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Recap written by Christine

Lily got home and discovered Billy had arranged a romantic evening to welcome her back from her trip. Candles and flowers decorated the living room. They held each other and swayed, like they were dancing, though there was no music. He asked how the move went, and she said it was good – she got Mattie away from her psychotic roommate and into a new place. He said it was lonely as hell without her, and the kids were on a sleepover too. He asked how he did with the romantic setting. He’d watched rom-coms for inspiration. She said he did well, but he didn’t have to watch movies for inspiration, because he was all she needed. They kissed. Later, they were undressed on the couch, covered by a blanket, enjoying caviar and vodka. She took back what she said about him not needing to watch movies for inspiration because this was fantastic. She said she really missed him, and she wanted to go in for round two. She kissed him.

Later, Billy and Lily were curled up on the couch, with her on his chest. She said Mattie was genuinely thrilled that Lily and Billy were happy. It was weird having such a mature and supportive daughter. It was like they’d switched roles. Her babies had grown up. Even Charlie was self-sufficient. Lily felt a little nostalgic for the past sometimes, but she loved seeing the people her kids were becoming. He hoped it didn’t feel weird parenting little kids again, now that Johnny and Katie were here full time. She loved that time she’d spent with Johnny, and Katie was an angel. She said deciding to share her life with him was the best move she’d made in a long time. He felt he was lucky to have her. He felt peace because of her. She inspired him, and he felt like an older wiser version of himself. This felt so strong, and right, he said. She said that this meant they had a mature – not old – kind of love. He wanted to get to know her kids better. He knew they didn’t live nearby, but he thought it was important that they knew how much he loved their mother. He suggested a family vacation with all their kids. She liked the idea, but she said it was a big step. He said he wanted to take the step with her.

Rey took some time out of his shift to spend time with Sharon at Crimson Lights. Before they had a chance to talk, Jack came in and asked if Sharon had heard from Mariah. Sharon said Mariah was taking some personal time, but she was scheduled to be back today. Jack didn’t want to be insensitive, but Mariah hadn’t been in contact with anyone at Jabot, and she’d left them in the lurch. They’d had to put projects on hold. Sharon said that wasn’t like Mariah. Jack said that if Mariah didn’t return soon, he was going to have to find a replacement.

At the Chancellor house, Tessa told Abby that she checked in with the doctor’s office, and Mariah hadn’t rescheduled the appointment. Abby wondered why she hadn’t shown up yet. Tessa said that Mariah was cutting it close, but she technically still had time. Abby and Tessa were stunned when they received a group text from “Mariah.” “What is this? Why would Mariah send such a bland group text over something so important?,” Tessa exclaimed. “Mariah” said she was sorry, but that she wasn’t ready to face the doctor or come home yet; she needed to get into a better head space, and she needed to do it on her own. Abby didn’t understand – before Mariah left, she’d been eager to go to the doctor. Abby said she’d pressured Mariah so much that she regretted becoming a surrogate. She moaned that she’d pushed Mariah away from everyone who cared about her, including Tessa. Abby had tried to talk to Mariah, but she wouldn’t even respond to her texts. Abby said they had to pray Mariah could work this out herself, not just for her, but for the baby.

After Abby left, Nina arrived and talked to Tessa. She said Abby told her about the text. Tessa had asked Mariah to send her a clue earlier, and she wondered if it might be buried in the text. Nina wished she knew. She asked if Tessa had any trouble tracking the phone. Tessa kept getting the “location blocked” message. She didn’t have the resources for this, so she thought they should go to a detective.

Tessa and Nina went to Crimson Lights and talked to Sharon and Rey. Tessa kept thinking that someone else might be sending the text messages. Sharon asked why someone would do that. Tessa didn’t know, and she didn’t care what the motive was, but she was freaking out, and she needed to know where Mariah was. Sharon gently said that Tessa had never been pregnant, so she didn’t understand how overwhelming it could be. Sharon was sure Nina knew what she was saying, and she asked what Nina thought. Nina was torn. She knew what Sharon meant about pregnancy, but she said Tessa and Mariah were so close, and she didn’t think Tessa’s instincts should be ignored. Nina told Tessa to show them the app. Tessa gave her phone to Rey. He didn’t think she should put much stock in the app, as the sort of tracking apps available to consumers were unreliable. Tessa asked if the GCPD had better technology. Rey wasn’t sure they should go there just yet, especially if Sharon wasn’t worried. Tessa knew Sharon knew her daughter, but she and Mariah shared a heart. “And that heart – our heart, is telling me that something is very wrong,” Tessa said.

