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How’s the investigation into hayden’s shooting going? Any progress? Working on it. Well, if anyone can figure it out, it’s you. And the hard truth is, we may never know who shot hayden.

[ Footsteps approaching ] Oh, I’m so glad to see you and hug you. Ohhh. Can I cut in? You’re hogging your mother. No! And you are?

[ Chuckles ] Nikolas. Got a hug for your favorite nephew? ‘Cause you are her only nephew. There’s no competition. It wouldn’t make a difference. So, this — this place, it’s not so bad. Are you doing okay? I’m okay. The company is a lot to be desired. Right? [ Chuckles ] So, how’s ryan? Shawn: Ava jerome. Well, shawn butler. As I live and breathe. Well, good to see you’re still doing both.

[ Chuckles ] Despite the efforts of many. I heard that you — that you’re out of prison. After exactly — how long was it? Six years. Six years. Six years. All to protect sonny. Was it worth it? We can talk in here instead of at the pool. That way, no one can hear us. Didn’t bother you before. That’s because before, we weren’t talking about the novaks. You mean the mobster that accosted our daughter. She wasn’t accosted, okay? She was approached. Oh, so, this is not an act of violence. Ju– just the threat of one. Oh, jax, come on! You know, you just — you just finished telling me that nothing you and jason have done has affected josslyn. That was obviously a lie. Dante: [ Sighs ] Good to see you. Yeah, it’s good to see you, too. Shall we? Yeah. Thanks for meeting me. Yeah, of course. Um… how was new york? Fine.

Very little traffic. Mm. Well, I, uh — I assume you didn’t want to meet up to talk about the congestion on the fdr. No. No, I don’T. I was there to meet with lulu’s doctors. And how is she doing? The news is not good. …Gives this guy way too much credit. Look how nice it is inside. Elizabeth: [ Chuckles ]

[ Gasps ] No. Hello! Anna!

[ Laughs ] What a great surprise! How are you? Daddy’s team won the softball game. Oh, they did? Congratulations. I was just on my way out, so… yeah, uh, violet’s excited about coming over for afternoon tea this saturday. That’s right, yep. I’m gonna make some scones. It’s gonna be great, yeah? Yay! Okay, I’ll see you then. Mwah. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Joey: You ask me, they all got lazy. Let the man rest on his reputation. I have a great idea. Victory milkshakes are on me. Yay! Finn: [ Laughs ]

[ Cellphone rings ] Hey, spinelli. Listen, uh, joey novak approached josslyn. No, she — she’s fine. I just need to have a talk with this guy. Can you find out where he is, please? Right away? Outsourcing an assassination, or are you busy arranging your upcoming nuptials?

[ Blows thudding nearby ]

[ Sighs ]

Nein. You are not getting away free and clear this time. You were with my britta at the most vulnerable moment of her life. Then you abandon her… for your best friend’s widow? Tell me, jason morgan — what kind of man are you?

excuse me. My daughter trusted you with her heart — with her life. I know. More importantly, i trusted you with her heart and with her life. My britta may be jaded, but next to me, she is heidi das waisenmaedchen. I-I d– I don’t know — heidi the orphan girl! I swear, you are as illiterate as you are inconsiderate. You are one of only three people who knows britta has the genetic marker for huntington’S. But when she needed you? You walked away. I know. I let her down. The game was so fun. I thought our team was gonna lose. Yeah, for a while there, we were all worried we were gonna lose. Your daddy really gave his all today. Couldn’t believe it when he stole third.

[ Laughs ] Well, I guess having my daughter there to cheer me on really inspired me. Aww. [ Laughs ] Cheers. Violet, is that you? Don’t you know me? It’s grandma!

