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Recap written by Christine

Victor showed Amanda into his living room and thanked her for coming. He asked for an update on her situation. She said the case against her mother was closed, and the DA would be pursuing charges against Sutton again. Amanda thanked Victor again for practically getting Sutton to confess to killing her father. She was sure she wouldn’t have been able to to that. Victor sensed that Amanda didn’t yet feel closure. It meant the world to Amanda that her father wanted to find her, and it was gut-wrenching to discover her grandfather’s involvement. Amanda said she felt like she just found her family and she was losing them all over again. Victor said that Amanda still had her mother and her sister. Naya called wanting to meet, but Amanda decided not to go. She sympathized with Naya, but she didn’t want to hear her mother pleading for forgiveness on Sutton’s behalf. It hurt Amanda to see how misguided Naya was when it came to Sutton. Victor understood that, but he said Amanda only had one mother.

Amanda and Naya met in Amanda’s suite. After a lot of thinking, Naya had concluded that giving Amanda and Hilary up was the best thing she ever did. Amanda was angry Naya felt that way about abandoning her and her sister. Naya didn’t mean it as an insult. She was in awe of Amanda, who was intelligent and strong and stood up for herself. From what Naya heard, Hilary was the same way. When Naya gave the kids up, she was insecure, lost and under her father’s thumb. She didn’t think she could’ve raised the girls to be the amazing women they grew up to be. Amanda didn’t think that was true, given how Imani turned out. Naya said Imani had a great father who partially shielded her from Sutton. To be brutally honest, even if she’d defied Sutton, married Richard and kept Amanda and Hilary, she would’ve run home and begged her dad to take her back. She was sure he would’ve taken her back, and eventually, he would’ve accepted the girls, and they would’ve grown up under his domineering thumb. Amanda didn’t think Naya was giving herself enough credit. Naya said she didn’t deserve any. She said it took Amanda, a courageous child, fighting Sutton, the system and Naya, to save Naya from herself. Naya and Amanda were in tears. Naya wished she was more like her daughters, but she wasn’t.

Naya wanted to be in Amanda’s life more than anything, but how could she ask that when at every turn, she’d been so much less of a mother than Amanda deserved. Amanda tearfully said that Naya didn’t have to ask. Everything that happened before was in the past. “What matters right now is that the woman sitting in front of me is my mom,” she sobbed.

Victoria held Ashland’s hand as they walked into her living room. She told him that her house now felt like their home. A place they could build a future for however long that turned out to be. He felt that proposing her was the best thing he’d ever done. His past was behind him, the divorce was final, and he wanted to walk into the future with Victoria. Victoria couldn’t believe Tara was arrested, but she promised to support Ashland and Harrison. Nikki, having heard the news about Tara from Nick, dropped by to make sure Ashland and Victoria knew. Ashland said he got a call from his lawyer on the plane ride home. He thought he was past being surprised by his ex wife, but he supposed her sense of selfishness and self-preservation knew no bounds. He was sure Tara would land on her feet, but his concern was his son. Victoria was sure Harrison was in good hands with Jack and Kyle. Nikki didn’t know how much Harrison knew about Tara’s arrest. Ashland grew concerned that Harrison witnessed Tara be arrested, so he rushed to go see his son. Nikki and Victoria felt for Harrison. Victoria said, she, the Abbotts and Ashland would surround him with love.

Victoria called Tara a piece of work. Nikki asked Victoria if she was worried this would impact Ashland’s divorce. Victoria said the divorce was final, and she was thrilled for Ashland’s sake. This connection Victoria and Ashland felt got stronger every day. He was amazing, and he was handling this disease with such grace. She hadn’t felt this loved and respected in a long time. Nikki could see that the joy was radiating off Victoria. Nikki sensed something else happened on the trip. Victoria said she and Ashland wanted to talk to Nikki and Victor together. They arranged to meet up at the ranch in an hour.

Jack was glad to see Ashland was back in town. Ashland was at the Abbott house hoping to see his son. Jack said that Traci took Harrison to the children’s museum, but he’d be back after lunch. He added that Harrison didn’t know anything about Tara. Ashland appreciated that Jack protected his son. He asked why Tara was planning to take Harrison back to NY. Jack explained that Tara blackmailed Summer into leaving town. Ashland pointed out that he’d warned Jack about Tara. Jack was surprised at how well Ashland was taking this news. Ashland realized what Tara was capable of after he found out she lied about Harrison’s paternity.

