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Recap written by Christine

While Kyle waited for Tara to come home, he and Jack speculated about the video of the argument between Tara and Sally. Kyle wondered if Tara found out Sally was responsible for Summer leaving town. Jack didn’t think that was the case. Kyle thought it’d explain why Tara was so upset in the elevator – Phyllis had blamed her for Summer leaving. Jack clarified that Phyllis’s theory was that Tara and Sally were working together. He was sure Phyllis saw that video as proof. Kyle was sure they’d get to the bottom of it when Tara got home. He figured there would be a simple explanation.

At the hotel, Phyllis accused Sally and Tara of having something to do with Summer leaving town. Sally said that Summer was having the time of her life, so if Sally did have something to do with it, which she didn’t, Phyllis should be thanking her, not sending text messages from her phone. Phyllis continued to deny having anything to do with the text message. Phyllis asked why she’d do something like that, unless she wanted the person who received the text to freak out and rush over here to confront Sally. Sally said that if that was Phyllis’s plan, it obviously didn’t work, because no one freaked out. Phyllis revealed that she knew Sally and Tara argued in the elevator. Sally realized there were security cameras in the elevator, and she accused Phyllis of spying, but Phyllis said as the proprietor, she needed to know what was going on at all times. Sally couldn’t believe Phyllis would go to those extremes, and Phyllis replied that the cameras weren’t hidden. Sally argued that Phyllis was snooping on a private conversation, but Phyllis said it was an elevator, not a confessional. Tara came downstairs, and Sally brought her up to speed on Phyllis’s scheme. Tara said she was dealing with a lot, and she didn’t need to get caught up in Sally’s drama. She left. Phyllis asked Sally how it felt to get thrown under the bus.

At the Abbott house, Kyle told Tara that he and Jack got a strange message from Phyllis. She asked if Phyllis mentioned she’d been spying on her. Jack said they deduced that on their own, and they weren’t okay with it. Kyle wondered why she went to see Sally after she said she was going to have some time alone. Tara said she didn’t want to involve Kyle. Tara said she got a troubling text that she thought was from Sally. She spun a false tale about not remembering exactly what it said, but it had said something about Phyllis being a problem. She said Sally realized Phyllis sent it from her phone, it was childish and ridiculous. Tara asked what Phyllis said. Kyle showed her the video and noted that she seemed pretty upset with Sally.

Tara was shocked Phyllis recorded them and sent it to Kyle and Jack. She asked if Phyllis was obsessed. Jack and Kyle asked Tara to explain what happened – why did she show Sally her phone. Tara said she was showing Sally the text she received, and Sally showed her that she didn’t send it. Tara said she hadn’t been sure what to believe in the elevator, and she’d flown off the handle on Sally, which she was embarrassed about. Jack said there was no need for her to feel embarrassed. She said Sally was constantly complaining about Phyllis, and in the moment, she felt like Sally was trying to enlist her in the pointless feud. Tara moaned about all the strain she’d been under lately. Jack said he and Kyle both knew how persistent Phyllis could be, particularly when she thought she was protecting her daughter. Tara said she didn’t do anything to Summer. Tara recalled previously saying she didn’t need Jack’s help with Phyllis, but she might be wrong – she’d never dealt with someone as vicious as Phyllis. Jack said he’d already spoken to Phyllis in general terms and told her to back off everyone. Kyle said he talked to Phyllis this morning and told her not to blame Tara for Summer leaving. Tara felt like Phyllis wouldn’t stop until she’d run her and Harrison out of town. Jack vowed to deal with this right now. He left.

Tara and Kyle came downstairs after visiting Harrison. Tara said their toddler seemed more mature than some of the adults they’d dealt with lately. She said at least Ashland’s illness gave him an excuse, Phyllis just seemed to like causing drama. Kyle said it was more complicated – Phyllis was protective of her daughter. Kyle had been on her list more than once. Tara understood protecting your kid – there was nothing she wouldn’t do for Harrison.

Jack confronted Phyllis. She asked what Tara had to say. He said he and Tara were weary of her constant antagonism. She said she was just gathering information, and when she was truly antagonistic, Tara would know. He asked if she really stole Sally’s phone. She thought he should be interrogating those two little scammers. He told her to back off Tara; he didn’t blame Tara for being put out by Phyllis’s attacks. She mockingly said something about poor innocent Tara. She asked why Tara ran over to the hotel and argued with Sally after she got the text. He challenged Phyllis to explain it. Phyllis thought Tara was afraid of getting caught and losing her cushy life at the Abbott mansion. He wanted hard proof of Phyllis’s claims. She said he was turning a blind eye to everything in front of him because he wanted to believe Sally and Tara. Phyllis cried that she was being scapegoated. She vowed to prove Tara and Sally ran her daughter out of town. She asked why he didn’t give her and Summer the benefit of the doubt. She asked if he’d talked to Sally. He planned to. She said to go do that and not to let Sally talk her way out of it. He resented the insinuation. She told him to resent it all he wanted. He stormed over to the elevator.