[ Laughs ] Oh! Grandma! Josslyn is our daughter, not just yours. You sure? ‘Cause I’m the only one acting like a parent here. Okay, you need to calm down and back off. Oh, i need to back off? Yes! Real– you just painted a target on josslyn’s back, and I’m the one that needs to back off? Really? She doesn’t have a target on her back! This is the first time josslyn’s been approached. And it better be the last. It will be. Good. That’s good. Because josslyn should never be put in a position where a rival crime family can threaten you by approaching her. I said I’m handling it. Of course you are. I mean, you are the head of the corinthos organization. Direct as ever, I see. It saves time. So, tell me — do you regret it? Giving up years of your life for sonny only to be released after he’s no longer around to reward you? Well, I can live with the decisions I’ve made. Can you say the same? Touché. So, are you here to get marching orders from the new

bella mafia, carly? I don’t work for carly. My choice. Well, in that case… I have a proposition for you. I need a man. He’s as locked-in as ever — ryan. Something I found troubling — he has an aide that’s writing letters for him. What? I thought his condition had him cut off from the rest of the world. How is he even communicating? With his eyes. He blinks. I saw him dictate a letter that way. It’s an excruciatingly slow process, but psychopaths are notoriously patient, and he’s got nothing but time, right? So, I was wondering if he’s possibly abetting ava’s stalker. Or, maybe he — he actually is the stalker by proxy and he’s using these coded messages through his writing. Yeah, anything’s possible with that guy. We need to talk to his aide. Yeah, one more thing. His aide. We know her. Who is it? There she is now.

I had to step up after sonny died. You know, whenever I hear you say “had to,” I hear “chose to.” It was the only way to protect my family. Oh, see, that’s the biggest lie, right there. Because if you would have walked away from sonny’s business after he died, there’d be nothing to protect them from. That’s not how it works, jax. And it’s really easy for you to judge a complicated situation that you know nothing about. I know that my daughter — sorry, sorry — our daughter is in danger because you are determined to hold on to sonny’s territory. Just like I know you’re marrying jason as a business arrangement. Lulu’s doctors were very direct. They’ve been caring for her for eight months, and… there’s been no improvement.

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ] Okay, w– um… have you thought about looking at… medicine beyond western medicine? Some — some kind of alternative treatments? Mm, yeah, I have. Yeah, I have. It just hasn’t produced any results. I don’t understand. I don’t get it. I mean, she’s young, she’s healthy. There’s gotta be something we can do. I will never give up on lulu — never. But, um… [ Sighs ] I gave this a lot of thought all the way back to port charles, and I think that giving up is not the same as moving on. I’m listening. Have you heard about the troubles I’ve been having? I know you and your husband are getting a divorce. No, that’s not what I’m talking about. My stalker. Oh, so, now you’re having trouble at your gallery. Yeah. Well, that was one incident of many. And that’s why I need a bodyguard.

[ Water splashing ] It seems you already have one. You noticed him. I can tell when someone’s carrying. It’s paul. I like paul. Paul’s fine. But he works for nikolas, and I need to make it perfectly clear that I have cut all ties with nikolas. You need to prove that to your stalker? Yes. Sadly, it’s become necessary. And so I need to hire my own protection. And I was always very impressed with you back in the day. I didn’t think you liked me very much. Well, you were working for sonny, weren’t you? Sonny was the competition. Your competence made my life difficult then. And now? Oh, I’ve been out of the game for quite a while now. And now, so are you. So, we wouldn’t have any conflicts of interest going forward. We’d be on the same side, so to speak. So, what do you say, shawn? Will you protect me?

[ Chuckles ] Isn’t that shiloh’s disciple from dawn of day? The one that drugged kristina? Harmony. She actually flipped on shiloh and helped get him convicted. After aiding and abetting him for years. Maybe ryan doesn’t need to send letters to our stalker. Maybe the stalker is someone he sees every day. Excuse me. We haven’t met. I’m nikolas cassadine. I believe you know my cousin, sam. Yeah, of course. Hello, sam. Harmony. It’s my understanding you work for ryan chamberlain. Not exactly. Um, I work for the department of corrections as a health aide at this facility. Mr. Chamberlain is one of several inmates I assist. Do your duties include doing his dirty work? Nikolas. Just answer the question. Which is? Someone has been using ryan’s playbook, including recordings of his voice, to stalk and threaten my wife. So if you are involved in any way, it’s in your best interest to come clean right now. Naomi, I didn’t know you were planning to visit. I apologize for the lack of advance notice, but I just couldn’t wait to see my granddaughter. You couldn’t call, text, shoot off an e-mail? Oh, you know what they say about hindsight. Hello, elizabeth. Hello. Let me get a look at you, sweetheart.

