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Recap written by Christine

Kyle came downstairs, and Jack noted that he was getting a late start. Kyle confided that he’d barely slept, because his mind kept replaying the video of Tara and Sally in the elevator. He couldn’t stop wondering if they were involved in Summer leaving town. Jack wanted to know that too. Kyle hated thinking about Harrison’s mom that way, but he overheard her on the phone with Sally. Tara had sounded relieved that they both gave Kyle and Jack the same excuse about the video. Tara had said “you handled it as well as you could,” to Sally. Jack thought that sounded damning, but not exactly incriminating. He suggested Kyle confront Tara. Kyle wasn’t sure he was ready to do that, because he was scared she would take off with his son. He said Tara had primary physical custody, and she legally shared parental rights with Ashland. “In the eyes of the law, I have no rights whatsoever,” Kyle said. He’d submitted the paternity paperwork, but that was it. It never occurred to him how precarious this situation could get. Harrison had only been with them for a short time, but he couldn’t imagine his life without his son. Jack felt the same way. Jack asked if Kyle could forgive Tara if she was involved in getting Summer out of town. He didn’t think he could. He also didn’t understand why Tara would’ve gotten involved in something like this. Jack said Sally could be very persuasive, but Kyle still struggled to figure out what Tara had to gain. “You,” Jack replied.

Kyle admitted there had been moments when he sensed that Tara wanted to pick up from where they left off in the Hamptons. He’d chalked it up to loneliness and their living under the same roof. He said that what he and Tara once had was pretty intense, but that was the past. Jack asked if there was any chance Kyle still had feelings for Tara. Kyle delivered an emphatic no. He wasn’t proud of the affair, he knew it was a mistake, and he put it behind him and moved on. Kyle said that if Tara had never gotten pregnant… Jack noted that Tara did get pregnant, though, and Kyle stepped up and had said he couldn’t imagine his life without Harrison. Jack said, as motivated as Sally was to get Summer out of JCV and out of town, she didn’t have any leverage against Summer. “Tara, on the other hand, did. In Harrison, the son you love. The son you would never want to be separated from,” Jack stated. Kyle couldn’t believe Tara would use Harrison like that. Jack didn’t want to believe it either, but they had to follow the logic wherever it lead.

Jack decided they should go over all the facts. Sally and Tara had a confrontation in the hotel elevator. Kyle noted that Sally lied that she didn’t know what was in the text Phyllis sent to Tara. Jack added that Tara claimed she didn’t even remember what the text said, yet it sent her running to Sally. Even without the audio, it was clear Tara and Sally were upset. And they both had something to gain from Summer leaving. Jack said, Phyllis’ tactics aside, her stunt gave credence to the theory that Sally and Tara were working together. Kyle said the conversation he overheard supported that too. Jack said, if they supported that premise, there was only one possible scenario – Tara used her son to get Summer out of the way. Kyle didn’t think all the pieces fit together. Jack said Summer was definitely put in a difficult situation, but he’d never known her to back down. He said she’d been making room for Harrison in the life she and Kyle were building. Kyle said the situation was suddenly too difficult for Summer to handle. Jack said Summer was tougher than that, and she would’ve made room for Tara in their lives because Summer knew Summer and Kyle loved each other. Kyle noted that the last thing Summer said to him was that she didn’t love him anymore.

Jack was sure it hurt to hear that, but he believed Summer said it to keep Kyle from digging deeper into her real reason for leaving. Kyle felt like Summer didn’t trust him to take care of this, but Jack didn’t agree. “She trusted Tara Locke to follow through with her threat to take Harrison away and cut him out of your life,” he said. Jack got a business call he had to take, but he told Kyle they’d talk later. Jack left the room. Kyle called Summer. Tara came home and overheard Kyle leaving a message. He said things had taken a strange turn, and he really needed to talk to her. “I love you Summer. I miss you like crazy.” Tara slipped back out the door without Kyle ever knowing she was there.