Jack went upstairs, and he told Sally he wanted the truth. Her only question was whether he heard about it from Tara or Phyllis. He said he spoke to both of them, and he wanted to hear from Sally. He plead with her to be straight with him. She contended that Phyllis wanted to turn everyone against her, including Tara, whom Sally had to work with. She didn’t want this to affect her career, and she asked if he could get Phyllis to back off. He’d already made his feelings to Phyllis clear. He asked what she and Tara discussed in the elevator. She gave him the basics about Phyllis texting Tara using Sally’s phone. She said that Tara told her she didn’t want to be part of the drama. Sally didn’t want to either, but Phyllis wasn’t giving her a choice. He asked what the text said. Sally said she never saw it, because Phyllis deleted it from her phone. Jack showed Sally the video and pointed out that Tara was clearly showing Sally the text. Sally shifted the story and said she saw it, but she didn’t read it. She asked it really mattered. He snapped that it did matter, because he couldn’t trust her to tell him the truth. She begged him not to overreact over something so small and play into Phyllis’s hand. He said she couldn’t provide him with an explanation. She maintained that she told him the truth, and she didn’t remember the exact wording of the text because it didn’t matter. She thought what should shock him was that Phyllis stole her phone and was trying to undermine her professionally and personally. Jack told Sally that her efforts to redirect his attention toward Phyllis and away from the topic at hand weren’t helping her case. It only made him more suspicious of what else she was hiding. She swore she wasn’t hiding something “Oh God, I actually believe that,” he said. “At this point I honestly think it’s instinct on your part to deflect blame. And I can understand that, but I – what I can’t do is build a relationship with someone I can’t completely trust,” he said. As he continued his speech breaking things off, she begged him to take a step back, put this aside and go to dinner like they’d planned. She was adamant that they could get past this – they were so good together. He’d thought so too, but as compatible as they were, he couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d keep ending up here, with her making excuses and him questioning his judgment. He needed a lot more than that. He left.

Jack went downstairs, and Phyllis asked how it went. He snapped that it was none of her business. “That bad, huh?” she replied. He didn’t know what was going on or who was telling the truth, but he agreed with Sally in one area – Phyllis was enjoying this. She said she wasn’t enjoying it. She knew he liked Sally, and she wished she was wrong about Sally and Tara, but she didn’t think she was. She asked if he did. All he knew was Phyllis would never change. She didn’t think that was a bad thing. He left.

Devon came home and saw Amanda lounging in the living room. She hoped he didn’t mind Moses letting her in. He’d gone to see Nate. Devon told Amanda that he would make her a key. She asked if he was sure he was ready to level up like that. He said he was just throwing around the idea. She asked about Abby and Mariah. He said he’d fill her in over dinner. He knew she was seeing Phyllis later, so they could eat early. He had to go upstairs and change, and he told her to open some wine because they were celebrating. She asked what about. He said Sutton was going to pay, and it was because of her. She appreciated his confidence in her, but it wasn’t a slam dunk. She wanted to just focus on him and her today and not the case. He was fine with that. He came downstairs in a suit, and she appreciated what she saw. She told him if he really wanted to dinner, he wouldn’t have come downstairs looking so good. She said she’d help him out of that shirt, and he realized they weren’t going to make it to dinner.

Devon was downstairs making a snack to bring Amanda in bed, but she came downstairs in the shirt he’d been wearing earlier. They had wine, and she admitted the case was still on her mind, despite his best efforts. He understood. She couldn’t stop thinking about how things would’ve been if Richard had lived. He could’ve given the twins a normal middle class upbringing, and she would’ve grown up to be a completely different person. She would’ve been driven, but not so focused on trying to prove herself. Devon said maybe if Richard survived, he could’ve convinced Naya to be involved in their daughter’s lives. Amanda doubted that, because she didn’t think Naya would ever stand up to Sutton.

Devon couldn’t imagine growing up with a manipulative father like Sutton. He thought it had clearly messed with Naya’s head, since she was willing to sacrifice herself to protect him. Amanda was going to try and get through to Naya, but she wasn’t hopeful. Devon credited Naya with coming a long way since the time she denied that Amanda was her daughter. Amanda said that when they first met, Naya looked at her the way Sutton still did – like a problem, a mistake from the past. Devon wasn’t sure about that. “I think Naya knows that there’s something wrong with Sutton, and she may have been afraid that if she brought you close the family you’d see him for who he really was and you’d expose him,” he said. Amanda said that was exactly what happened. That was Devon’s point – Naya still made the decision to bring Amanda into the family, and she put her on his legal team. Amanda asked if Devon was saying, on some level, Naya wanted the truth to come out. Devon wasn’t sure he’d go that far, but he said Naya had plenty of opportunities to cut Amanda out for good, and she knew what was at stake if she didn’t, but she didn’t go that route. She held onto her daughter. That made him think the mother daughter relationship could heal.

Devon and Amanda had cheese, wine and ice cream, and he promised he’d always distract her when she needed him to. She said she had a dysfunctional family – her grandfather the criminal, the mother who idolized him and her father and sister she’d never get a chance to meet. He told her not to forget Imani – there was potential in that relationship. She said he was always so positive and he saw the good in everyone. She said when she wanted to walk away, he was always there encouraging her. She thanked him for believing in her. He said it was very easy to do when you love someone. She was caught off guard. He reiterated that he loved her, and she said she loved him too.