[ Gasps ] She looks so much like her mother, doesn’t she? Grandma, where’s mommy? I must hand it to you,

herr morgan — your facade of quiet concern toward my britta fooled even me. I lowered my guard and

[Laughs] Confided in you. I haven’t broken that confidence. No, no. You only broke my britta’s heart at the expense of her dignity — and my own.

[ Sighs ] Tell me, jason — was everything we discussed that day a lie? Or is your sole redeeming trait that you made sure of peter august’s continued and hopefully permanent absence?

Hey, what’s going on? I was just reviewing

herr morgan’s character defects.

[ Cellphone chimes ] I have to go. Fine, go! Anna.

Geh mir

aus den augen! Ugh, mein gott, that man is infuriating! Fortunately, he’s left me with a gift. Dare I ask?

Sein gesicht. His face? Which I will visualize on the heavy bag as I pummel it. I didn’t know you boxed. I don’T. I just like to hit things. Oh, yeah. You proved that at the rage room you took me to. You were pretty good yourself. I could use a spotter, hmm? Okay.


Einzeller! Oh, I need to remember these. Jason morgan is lucky there was no sledgehammer available today. Rragh! Not to undermine your righteous anger at jason… yes? …But you do realize that he was just humoring you by listening to your tirade. Of course I know that. Despite his many

[Exhales sharply] Glaring faults, he’s a chivalrous person. Yeah. Perhaps he thought enduring my tirade was his — his way of, um — of paying penance for failing britta? Perhaps. He doesn’t normally let people down.

[ Scoffs ] Then there really is a first time for everything.

[ Grunting ] What does this have to do with peter? I thought — gah! — Or perhaps hoped — yah! — That jason might have played a role in peter’s disappearance.

[ Grunts ] Which would mean that peter is six feet under the pine barrens and no longer a trouble to anyone!

[ Grunts ]

[ Breathing heavily ] I saw on the news that you are working with local investigators to locate peter. Yeah. That you are part of the investigation. Yeah, sharing information with the pcpd. Then, perhaps, in the spirit of generosity, you might want to share what the investigation has uncovered, ja?

Nein. Mm. No need to say anything now.

[ Chuckles ] No doubt your inability to bring peter to justice has taken its toll. So… it’s your turn. I have to say, working for you could be very entertaining. Mm-hmm. Well, I’m nothing if not compelling. Undoubtedly so. In that case, should we discuss salary? No. I’m not for hire anymore. I thought we just agreed that I’m undeniably compelling. Look, I already have a job — finding the person who really shot hayden. Someone hired you to investigate a cold case? I’m working for myself from now on. Oh. Well, that’s a noble pursuit. I can certainly see why you’d want to do it. But so much time has passed. A cold trail is still a trail, and whoever did this needs to pay for what they did to hayden — and me. Look, I know some people — your aunt among them — still think ryan’s dangerous. Ryan is dangerous. Well, maybe before he was locked in. As long as ryan can communicate in any way — hell, as long as he’s breathing — ryan chamberlain is a threat. How do we know you’re not the one following his orders? You have access to him. He communicates through you. It’s not telepathy, mr. Cassadine. He — I point to letters on a board, and he blinks to indicate which ones he wants me to write down. And is he dictating letters, or is he issuing instructions? Okay. I’m sorry for whatever has gone on in your life that’s made you so afraid, but I only assist ryan with his comfort and his correspondence. I’m not doing anyone’s bidding outside of this facility. And we’re just supposed to take your word on that after everything you did to me and especially my little sister? I can’t apologize enough for what I did. I was literally brainwashed. But I’m not anymore. What I am is is on parole, and I have no intentions of going back to prison. I’m just — I’m trying to turn my life around.

