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Kyle: Hey, just spoke with tara. She’s on her way here.

Jack: She know why you want to see her?

Kyle: No, I only told her i wanted to talk.

Jack: I still don’t know what to make of this security footage that phyllis sent us. It’s pretty clear sally and tara are both upset.

Kyle: Well, I wonder if tara found out something about sally.

Jack: Like what?

Kyle: Maybe tara found out that sally was involved with summer going off to italy.

Jack: I really don’t think that’s true.

Kyle: I’m just wondering. It would explain why tara was so upset in the elevator. Phyllis has been blaming her for summer leaving.

Jack: No, phyllis’ theory is that sally and tara have been working together, and believe me, she sees this video as proof positive.

Kyle: Okay, phyllis only sees what she wants to see, but there’s no sense in speculating further. Tara’s on her way here, and we’ll get to the bottom of this. There’s probably just a simple explanation.

Sally: So, is that why you keep harassing me? ‘Cause you think I did something nasty to your daughter.

Phyllis: Oh, not you alone. You and tara.

Sally: Summer’s in italy having the time of her life, taking the fashion world by storm. So what exactly did I do to her? Because if I was responsible for this — and I’m not — you should be thanking me instead of taking my phone and sending fake text messages pretending to be me.

Phyllis: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Sally: So you’re just continuing to deny it.

Phyllis: Well, why would I do something like that? Let’s think about it. Unless I wanted the person who was receiving the text to freak out and rush over here and confront you because she thought she was in trouble.

Sally: Okay, well, if that was your plan, it obviously failed because nobody freaked out.

Phyllis: Hmm. Not in the lobby.

[ Clicks tongue ] In the elevator.

Sally: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: The argument you and tara were having in the elevator.

Sally: There are security cameras in the elevator. Did you spy on us?

Phyllis: I am the proprietor of this establishment. I need to know what’s going on at all times.

Sally: I cannot believe that you would go to such extremes.

Phyllis: The cameras aren’t hidden.

Sally: You were snooping on a private conversation.

Phyllis: It’s an elevator, not a confessional.

Tara: I can’t wait anymore, sally. I’m needed at home.

Sally: Well, I was right. Tara, the text did come from phyllis, and she spied on us in the elevator.

Tara: I am dealing with a lot right now. The last thing I need is to get caught up in your drama. So just leave me out of it, please.

Phyllis: Wow, how does that feel, getting thrown under the bus?

Amanda: Hey.

Devon: Hey, you.

Amanda: Moses let me in when he was on his way to see nate. I hope you don’t mind.

Devon: No, of course I don’t mind. I don’t know, we should get you your own key made.

Amanda: Uh, are you sure that you’re ready to level up like that?

Devon: I mean, I’m just throwing the idea out there. I don’t know.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] So how was abby? Did she hear from mariah?

Devon: Yes, she did, just a text message saying that she’s gonna be back in time for her next doctor’s appointment.

Amanda: That’s all she said?

Devon: It’s all a little bit odd, but I’ll fill you in over dinner. I know that you’re seeing phyllis later, so we can eat earlier. Um, I’m gonna go upstairs and change. But while you wait, I think you should open up a bottle of something really nice because we’re celebrating.

Amanda: We are?

Devon: We are. Sutton ames is gonna finally pay for his decades-old crime because of you.

Amanda: Okay, not so fast. It’s not a slam dunk yet.

Devon: Yeah, well, it’s gonna be.

Amanda: I appreciate your confidence in me, but I’m not counting on anything. Besides, you know, we’re not supposed to be talking about the case, right? I just want to focus on the two of us.

Devon: I’m more than fine with that. I’ll be back.

Victoria: Hey. All of my loose ends are tied up at the office. I just have to pack, and then we can head to the airport. Next stop, new york, if you’re up for it still.

Ashland: I am. My suitcase is packed and the jet is all ready.

Victoria: Are you feeling okay?

Ashland: I am fine. I’m actually feeling better because while you were away, i made an appointment to see that specialist in new york to discuss my treatment options.

Victoria: I am so glad that you haven’t changed your mind about fighting this illness. I know — I know that it wasn’t an easy decision to make.

Ashland: No, it wasn’T. But I’ll be grateful for any extra moments I can get because I’ll be spending them with harrison and with you.

Victoria: I love the sound of that.

Ashland: Keep your expectations in check. Odds the treatment will extend my life past a little time are remote.

Victoria: Well, don’t tell me the odds. It just makes me more stubborn.

Ashland: You know, that stubbornness is something I find very attractive.