Victoria and Ashland were at home, but they planned to leave for NY soon. She asked how he was feeling. He felt better because he’d made an appointment with a specialist in NY. She was so glad he was still planning to fight the illness. He’d be grateful for any extra time with her and Harrison, but he didn’t want her to get hopes up because the odds weren’t good. She stubbornly believed he’d beat them. He found her stubbornness attractive. She knew there were no guarantees, but she was ready to be there every step of the way.

Victoria spoke with her kids by phone and promised to bring them something back from NY. Afterward, she asked him if he wanted to talk to Harrison about his health before they went to NY. He didn’t want to deal with Tara; she’d been so unreasonable, and he didn’t want the aggravation. She said not to let his frustration with Tara keep him from his son. He doubted she’d let him talk to Harrison alone. Victoria asked why it was so important to Ashland to talk to Harrison alone. He said Harrison picked up on the tension between him and Tara, and he heard Harrison had nightmares after what happened in the park. Ashland wasn’t sure what Harrison would remember about him when he grew up. Maybe Harrison wouldn’t remember him at all, but if he did remember this talk, Ashland wanted it to be calm, comforting and reassuring, and he wanted it to be between the two of them. He was worried Tara would make it about her. Victoria didn’t know Tara, but as a mother, if Billy had something unsettling to tell the kids, she’d want to be there. She probably wouldn’t say much, but she’d want to show the kids her support. He decided to consider her perspective.

Ashland felt that Tara was using their son to punish him. Victoria suggested that Ashland could use his world-class negotiation skills to find a solution that was good for Harrison. He asked how she was so good at getting through to him. She said she respected him enough to tell him the unvarnished truth. He said there was far too much varnish in his marriage. He wished he’d met her years ago. She’d had the same thought, but maybe the younger versions of themselves wouldn’t hit it off. He was sure he’d always have fallen head over heels for her. He thought this was something he should’ve said a lot sooner. He admitted all he’d said about not wanting things to go too far weren’t about protecting her, it was about protecting himself. At first, he didn’t want to be reminded about what he’d miss out on, but none of that seemed to matter now. She said it meant they had to take advantage of every moment they had together.

Ashland went over to the Abbott house and let Tara know about his trip. Kyle asked if it was about the merger, and Ashland said something like that. He wanted to say goodbye to Harrison. Tara thought that would be fine as long as he didn’t mention the diagnosis. Ashland wanted to have that discussion now. Privately. Kyle told Tara to call if she needed him, then he left. Tara noticed Ashland had cooled off. After some reflection and a discussion with Victoria, he saw things from a mother’s perspective. He wanted to be the one to explain things to Harrison, but he didn’t object to her being there. He said he was going to seek treatment. The odds weren’t good, but he wasn’t willing to surrender. She was glad – that would give them some hope, and she thought it would be good for Harrison to hear about that. She went to get their son. Harrison ran to Ashland, who scooped him up. Ashland told Harrison that he’d been feeling yucky. Harrison asked if it was Ashland’s heart. Ashland assured his son that they’d fixed his heart. He said he was hoping the doctors in NY could fix this problem too. Tara added that NY had some of the best doctors in the world. Ashland hoped that after some special medicine, he’d be able to do some things with his favorite little boy. He kissed Harrison’s forehead.

At Crimson Lights, Kyle asked Victoria if she was going to NY, and she said yes. He hoped he didn’t make a mistake leaving Ashland and Tara alone. Things got volatile last time. Victoria was sure Ashland would be fine – he didn’t want to leave until things were on better terms with Tara. Kyle thought Victoria deserved some credit for Ashland’s change in attitude. She said they all wanted what was best for the boy. He said he and Tara just said the same thing. He asked how much Ashland told her about Tara. She said not much, but she knew how hurt he was when he found out Harrison wasn’t his biological son. Kyle said Tara never told him she was pregnant. Victoria commented that Tara was good at keeping secrets, then she apologized and asked if he and Tara were rekindling things. He said no, they were just living in the same house and co-parenting. She told him to be careful, then she left.

Victoria and Ashland met up at the house. She was going to help him with the bags, but he said he could get them. He let her know things went well with Harrison. He thought it was good of Kyle to give them privacy. He said Kyle usually hovered because Tara had him wrapped around her finger. Victoria wasn’t so sure about that.

Sally, who was at home, called Tara and ranted about Phyllis, calling her a bitch. Kyle was in his way into the living room when he overheard Tara say “Sally, you have got to calm down.” Tara didn’t see Kyle, and he went around the corner to eavesdrop. Sally said she was losing Jack, and Tara told her let things calm down. Sally thought it was too late for her and Jack, and given how he was acting, she thought Tara was on thin ice too. Tara felt things were actually going fine for her. She said they both gave the same explanation for the elevator conversation. She felt Sally had handled it as best she could. The call ended, and Tara left the room. Kyle looked troubled.

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