[ Sighs ] I — okay. I-I actually believe you. You do? Yes. From someone who’s also on parole, I know where she’s coming from. Can you just at least tell us how long you’ve been working with ryan? Yeah. A few weeks. You know, the stalker’s threats were going on long before then. Who does ryan write to? Lots of people. I don’t remember their names. And most of them don’t write back. In fact, most of the letters are returned unopened. So, are those letters here at spring ridge? Yeah. Yeah. But I’m telling you — those letters are harmless. There’s no threats. There’s nothing unusual. I mean, they’re screened before they’re mailed. Maybe ryan’s sending coded messages. It wouldn’t be the first time. I need to see those letters. Whether I marry jason for love, business, or because I have nothing better to do on a thursday, that is my business, not yours. Really? ‘Cause last time I checked, wherein josslyn’s safety is concerned, that is my business. You know what? Forget it.

[ Sighs ] Um, just tell me what this incident with the novak family actually means. It wasn’t the novak family. It was one rogue idiot named joey novak. Did mommy come with you? I’m sorry, sweetheart. I’m afraid your mommy isn’t with me. Violet, you must be sticky from your milkshake. Let’s go get cleaned up. Come on. The hell are you thinking? Regarding?

[ Scoffs ] Just stopping in like this after ignoring violet for a year. You have to understand, finn, I was in europe.

[ Scoffs ] What was the guy’s name? What does it matter? It didn’t work out. And now all I want is my family around me. And since I don’t know where my daughter is, that means my granddaughter. Yeah, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Not even for a little while? Please, finn, let me make it up to violet. I-I’m begging you. Don’t punish me for my daughter’s mistakes. The hell’s that supposed to mean? Why are we hanging around here? There’s no action here. There’s about to be. Took you long enough.

I can’t let you see those letters. Ryan still has the right to privacy, never mind they’re someone else’s mail. That’s illegal. It’s felony mail theft. It’s a federal crime. Carries a maximum sentence of five years. Then we’d better not get caught. You won’t, because you’re not getting anywhere near those letters. Did you do any research before you were assigned to help ryan? You have any idea what he’s done? Yes, I’m aware. So, if there is even the chance that ryan is sending coded messages — if he’s continuing to torment people — how can you let that continue?

[ Sighs ] Because I can’t lose my job, and I can’t do more time. I’m sorry. Ah, thank you so much. My pleasure. So, now that you’re back out into the world, where are you staying? With tj and molly at alexis’s house. Oh, nice. That’s great. I hope you and tj are making up for lost time. Oh, he and molly are always so busy. They’re hardly ever there. In the meantime, I’m looking for my own place. I understand that impulse. Though, I have to ask — now that you’re a free man and she’s a free woman, you and jordan? Part of the past. Really? Oh, but you two were — you were pretty serious before you went to pentonville. You mean before I found out jordan was an undercover dea agent, or tj’s my son? Ah. Sometimes a fresh start is best. To fresh starts. You know I can’t share information from an ongoing investigation with you.

[ Scoffs ] I don’t see why not. I’m hardly a stranger with the case. Did my family not suffer because of peter?

[ Grunts ] Yeah. Was nathan not killed because peter lured cesar to port charles? Was maxie not terrorized, her baby kidnapped on peter’s orders? No, I agree with you. Peter has a long reach. How disappointing to hear you speak of him in the present tense. Have — have you been talking to my mother? Olivia? About what? About what’s going on with lulu. Wha–

[ Sighs ] I guess, uh… I guess she’s just worried about me, and that between being a cop and being a dad… and these visits with lulu that, um… …I might be a little stuck. In, you know, some kind of limbo. Mm-hmm. Is that how you feel, too?

