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Hope: I have a feeling you won’t be getting much sleep tonight.

Steffy: I know. I have a million things to do before finn and i say our vows tomorrow. But we’re going to make it work.

Liam: Of course you will. Something’s meant to be, it’s meant to be…

Hope: You’re marrying a great guy, steffy. Not that I have to tell you that.

Liam and I, we’re thrilled for you.

Liam: The only question now: What do we get you for a wedding present?

Steffy: You already gave it to me. I have my my matron of honor.

Liam: Well, this is awkward. Return luxury yacht.

[ Laughing ]

Steffy: This is way better.

Hope: For me, too.

Liam: Hey, um… I just want to say… I’m so happy you’re happy. And I’m happy you’re happy with finn. I know I wasn’t his biggest fan in the beginning, but… I’ve really come to appreciate him because of the way that he loves kelly. And the way he loves her mom. I’m so happy for you, steffy. I really am.

Hope: Okay, my turn. I’m so excited for the wedding tomorrow.

Steffy: I know. I have so much to do.

[ Knock on door ]

Carter: Door’s open. That was fast.

Quinn: Were you expecting me?

Carter: Quinn! I’d ordered some dinner–

OH. Sorry to disappoint.

Carter: You never disappoint.

Quinn: I had to see you.

Carter: I was just wrapping up a workout.

[ Laughing ]

Quinn: Wish I had your discipline.

You don’t need it. You’re perfect. You alright? You don’t seem quite like yourself.

Quinn: There’s a wedding tomorrow.

Carter: Steffy’S.

Quinn: A forrester wedding… at eric’s house. Need I say more?

Liam: My lady.

Hope: Cheers.

Liam: Cheers. So, I don’t know about you, but I keep wondering what finn’s parents are like?

Hope: Well, I guess we will find out at the wedding tomorrow, but steffy seems to like them.

Liam: Yeah. That’s kinda key though, isn’t it? I mean, liking your in-laws, having them like you. You get on their bad side and you’re in a world of pain.

Hope: Oh. Is that why you’re always kissing up to my mom? Because you don’t want to be on her bad side?

Liam: Okay, first of all, I do not kiss up to your mom. She just happens to have been genetically engineered in a lab to be the perfect mother-in-law and I, I–

Brooke: I am? That’s very nice of you to say, liam.

Liam: I didn’t– no, that’s not–

Hope: Like I said, suck up!

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: What’s up, mom?

Brooke: Well, ridge is working late and donna is up playing with douglas and beth and I was wondering what their parents were doing?

Hope: Well, if you had just stopped by a little sooner, you actually would’ve run into steffy.

Brooke: What was she doing over here the night before her wedding?

Steffy: Finn…?

Finn: Welcome home my soon-to-be bride.

Carter: I’m glad you came by.

Quinn: I wasn’t sure if I should.

Carter: Need convincing?

Quinn: I’m convinced.

[ Laughing ] That’s not what I mean when I said I wasn’t sure if I should stop by.

Carter: Okay, would it have anything to do with what’s happening tomorrow?

[ Sighing ]

Quinn: It’s gonna be a big day. Steffy– stephanie’s namesake– the crown jewel of the forrester family is getting married. In the forrester mansion. My former home. Everyone’s gonna be there.

Carter: Yeah. Everyone but you and me.

Quinn: Don’t get me wrong. I’m not feeling sorry for myself… not when I have all this…

[ Laughing ]

Carter: Still. I have to imagine steffy’s wedding reminds you of everything you gave up when you lost eric.

Hope: Well, first you should know that taylor won’t be able to make the wedding.

Brooke: I heard.

Liam: Well, well, but you should also know that steffy’s okay. Like, she was very happy, she was in a positive mood. She had nothing but nice things to say.

Brooke: Really?

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: I mean, after tomorrow, she will be married to finn, I’m obviously married to this guy right here and we will both be married to the men we love, who love us and we can finally try to be that one big, happy family that we’ve always wanted to be. Which is why… steffy asked me to be her matron of honor.

[ Gasping excitedly ]

Finn: Kelly and hayes are sleeping. My parents are off to their hotel. And paris is out for the night.

Steffy: Wow. You have been busy.

Finn: And I also asked my dad to be my best man.

