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Phyllis: Tara’s going down. She is going down. I don’t care if I get a million more phone calls from summer, it’s gonna be completely worth it.

Nick: You know, summer has a point. You pulled out all the stops to prove that tara and sally were working together to get her out of the picture.

Phyllis: Yes, I have.

Nick: Well, that could wind up costing kyle a lot. If tara takes harrison out of his life as retaliation…

Phyllis: That’s why we can’t waste any time. I have to get on this lead right away.

Nick: We do. You’re not in this alone.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Lauren: Hi. Wish your text had more information as to what this meeting was about, but I’m assuming it’s sally and tara.

Phyllis: Nope, it’s about you. It’s about us saving fenmore’s, your company, from making a huge mistake.

Nick: We’re working on something.

Phyllis: That’s why we can’t waste any time. We have to get on this.

Nick: And the best way to do that is to split up, but first, we need you to make a phone call.

Kyle: I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do next. You’re gonna tell everybody and anybody who will listen that you teamed up with sally to force summer out of town. You’re gonna stop with the games and the lies. I — I can’t believe this is how you repay my family for taking you in after ashland kicked you to the curb.

Tara: Sounds like you want me out of the house.

Kyle: What?! What?! That’s what you have to say? Summer and I were in love. We were about to get married, and you destroyed that relationship by threatening to take harrison away from me to get what you wanted.

Tara: Yes. I made that threat. And now [Sighs] I think it’s the right time to make good on it. Because, obviously, there’s nothing for me here, so I’m gonna go upstairs and I’m gonna pack y things and pack harrison’s, and then we’re heading straight to new york.

Jack: No, wait.

Tara: Wait, wait, no, no, no, no. I won’t let you take him.

Tara: How are you gonna stop me? I’m his mother. That carries a whole lot of weight with the courts. You’re just some guy I had a fling with.

Faith: The concert was so much fun.

Sharon: Was it loud?

Faith: So loud. But we had backstage vip passes, so it was unreal. We were just hanging out with the band, and then they went out and performed in front of all those fans. It was amazing.

Sharon: What was the best part? Was it hanging with the musicians? The tigirlily set?

Faith: Not exactly.

Sharon: Was it being with moses?

Moses: Hi.

Sharon: Hi.

Faith: Hi.

Adam: I know that you’re having fun at lacrosse camp, but this is a chance for you to learn, too. You said that you wanted to be more aggressive with your stick work, right? Well, have fun, but don’t forget that this is a chance to improve, too. Okay? Alright, I love you. I miss you, and I will see you soon. Alright.

Rey: [ Exhales ]

Victor: Detective. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Rey: It’s not a problem.

Victor: Yeah. You see that?

Rey: See what?

Victor: White is three moves away from checkmate. How would you defend that?

Rey: You know, chess really isn’t my game.

Victor: Uh-huh. Well, if it were ever to become your game, I think you’d be a formidable opponent, you know. I think you have a rather analytic mind. You doubt me, doubt what I say?

Rey: No, I’m just — sounded a whole lot like a compliment from you.

Victor: [ Laughs ] Yeah. It is.

Rey: Oh, I’m not used to that coming from you. It’s more like, “stop harassing me, detective, and talk to my lawyers.”

Victor: Well, let bygones be bygones, you know? I asked you to come here because… well, to thank you for taking chelsea to see her mother and for making sure that connor got back home safely.

Rey: Yeah, I know you weren’t happy with chelsea leaving town with your grandson, but it all worked out.

Victor: How did she seem to you?

Rey: She seemed concerned about her mother, but happy to be with her son.

Victor: Uh-huh. How happy?

Rey: It seemed legit. I’m not sure why you’re asking.

Victor: I just wonder, you know, maybe it’s all a ruse on her part. I have a feeling she might want to come back here one day and, at the opportune moment, take connor and run off with him. We’re eating and drinking foods and beverages

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Rey: I thought you had dismissed chelsea as a threat.

Victor: Yeah. To be honest with you, I’ve learned to never let my guard down where she’s concerned. Have a seat, detective.

Rey: Thank you. Well, victor, I observed the opposite during my trip with chelsea.

Victor: Hmm. What do you mean?

Rey: Well, she seems to have accepted the situation. On the day we were leaving, she took connor aside and was very loving with him, but she told him to listen to his father and to his grandparents.

Victor: Oh.

Rey: She’s a good mom, and she doesn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with her son.

Victor: Well, that’s good to hear.