[ Sighs ] See, laura, I didn’t even think about this until she brought it up to me. I know, but now that she has. Okay, yeah. I mean, life is busy. Um, with rocco and — and being back on the force, yeah, I-I got a pretty full plate. But? She’s saying things about my life that I…

[ Sighs ] Things I could have in my life beyond being a cop and being a dad. And, uh… lulu and I, we’re not married anymore. But I never stopped loving her. I know how much you love my daughter. I don’t expect you to wait for her. I am texting you the contact information for josslyn’s bodyguard. Oh, fantastic. A bodyguard — what every college freshman dreams of. Devin is discreet and he looks young, so he’ll blend in on campus. Huh. What? Well, you know, you just got me thinking. My daughter’s first year at college, having someone else look out for her might not be such a — a bad idea. See? And cameron will be there. Trina, too. Yep, and that’s great. I mean, josslyn’s been through a lot, so… having two good friends there is, uh — is fantastic. What do you mean by “hayden’s mistakes”? Abandoning violet, of course. You sure you don’t know where hayden is? I only wish that I did. Now, will you give me a chance to reconnect with my granddaughter? Grandma, are you staying? Actually, uh…

[Sighs] Grandma has to go right now. But we’ll — we’ll see about setting up a play date in the future. Would — would you like that? We can have a tea party!

[ Gasps ] I would like nothing more. I’m staying at the woodbridge motel until I find a more permanent place. You’re staying in port charles? Elizabeth: Permanently? I’ve missed too much of my granddaughter’s life already. I don’t want to waste one more second. I’m sending you my number, finn. Yours is the same, right? Yeah.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] I hope you call soon. Like I said, we’ll figure something out. Thank you, finn. I’ll see you soon. What was that? You crossed a line, joey, when you spoke to josslyn jacks. I don’t know, man. She seemed receptive — pretty girl like that. Further contact with josslyn… will result in full retaliation. Is this coming from you or from mrs. Corinthos? She’s the one in charge, right? You’re in way over your head. Making trouble nobody wants, not even your own family. Your uncle… will not tolerate this show of disrespect… and neither will the other families.

[ Snorts ] I’ll take my chances.

I pray for lulu’s recovery every day, and I always will. But I know my daughter, and I know that she wouldn’t want me to put my life on hold just to s-sit by her bedside and wait. And I know… she wouldn’t want that for you, either.

[ Sighs ] You know, every day that we get to be in the world laughing, crying, stuck in traffic…

[ Chuckles ] …Or watching the sunrise, they are all precious. And I know that lulu would want you to live them to the fullest — and not just for you, but for rocco, too. Because you have to show him how.

[ Sighs ] I know you’re right. And I-I know she’d be okay with whatever changes may come. But have you met someone?

[ Sighs ] I’ve got to go. No. Aw, you do? Yeah, I’ve gotta pick up scout up from lila’s kids. Okay, well, come back soon, okay? I will, and next time, I won’t bring nikolas’s problems with me. I heard that. You were meant to. And next time you want to question someone, go away and let me do it. It’s a pity you must go. Ah. Okay, you two. Listen. Kiss the kids for me, and — and stop at kelly’s and get them a brownie and say that grandma bought it, okay? Absolutely. Okay. I love you. Love you, too.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry we couldn’t get through to harmony.

[ Sighs ] Maybe sam was right — pushed too hard. She was, and you did. But I know why this is so important to you. The only way to stop my divorce from ava is to identify the stalker and prove that the threat is over. Mm.