Victoria: Look, I know — i know there are no guarantees, but I’m ready for whatever happens next. And I’ll be with you every step of the way.

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Devon: [ Sighs ] Hey.

Amanda: Hey.

[ Chuckles ] When you said that you were gonna change, I didn’t know that you were gonna change. You look good.

Devon: Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Just threw on this suit.

Amanda: I know, you are

wearing that suit.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Alright. You ready to go?

Amanda: Let me finish my wine first.

Devon: Okay. What are you thinking about?

Amanda: Hmm. Let’s see, I was just thinking that if you really wanted to go to dinner, you would not come downstairs looking so damn good.

Devon: If it’s a problem, i can go back upstairs and I can change into something less distracting.

Amanda: That’s a good idea. Yeah, we should go upstairs.

Devon: Oh, you want to come with me?

Amanda: Well, I have to help you get out of that shirt.

Devon: We’re not gonna make dinner, are we?

Amanda: No, we are not.

Victoria: Okay, yes, I will definitely bring you something back from new york. I promise.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Have fun with your dad and be good. I love you, too. Bye.

Ashland: Johnny and katie are gonna miss you.

Victoria: Yes, well, billy will keep them so busy I doubt they’ll notice that I’m gone. But I was wondering if maybe you wanted to take a little time before we go to have a conversation with harrison about your health.

Ashland: Well, I don’t want to deal with tara. When we spoke earlier, she was so unreasonable. I just don’t need the aggravation right now.

Victoria: Well, don’t let your frustration with her keep you away from your son.

Ashland: She’s just being so irrational. I mean, I doubt that she’d even allow me to talk to him alone. She’d probably be nervous that i would say something about my illness without her there to supervise.

Victoria: Why is it so important for you to talk to him on your own?

Ashland: I get so little time with him as it is.

Victoria: It has to be more than just that.

Ashland: [ Sighs ] You know, there’s so much tension between tara and me right now. He picks up on that. It’s got to be stressful for him. I mean, I heard that he had nightmares after what happened in the park. We can’t predict what he’s gonna remember about me when he grows up — maybe nothing at all. But maybe it’ll stick with him, you know, when his dad told him he was sick. And that’s why I want it to be calm and comforting and reassuring. And I want it to be between me and my son. And if tara’s there, you know, I’m sure she’ll find a way to make it about her.

Victoria: Well, obviously, i don’t know her as well as you do, but I’m looking at this as a mother, and I can tell you, if billy had something unsettling to tell the kids, I’d want to be there. I mean, I probably wouldn’t say very much, but I’d want to show them my support, regardless of what was going on with their father. I think that it would be good for harrison to receive this message from both of his parents.

Ashland: Well, I suppose it’s worth considering from that perspective.

Tara: Hi.

Jack: Hi.

Tara: How’s harrison?

Kyle: Good. He’s napping upstairs.

Tara: What did you need to talk to me about?

Kyle: We wanted to make sure you’re okay. We got a strange message from phyllis.

Tara: [ Sighs ] I’m not surprised. Did you she tell you that she’s been spying on me?

Jack: No, we deduced that on our own, and for the record, we are not okay with that.

Kyle: But I want to know what’s happening ’cause you said that you needed some time for yourself, and then you went to the grand phoenix with sally.

Tara: I told you that because I didn’t want you involved.

Jack: Actually, that’s what we’re trying to clear up. Involved in what, exactly?

Tara: Uh, I got this text. It was troubling. Kyle may have noticed.

Kyle: I did. I remember you seemed bothered by it.

Tara: Yeah, it was from sally, I thought. But it didn’t make any sense and I was confused, so I went to ask her about it.

Jack: And what did the text say?

Tara: I don’t remember exactly, and I deleted it, but it was something like, “phyllis is a problem.”

Jack: What could that have meant?

Tara: Like I said, it was confusing. But sally put it together that phyllis sent it to me from sally’s phone. I mean [Chuckles] It’s childish and ridiculous and such a waste of time. And now she’s roping you into this mess? I mean, what exactly did she say?

Kyle: Not much, but she did send this video. You seem pretty upset with sally. What was that all about? Discomfort back there?

Tara: I can’t believe this. I mean, I’d heard that phyllis had been watching us, but to not only admit it but to send you this footage, I mean, that’s creepy. Is she obsessed? I mean, what could she hope to prove by this video?

Jack: We were hoping that maybe you could tell us.

Tara: All I know is that i was right not to trust her offer of friendship.