Jack asked if Ashland knew Tara was making a move against Summer. Ashland said there was no conspiracy. He said his only involvement, if it could be called that, was with Sally. He explained how Sally asked him to connect Summer with Angelina Marchetti, so he reached out to Eric. Jack shook his head in dismay. Ashland had no idea if Sally and Tara were working together, but it seemed like they had a common goal. Jack wished he knew about that before. Ashland didn’t want to look back on things with regret. His priority was Harrison. Jack said they all wanted what was best for the boy. Ashland appreciated the Abbotts looking out for Harrison, but he missed him, and he thought Harrison missed him too. Ashland wanted to discuss some arrangements for Harrison going forward. Jack said Kyle was in Milan trying to convince Summer to come home. Ashland wished Kyle luck. Jack asked what Ashland meant by arrangements. Ashland intended to file a motion restricting Tara from seeing Harrison. Jack asked what about Kyle. Ashland wanted to consider the angles then come up with the best visitation arrangement for Harrison moving forward. Jack didn’t want to sound insensitive, but he understood that Ashland didn’t have much time. Ashland revealed that he was seeking treatment. Jack was glad, but he was still concerned about the uncertainty in Harrison’s life – where he’d live, who’d look after him. Jack felt Ashland, Tara and Kyle needed to discuss this. Ashland said he’d wait until Kyle returned to discuss it, and maybe by then, they’d have a better sense of what was happening with Tara. Ashland recognized that Jack’s life had been upended, through no fault of his own, and he appreciated the way Jack stepped up as a father, grandfather and as a man. Jack said family was everything to him. Ashland left.

Ashland went home. Nikki wasn’t there anymore. He filled Victoria in on what Tara did to Summer. Victoria thought it was despicable. When Ashland was on his way home, he got a call informing him that Tara had been transferred to Manhattan because her crimes occurred in NY. Tara hired a lawyer who was an old friend of theirs. Tara would likely make bail, but she wouldn’t be allowed to leave NY. Ashland thought it was probably for the best that Tara wouldn’t be able to see Harrison any time soon. He was going to file papers to ensure that was the case, but he worried about what her absence would do to Harrison. He said they had to figure out how to make this okay for his son. She said they would. She admired the way he was willing to work with Kyle. She asked if he knew how long Kyle would be in Milan. He thought Kyle would only be gone long enough to convince Summer to move back to Genoa City. The sooner Kyle was back, the better, Ashland said.

Victoria knew Ashland thought Tara would lose custody, but it was possible that the judge would show her leniency. Ashland said maybe, but he was ready and willing to fight for his son. He took Victoria’s hand and asked if she remembered being in their perfect bubble last night. She said they could be in a bubble again after they visited her parents. She’d wanted to push it off, but her mom had a sixth sense about these things. He understood how important it was for her to tell her folks. She thought it’d go well, given that her dad liked him better than the other men she’d married.

Ashland presented Victoria with a sapphire engagement ring that took her breath away. He thought of going with the usual diamond, but he saw the sapphire, and it reminded him of the brilliance of her eyes. He said she didn’t have to wear it in public until she was ready. Things happened so spontaneously in NY, that he didn’t give her the bells and whistles. She was fine with what happened, but he wanted to do this right. He got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said she’d be honored, and he put the ring on her finger.

Nikki went home and told Victor that Victoria and Ashland wanted to see them. Victor asked why. Nikki had some theories, but she thought it was best to wait and see. Victoria and Ashland arrived, and Victor stared chatting about the situation with Tara and Harrison. Nikki spotted the ring and said she and Victor were curious about why they were meeting. Victoria made the announcement. Nikki commented that things were moving quickly. Victoria said she and Ashland loved each other and they didn’t want to waste time.

At the hotel, Phyllis boasted to Nick that she’d saved Kyle and Jack from their overly trusting ways. “I’m heroic.” Nick asked if cynicism and meddling were her superpowers. “And being right,” she added. He admitted she was dead on. He’d worried that she’d cross the line and it’d come back to bite her very attractive backside, but she pulled it off. He was glad he was able to help her get the truth. She said they were an unstoppable team when it came to Summer. Phyllis knew that once Kyle told Summer about everything that happened, she’d come home where she belonged. Summer contacted her parents and said she and Kyle wanted to video chat them and Jack. Phyllis was confident Summer and Kyle were going to pick up where they left off, but Nick pointed out that they didn’t know what Summer and Kyle were going to say, so they should just wait and see.

