Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, August 3, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Adam and Victor argue because Adam wants to jeopardize the merger between Locke Communications and Newman Enterprises. Victor doesn’t want to jeopardize anything Victoria has accomplished because he has finally realized that Victoria is the right person.

Kyle and Jack finally put the pieces together about how Sally and Tara forced Summer to leave town. Tara listens to Jack and Kyle from the stairs worried that she will have nothing if Jack and Kyle turn against her.

Phyllis talks to Eric Forrester and Angelina Marchetti in Los Angeles and gets confirmation about Sally and Tara’s scheme. Phyllis sends a picture of herself with Eric and Angelina to Sally to prove to her that she knows everything.

Kyle calls Summer to tell her he loves and misses her and they need to talk.

Phyllis sends a text to Jack telling him not to do anything until she returns from Los Angeles she has something big to tell him.

Ashland’s doctor puts him on a drug cocktail that will give him more time with Victoria and he also recommends a doctor in Genoa City to help him continue his treatment. Ashland is happy at the prospect of getting to spend more time with Victoria so he gets down on one knee and asks Victoria to marry him.

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