger and shot your daughter by accident. The guilt — it nearly swallowed me whole. I-I wanted to be punished, but hayden came to me herself and said it wasn’t me. That someone else tried to kill her, and that she knew who it was. But she didn’t say who? I need to find the real shooter, ms. Dreyfus. Not only for me, but for your daughter. Come in. I’ll speak to the warden. Oh, no, you won’T. A warden’s not gonna be able to help you, nikolas. That psychopath is sending threats to my son, and no one can do anything about it? Hey, I understand why you’re angry. I’m angry. But convicts have a right to write letters. Having said that, any non-legal correspondence has to be, uh, scrutinized by the prison staff. Well, that is true. But, um, just because the staff has the ability to read convicts’ mail doesn’t mean they always do. Sometimes, they lack the manpower to examine each item. Ah, that’s correct. Don’t panic, all right? All we know so far is that the letter has been returned. It looks like it hasn’t been opened. So spencer probably hasn’t even read it. And if he did, wouldn’t he have said something to you? What are you doing? Tampering with the mail is a federal crime. They can try me and throw me in prison. I’ll have my attorney pull strings and have me sent here, which will make tearing ryan apart that much easier. I’m staying with joss. Oh, man, it went that badly? It wasn’t horrible. We didn’t blow up at each other or anything — or, at least, she didn’t blow up at me. So it’s not like she kicked you out? No, it was my choice to get some space. It’s just — we talked, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore… or deal with it, or think about it. And I know that’s all we’ll do when we’re together. Like, we could be deciding between mexican and sushi, and I’d still be focused on how she messed up. Always sushi, by the way.

[ Chuckles ] So, now what? Honestly, I-I don’t know what to do. Maybe on some level, there’s nothing I can do. Except you can’t sleep at joss’s indefinitely. If you’d have asked me to tell you to two truths, I would have said, one, the sun rises in the east, and two, my mom is a strong, honest, and fair person. And now one of those isn’t true. And I hate it. Things are going okay. One camp of the quartermaines wants to go to war with me. Well, let me guess — uh, brook lynn would be leading that charge. But the other camp of the quartermaines invited me to a birthday party. So, they’re trying to wine and dine you into submission. Ah, old edward. He must be just dancing in his grave. The cupcakes were amazing. And it turns out I’m really good at “pin the tail on the donkey.” Ooh, I-I hope you’re not waffling here because, um, you may not know this, but besides the cicada bug that comes around every 17 years, so does, um, a shot at elq stock. Oh, don’t worry about that. Well, I do worry about that because I don’t trust the quartermaines at all. They are capable of eatin’ their own young. I am fully aware of what the quartermaines are capable of. Yeah, really? Well, okay, huh? Your day in court is coming soon. Great. And? You need me? Oh, hey, come here. Come here. Okay, listen, um… in edward’s will — first paragraph — it says that jimmy lee holt and his offspring — which would be you… mm-hmm. …Will be disinherited. Which means that edward did not want your father anywhere near elq. What if he changed his mind? But we have no proof. The will has been signed and sealed and probated. We — we got zero, zip, goose egg. I don’t know about that. I think there’s a way to turn this long shot into a sure thing. Chase is getting better all the time, and I am committing right now. The day he takes five steps on his own is the day I tell him the truth. Five steps? Yes. I’ve done my research — it’s a common benchmark that means he’s on his way to a full recovery. That’s when I tell him. And he’s going to hate me… and I’m going to hate myself, but chase has every right, and I’ll just have to take it. Hey, if you’re gonna hate yourself, you might as well hate me, too. Never. Willow, I —

[ Scoffs ] I could have approached chase at any — any — any time and told him, “you know what? This is — this is out of control. I love her, and we’re gonna be together.” But I didn’T. Because you were supporting me. There’s a f– there’s a fine line between supporting and enabling, and I think we were hitting the enabling a little too hard. You know, we will both go so far out of our way to support each other that we wind up sabotaging our own happiness. It’s a good thing to keep in mind about our relationship moving forward. “Our relationship moving forward.” I like that take. Let’s go with that. What happened last night… yeah, yeah. It can’t happen again. Our sole focus will be helping chase get back on his feet. Literally. And when he does… take five steps.

[ Sighs ] Five steps. And once chase knows the truth, I guess we just pray that someday, he’ll understand why we did what we did… and maybe even forgive us. I haven’t seen willow — or michael, for that matter. They’re probably still in bed.