Jack: We have not spoken to phyllis since she sent this video. We’re just trying to figure things out. Maybe you could explain what’s happening in that video.

Kyle: Like when you showed sally your phone. What did you want her to see?

Tara: The text I received, and then she showed me hers to prove that she didn’t send it. I mean, honestly, I wasn’t sure what to believe, and I flew off the handle a bit. I’m kind of embarrassed.

Jack: There is no need to be embarrassed.

Tara: It’s just that sally’s constantly complaining about phyllis, and it felt like, in the moment, she was trying to enlist my help in her pointless feud. It was all just too much, and i reacted emotionally. You know the kind of strain I’ve been under, trying to start a new life and expand my business and dealing with ashland’s lashing out at me.

Jack: We both know how persistent phyllis can be, particularly when she thinks she’s protecting her daughter.

Tara: I didn’t do anything to summer. I don’t know where this is coming from. Jack, I know that I told you i didn’t need any help dealing with her, but maybe I was wrong. I mean, I have faced down some vicious women in my time, but this goes beyond anything I’ve ever encountered.

Jack: Look, I’ve already spoken to phyllis — in general terms, I never mentioned your name. I told her to ease off on everyone, that we all have our own issues that we have to deal with.

Tara: I don’t think she took your message to heart.

Kyle: And I talked to her this morning. I got the indication that she’s mad that you’re here and summer isn’T. I told her there was no sense in blaming you for summer leaving.

Tara: Well, it sounds like phyllis won’t stop until she’s run harrison and me out of town.

Jack: You know what? I’m gonna deal with this right now.

Ashland: Well, I’m certain that you would handle a sensitive situation with grace and poise, but tara, on the other hand, is only using our son to punish me.

Victoria: Well, I don’t disagree, but, I mean, maybe you could get her to come around by trying a different approach. Find a compromise. You are a world-class negotiator, so negotiate. It would be what’s best for harrison.

Ashland: Why are you so good at this? Getting through to me and changing my perspective?

Victoria: It’s simple. I just respect you enough to tell you the unvarnished, whether you want to hear it or not.

Ashland: Well, that’s refreshing. There was far too much varnish in my marriage.

Victoria: On both sides, no doubt.

Ashland: No doubt. God, I wish I’d met you years ago.

Victoria: You know, I’ve had the same thought. But who knows if the younger versions of ourselves would’ve hit it off or appreciated each other for the right reasons?

Ashland: I can’t imagine any version of myself not falling head over heels for you.

Victoria: Head over heels? That sounds like you’re saying —

Ashland: Something i should’ve said a lot sooner. You just forget all that garbage I said about not letting things go too far between us emotionally. That wasn’t to protect you. It was about protecting myself. I didn’t want to be reminded of how little time I have left or what I’m gonna miss out on. None of that seems to matter now.

Victoria: No, it doesn’T. It just means that we don’t have any time to waste. We have to take advantage of every moment that we have together.

The more we get together

Devon: [ Exhales sharply ] Hey. Why’d you get out of bed? I was gonna bring you a snack since I promised you dinner and we never made it.

Amanda: Yeah, well, that is my own fault. I let myself get distracted.

Devon: It’s the shirt’s fault, actually. Blame it. ‘Cause now that it’s on you and I see it, it is a really nice shirt.

[ Both chuckle ]

Amanda: We can’t let this expensive wine go to waste.

Devon: Oh, we sure can’T. And I noticed that you didn’t hold back when I told you to open something good.

Amanda: You said we were celebrating. Not that I want to talk about the case.

Devon: Well, listen, if it’s on your mind and you do want to talk about it, I’m open for it.

Amanda: [ Sighs ] It is on my mind, despite your best efforts.

[ Chuckles ]

Devon: I understand. I understand. I don’t know how it couldn’t be. It’s — it’s a very big deal to find out who you are and where you came from and how different your life could’ve been.

Amanda: Yeah. I can’t stop thinking about if richard had lived, you know, and he found me and hilary. We could’ve grown up here in genoa city together. He had a good, stable job. I could’ve had a normal middle-class upbringing. And I would’ve grown up to be a completely different person — you know, driven, just not so focused on trying to prove myself.

Devon: Could’ve gone the other direction, too.

Amanda: Yeah, I guess you’re right. Maybe if my father did raise me on his own, I would’ve felt a little more stung when my mother rejected me.

Devon: I was thinking more that if richard had survived, he’d have been able to convince naya to be more involved in her daughters’ lives.