Rey: And I didn’t think she was playing me. I never got the sense that she was putting on a show for me or anything like that.

Victor: You know, detective, you were put in a rather difficult situation, and you handled it very well. I have a feeling you’d handle anything well that’s put before you.

Rey: I’d like to think so.

Victor: Have you ever thought of using your considerable analytic talents anywhere but the police department?

Rey: That sounded a lot like a job offer.

Victor: It is.

Sharon: Faith was just telling me what a great time she had at the concert.

Moses: Yeah, it was cool. I mean, hanging out backstage, that was really eye-opening for me, and seeing how everything comes together, that was — that was almost my favorite part.

Sharon: Almost?

Moses: Yeah, well, hanging out with faith, that was the best part.

Sharon: She was just telling me something similar about you.

Faith: Mom.

Moses: Hey, I got something for you.

Sharon: A white album? Is that the beatles?

Moses: [ Chuckles ] No. It’s a recording from tigirlily’s set. Devon had some pressed.

Faith: He’s selling them?

Moses: No, it’s a memento for special fans, like you.

Faith: It’s signed!

Moses: [ Chuckles ] Yeah. How cool is that?

Sharon: Well, it’s too bad we don’t have a turntable here, you could play it.

Moses: Oh, that’s okay, actually. I have a digital copy right here.

Sharon: Well, why don’t you two go on the patio, then? You can listen to it there.

Faith: But you’re teaching me how to make fancy espresso drinks.

Sharon: Oh, it’s okay. You look like you know what you’re doing. Why don’t you take a few minutes with moses?

Faith: Alright, let’s do it. Thanks for this. You’re the best.

Nick: Are you looking for someone?

Brian: I am.

Nick: Lauren fenmore?

Brian: That’s right. She called and asked me to meet her here.

Nick: I arranged that call. I’m nick newman. There are some things I would like to discuss with you. Let’s have a seat.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] Tara can’t do this. How are we gonna stop her?

Jack: Look, I tried to be understanding with her before you got here. I didn’t want her to feel like she was cornered. That would only make her lash out and do more damage. Well, now she is cornered.

Kyle: Yeah, okay, so what do we do now? I need options.

Jack: Well, we’ll run it by our lawyers to see where we stand. Maybe we can get an injunction to stop her from taking harrison out of genoa city.

Kyle: Yeah, I’m willing to try anything, no matter how long a shot. Tara summed it up when she said I’m just some guy she had a fling with. And in the eyes of the law, that’s all I am right now.

Jack: You are harrison’s biological father and you have rights.

Kyle: Yes, and it’s going to take some time to assert those rights. Who knows where she’ll be with harrison by the time a judge rules on it? Dad, she’s up there with my son, packing his bags to take him away from me, and when summer left me, I consoled myself knowing I had a son here who i loved. Now I’m about to lose him, too.

Jack: There is one option.

Kyle: What?

Jack: Get her to come down and tell her we understand she messed up, that we forgive, that we’re gonna give her another chance.

Kyle: Are you serious?

Jack: She does not want to go back to new york. This gives her options.

Kyle: Dad, she’ll see right through it. She’ll know we’re just being nice to make sure she doesn’t run off with harrison. Look, she has all the leverage. You just said she’s cornered. Well, so are we.

Jack: [ Sighs ] For people who are a little intense about hydration.

Victor: You know that I have a private security firm.

Rey: I am aware of that.

Victor: Mm-hmm. You’d be a hell of an addition, you know. You’re a born leader.

Rey: Yeah, I’m not sure what to say to that.

Victor: Say yes. Then the fun part starts. We negotiate your salary. You know, I pay well, very well. Most people will tell you. And all kinds of perks.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] I’m sure they are, and i appreciate the offer.

Victor: I hear a “but.”

Rey: You know, I can’t imagine being anything but a police officer. I take a lot of pride in the badge. It’s the perfect job for me, so I’m gonna stick with what i have.

Victor: I understand, okay?

Rey: Thank you for understanding.

Victor: But I also that situations often change, you know.

Nick: What’s up?

Adam: Nicholas. Have a seat.

Nick: You know, if people keep seeing us hang out like this, they’re gonna think we like each other.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Well, that could be a problem for you. What do you want to do? I could, uh — how about some sunglasses? One of those fake mustaches, little disguise, you know?

Nick: That might work.

Adam: I mean, you joke about that, but I’m not above that.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nick: Sorry.