[ Laughs ] I don’t blame them. Willow doesn’t cheat. The evidence would say otherwise. No, I mean, she doesn’t fall in bed with people lightly. That’s not who she is. If willow is sleeping with michael… …it means she’s in love with him. I guess the only question is, what are you gonna do about it? Who knew a kid’s birthday party could be so taxing? I’m surprised it didn’t send you rolling for the hills. You know, in fact, I’m surprised you’ve lasted this long in this house. You know, between valentin and austin and carly and harmony and olivia. I mean [Scoffs] It’s a wonder we don’t all go insane. I don’t know what you’re talking about, brook lynn. There’s no place I’d rather be.

So, michael and willow. While chase is just stuck doing wheelies in his chair. Alan would be proud. My mother always said that alan had his heart in the right place. W– I’m not sure if it was his heart that was in the right place, if you know what I mean. Yeah, scott, I know exactly what you mean. Okay, so I love a little quartermaine gossip. So, michael’s indiscretion — we need to weaponize that. We need to maybe get some pictures or — or something… okay. …That we can get him over to our side. I’m gonna stop you right now, because I am not interested in anything illicit. There’ll be no blackmail or public embarrassment. Wait a minute. Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Don’t you want what belongs to you? Yes, I do. Well, don’t you want to avenge your father and have your seat at the quartermaine table? Absolutely, I do. But… no, no, no! There’s no “buts” about it here. We gotta get down. We got to get dirty in the mud, because if we don’t do it, let me assure you, the quartermaines will, and it will be a lot worse. I don’t know what makes you think I can help you. Hayden chose a life here in port charles — deliberately far away from me — only to leave it all behind. And what did you think of that?

[ Scoffs ] I long ago gave up trying to understand my daughter. Maybe you’d do better speaking to those who did? Her friends, her sister, her exes. Well, we’re working on it. But we heard from elizabeth that you were in town, and we didn’t want to miss you. Yeah. Are you staying long? How is that any of your business? We’re not trying to butt into your life. Could have fooled me. No. [ Sighs ] We just want to bring hayden’s shooter to justice so no one else has to suffer like this again. Like I said, I’m no– I’m not privy to hayden’s life. I — we’re on terrible terms. Well, no one we’ve talked to is on any terms with hayden. No one’s heard from her since she disappeared from port charles. Wait. You’ve been in touch with your daughter, haven’t you? Well, what does it say? See for yourself. “Spencer, I hope this letter finds you well. Do you remember when we first met? How fortunate that I sensed your potential and opted to catch and release. I understand you’ve grown into a formidable young man. My apologies for the disappointment called your father. Don’t let this and ava’s selfishness stymie your progress. Looking forward to more tales of your exploits.” “Ryan.” [ Sighs ] Okay, now you can panic. I need to grow up, right? Be more sophisticated. Like ava. She takes things in stride and doesn’t get lost in the small stuff. Okay, I know you idolize your boss, but look at the wreckage she has left behind. I’m just saying. Ava jerome’s made some bad calls, too. My point is, my mom is an adult, and her business has nothing to do with me. Of course it has to do with you. What happened to changing my perspective? Seeing my mom as a flawed human being like everyone else? And you should, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not affected by it. Look, the only advice I can give is, don’t do what I would do. Which is? “A,” I have a real tendency to go full-throttle and mess up my life. I do something that I think will punish the other person, and even if I do, I usually wind up punishing myself in the process. Case in point, coming home and not telling my father that I was back in town. And now that we’re starting to patch things up, there’s still this huge secret between us. And “b”? Acknowledging that you’re right to feel how you feel. She’s your mom, and she messed up. You get to have a reaction to that. Even if it’s bad? Even if.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t leverage the situation to our advantage. I think there’s evidence that can turn our case around, and it’s somewhere in that house. How do you know that? So, my dad and edward, they wrote letters to each other about a year before edward died. And my father had always reached out to him and always written him — never heard back. But then, somewhere around 2011, he wrote to him, and edward wrote back. They exchanged about four or five letters. My dad kept them all. And in the last one, edward said that he was rethinking some of his earlier decisions and that he had mentioned my dad to his lawyer. Y-you do know that edward mentioned that he didn’t want your father to get a dime or anywhere near elq? You’re missing the point. I just said — edward was rethinking his decisions. So, y-you think there might be a record of those thoughts? That there’s a statement that, uh, edward was, uh, gonna change his will? I know there is. All we have to do is find it. All right, I gotta head to physical therapy. Oh, already? Uh, wiley’s gonna be up from his nap soon. I know he’ll want to give you a — a hug to thank you for his present. Oh, my god, it was so cute. He was cuddled up with his rocket and space station last night. Stop it. He slept with it? Yeah, it wasn’t what I’d, uh, call exactly “comfortable,” but he was — he was committed.