Phyllis was in LA with Eric Forrester and Angelina Marchetti. Phyllis greeted both warmly and thanked Angelina for meeting her. Angelina was happy to do anything for Summer’s mother. Eric told Phyllis that she was beautiful, as always. She thanked him and said Lauren sent her love. Eric told Angelina that he and Phyllis met when she was doing Restless Style. He added that she had a beautiful boutique hotel now that was a smash hit. He asked what brought her to LA. She pretended she was there on hotel business, and she’d wanted to meet the fabulous woman who made her daughter creative director. She said thanks. Angelina felt she should be thanking Phyllis for raising such a brilliant young woman. Phyllis kept her composure when Angelina said she was grateful Eric recommended Summer, and when he replied that Sally was the one who asked him to do so. Eric said Sally never ceased to surprise. Phyllis said she’d love to hear more about this recommendation.

Angelina walked away for a phone call. Phyllis asked Eric to take her through this step by step. She didn’t realize he and Sally were so close. He clarified that Sally didn’t have the best history with his family or with Forrester Creation. She asked what happened, but he said it was water under the bridge. He was happy that Sally had made a new start in Genoa City and that she was making changes to resist her worst impulses. He asked if Phyllis was happy about Summer’s job. She said it was great, then she shifted gears and asked if Sally mentioned her motivations for getting Summer the job. He told her what Sally said – Summer was a good friend who wanted the job at Marchetti, but she didn’t want to pursue it because that might appear ungrateful to Lauren. He added that Sally wanted to keep her name out of it. Phyllis smiled and wondered why Sally didn’t go after the Marchetti job. Eric said he asked Sally the same thing, but she said she was happy with Lauren. Phyllis mentioned that Sally had Summer’s old job. Eric said Sally told him that was her dream job. He suggested that everything worked out for the best, but Phyllis’s stiff smile told him otherwise. He realized she was here to dig for information, and he asked what Sally was up to now. Phyllis told Eric that a complicated series of events lead her to believe Sally and Ashland Locke’s ex wife worked together to get Summer out of town. He said Sally showed up at his business out of the blue. If he’d had any idea she was up to her old tricks, he never would’ve complied. He was not pleased that Sally took advantage of his goodwill. He’d really wanted to believe she’d changed. Phyllis said she did too.

Angelina returned, and Phyllis thanked her on behalf of herself and Nick, for giving their daughter a chance. Angelina had a lot of flattering things to say about Summer. Phyllis asked if they could take a picture, and Angelina said of course. Smiling, the trio posed for a pic, then Phyllis sent it to someone. Later, Angelina was gone again, and Eric let Phyllis know how deeply he regretted letting himself be used in Sally’s scheme against her daughter. She didn’t blame him. She thanked him for the enlightening information. He had to go to a meeting, but he said to let him know if there was anything he could do. She said she’d take it from here.

At Crimson Lights, Sally was on the phone with her grandma. She said Phyllis was dangerous and could ruin everything. Sally received the photo of Phyllis with Eric and Angelina and gasped. Lauren entered at the same time and asked if it was good news or bad. Sally pretended she was reacting to the great sales numbers from the new boutique. Lauren said Sally excelled at her job. “You really love what you do, don’t you?,” she asked. Sally said she woke up every day excited to get to work. She was grateful for the opportunity Lauren gave her. Lauren made Sally the permanent president of JCV. Sally thanked Lauren for being the best boss and mentor. Lauren said all Sally’s hard work paid off. “You’re only getting what you deserve,” Lauren added. Lauren went to place an order, and Sally stared at the photo again.

You’ve got to stop texting me to meet with you!,” Tara snapped at Sally. They were at Chancellor Park. Tara was concerned someone would see them together and get more suspicious. Sally showed Tara the photo Phyllis sent her. Tara said the whole thing was unraveling. She told Sally about Kyle’s message to Summer. She said, after all the talk about letting Summer go, he ended the call saying he loved and missed her. “Does that sound like a man who’s moving on? This is all because Phyllis just keeps getting Kyle and Jack worked up,” Tara said. Sally said Phyllis was a menace, but it was okay, they could control this. Tara demanded to know how. Sally wasn’t sure just yet, but she was a survivor, so she’d figure something out. Tara didn’t find that very comforting. Sally said that this wasn’t the time to panic. She told Tara to get a grip and keep playing the hardworking mother who was only concerned about her son. She was sure that Jack and Kyle wouldn’t force Tara out because that could mean losing Harrison. Tara said that if they found out she blackmailed Summer into leaving, they’d turn against her. She was afraid they’d try to take Harrison from her. Sally said the courts would never side with a brand new family who was trying to cut out a child’s mother.