Jack joined Phyllis and Nick. Kyle and Summer initiated a chat. They were together and all smiles. Teasing, Phyllis asked if Summer was still mad at her for meddling. Summer said she’d forgiven Phyllis, but boundaries were a good thing. Summer said she and Kyle talked all day and night, and they’d decided to stay in Milan. Summer loved her new job – it was a dream come true, and she didn’t want to give it up. Phyllis looked crushed. Nick said he’d tried to tell Phyllis that Summer might want to stay. Summer said, regardless of how the job came about, it was perfect for her. Kyle thought he could do his part running Jabot from Italy. He hoped Jack understood. Kyle added that Summer already sacrificed so much for him. Jack thought they could work out the business stuff, but what about Harrison. Kyle was hoping Ashland would let Harrison move to Italy – with Tara facing legal troubles, and Ashland’s illness, coming to live in Italy might be the best thing for Harrison. Nick was impressed Kyle was willing to go to Italy and allow Summer to continue to thrive. He said, maybe it was finally the right time for Kyle and Summer. Summer and Kyle were sure about that. Kyle hugged Summer and said they had to go because they had a special celebration planned. Kyle said thanks for the support. Jack said that was what parents did, and Nick said they just wanted them to be happy. The call ended. Phyllis was almost in tears. Jack admitted he’d never thought that his son and possibly his grandson might leave Genoa City. Nick was disappointed too. Phyllis left to get some air, and Jack went with her.

At Crimson Lights, Sally called Tara to follow up on their conversation from yesterday. She left a message saying she hoped things were okay and asking for a call back. Lauren overheard and said Tara spent last night behind bars. Lauren brought Sally up to speed. Sally asked someone like Tara, who had everything, would skim funds from her own company. “For some people, everything isn’t enough,” Lauren replied. Sally supposed Lauren was lucky this came out before she got in too deep with Tara. Lauren said it was unfortunate that she got in too deep with Sally. Sally, caught off guard and started to sputter something. Lauren interjected that Sally betrayed Summer and Lauren, even after Lauren gave her a second chance. Sally hoped Lauren wasn’t buying into Phyllis’s crazy theory that she and Tara were in cahoots. Lauren knew that Phyllis was telling the truth.

Sally asked Lauren to hear her out. Lauren snapped that she felt like she’d been listening to Sally for hours. Sally kept the lie going that this was all a big misunderstanding. “There is no misunderstanding. I know exactly what happened with Summer, and I have proof,”Lauren replied. Phyllis charged in and Lauren told her that Sally was still denying it. Phyllis yelled that Tara admitted she and Sally forced Summer out of town. Sally asked who they heard that from “From me,” Jack announced as he entered. Sally maintained that she was being scapegoated. Lauren had spoken with Eric, and he confirmed what Phyllis said. Sally said she never denied talking to Eric. Jack noted that Sally conveniently forgot to mention that she talked to Ashland and asked him to intervene with Eric. “So you had both of the Lockes doing your bidding for you,” Phyllis yelled. Sally said it wasn’t true, and Jack told her to stop trying to deny it. Phyllis said that Summer lost everything, and Sally got what she wanted. “Not for long. It’s over, Sally. You’re fired,” Lauren said. Sally had tears in her eyes. “Don’t do this, Lauren. I am good at my job and you know it,” she said. Lauren wouldn’t forget about Sally’s abhorrent behavior and personal failings. Lauren had taken Sally under her wing and she was excited to be her mentor. “I can never trust you again,” Lauren said, sounding angry and betrayed. Jack stared at Sally, and she begged him not to look at her like that. “Oh, you don’t have to worry. I’m gone,” he said. Lauren left too. “But I’m still here,” Phyllis whispered. Sally vowed to make Phyllis regret this, but Phyllis said Sally was in no position to issue threats, so the best thing she should do was walk away. Sally left.

Phyllis video chatted Summer and cheerfully called her supergirl. She told her that Sally got fired. So it was all good now, and Summer could come home. Phyllis said Sally left LA, and she’d leave Genoa City too. She knew Milan was great and blah blah blah, but Summer needed to come home. Summer said she’d come home for visits. “Summer. I did this for you! I went after Sally for you!,” Phyllis stressed. She said she got hammered by everyone – Lauren, Jack and Nick, and they thought she was going too far, but she kept going for Summer. Phyllis’ voice cracked. She was adamant that Summer needed to come home. She told Summer to stop looking at her with pity. Summer said it wasn’t pity, it was love and gratitude. She said Phyllis always protected her, sometimes a little too much. She said Phyllis told her to go after what she wanted and what she wanted was to be in Milan with this job, Kyle, to hopefully have Harrison too. She loved Phyllis and she was so grateful. She said Phyllis always gave her freedom and never held her back, and Phyllis was doing that again by understanding she needed to stay here. Summer said Phyllis was the most brave person she knew, and she’d made Summer brave too. Summer was going to be okay. Phyllis was devastated, but accepting. They said they loved each other, and the call ended.
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