[ Laughs ] Tell wiley I’ll take a rain check on that hug. He’s going to hold you to that. Trust me. You know I do. I tried to get into edward’s study, but the housekeeper stopped me. What did you say? I lied. I said I was looking for the powder room. You said “powder room”? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what they would call it in a house like that. The evidence is in there. It can help us. I can’t snoop around and get it, so we need somebody that can. So you think we find somebody that has the access to the mansion, huh? Correct. Like chase. But he’s a cop. He’s a good cop. He’s the picture of decency. Chase is in a lot of pain right now. Do you think he’s in enough pain to stay with a wife who is canoodling with his best friend? You know, chase, sometimes it’s easier to talk to a complete stranger than someone that you know really well. You mean about how I just found out that my entire marriage was a lie? Yes. Since you and i have already started talking about that, why are we even bothering to go back in there? Why don’t we just get out of here, go get a beer? My wife is sleeping with the guy that used to be my best friend. I need to face them. It’s time to end this. Don’t ever underestimate the depths that a man with broken heart will sink to. Well, I hope so. Otherwise, this lawsuit is doa — dead on arrival. Goodbye. Goodbye. I think it’s time for you to go. Wait. You’ve heard from your daughter, haven’t you? Where is she? Please leave this alone. Is hayden in some kind of trouble? All we ask is that you put us in touch. My family is none of your concern! Is your family any of your concern? From what I’ve heard, finn and elizabeth have worried themselves sick wondering what happened to hayden. They don’t even know if she’s dead or alive. Now, imagine what goes on in violet’s head. Whatever it is, it’s better than the truth! Is that what you do? What? Feel all your feelings? I’ve never shied away from self-introspection. Good to know. However, my problem is that after exploring those feelings, I frequently act on them. That’s an added step that doesn’t always need to be taken and often ends in disaster. You know the five stages of grief. Yeah. Well, you don’t get to “acceptance” on day one. You have to experience everything that comes before — the denial, the anger, all of it. I guess this is kind of the same thing. How, exactly? You can’t get to a point of forgiving your mom unless you let yourself be mad at her first. Tell me about the letter. I don’t know anything. That’s bull. You take ryan’s dictation. Every word he blinks, you write it down. Ryan composes a lot of letters. I don’t log their content. So you’ve never alerted the warden. Because I’ve never had to. There’s never been anything threatening. And why should i believe you? You’ve already been a groupie for shiloh and cyrus renault. I wanted nothing to do with renault. No, how do we know you haven’t graduated to ryan chamberlain? Maybe it is you that’s terrorizing my family on his behalf. I did you a favor. I don’t need to listen to this.

[ Door opens ] You need to cool it. Taking that out on harmony isn’t gonna help anything. You don’t think she’s capable? It doesn’t matter if she’s capable. Why would ryan entrust his revenge scheme on — on somebody who’s being scrutinized by the corinthos and the quartermaines and a parole officer? Yes, the letter is creepy, but there’s nothing overtly violent about it. So we need to just take it on its face. Which is? That he’s using spencer to get under your and ava’s skin. But why? Spencer and i were estranged long before ryan sent this letter. It’s not likely that this would have pushed us further apart. I don’t think he’s trying to scare him. I think he’s trying to entice him. Like a fan letter. Like he’s egging spencer on. Is there anything spencer might have done to earn his admiration?

[ Sighs ] It’s impossible. What? Spencer could be doing to ava and me what ryan couldn’t do himself.