Sally said Tara would be fine if she stayed calm. Tara yelled that she couldn’t, because her life was about to blow up – she was trying to build a future for her son, Kyle and Jack let her into their home, they set her up at Fenmore’s. Everything depended on their kindness. But now Kyle thought she was materialistic. Sally thought that was rich coming from a guy who grew up in the lap of luxury and had everything handed to him. However, Sally did think it seemed like Tara was scared she was going to lose the lifestyle she was accustomed to. Tara said she didn’t need to live in a mansion, but because of the prenup, she had nothing without the Abbotts. Sally said it was too bad Tara wasn’t like her. Sally could scrape by with nearly nothing, if need be, and she had more times than she cared to remember. Tara said Sally didn’t know her. She wasn’t playing at being a concerned mother – it was who she really was, and everything she’d ever done had been to give her son the best future he could have. Sally said she wasn’t the one Tara needed to convince. Sally told Tara to focus on her son and how Phyllis was creating trouble where none existed. Tara said this wasn’t easy for her – she lived with the Abbotts, and she had to keep up this facade 24/7. Sally said the more panicked Tara got, the more likely this would blow up. Tara spat that she could take care of herself, and she didn’t need a lecture from Sally. Sally told Tara to keep it together, and she left.

Back at the Abbott house, Jack talked with Kyle. Kyle couldn’t stop thinking about Jack’s theory. Did Tara would use their son and did Summer make a sacrifice because of it? He thought about whether Tara would tear apart his life and drive away the woman he was about to marry. Phyllis texted Jack that she found out something big and told him not to do anything until she got back.

At the main house, Nikki thanked Victor for her birthday trip. She said there was something about a European vacation that made you feel like you escaped to another world. It was nice to see Leslie Brooks in concert, and Noah and Summer. He said he always loved coming home. She did too. She wasn’t sure how she was going to top this for his birthday. “By just being with me. I’d love nothing more than to spend my birthday with you,” he replied. Adam walked in and welcomed them home. “We’re barely in the door and here you are,” Nikki sighed, “wanting to talk business, I assume.” Adam said he and Victor had a lot to discuss.

Nikki told Adam about the trip, then she said she’d spare him more details so he didn’t have to pretend to be interested. He said he was genuinely happy Nikki and Victor had that time together. Nikki decided to go check in on Victoria, so she left the room. Victor asked if Connor was back. Adam said he was and the first thing he wanted to do was see his grandparents. Victor asked about the launch of Newman Media. Things were going very well. Adam wanted to talk about the Newman Enterprises-Locke Communications merger and how to make it work for them. He said the merger was pushed through too fast – between Ashland’s health crisis, and Victoria’s blind ambition to be CEO of a mega-corporation, there were some holes that were left unplugged and left the company vulnerable. He thought they should siphon off Locke Communications’ Group’s talent. He said that Victor was chairman of the board at Newman, so he could complicate the merger. Adam said they needed to exploit the fact that many of Locke’s employees were being asked to relocate to Genoa City. He had it on good authority that they weren’t happy about that or about being employed by Newman. Victor noted that Newman Media was in Genoa City as well, so why would it be an advantage to work for them. Adam said they’d allow them to stay in Manhattan and do their jobs remotely. Victor said he didn’t want to go after anything that had to do with Newman Enterprises. Adam was caught off guard. Victor didn’t want to put Victoria’s accomplishments at risk. Adam didn’t understand. He recalled that Victor had gone off on him for not caring enough that they lost out on the deal for Locke’s company. He said Victor even accused him of losing his killer instinct. He believed this was a smart move for them to make. “We will not make it,” Victor declared. “Well then, apparently, the only person that has lost their killer instinct, Dad, is you,” Adam replied.

