Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 29, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Devon and Amanda spend some romantic time together, they make love and talk about Amanda’s complicated family. Devon and Amanda drink wine and eat cheese and crackers as they talk. Devon and Amanda take a big step in their relationship and admit that they love each other.

Victoria persuades Ashland to let Tara be present when he tells Harrison that he is sick. The talk with Harrison goes well and Ashland feels happy and optimistic as he heads off to New York with Victoria to see a specialist about treatment options for his cancer.

Sally and Tara are questioned by Kyle and Jack about what they were discussing in the security video that Phyllis sent to Jack and Kyle. Sally and Tara both tell Kyle and Jack the same story that they are tired of Phyllis harassing them trying to prove they had something to do with Summer leaving town. Jack talks to Sally alone and she lies and says she never saw the text that Phyllis sent to Tara. Jack shows Sally the video and gives her one more chance to tell him the truth. Sally sticks to her story and Jack tells her he can’t date a woman he can’t trust.

Kyle sees Victoria at Crimson Lights and she assumes that Tara and Kyle are dating and advises Kyle to be careful around Tara. Kyle tells Victoria that he and Tara are only being co-parents to Harrison. Kyle arrives home and overhears Tara talking on the phone to Sally and telling her that everything should be okay with Kyle and Jack since they both told them the same story about Phyllis.

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