[ Clears throat ]

Adam: Good news?

Nick: Yeah, sort of. Phyllis and I are working on something.

Adam: Hmm. What’s that?

Nick: Um…alright, it’s — it’s not business, it’s personal. Turns out summer was coerced into leaving town and forced to break things off with kyle.

Adam: Oof, yikes. So what are you gonna do about it?

Nick: We have a plan. Might all be coming together as we speak. I’m just kind of waiting for an update.

Adam: Wow. Well, I pity anyone who messes with your kid.

Nick: We do what we have to do for our children, right? I know you feel the same way.

Adam: Mm-hmm. They always come first.

Nick: I know you were really going through it with — with chelsea and connor. Did chelsea object to rey bringing your son home?

Adam: [ Sighs ] Ultimately, she agreed to it, but I had to be a little delicate, but it was time.

Nick: You, delicate?

Adam: I know, I know, I know. It’s not my strong suit, and please, don’t say “no kidding.”

Nick: So, what is chelsea’s story? Is she gonna be staying in minnesota?

Adam: Yeah, for a while. Just depends on how her mom’s recovery progresses.

Nick: And if she’s given her release, where does that leave things with you two?

Adam: That leaves us nowhere. We are done. She can come back to genoa city. She can choose to stay with her mom. It’s her choice. But chloe’s running newman media’s fashion platform, so she’ll have a job waiting for her.

Nick: Mm. Job in your company — sounds awkward.

Adam: Yeah, not necessarily. Chloe has total autonomy, so we wouldn’t be working together, and chelsea is connor’s mother, so I want to make sure she has some options.

Nick: I mean, it’s admirable, but…

Adam: But what, you don’t think it could work? Two exes sharing a child, carrying on a friendly relationship?

Nick: It’s tricky.

Adam: Right. But it’s been done before. You and sharon, for example.

Jack: The lawyers have concerns about the success of an injunction.

Kyle: We have to try, don’t we?

Tara: I just told harrison that we’re headed back to new york. He’s very excited. Misses the city and his friends.

Kyle: Tara, just, please, don’t do this. It’s not about me, it’s about harrison. He’s just getting used to calling me “daddy,” and you’re about to whisk him away.

Tara: You’re playing the harrison card this early? I figured that you would work up to that. Start with threats, lawyers.

Kyle: You are making a mistake.

Tara: No, the mistake isn’t taking him away, it was bringing him here in the first place.

Kyle: Don’t say that.

Tara: You shouldn’t be upset with me. You should be congratulating me. I stepped out of ashland’s shadow and immediately sought someone else to replace him. But now I am striking out on my own. Gonna be independent, self-sufficient. Harrison is young. He’ll forget about you soon enough.

Jack: He will always remember his father. He will always need his father.

Tara: He’ll learn from the example I’m setting. He’ll be able to stand on his own two feet, not need any help from anyone.

That is a lesson that will last a lifetime.

Jack: Where is all this attitude coming from? You’re the one who messed up, not kyle.

Tara: Your son just tried to guilt me into staying here by implying I’m a bad mother. I am a good mother. I always put my son first, despite what the two of you think.

Kyle: Okay, okay, okay. Maybe I was guilt-tripping you, but that’s only because I will do anything to stop you from doing this. I only want what’s best for harrison, and if someplace else is what’s best, I wouldn’t fight you. But, tara, you’re taking him out of spite. Please, just don’t do this. I love him so much, and there’s already been so much hurt and pain. You do not double down on it. If you cared about me at all, ever, you won’t do this. Don’t settle. Start your day with secret.

Nick: Um, yeah, sharon and i have worked out a fairly peaceful and friendly arrangement, you know? It really works for us because it benefits faith.

Adam: Well, not all couples can do that after an acrimonious break-up.

Nick: Definitely takes a lot of work.

Adam: Well, for connor’s sake, I hope that chelsea and i can get there. She still has to fully recover, but I think she’s on the right track. You know, the call asking her to send connor back could’ve been ugly. Even though she disagreed with me at first, it wasn’t, so take that as a good sign.

Nick: Well, you know, let me know if you need any help or advice or whatever.

Adam: I will.

Nick: Still feels a little weird, doesn’t it? Us just hanging out, talking, saying what we mean.

Adam: Yeah, it feels a little strange without the occasional veiled threat.

Nick: We could go back to hating each other.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] I don’t even know what could make that happen at this point.

Nick: Hmm. I do. If you were to, say, uh, ruin things for sharon again.