Steffy: He actually said yes?

Finn: Practically before I got the question out. He’s so excited for us.

Steffy: That’s good. You know who else is excited for us?

Finn: Who?

Steffy: I asked hope to be my matron of honor.

Finn: Hm. Wow, okay.

Steffy: All I want our wedding to be about is a celebration of family. And now that I’ve met your parents and I’m absolutely crazy about them, I love them even more now that I know they adopted you. It makes them even more special.

Finn: I want our wedding to be a celebration of family too. But tonight… I want to celebrate the beautiful, strong, exceptional woman who is about to become my wife. You try to stay ahead of the mess

Liam: I think your mother may be speechless.

Hope: Mom, are you okay?

Brooke: Well, you said yes, right?

Hope: Oh, yes. Of course! I mean, obviously. For steffy to want me to be part of her wedding… for her to see it as an opportunity for a new, exciting chapter? Not just for her and finn, but for all of us…?

Liam: What better way to turn the page than a wedding? There’s been so much drama between hope and steffy over the years, and that’S… amainly because of me. But, I don’t know, I don’t know, it kind of feels like all that is behind us now. Steffy is head over heels with finn. I’ve never loved hope more than I do right now. I…I think there’s a happy ending in sight for all four of us.

Hope: Starting with steffy and finn’s wedding tomorrow. When they say exchange vows and become husband and wife for the rest of their lives.

Steffy: You do realize we’re tempting fate…

Finn: How so?

Steffy: I’m the bride. You’re the groom. We shouldn’t be staying together the night before the wedding. It’s bad luck.

Finn: I didn’t know you were superstitious.

Steffy: I’m not. Obviously.

Finn: You know what I think?

Steffy: What?

Finn: You know what I know for sure? That I could look into those beautiful, green eyes… listen to your laugh… get lost in that stunning smile… for the rest of my life.

You light up my heart, steffy; you light up my life. A life that is going to be even more incredible tomorrow.

Quinn: This is where I want to be, carter. This…oasis. Where the world just… disappears for however long I’m here with you. Just you and me. I don’t know. I guess this wedding got me feeling… reflective, and I just… I needed be with this gorgeous, caring who lifts me up. I feel so alive when I’m with you. And that feeling stays with me even when we’re apart. But tonight… I didn’t want to be apart from you. What’s the #1 retinol brand

Quinn: What happened to your dinner order?

Carter: Oh. Worked up an appetite, did you?

Quinn: Always when I’m with you. I never thought I would experience something like this with a man as extraordinary as you…

[ Sighing ] I know we’re risking a lot being together. But I can’t stay away.

Carter: Don’T.

Quinn: Okay.

Liam: Do you hear that?

Hope: No. I don’t hear anything.

Liam: Exactly. The kids are all down for the count for the night. Which means… I get you all to myself.

Hope: Someone’s in a romantic mood tonight.

Liam: Yes, but… I’m also in a grateful mood. I’m grateful to my wife. I’m grateful we have the family we do. I’m grateful the future is looking as bright for us as it is. I’m sure steffy and finn’s wedding tomorrow will be beautiful, but… it won’t compare to the one we had right here in this room. Or any of the perfect memories we’ve shared before… or since. You’ve brought so much joy to my life. So much light to my life and you have taught me so much. You’ve taught me about family. You’ve taught me how to forgive. You’ve taught me how to be forgiven. You’ve taught me about love. I am so lucky to be your husband. I am so lucky that you are the mother of my child. And I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone. And I always will.

Steffy: And I love that you did this. You stopped everything so we could be alone. I mean, I could be getting ready for tomorrow, but… nothing is more important than my sexy doctor. You’ve changed my life.

Finn: I don’t know about that.

Steffy: You have. Are you kidding? You stood by me through thick and thin. Saw the worst of me. And I love you so much. The way you take care of me and the way you take care of kelly, and now we have this beautiful, magical, little son, hayes. When I woke up in the hospital and I saw you looking down at me, it’s like, I don’t know. Something just flipped in me. And I knew you were going to be in my life forever. You are so remarkable. You transformed my life. You really did. And now we’re going to get married. We’re getting married tomorrow. Tomorrow!

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughing ]

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