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Sheila: Congratulations.

Finn: Oh, uh, thank you. Um, I didn’t realize someone was in here. Who are you?

Sheila: It’s me, sweetheart, your mother. I’m your mother.

Finn: You’re my, my mother?

Thomas: So, steff, what are we supposed to call you? Mrs. Dr. Steffy finnegan forrester?

Steffy: Mrs. Dr. Steffy?

Thomas: Yeah, what, what–

Steffy: Steffy is just fine.

Thomas: That’s fine?

Steffy: Or, your sister.

Thomas: Okay.

Steffy: It’s easy.

Thomas: How about your honeymoon? Can I ask where you’re going, or if you’re even doing it?

Steffy: You know what, we, we’ll do it eventually, but we don’t want to be away from hayes right now, or kelly.

Hope: But please, tell me you’ll do it at some time, right?

Liam: Yeah! Newlyweds deserve a honeymoon, that’s the rule.

Steffy: Honey, every day with finn is a honeymoon.

Liam: Ooh!

Paris: Oh wow, so much happiness. Just the way it should be on such a special day.

Thomas: Well, steffy is literally glowing, so.

[ All laughing ]

Zende: Of course she’s glowing, she’s married the man of her dreams.

Paris: Speaking of your new, handsome hubby, where is he?

Steffy: Uh, he’s actually on a call right now with a patient, but he’ll be back shortly.

Ridge: Hey! How are my daughter’s new in-laws doing?

Eric: Have you gotten used to the fact that your son is a married man now?

Brooke: Not to mention, a first time father.

Ridge: Mm hm!

Li: We’re just so happy for finn, and for our beautiful steffy.

Jack: I don’t think we’ve ever seen a couple so in love.

Brooke: Oh, I don’t know.

[ Giggling ]

Li: And we’re just so thankful to you all, for such a lovely wedding.

Brooke: It was, wasn’t it?

Ridge: And the best part, we got through all of this without any drama and interruptions. Let’s drink to that.

Li: Cheers!

Paris: Ah, you must be thrilled and relieved the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Steffy: Well, that’s thanks to my matron of honor. Honestly, if it weren’t for hope, I don’t even know what I’d–

Hope: Oh, please no, I didn’t do anything.

Steffy: Are you kidding me? You stood up for me. You didn’t even think twice about it. You were such a help. Honestly, the things that you said up there, it’s really sweet. Thank you. Thank you so much.

Liam: Hey, guys. Take a picture. Could this day get any better, seriously?

Ridge: Oh, I’m sorry, I just assumed that everyone knows about forrester weddings. There’s always some kind of drama, right? Don’t take my word for it. Ask dad or logan, they’ll both tell you.

Li: Logan?

Brooke: Ah, that’s my maiden name. Ridge has been affectionately calling me logan since–

Ridge: Since we started doing whatever this is, right?

[ Giggling ]

Eric: As you can see, the forresters are a very romantic bunch. Expressions of affection are not unusual.

Ridge: Yeah, and you’re relieved too, everything went smoothly today, right?

Jack: Ah, very relieved. Very, very grateful.

Ridge: Cheers.

Finn: You’re my, my, uh, birth mother?

Sheila: Yes. I realize what a shock this must be for you. Maybe, maybe I shouldn’t have come here, especially today, but I, I couldn’t stay away. I had to see my son on his wedding day.

Frank is a fan of fast.

He’s a fast talker.

Liam: I don’t know.

Hope: You don’t want to go inside?

Liam: I have had it with– hey, how are hayes and kelly?

Steffy: Oh, they’re still asleep.

Liam: Oh, really?

Hope: Oh, too much wedding excitement!

Paris: Yeah, being a flower girl must take a lot out of you.

Steffy: Right? Is finn still on that call?

Thomas: I have no idea. I told you, I can go look for him, though.

Zende: You want me to check?

Steffy: No no, it’s fine. I’m sure he’s on a call with his patient. And it’s personal to him, trust me, I should know.

Ridge: Wait, he’s still on the phone?

Steffy: Yeah–

Ridge: Let me go find him this is–

Steffy: No, no. Dad, it’s fine. It’s fine. Actually, finn would, he wouldn’t want us standing here. He’d want us to party.

Ridge: Party?

Thomas: Hey!

Zende: Woohoo!

Ridge: What was that?

Steffy: I don’t know.

Zende: Hey!

Li: Actually, if I could just take a moment. I just want to thank all of you once again, and I know I speak for jack and finn, when I say how delighted we are to be a part of such a warm and loving family like the forresters. As most of you may know, jack and I adopted finn as a baby. We gave him the best life we possibly could, and he has made us so proud, with one exception, the punk rock band he started in high school.

[ All chuckling ]

Ridge: Good to know.

Li: Anyway, I couldn’t have loved finn more if I’d given birth to him. He’s been the light of my life, and jack’s from the moment we held him. And now, to see him married to this beauty, the two of them starting their own family, I can’t help but wonder about finn’s birth mother from time to time, if she thinks about him, especially on his birthday. I can only imagine what it would mean to her to see him today on his wedding day.

Sheila: I probably shouldn’t have done it like this, just showing up with no warning on your wedding day. You, you’ve never seen me. You’ve never heard from me. To you, I’m, I’m a total stranger, but I’m not. I gave birth to you. I still… regret ever giving you up. I had to see you. I just had to see you and let you know that I’ve never forgotten about you. I’ve been, I’ve been following your life, and your career from, from afar. And, I just want to tell you I am so incredibly proud of your accomplishments. A well-respected doctor, a healer. Whoever would have thought that I could give birth to someone like this?

Finn: You’re, you’re going to have to give me a minute, okay? I’m trying to wrap my head around all this.