Sharon: I still haven’t heard from mariah. I know I said that I think tessa’s overreacting by wanting to get the police involved, but this is so unlike mariah. I am really starting to worry.

Rey: Well, you know I can’t use department resources unless a formal missing persons report has been filed, but, unofficially, I’ve looked into it. And there isn’t anything.

Sharon: Well, thanks for trying. You know, I’ll contact abby and tessa. Maybe they’ve heard something new.

Rey: That’s a good idea.

Sharon: Oh, and please do me a favor. Faith doesn’t know anything about mariah missing, and i don’t want her to worry.

Rey: Don’t worry, I won’t say a word.

Sharon: Okay, she’s out on the patio right now with moses, and she’s trying to take it slow, but she really lights up whenever he walks in the room.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] He’s a good kid. I’m glad she’s gotten better at picking her friends. Speaking of which, I just had a very friendly conversation with victor newman.

Sharon: What did he want?

Rey: He wants to hire me.

Sharon: What?

Rey: Yes, he wants me to join his security team. It’s an attractive offer. It’s better pay, more benefits. The commute would be basically walking out our front door.

Sharon: So you’re gonna take it?

Rey: You think I’d accept a job offer without talking to you about it first?

Sharon: I would hope not, but…

Rey: Don’t worry. I turned him down.

Sharon: Thank goodness, ’cause, you know, you don’t want to work for victor newman.

Rey: I know. Told him I was perfectly happy at the gcpd. Can’t imagine being anything but a cop.

Sharon: That’s good, but…

Rey: Well, if the right opportunity came along — better pay, less risk, more time at home with you — well, for that last perk alone, I’d be crazy not to at least consider it.

Tara: You make a strong case, kyle. It’s very emotional. But let me ask you this — if the roles were reversed, would you be moved by such an appeal? You wouldn’t even listen to me. I have one card, and I’m not giving it up.

Jack: That’s how you see your son now, as a bargaining chip?

Tara: I’m not an abbott. I can’t just snap my fingers and get whatever I want. And I’m not a locke anymore either. And I resent the accusation that I only see my son as something i can lose. I love him, but I’m not about to give up the one thing I have — control.

Kyle: You’re being completely unreasonable.

Tara: No, I’m not! Look, I know what harrison means to you and you can come visit us anytime — new york, paris, wherever we end up. Somewhere that I can give him the best possible upbringing. I really hoped it was gonna be here. I thought this was the best scenario for all of us, to be a little loving family, but I was wrong. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go pack.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m glad you’re all here.

Kyle: Please, just not now. Tara’s leaving and she’s taking harrison with her.

Phyllis: Oh, no, she’s not.

Tara: It’s not like you can stop me.

Phyllis: Well, the cops can.

Lauren: Yes, thanks to phyllis, I’ve just learned why your accountant has been holding back the financial disclosures I’ve been asking for.

Tara: I told you I would send those documents to you soon. It wasn’t deliberate, it just fell through the cracks.

Lauren: Stop lying. You have been stealing from your own company. You have been siphoning off your investors’ capital to put in your own little private account. You misrepresented the health of your company to fenmore’s just to get your hands on more cash, and you know what that’s called, tara? That’s called fraud. Brazen fraud.

Tara: [ Sighs ] Phyllis, how did you uncover all of this? You hacked my accounts. That’s the only way you could’ve figured this out. I mean, you — you wanted to attack me so bad that you would just do whatever it took. Well, you know what? You messed up, because none of this is admissible. And this is a waste of everyone’s time.

Lauren: Not exactly. You see, nick found your accountant, got him to talk. Now I understand why you’ve been stalling — to give your accountant more time to doctor the books. Well, guess what — he’s flipping on you. And all that evidence has been sent to the authorities.

Phyllis: It’s over, tara. It’s over.

Managing type 2 diabetes?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Faith: [ Sighs ] It sounds great.

Moses: [ Chuckles ] Just like we were there, huh?

Faith: You know what? I think we were.

Moses: Oh, yeah, that’s right.

[ Both laugh ]

Faith: This is, like, a collector’s item.

Moses: Yeah. Hang on to that. It’s one of a kind.

Faith: And with this inscription?

Moses: It’s really something, huh?

Faith: You’re something. I can’t believe that you did this.

Moses: Well, hey, you should thank devon the next time you see him. He’s the one who made it happen.

Faith: But it was your idea.

Moses: I’m just glad you like it.