Amanda: I doubt that. Sutton would not have liked that. And the one thing that I’ve learned about naya — she is never gonna stand up to her father.

Tara: I’m relieved that harrison doesn’t seem to be affected by all this stress and suspicion surrounding you and me.

Kyle: Yeah, he’s just a kid playing with his toys, watching his cartoons, impervious to what’s happening. I envy him.

Tara: Well, our toddler seems to be more mature than some of the adults I’ve been dealing with lately.

Kyle: That’s true.

Tara: At least ashland’s illness gives him an excuse for his behavior. Phyllis just seems to like stirring things up wherever she can.

Kyle: It’s more complicated than that. Like my dad, she’s protective, sometimes overly so, of her daughter. I’ve been on her list more than once. It’s not a fun place to be, but in phyllis’ eyes, anything she does for summer’s sake is justified.

Tara: Well, that I get. I mean, there’s nothing i wouldn’t do for our son.

Kyle: Really?

[ Knock on door ]

Tara: [ Sighs ] It’s ashland. What now?

Jack: I got a bone to pick with you. What exactly are you playing at?

Phyllis: I was expecting you. What took you so long? What did tara have to tell you?

Jack: Tara has grown weary of your constant antagonism. Frankly, so have I.

Phyllis: Well, I don’t know what you’re talking about because I’m just seeing a bunch of red flags, and I’m just gathering the data, that’s all. And by the way, when I’m truly antagonistic, tara will know.

Jack: Oh, you’re doing a lot more than gathering information. Did you really steal sally’s phone to send a fake text?

Phyllis: Oh, please, don’t get all bent out of shape on that. Those two little scammers are reacting to every little bit of scrutiny. How come you’re not asking for an explanation from them? How come you’re not interrogating them?

Jack: I got an explanation. Phyllis, you need to back off of tara. I don’t blame her for being put out by all your attacks.

Phyllis: Ohh. Poor, innocent tara. Poor girl. Ask yourself this — why, when she got the text, did she run over here immediately? Why was she arguing with sally in my elevator?

Jack: Why don’t you tell me?

Phyllis: I will tell you — because she’s afraid of getting caught. That’s why. I mean, she’s living large at the abbott mansion, isn’t she? She has new business opportunities, new friends — all because of you and kyle. She doesn’t want to lose that.

Jack: And why would she? And don’t give me insinuation, give me hard facts — real proof.

Phyllis: Well, I can run an investigation until I have proof? That’s not how it works. And by the way, you are turning a blind eye to everything that’s in front of you.

[ Sighs ] Because you want to believe everything that sally and tara are telling you.

Jack: Oh, and what is that?

Phyllis: That I’m wrong. That i am just angry because my daughter left town. I’m the scapegoat here. I swear, those two — those two little girls ran my daughter out of town, and I will get the proof. Believe me, I will get the proof. Why do I not get the benefit of the doubt from you? Why does my daughter not get it? What about your son? Why?

[ Sighs ] Have you even talked to sally about the —

Jack: I was on my way to do that right now.

Phyllis: Okay, well, go do that. Go do that, and don’t let her talk her way out of this.

Jack: I know what you’re suggesting. I resent the insinuation.

Phyllis: Resent it all you want. I brought in ensure max protein,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Ashland: I’m leaving tonight. I thought you might like to know.

Tara: Where are you going?

Ashland: Victoria and I are headed to new york to meet with the locke communication group executive team.

Kyle: Preparing for the merger?

Ashland: Something like that. I’d like to say goodbye to harrison before I leave.

Tara: I think that would be alright, as long as you don’t mention anything else, like the diagnosis. We still need to discuss how we’re gonna handle that.

Ashland: Well, I’d be willing to revisit that now — privately.

Kyle: I’ll have my phone on me. Call me if you need me.

Tara: I’ll be fine. You seem to have cooled off since last we spoke.

Ashland: Well, I’ve spent some time reflecting and discussing the situation with victoria. She’s helping me see it from a mother’s perspective.

Tara: I hope that means that you’re willing to break the news together.

Ashland: I’d like to explain it to him myself, but I have no objection to you being present. It may help him. He could use his mother’s support, no doubt.

Tara: I can agree to that.

Ashland: There’s something else I wanted to let you know about I’m going to start treatment for my cancer after all. The odds of success are not good, but I’m not willing to surrender, so I’m gonna fight this.

Tara: I’m glad. That’ll give us some hope, and i think that will be especially important for harrison to hear about.

Ashland: I agree. So maybe it was best that we waited till now to tell him. But I really don’t want to postpone it any longer, so can we do this now?