Sheila: Yeah, of course. It’s a lot to, to experience.

Finn: Yeah, it’s a lot to take in, especially today. I was not expecting this on my wedding day, so like, why now?

Sheila: It’s okay if you’re skeptical or, or guarded. Anybody would be, in your position. I certainly don’t blame you for that. But, I had to see you. The thought of not seeing my son on his wedding day, congratulating you for marrying such an amazing woman as, as steffy forrester. You’re a father now. I have a grandchild. You are gonna have the most amazing life. I just wish I could be a part of it. I, I know I can’T. I know that’s not possible. I really should just leave.

Finn: No, what, leave?

Sheila: It would be for the best, but like I said, I just had to see you. I had to let you know that I have never stopped loving you. I never will.

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis.

Jack: It’s our son’s wedding day. We shouldn’t dwell on finn’s birth mother. She’s never really been a part of his life. We should focus on finn and steffy and their beautiful children, and the amazing future that is ahead for all of them.

Eric: Hear, hear.

Liam: Absolutely.

Ridge: Couldn’t agree more.

Zende: So, everybody ready to cut loose?

Paris: Oh, zende has been dying to show off his dance moves.

Hope: Wait, what about finn? Shouldn’t he be having the first dance with his beautiful bride?

Thomas: Yeah, if he would ever get off his phone.

Ridge: Alright.

Eric: Should we be concerned, steffy?

Steffy: It’s completely fine. Even though it’s our wedding day, he still has to take care of his patients. That’s why his patients love him so much, I get it.

Thomas: Okay, that makes sense to me. I notice his generosity when I first met him, so okay.

Steffy: Yeah, like he feels things with such an intensity, in his personal life and with his work, it’s the kind of man he is. It’s the kind of man you raised.

Sheila: And I realize now it was probably very selfish of me to interrupt your, your happy day, but when I saw the wedding announcement online, and when I read that you were getting married, I just knew I had to be here. There’s no way that I could miss such an important day with my son.

Finn: You said you never stopped thinking about me?

Sheila: Never.

Finn: What about all those years? I never heard from you. I never, never got a phone call, a text, or a letter, it was nothing.

Sheila: And I’m really sorry for that, but I knew that you were being loved by an incredible family and I just didn’t want to disrupt that. I have had a lot of trouble in my past. I would not have been a good influence on your life. But that doesn’t mean that I ever stopped loving you. Just know I’ve never stopped thinking about you and I am so incredibly proud of the man you’ve become. You’re a father, you’re a doctor, you are so happy. That’s all I’ve ever wanted for you. I wish I could have given you that myself. I just wasn’t able… and I am still not. So, that’s why I should go.

Finn: Go? No, I don’t want you to go. I, I just married the most incredible woman. I want you to meet her. I want you to meet the whole family, they’re amazing. This has been the best day of my life and then, out of nowhere, you appear. My birth mother, the woman who gave me life. I have the best parents, the best upbringing anyone could ask for, yet, I still, I thought about this moment since I was a little boy. I’ve thought about this moment, seeing you for the first time, and it’s, it’s happening, it’s here. You and me, we’re here, together. I’m not letting you leave. You’ve walked into my life. I’m not letting you walk out.

Sheila: I’ve, I’ve waited decades for this occasion, to see my son, the son that I, I placed for adoption. I… you know, I’ve gone over this a million times, wondering what to say, how you would react, whether or not you would forgive me.

Finn: Forgive you? You don’t need my forgiveness. You did what you had to do because you wanted to give me a better life. You were thinking of me. You weren’t thinking of yourself, and I believe you. I believe that you did what you felt you had to do, but what I’m having trouble with is you’ve come all this way to meet me, and now you, now you’re gonna leave?

Sheila: I don’t want to leave, I have to leave. It’s better for everyone, especially you.

Finn: Please, can you just listen to me? All my life, I’ve wondered about meeting you. Wondered what you’d be like, and if I would see myself in you, the day that I met you. Today’s the day. Today’s the day. You need to come, meet steffy and meet the whole family.

Sheila: No, I, I, I told you, there are things I’ve done in my life that I regret–

Finn: No, I, I get that. It’s okay–

Sheila: No, no, you don’t get it. This is such a happy day for you, and I don’t want to be the presence that ruins it.

Finn: Ruin it? You are not going to ruin it, you are gonna make it better.

[ Phone dinging ] It’s steffy, she’s asking when I’m gonna be back.

Sheila: Okay you, you, you should go. Go, go. Go to your family, go to your new family, and just please, don’t tell anybody about me. Not, not your mother, not your father, and definitely not steffy.

Finn: You’re not making any sense.

Sheila: This is just the way it has to be.

Finn: No. I’m not taking that for an answer. You’re gonna come with me, you’re gonna meet the family, you’re gonna meet steffy. You have a grandson I want you to meet. This has been an incredible day for me, and I want to share it with you, my mother.

Liam: Did paris and zende leave?

Hope: Oh, um, apparently they wanted some alone time.

[ Giggling ]

Jack: Hey, have you heard from finn?

Steffy: No, I haven’T. I texted him, but I haven’t heard anything.

Jack: Hm.

Li: Jack? What, what’s wrong?

Jack: Nothing. At least, I hope it’s nothing.

Brooke: What is it, ridge?

Thomas: Yeah, dad, what’s going on?

Ridge: Nothing, I’m just wondering, like the rest of us, where finn might be.

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: Oh, sorry.

Brooke: Let me hold that for you, okay?

Finn: Hey, everyone, I, I, sorry to keep you waiting. I just– the most incredible thing has happened. Um… I met someone.

[Glass shattering]

Brooke: Sheila?

Ridge: Sheila.

Eric: Sheila?

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