Faith: How could I not? You know what else I like?

Moses: What?

Faith: Listening to you talk about how inspired you were by being backstage.

Moses: Yeah, it was cool being backstage and seeing how something like that comes together, making something live and exciting for a big crowd. It was cool.

Faith: Is that what you want to do now?

Moses: Maybe? I mean, I know I sound like a big flake. First I want to be a doctor, like my cousin nate, and now i think I want to work in music like my brother.

Faith: Nobody would ever think of you as a flake. Least of all me.

Moses: You know what? I think my phone lost connection. So hold on a minute. I’m gonna see if I can make it work.

Faith: [ Sighs ]

Adam: Where is this coming from? You think that I’m gonna interfere in sharon’s life again?

Nick: I didn’t say that.

Adam: I’m focused on my new job and, more importantly, my son. Last few times I’ve seen sharon, it was at crimson lights to get a cup of coffee. I mean, what am I supposed to do, not go to her business and support it?

Nick: I’m not trying to cause a fight, alright? We were simply speculating about what could cause a rift between us. I came up with something. Clearly, it is a sensitive subject.

Adam: Hmm. Given our histories with sharon, how could it not be?

Nick: Yeah, you’ve cycled in and out of chelsea’s life many times. You’re on your own right now.

Adam: You really think that I’m gonna make a play for sharon?

Nick: I’m just saying that you have this pull to her, and it seems to really kick in an extra gear whenever you’re single, and, [Sighs] Adam, you see sharon as this, like, safe haven, and we both know she is not that, so just stay away from her.

Victor: Well, well, well. How nice to see the two of you spend time together.

If you can’t afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand your rights?

Tara: Yes, but this is outrageous.

Phyllis: My heart bleeds. It must be difficult to realize you’re not above the law.

Tara: Kyle, harrison’s upstairs. Will you please go to him? He’s probably worried, and i don’t want him to come downstairs.

Kyle: It didn’t have to be this way. Things could’ve worked out for everybody.

Tara: [ Sighs ]

Alright, let’s go.

Tara: My little boy is having to deal with losing his father, and now you’ve done this to his mother? I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Phyllis: I am proud of myself. I’m very proud of myself, actually.

Jack: How did you get involved with this, lauren?

Lauren: Phyllis called me. So thankful that you did. I can’t be in business with a thief.

Phyllis: Yeah, I realized that tara and sally had to have something pretty big on summer to get her to leave genoa city and her fiancé. I mean, but tara used her son? I mean, that’s just disgusting. So anyway, we just kept on digging and digging and we found something to neutralize her.

Jack: Indeed you did. Thank you, red. I owe you an apology. Shingles?

Nick: Join us, dad.

Victor: Alright. I came to see your brother. Called the office, they told me you were here.

Nick: Is this gonna turn into a high-level newman media meeting? I don’t want to hear any company secrets.

Victor: Well, my boy, let me tell you something, if you were to join our company, there wouldn’t be any secrets, would there? How about that, by the way? How about the three of us teaming up?

Nick: I think I’ll just stick with my charitable endeavors for now, let you boys continue to try and conquer the world.

Victor: You ever change your mind, you know where to find me.

Nick: I am curious, though, what your take was on victoria’s big merger with ashland locke’s company. Does that make her your competitor now?

Adam: For a guy who doesn’t want to know any secrets, you sure ask a lot of questions.

Victor: Let me put it this way, son, I’m proud of victoria. She had a vision, she acted on it. That’s all.

Nick: Well, I haven’t talked to her about it, but her relationship with ashland locke does worry me.

Victor: I’m worried, as well. But I think victoria knows what she’s doing.

Adam: Outwardly, she’s very confident, but ashland’s health has to be a distraction. She’s doubled her portfolio just like that, overseeing a much larger corporation, so I hope she can keep her eye on the ball.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Nick: Gentlemen, I have to go.

Victor: Everything alright?

Nick: Everything’s great. Just a reminder, when phyllis says she’s gonna do something, don’t ever doubt her. It’s a losing bet.

Victor: You have a nice day, son.

Nick: You too.

Jack: I have to admit, I have been struggling with this whole thing. Phyllis, I did not want to believe what you told me about tara or sally.

Lauren: I was dubious, too.

Jack: I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what they held over summer. I was horrified to find out it was harrison. They actually summer’s love for kyle against her.

Lauren: I’m just so glad this all came out before that deal closed with tara.