Adam noted that prior to this, he suggested trying to get portions of Locke’s company. Victor said he never committed to that. Adam reminded Victor how angry he was when he heard about the merger. He stated that Victoria even used the same bylaws Victor put in place for himself, to make the move without board approval. Victor thought that Victoria’s move was clever. Adam said this was just a very different attitude than Victor had before. Adam remembered Victor wondering why Adam wasn’t more worked up about the merger. Adam said he wasn’t worked up at the time, because there was nothing they could do about it, but now there was something that could be done. He didn’t understand why Victor was so reluctant to respond the same way Victoria did. Victor said Victoria made a gutsy move – the kind he would’ve made, and it took him by surprise. “It made me realize that she is the real power at Newman Enterprises,” Victor admitted. Adam said that was what Victoria always wanted. Victor thought his daughter was a hell of a CEO, and he was proud of her. Adam said that was all the more reason to stop Victoria before she came after Newman Media. Victor said he wouldn’t jeopardize what Victoria accomplished. Adam said they had to respond with a move of their own – “It’s just business,” he contended. “No, son. It ain’t just business. Never when you and your sister are involved,” Victor replied.

Adam said it wasn’t about Victoria. He wasn’t upset that he lost the merger to her. It was about Locke Communications Group and what was best for Newman Media. He said there were a lot of Locke employees who were willing to jump ship and work for them. Victor thought that Adam would understand once his children were grown. “Victoria is my daughter. I am very proud of what she has accomplished with this merger. Adam implored Victor to think about what Newman Media had to gain. Victor said there was enough for all of them – it wasn’t all or nothing. He thought they should go after Billy Boy. He was adamant that Newman Media was off limits, though.

In the Manhattan penthouse, Victoria commented that it looked like a weight had been lifted off Ashland’s shoulders. He felt liberated now that he’d closed this chapter by shutting down his office and preparing to sell his NY homes. She thought he was right last night when he talked about making a clean break. He felt optimistic after meeting with the specialist. The chemo cocktail Dr. Ferguson suggested made sense to Ashland. She was glad he was able to pull some strings to get started right away and that Dr. Ferguson had such high praise for the oncologist in Genoa City. He cautioned her not to get too excited, because the doctor made it clear it wasn’t a miracle cure, but it gave them hope for more time together. He wanted to savor the once in a lifetime connection they had.

Ashland said he had a lovely day planned, but first they’d have lunch. She assumed he was going to take her to some exclusive fancy restaurant he loved, but he said his favorite place was a hole in the wall that only did takeout. He promised her that that food was the culinary equivalent of sex. They laughed, and she said she was initially attracted to his confidence and savvy gamesmanship, but she was also loved this easygoing side just as much. He said he wouldn’t be this way if she hadn’t come into his life. He was happy to have her, especially at the point in his life that felt so bleak. He mused that, in a way he had Tara to thank – when she revealed her true self, it set him free and opened him up to the possibility of things with Victoria.

Victoria and Ashland finished watching Roman Holiday. It was one of her favorites. Gregory Peck was so suave and dashing. “Just like me, I suppose,” he replied. He mentioned that Audrey Hepburn won an Academy Award for her role. He’d had a crush on her as a boy. Her eyes, that smile, that innocent charm. “Just like me, I presume,” Victoria replied. He told her they were on their own romantic holiday here. He said that the announcement of the merger stirred things up, and everyone seemed to be talking about the story of their relationship. She said it was a good story. He said this was a fascinating new world for him, lounging around, eating great food, watching classic movies. He thought he could get used to this, but she believed he’d be bored out of his mind in a few days. He knew she was the same way. She said they were doers, driven and with a passion for achievement. He wanted to hear more about their future. He asked her to tell him how they’d conquer the world. Victoria told Ashland to picture them renting a villa on the Cote d’Azur. Their day would start off sleeping in, then they’d shop in Saint-Tropez, gamble in Monte Carlo, then they’d spend their afternoons and evenings on conference calls running their business together. He said they’d have dinner under the stars, then sleep in each other’s arms. He said once they were stateside, they’d jet around the country buying and selling and expanding their portfolio. There were so many things he wanted to experience with her. Nikki called, and Victoria excused herself. Ashland winced and massaged his chest.

Victoria returned and told Ashland that she had to catch up with the office. Her mom made Europe sound so appealing. Maybe they should book their trip to the Cote d’Azur. He said that they could do it after the merger was up and running. “We can make it our honeymoon,” he said, which caught her off guard. He told her he’d fallen in love with her too. He said maybe it was happening too fast, but he didn’t care. He actually loved that it was happening so quickly, because only God knew how much time they had together. He knew he wanted that time to be glorious, and he wanted to spend every moment of it with her, the woman he loved. He officially proposed.

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