Tessa was very upset – Mariah was missing, and she didn’t understand why Sharon was being nonchalant. She felt that she’d wasted her time coming here. Sharon said that they weren’t dismissing how Tessa felt. Sharon knew that Tessa knew Mariah better than anyone. She noted that Mariah missed a doctor’s appointment and she hadn’t been in touch with her job. Rey thought the evidence still pointed to the fact that Mariah was choosing to stay away. It would be difficult for him to launch an official police matter. Sharon said that Mariah shouldn’t be alone while she was working through this. “If you can’t help me as a cop, can you help me as my husband?,” she asked.

Nick and Devon met at The Grand Phoenix. They talked about New Hope’s successful charity concert. Nick was happy Devon made his daughter’s dream come true by introducing her to Tigirlily. Devon said he did it as a favor to Moses. Nick and Devon thought Moses and Faith were on the right track. Phyllis arrived, and Devon left. Phyllis informed Nick that Sally flew all the way to LA and convinced Eric to recommend Summer for the job in Milan. He thought that was odd, but it also sounded benevolent on the surface. Phyllis noted that Sally left LA under a black cloud, and Summer was her rival. Why would Sally have Eric recommend Summer for the job Sally been gunning for? Nick thought it made sense that Sally’s endgame was to get Summer out of town, then take the job at JCV, but he asked what Sally was guilty of – recommending Summer for her dream job? Phyllis thought they were missing a piece of the puzzle. She wondered what pushed Summer over the edge to make her feel she had to call off her engagement and say yes to the job. Sally walked in, and Phyllis decided to go find out.

Phyllis asked Sally if she got the picture of her, Eric and Angelina. Sally said she thought Phyllis drunk-texted the wrong person. Phyllis said she’d been stone cold sober, and she got the dirt on Sally. Phyllis said Eric knew Sally was up to something. Sally said if that were true, he wouldn’t have done her a favor. “And the favor that he did me benefited Summer. Right? Isn’t that what he told you? So, you’re welcome,” Sally said. Phyllis told Sally to just drop it and come clean. “I will leave you alone,” Phyllis added. Sally claimed she had nothing to come clean about, and she didn’t believe Phyllis would leave her alone. Sally said she was getting on the elevator, so Phyllis should grab her laptop to watch her on video. Sally walked away, and Nick said she was definitely up to something.

Nick told Phyllis that if she was involved in something like this again, he’d be by her side the whole time. He didn’t want her to feel like she had to keep a secret from him. Phyllis arranged for Jack to meet them at the hotel. Lauren happened to come by. Phyllis and Nick debated on whether or not to fill Lauren in. Nick thought they should wait until they had more information. Lauren pointed out that she was standing right here, so Phyllis sat her down for a talk. Phyllis thought Lauren should reconsider letting Sally run JCV. Lauren said she’d already made the position permanent. Phyllis revealed that Sally maneuvered things so she could get Summer out of town and she could get the job at JCV. Lauren found that very hard to believe. As far as Lauren knew, Sally wanted the job in Italy for herself, and when Summer got it, she suggested that Sally take her place. Nick said that may have been part of the deal. Lauren asked if Nick was buying into Phyllis’s theory. Phyllis said it wasn’t a theory – Sally and Tara worked together to get Summer’s job and fiance. Lauren said Phyllis had better have some major proof, because Sally was doing an amazing job, and Fenmore’s was about to acquire Tara’s shoe company. “That deal cannot happen!,” Phyllis insisted. She said Tara was as duplicitous and manipulative as Sally. Phyllis saw a look on Lauren’s face and it made her think Lauren knew something. Lauren was reluctant to say anything because she didn’t have any evidence. Phyllis contended that Lauren should open up just like they’d done with her. Lauren didn’t want Phyllis jumping to conclusions and using this against the two women she was in business with. Phyllis thought Lauren should do her due diligence now instead of getting duped later. Lauren said her team was doing due diligence, but they were having trouble getting some of the financial documents, which was odd because it was just an audit. Phyllis was sure Tara was hiding something in her books, but Lauren said not necessarily. She wanted to reserve judgment until she saw the documents. “Yeah, if you ever see them,” Phyllis replied. Lauren said that she had a lot to think about, and she left.

Nick was starting to get very upset on Summer’s behalf, and Phyllis said good. He left to take a call for New Hope. Phyllis got on her laptop and said that she was was going to try and figure out Tara’s password. Jack walked in, and she closed the computer lid. He said this better be good. Phyllis told Jack that Sally maneuvered to get Angelina to hire Summer. He thought that was strange since Sally wanted the job, but he said that didn’t mean she was being malevolent. Phyllis groaned that Jack was still protecting Sally. He said Sally could’ve made an off hand comment to Eric that got misconstrued. He said even if Sally was guilty, he was fed up with the constant attacks against her. Phyllis was frustrated that Jack was acting like Sally was an innocent victim. “I don’t care. This has got to stop! I’m done Phyllis. No more,” he snapped. He was about to leave until Phyllis lied and said Sally had confessed that she and Tara worked together to force Summer out of town.