Tara: Okay. I’ll go get him.

Devon: I can only imagine how difficult it was growing up for naya to have a father that’s that manipulative, you know? ‘Cause it’s clearly messed with her head if she’s willing to sacrifice herself by going to damn prison just to protect him.

Amanda: I do think that i could change her attitude on that. But I am not hopeful — you know, her “protect daddy” instinct is pretty ingrained.

Devon: Yeah. You have to give it to her, though. I mean, that’s — from when you first met her, she’s come a long way. She denied that you were even her daughter.

Amanda: She was looking at me the way that sutton does, like a problem, a shameful mistake from the past.

Devon: Yeah, I don’t know about that, though. I don’t know. I think that knowing what we know now, I think naya knows that there’s something wrong with sutton, and she may have been afraid that if she brought you close to the family, you’d see him for who he really was and you’d expose him.

Amanda: Yeah, and that’s exactly what happened.

Devon: I know it is, and that’s my point is that she still made the decision to bring you into the family, and I mean, she — she put you on his legal team.

Amanda: What are you saying? That you think, on some level, naya wanted the truth to come out?

Devon: I don’t know. I don’t know if I’d go that far. I know that she had plenty of opportunities to push you out of their lives for good. She knew what was at stake if she didn’T. She didn’t go that route. She hung on to you. She hung on to her daughter. Which makes me believe that you guys’ relationship, it can heal.

Sally: So, I assume you’re here to discuss what happened. So my only question is, did you hear about it from tara or phyllis?

Jack: I spoke to both of them. Now I want your explanation, and please, please be straight with me.

Sally: I mean, I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. Phyllis has it out for me. She’s trying to turn everyone against me, and not just you, but tara, too, and I have to work with her. I don’t want this to affect my career. Isn’t there anything that you can do to get her to back off?

Jack: I made my feelings quite clear to phyllis. That is not why I’m here. I want you to tell me what you and tara were talking about in the elevator.

Sally: Tara received a text message from my phone, sent by phyllis, and she confronted me and told me that she didn’t want any part of this drama, and i don’t blame her. I don’t want any part of it either, but phyllis is not giving me a choice. I mean, stealing my phone and impersonating me via text? Who does that?

Jack: What did the text say?

Sally: I don’t know. I don’t know, I never saw it. But it was clearly something about phyllis, and that was enough —

Jack: You never saw it?

Sally: Phyllis deleted it from my phone before sneaking it back to me. She is out of control, jack, and I haven’t even mentioned the spying.

Jack: Phyllis sent me the security video from the elevator.

Sally: Oh, my god, that’s so gross.

Jack: Look for yourself. She is clearly showing you the text.

Sally: Okay. Well, I did see it, but it was quick. I just saw that it was from my phone. I didn’t actually read the words. Jack, does it really matter?

Jack: Yes, it matters! It matters that I can’t trust you to tell me the truth. Sally: Jack, please don’t overreact to something so small. If you let phyllis raise these doubts about me, you’re just playing into her hand.

Jack: All I asked for was a simple explanation. You couldn’t give me that.

Sally: I told you the truth. If I can’t recall the exact wording of the text message, it’s because it didn’t matter. What should shock you is that phyllis stole my phone and sent a text in the first place. Your good friend keeps trying to undermine me professionally and personally. You’re okay with that?

Jack: Sally, you’re not helping your case with all these efforts to redirect my attention to phyllis and away from the question at hand.

Sally: Jack —

Jack: It only makes me question what else you’re concealing.

Sally: I’m not hiding anything.

Jack: Oh, god, I actually believe that. At this point, I honestly think it’s instinct on your part to deflect blame. And I can understand that, but I — what I can’t do is build a relationship with someone i can’t completely trust. Look, as much as I’ve enjoyed our time together, I —

Sally: No, jack, just please don’t finish that thought. Okay, let’s just take a step back. We’ll put all this aside and we will go to dinner as we planned. We can get past this. We are so good together.

Jack: I thought so, too. But, you know, as compatible as we are, I can’t shake the feeling we’re always gonna end up right here. You making excuses, me questioning my judgment. I need a lot more than that.

Sally: [ Exhales sharply ]

Ashland: [ Laughs ] There’s my boy! Come over here!

[ Laughs ] You almost fell. Oh, it’s good to see you, buddy boy. Good to see you. Come have a seat. Come have a seat. I just wanted to stop by because I’m taking a trip to new york, and I wanted to see you and tell you a few things. You know, I haven’t been feeling well lately. And in fact, I’ve been feeling kind of yucky.