Phyllis: Yeah, that’s why i was in such a rush to get the proof.

Lauren: I can’t even believe that I made sally head of jcv.

Jack: Sally’s involvement in this kills me, but tara lived under this roof. Phyllis, I know I came down very hard on you, told you to keep your nose out of other people’s business, and for once, I’m very grateful that you never listen to me. You saved the day, honestly. For summer, for kyle, for all of us. I owe you big tim.

Phyllis: You don’t owe me. You just didn’t want to see what was in front of you, that’s all. You want to see the good in people.

Jack: This is your opportunity to say “I told you so.” I have it coming.

Phyllis: I’m not gonna say “i told you so.” Although it does feel good to be right. Feels good. I mean, tara just took advantage of your big heart, and, you know, she had kyle right where she wanted him — vulnerable and lonely.

Lauren: And the good news is summer doesn’t have to stay away now. She can do what she wants. She can be with who she wants.

Phyllis: I know, I know. She can come home now.

Lauren: Yes.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: Thanks to you. Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

Sharon: I’m a little surprised to hear you talking about changing careers. You just seem so happy with the gcpd.

Rey: I am happy. And I’m not looking. It would be foolish of me to close myself off from opportunities, especially good ones.

Sharon: Oh, no, you’re not regretting turning the job down with victor, are you?

Rey: No, no, no, I’m just thinking hypotheticals.

Sharon: Good. Because as attractive as that job may be, you should remind yourself you’d be working for victor newman. You know, victor.

Rey: Yeah, I don’t need to remind myself. You’re doing it for me.

[ Chuckles ]

Adam: Thank you.

Sharon: Hello?

This is sharon.

Please leave a message.

Adam: Uh, hey. It’s me. I was just thinking about you, and I wanted to say I may have made you uncomfortable with some things that I’ve said lately. And I’m sorry about that. I don’t want you to feel that way, so don’t worry about me. I’m gonna keep my distance. I promise.

Phyllis: They took tara away in cuffs. I wish you’d been there.

Nick: Never should’ve doubted you from the beginning.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] You came around. We did this together, you know that. Hey, you put pressure on that accountant, didn’t you?

Nick: Didn’t really have to. Turns out he didn’t like tara very much. He was very quick to rat her out.

Phyllis: Well, she’s easy not to like.

Nick: Regardless of how it turned out, you took a hell of a risk. It could’ve backfired.

Phyllis: But it didn’T. You took that risk with me. And come on, that’s what you love the most about me, that I’m a risk taker.

Nick: It is up there. I’m not worthy.

Phyllis: You’re worthy.

Nick: I just hope our daughter realizes how lucky she is to have a mother like you.

Jack: How’s harrison?

Kyle: He had no idea what was happening down here. Poor kid.

Jack: What did you tell him about his mother?

Kyle: It was tricky. Since he was already expecting to go to new york, I told him that she went early, ’cause his grandpa jack wanted to spend a few extra days with him.

Jack: That’s a smart answer. Buys us some time. Decide how we tell him, whether we tell him. Gosh, we were just preparing him for what’s going on with ashland, and now we have more bad news for him.

Kyle: What do you think is gonna happen to tara?

Jack: I don’t know. I’ve seen things like this happen before, and, you know, if the accountant is telling the truth, no matter how good an attorney she has, she’s gonna spend a few years behind bars.

Kyle: This is gonna be so hard for harrison. Why did I put so much trust in tara? How could I have missed it?

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. Do not blame yourself. There is no shame in trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. Look, I have been kicked in the face more than once. It’ll happen again. I hope I never lose my instinct for empathy.

Kyle: [ Chuckles ] I admire that. I’m in awe, in admiration of the kind of man you are. I hope I have that powerful influence over my son.

Jack: You will. You’ve proved it again and again these last few months. Kyle, you have your entire family here to support you. You can do this. We can do it together.

Kyle: [ Sighs ] And we will.

Jack: One other thing, nicholas and phyllis were really eager to call summer and tell her about everything that’s happened. I think you should be the first one to call her.

Kyle: I agree. And on that note, dad, I need to ask you one more favor. Can you look after harrison for the next few days?

Jack: Taking a trip, huh? Can I guess where?

Kyle: I’ll give you one hint. All I need is a passport.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Summer: Ugh. Uh, un momento per favore.

Kyle: I’ve come to take you home.

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Sally: Oh?

Sharon: What is your gut telling you? What do you think is going on with mariah?

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