The truth won’t provide hayden’s family closure. Only pain. She sought me out last year. Hayden did? She needed money. Of course, I had none to give, but I offered her shelter. I was as worried as everyone else — thought hayden was in trouble. I mean, what else could possibly keep her from violet? And? Turns out, it was motherhood. Wait. What do you mean? My daughter went on a tear, insisting violet was a “time suck” and a yoke around her neck. That she was better off with finn, and that she wasn’t cut out to be a mother, and she wanted her life back. You’re a mother? I mean, would you ever saddle your daughter with something so vile? Isn’t violet better off not knowing? Now, that’s all I have to say on the matter. Well, if you have any way of reaching hayden, or if you hear from her — I don’T. And I don’t expect I ever will again. My daughter can change her name all she wants, but hayden barnes is the same as rachel abigail berlin ever was — a greedy, self-absorbed narcissist. Tell me you’re joking. This is one letter, nikolas. Yeah, that we know of. No, there could be more. There could be a whole correspondence. In fact — that he’s — that he’s — he’s goading spencer into terrorizing ava? Yeah, he might not have needed that much goading. I hurt spencer badly — to the point that when I popped up alive, he preferred to stay at his school in france 4,000 miles away. And let’s face it — my son has always had a flair for the dramatic. He’s a ham, not a homicidal maniac. Do you even hear yourself? Nothing that has happened to us has been violent. No one has been hurt. Everything that h-has happened has ha-happened while spencer was, as you say, away at school in europe. So how is he gonna pull these pranks across the ocean? I get it — you want ava back, and you want the stalker outed so she will come home. But you’re gonna accuse your own son — I mean, you really need to think about that. Thank you for your help. Don’t do it. I love you. Don’t — don’t do it. You have messed things up. You abandoned your son. You broke his heart. And now he’s come home, and he is trying to work things out with you. You make this accusation — you throw this accusation at him, and you will drive him away — and maybe forever this time. Spencer: Oh, that looks fantastic. Thank you. Here you go. Appreciate it. Oh, wait. Trina, I am so sorry. I should have asked you if you wanted a drink. Do you want anything? No, I’m good. Okay, thank you. That’ll be all. You’re welcome. Oh, I am parched.

[ Laughs ]

[ Sighs ] What’s wrong? Uh, no — nothing. You still thinking about what happened with your mom, or…? Like I said, I’ll never not be thinking about it, so… well, I bet I have something to cheer you up. Wait. Let’s make it a challenge. Bring it on. You wade through all this messy, emotional stuff with your mom, and then you get something amazing at the end of it. And that is? The party of the century — mine. I don’t have much time. My pt appointment starts soon. Oh, this won’t take long. I just wanted to check in.

[ Door closes ] How are you? You doing all right? Did you get any sleep? Barely. I can’t get the image of michael and willow out of my head. Right. Well, I can’t help you with that, but I can prescribe something that might help you sleep. Thanks, but I don’t want to take anything that could potentially mess up my recovery. You are determined to recover. Can’t get back on my legs soon enough. All right, well, unsolicited advice, but please be careful. You know, you — you suffered a real setback last night. My legs feel fine. Great, but I’m not talking about your legs. You know? Your heart took a real beating when you found out about michael and willow, and your recovery requires focus. I’ll be focused. You sure? ‘Cause if your mind was doing what it did last night and you’re not careful, you could really hurt yourself, chase. So, have you heard from your mom? Not yet, but I’m sure I will. And how does that make you feel? Let’s see…

[ Sighs ] Overwhelmed, confused, resentful — maybe a little bit hopeful. Ah, so, all over the map, then. Yeah, pretty much. Willow handled the surprise visit from harmony amazingly. I stood there like a deer in headlights and then ran off. No, no, you faced your mom with dignity and demanded to know why she came. And then ran off. With dignity. So? You needed a minute. The point is, you — you came back. Well, I wasn’t about to miss my son’s birthday party. And it definitely helped having michael talk me down. Oh, good ol’ dependable michael. His specialty. Oh, could you make me sound any more vanilla? Well, I could, but I won’T.

[ Both laugh ] You are anything but vanilla.

that was intense. Oh, yeah, I’ll say. Scout was so young when we lost drew. She really doesn’t have any memories. Whereas violet must have a ton of hayden. Which were all good, according to elizabeth. Well, none to suggest she was an absent mother. You know, naomi’s claims don’t sit right. You know what? I have an idea. Elizabeth. Hi, it’s sam. Yeah, I just had a question about your sister, hayden. Her legal name before she changed it, it was “rachel berlin,” right? Did she have a middle name? Are you sure? No, I’ll — I’ll explain later. Thank you. It’s not “abigail.” “Samara.” But what kind of mother gets that wrong? They don’T. Naomi probably wanted us to pick up on it. Give us a reason to come back and continue the conversation. But if she wanted to talk to us, why not say so? Because maybe she couldn’T. Only one way to find out. I did as you instructed. I lied about hayden, made them work for it. Now they’ll stop asking questions and our association is done. Isn’t it? Ryan’s sleeping. What happened to you nephew? He left. Listen, he’s been under a lot of strain, and I-I do apologize for the way he spoke to you. It’s okay.

[ Chuckles ] You know, it was actually, uh — it was kind of refreshing being accused of something I didn’t do, for once.