[ Sighs ] Damn it. I hope I don’t accidentally misplace ryan’s file with all his letters in them. I’ll just come back and look for them in about 20 minutes. I also want to say I’m so sorry about kiki. I didn’t mean to upset you. No, no, it’s — it’s okay. Really, I’ll take any reminder of kiki, even if it hurts. And avery? She’s perfect. She’s wonderful. She’s a delightful little chatterbox. Always has been. She misses her dad, of course. Right now, she’s staying with carly, because it’s really not safe for her to be with me. Do you really think this stalker could hurt avery? Yes. He broke into our hotel suite. He left a stuffed teddy bear for her to find — a bear with ryan chamberlain’s voice. Oh, that is messed up. Yeah, that is very messed up. And I won’t forget it — seeing my little girl standing there with an unfamiliar toy with an unmistakable voice. Okay. Is that good? Not too loud? Good, daddy! Okay, sweetheart. Did naomi say anything about hayden? Only that she doesn’t know where she is. Well, how much contact should she have with violet? I just worry that having naomi around will make violet miss her mom more, ask more questions that I don’t have the answers to. I mean, how do I explain to violet hayden’s absence when I don’t understand it myself? One usually refers to the subject of a manhunt in the present tense. So, you’re saying it wasn’t peter’s body that had law enforcement crawling around the basement and subbasements of gh? Well, I can say this. If peter were dead, I would tell maxie right away. I couldn’t allow her to continue to live in fear of him coming back into her life. I will continue to hope that peter has been dispatched. But until we know for sure, we must all be on our guard. Peter is his father’s son. You and I know better than anyone how people would often underestimate cesar. They would assume he was dead, only to meet their own demise. Yeah. I won’t believe peter’s dead until I see his body for myself.

Where did you get that? Kelly’S. Looks refreshing. It is.

[ Blows landing nearby ] They could do with a smoothie bar here. Or water fountains from this millennium. Yeah. As for kelly’s, their attempt at schnitzel was a testament to sadness. It’s good to know they can get something right. Hey, listen. Despite our differences, I don’t think anyone understands our aggression the way that we do. In the meantime, I look forward to peter’s capture — or his death. Of course, I’m partial to the latter. May it be slow, excruciating, final. Go ahead. You got everything? Mm-hmm. Good girl. Now that grandma’s back, maybe she can take me to see mommy. We’ll see, sweetheart. That means no, doesn’t it? Elizabeth? Hi! Hey. Oh, I was gonna call you. What’d I do this time? Well, yesterday, you asked me about hayden. Guess who showed up in town today? Her mother, naomi dreyfus. Uh, no. No, I-I’m — I’m — I’m not seeing anyone. Nothing — nothing like that. Hey, don’t panic, okay?

[ Sighs ] I’m not here to give you the third degree. Besides, I think olivia probably has that one covered, doesn’t she? Yeah, she does.

[ Laughs ] Um, thinking I should recruit her for the pcpd, actually, because, uh…

[ Laughs ] …If she doesn’t badger a confession out of a perp, she can coax it out of them with her ziti.

[ Laughs ] Well, if you need mayoral approval, you’ve got it. Thanks. Yeah. Listen. When you start dating again — and you will — I don’t want you to feel like you have to hide that from me. I consider you a part of my family. You will always be a part of my family. All I want for you is your happiness. So, we’re both going to pcu’s parent week? Yeah. You, me, and your security team. Can you give it a rest, please?

[ Knock on door ] Come in. You got a minute?

[ Sighs ] You know josslyn was approached by joey novak today? Did you handle it? I did. Jax, we can talk about parents’ week another time, okay? Yeah, sure, sure. I-I can see the happy couple wants to whisper sweet battle plans into each other’s ears. You need to let it go. Yeah, I don’t think I will.

[ Sighs, grumbles ]

[ Door slams ] What’s going on? Something’s up. Joey was, uh, way too confident when I confronted him about josslyn. Confident how? Well, I told joey that his uncle and the other families will not tolerate this show of disrespect, and he laughed it off. Do you think he has allies? Could be. Let’s go. Well, this was actually quite pleasant. You don’t have to sound so surprised. I’m not. Take care of yourself, ava.

[ Cellphone rings ] See you around, shawn. Yeah? I just got some very interesting news. What’s that? Hayden’s mother is in town. Hey, sweetheart. How was your day? Ohh. Oh, I miss you, too, avery… so much.

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