Jack believed Phyllis and went home. He told Tara that Phyllis went to LA and did some digging. She found out some information about Sally and confronted her. Sally felt backed into a corner and confessed to everything. Tara said Phyllis had proven she’d do anything and make things up to cause trouble, like she did with the fake text. Tara said it sounded like Phyllis was the one backed into a corner willing to do anything to prove this crazy theory. Tara hoped he could see that. Jack said that Sally told Phyllis she and Tara worked together to get Summer out of Genoa City. Tara said either Phyllis or Sally lied. “So take your pick between two seasoned liars,” she said. He asked if Tara was sure she wasn’t lying. She asked why she’d lie after all he and Kyle did for her and Harrison. He knew how tempting it was to do whatever it took for your child. He understood going to extremes to protect your family. “Tara, I’m trying to help you out from under all this before it explodes,” he said.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis looked through the records on Tara’s shoe line and tried to find the profit and loss data. Nick returned, and she slammed the laptop shut. He asked how it went with Jack, and Phyllis said she thought he heard her, finally. Nick asked what Phyllis was doing on the laptop. She lied, and he saw right through it. “What did we just talk about?,” he said, frustrated. “No more secrets. So save us both some time and tell me what you’re really up to,” he said.

Abby went to Devon’s and brought him up to speed. Abby had tried not to get too upset in front of Tessa, because Mariah was her first concern. ‘But Mariah is carrying our baby and we have no idea where they are,” Abby exclaimed. He knew she was stressed, but they had to believe that Mariah was taking care of herself and the baby. Abby thought so too, but her motherly instinct was kicking in, and she felt helpless. She was sorry she kept laying this on him, but Chance wasn’t here. He told her not to apologize for that. She hadn’t heard from Chance lately. She knew what she was signing up for when she married Chance, and she couldn’t blame him for who he was. Devon said Abby was entitled to have feelings. She said Chance was so good at calming her down, and now he was gone, and she was facing this alone. Devon said Abby wasn’t alone – there were people here for her. Abby knew that, but Chance was her husband, and this was their dream, and it felt wrong to be facing this without him. She yelled that Chance was protecting other people when he should be protecting his wife and baby. She said that he should be here when she needed him the most. He’d been gone for too long, and she needed him.

After venting, Abby felt like it was wrong to be angry at Chance. Devon was sure Chance would understand what Abby was going through, and he’d tell her she was doing a fantastic job. He also believed Chance wanted nothing more than to be with Abby, and he’d be home as soon as he could. Abby marveled that Devon was an even better friend now than he was before, and he always knew what to say to reassure her. She asked him to promise to offer the same wisdom and comfort to their baby when he was born. He guaranteed it.

Mariah woke up because the baby kicked. She was still locked in the room. She thanked him for kicking and asked him to keep letting her know he was there. She said they had to keep fighting or they’d never get out of here. Mariah searched the wall for weak spots, but then she realized that if she broke through, she had no idea what was waiting on the other side. She told the “kiddo” she should’ve watched more prison break movies. She decided kiddo wasn’t the best nickname anymore. He was the only one she’d been able to talk to right now, so she thought they needed something more personal. Since he’d been kicking so much lately, she thought he needed a rock star nickname. Freddie, as in Mercury, Bruno, as in Mars. She settled on Bowie, and she assured him that if he didn’t like it, it was only temporary until he got back to his mommy for something official. She said everyone must be so worried. She’d secretly been hoping Tessa would burst through the door and save them. She told Bowie that they needed to save themselves. His namesake had a song about heroes, and they needed to be their own.

Mariah told Bowie that she grew up in a cult, with a leader who posed as her father. If she made a list of people who may have done this to her and Bowie, Ian Ward would be at the top of the list. He was supposed to be in prison, though, and while he could’ve sent one of his minions after her, she assumed he had bigger fish to fry. She said Tessa had her fair share of run ins with shady people. Tessa was a pure spirit, like Bowie, but her background was cruel and unfair, just like Mariah’s. She guessed it could be someone from Tessa’s past, but she really didn’t know. She said they were stuck until the person or people holding them revealed themselves. She fought back tears, and she yelled that this was getting really old. She begged her captor to tell her why they were doing this. “What did I do?,” she yelled.

Mariah banged on the door and tried to open int. She gave up, exhausted, and she apologized to the baby. She promised Bowie that she would protect him from her anger and fear. She said whoever was keeping them had to talk to them eventually, and once she got some facts, she could start working on a plan to get them out of here. “I’m not giving up. I’m not giving up,” Mariah said.

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