[ Chuckles ] I should get these letters back to ryan’s room before he realizes they’re missing. That’s a good idea. Where’s the letter for spencer? It’s not here. He took it with him. It’s going to be a great night.

[ Laughs ] And your dad’s cool with it? Um…well, I don’t exactly have to ask my father’s permission to throw a party at my own house. So, you haven’t asked him yet? No, but I think it’s better for all involved if he’s out of town that night. Don’t you? Trust me, we’re gonna have a rager, and my father’s not gonna be a problem. Well, I should get to G.H. I start the nurse shadowing program today. Oh, awesome. Mm, good luck. Thanks. Uh, you have… you have a — what is it? What — is it food? Yeah. I get it? No. [ Laughs ] No? C-can you help me out here?

[ Laughter ] Are you saving it for later like wiley does?

[ Laughs ] Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna earn me much respect with my leadership team. Probably not. I’ll see you guys. All right, bye. Bye!

[ Door closes ]

[ Clears throat ] What’s that look for? So, uh, here’s the thing — I don’t want to be all up in your business, but we do live in the same house, so it’s kind of hard to avoid. Okay. The, uh — the last time you and i discussed this, you and willow were in love, you were gonna be together, and willow was actually on her way to tell chase. Yeah, but, um… no, I-I-I get why you backed off — completely. But unless willow had a radical change of heart because chase had a brush with death and it made her realize that she’s actually in love with him — which, by the way, is not the vibe I’m getting from you or from her — then she’s, uh, staying married to chase because she feels like she has to support him. And you two are more in love than ever. Tell me I’m getting warm. I just wish michael and willow never existed. Wouldn’t that be nice? How about a lobotomy? That’s a terrific idea. That’ll totally take care of your problem with michael and willow. Rest of your life might take a hit. I just — I can’t stop thinking about it. I mean, when did it start? Who initiated it? But most of all… how the hell did I miss it? Chase, you missed it because you really love this woman. Not anymore. W-what happened? Last night, y-you were… all gung-ho to fight for your marriage, and now you just want to throw in the towel? What marriage? We’re two months in, and my wife is already having an affair — not to mention, the only reason she married me was because she thought I was gonna die. You don’t know that to be true. Of course I do. She was trying to spare me — to let me go in peace, or whatever. But surprise! Ha-ha! I’m still here. Now willow is in a marriage that she doesn’t want to be in. So I have to end it.

Look, I know you want to help, but this is not a situation that you can help with. Look, michael, just so we’re clear, I’m not blaming you or willow. Honestly, I’ve never seen three people more well-intentioned than you guys and chase. But, michael, chase is my friend. So I gotta tell you — letting someone build a life on something that you know is a l– a lie is, um… if that’s what’s happening, then it’s not cool. And, uh, sometimes… circumstances demand that you leave a situation that you know isn’t cool because there’s no other option. Has that ever happened to you? Yeah, actually it has. I woke up this morning wondering if there was any way to salvage my marriage. And? Then I saw michael and willow before I got here, and it was so obvious — so ridiculously in my face. What was? Who willow wants to be with. I’m gonna go to willow, and I’m gonna tell her it is over. And then I’ll be out of the picture, and michael and willow can finally live happily ever after. O-okay. Yeah. That is definitely one way to go. I took a big risk letting you and nikolas see those letters. I know. Harmony, I told him to bring it back, and — and he will. He got lucky smuggling it out. Do you think he’s gonna have the same luck on the return trip? Do you think the guards are gonna miss one measly letter? It’s not the guards I’m worried about. I thought you said you weren’t afraid of ryan. Yeah, well, I’ve never done anything that he might see as a betrayal before. Well, he’s locked in, right? In more ways than one. Well, nikolas doesn’t think that renders him harmless. Do you? Spencer, I have a confession to make. Okay. Well, you know, cam and joss are my friends, and when they told me all that stuff about you, I wanted to defend them. And you were here, you kind of passed out. So I-I kind of did this thing — oh, father. You startled me. Nerves? No, I just don’t like being snuck up on. I’d hardly call it “sneaking.” Father, you know trina. Of course. Trina, how are you? I’m good. And you, mr. Cassadine? You know better than that. Call me nikolas. I need to make a phone call. Everything okay? Yeah, uh, thanks for the advice. Like I said, any time. Catching some sun? Trying to. What do you got there? Ms. Dreyfus? Naomi? You think she left? I’m pretty sure that was her car in the lot. It’s open. Okay, I’m gonna apologize if she’s in here.

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