Harrison: Your heart?

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] No. They fixed my heart a little while ago, but I should know that my smart boy would remember that. This is something different. The doctors fixed the heart, and I’m hoping that they can fix this problem, too.

Tara: They have some of the best doctors in the work in new york.

Ashland: They sure do. And I’m hoping that they can give me some special medicine so that I don’t feel yucky anymore and that I can go hunt frogs and maybe go to a baseball game with my favorite little boy. Who would be…who?

Harrison: Me!

Ashland: That’s right. That is right! ‘Cause I want to spend as much time with you as I can.

Kyle: Hey, victoria. Heard you were going to new york tonight.

Victoria: Hi. Yes, I am. I take it you were at the house when ashland came over to talk to harrison?

Kyle: I just left to give them some privacy. I hope I didn’t make a mistake leaving them alone. Things got pretty volatile the last time they spoke.

Victoria: He’ll be fine. He just didn’t want to leave until the two of them were on better terms.

Kyle: That’d be a nice change in attitude. I guess you get some of the credit for that.

Victoria: Well, we all just want what’s best for that little boy.

Kyle: Tara and I were just saying the same thing. So how much has ashland told you about her?

Victoria: Not a lot. But I know how hurt he was when he found out that harrison was not his biological son.

Kyle: Yeah, she didn’t even tell me she was pregnant. I had no clue ashland was raising my son as his own for years.

Victoria: Well, I guess there’s something that we both know about tara — she’s very good at keeping secrets. I’m sorry, are the two of you rekindling things?

Kyle: No. We’re just living in the same house, co-parenting, so we’re spending a lot of time together, that’s all.

Victoria: Okay, well, be careful. Psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,

Phyllis: Hey, how’d it go?

Jack: None of your business.

Phyllis: That bad, huh?

Jack: You know, I don’t know what’s going on here. I don’t know who’s telling the truth. But one area I agree with sally — you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

Phyllis: No, I am not. I am not enjoying this at all. I know you like her. I wish I was wrong about sally and tara, but I don’t think i am. Do you?

Jack: All I know is that you will never change.

Phyllis: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Amanda: Mmm! Cheese, crackers, and ice cream. You really know how to show a girl a good time, huh?

Devon: Well, you can always count on me when you need a good distraction.

Amanda: Yeah, from my ultra-dysfunctional family — my grandfather, the criminal, my mother, who idolizes him, and my father and sister who I will never get a chance to meet.

Devon: Don’t forget about imani. That started off a little rocky, but she’s coming around. I think there’s some real potential with that relationship.

Amanda: You’re always so positive. You always see the good in everything.

Devon: I try to.

Amanda: You know, even when i wanted to walk away from this case, you were just always there encouraging me, making me believe that I could get through it.

Devon: And I was right, too, because you did.

Amanda: Well, thank you for believing in me.

Devon: You never have to thank me for believing in you, amanda. It’s very easy to do when you love somebody. You know I do, right? I love you.

Amanda: I love you, too.

Ashland: Victoria, are you here?

Victoria: In here.

Ashland: Ah.

Victoria: I didn’t expect you back so soon.

Ashland: Here I am. Is this everything?

Victoria: Yes.

Ashland: Are you all set?

Victoria: I’m all set. Here, let me help you with that.

Ashland: No, no, no, I’ve got it. I’m good. I’m great, in fact.

Victoria: Oh, well, then i guess things went really well with harrison.

Ashland: They did. I will fill you in on the way to the airport.

Victoria: I’m so happy for both of you. I ran into kyle earlier at the coffee house, and he told me that he left you and tara alone to talk to him.

Ashland: Yes, he gave us some privacy, which was good of him, and surprising because he’s usually hovering around tara. She’s got him wrapped around her little finger.

Victoria: I’m not so sure about that.

Sally: I thought I was safe to say that I hadn’t seen the text message. I didn’t know phyllis gave the video to him of you showing it to me. God, that bitch.

Tara: Sally, you have got to calm down.

Sally: No, she’s out to ruin my life. I’m losing jack over this.

Tara: I’m sorry that jack is upset, but you got to give it time. Let things calm down.

Sally: I think it’s just too late for that. I mean, I’ve run out of chances with him. And honestly, given how he was acting, I think you’re on thin ice, too.

Tara: Actually, I think everything on my end is fine. I mean, we both gave the same explanation for the elevator conversation. You handled it the best way you could. Thanks for the update.

[ Sighs ]

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