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Phyllis: Wow, look at you. You walk in here, accusing me of things. You better tell me what it is.

Kyle: I don’t like these head games you’re playing with tara.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Excuse me?

Kyle: Pretending to be her friend when you’re anything but. What’s your angle? What are you trying to accomplish? I understand you’re upset that summer left town, feel the need to find a scapegoat, but you’ve already laid blame on me and the child I refuse to walk away from. Even hinted that I might be interested at starting things up again with his mom, which isn’t even remotely true, so stop taking your anger out on tara because you don’t trust me.

Phyllis: No, it’s tara i don’t trust.

Kyle: Oh, why the hell not?

Phyllis: Kyle, seriously? Do I need to paint a picture for you? Her wealthy husband kicked her out. Now she’s looking for another powerful, wealthy family to latch onto for her and her kid.

Kyle: I am that little boy’s father, and we invited tara to stay.

Phyllis: You invited her to stay because she orchestrated it that way.

Kyle: Oh, damn it, phyllis, that’s —

Phyllis: She’s taking advantage of your generosity. She’s taking advantage of your love for your son. Can you not see that? And tara, I believe, is the person that drove my daughter out of town.

Nikki: Should we order some dessert, darling?

Summer: Oh, my gosh, no. I am so stuffed. The food here is amazing. You know, I debate taking a long lunch every day while I’m at work, even though it’d be very unprofessional of me.

Victor: Of course you don’t, do you?

Summer: No, no, of course not. No, you saw how serious and driven everyone is at marchetti, which I’m so happy that you guys were able to tour the offices.

Nikki: It’s a very impressive operation.

Summer: Right, it is first rate from top to bottom — the resources, the design team, the clients. Oh, which, speaking of, you guys won’t believe who popped in for a fitting last week.

Nikki: Oh, um…european royalty?

Summer: So close. Leslie brooks! She’s actually gonna be wearing one of our gowns for the performance that you guys are going to see.

Nikki: Oh, my goodness. Now I really can’t wait.

Summer: [ Laughs ] Um, also, I’m sorry that you guys didn’t get to meet angelina marchetti while you toured the studio. She’s off traveling, so next time you guys visit, we will for sure make that happen.

Victor: Now, sweetheart, as wonderful as all that sounds, i remember that when you were offered to come to milan, you know, leave genoa city, you went through a difficult time, didn’t you? Have you had any second thoughts about your decision to move away?

Sally: Well, hello there, stranger.

Jack: “Stranger”? Has it been that long?

Sally: I guess not.

Jack: Have a seat. So, how’s your day going so far?

Sally: Good. I just keep thinking about the dinner we had the other night. I really had a great time.

Jack: So did I.

Sally: I miss spending time with you like that. But it is obvious that kyle wasn’t too happy about it because he made that very clear when I ran into him.

Jack: My son has a protective streak when it comes to me. And given certain aspects of your history, I think that’s understandable. In the end, when all is said and done, kyle just wants me to be happy.

Sally: Well, what a coincidence. I want the exact same thing.

Jack: How about that.

Sally: Given the lovely evening that we had and feeling so connected to you again, i can’t help wondering… where do we go from here?

Tara: First of all, I would never try to keep you and harrison from seeing each other. It’s not fair to him.

Ashland: But having sole custody for you is.

Tara: I didn’t ask you here for that. We need to talk about how we’re gonna break the news to harrison about your illness.

Ashland: Oh, and you’re willing to do that for me? That’s very big of you.

Tara: I spoke to a therapist, sharon rosales, and I’d like to share with you what she said about the subject.

Ashland: Yeah, through your filter, no doubt.

Tara: With a child harrison’s age, sharon said it would be best if we were honest and forthright, that we shouldn’t treat your cancer or diagnosis like it was something scary to be hidden away. Illness and death are a part of life, and harrison is old enough to grasp that. We should use language that he can understand when we explain things, and we just need to keep reminding him that we love him and that he has this whole family here that supports him.

Ashland: Well, everything that you’re saying makes sense.

Tara: Good.

Ashland: And we will sit down and have a talk with harrison together, after I speak with him alone.

Tara: Ashland.

Ashland: This news is gonna be devastating enough for him. Let’s not confuse him about where things stand between you and me, give him false hope that we’re a couple again.

Tara: This will be a huge moment. He’ll be upset. I doubt he’s even gonna be thinking about that.

Ashland: A small child whose parents are in the throes of divorcing? I guarantee you that’s going to be part of the calculus.

Tara: I am harrison’s mother. We need to tell him together. It’s what the therapist advised.

Ashland: But this is our decision, and this is my illness. Why are you fighting me on this?

Tara: I am just trying to do what’s best for harrison.

Ashland: Oh, come off it, tara. The only one that you’re thinking about now is yourself.

Victoria: This is a surprise.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I hope you don’t mind. I just want to stop by and talk to you about how the kids are handling the situation with ashland living here.

Victoria: Is there something going on that I should know about? Johnny have another tummy ache?

Billy: No, he’s feeling better. In fact, he’s back at day camp today.

Victoria: Oh, good. That’s good. Listen, thank you. I appreciate you working with me to make this okay for them and letting them spend the majority of their time with you and lily, at least for the time being.

Billy: We love having them. Before I forget, I saw you and nate talking. I’m assuming you were discussing ashland’s condition.

Victoria: It’s funny you should ask, because I happen to know you spoke to him yourself about the exact same thing.

Billy: I don’t know where you’re getting your information from.

Victoria: You were quizzing nate about an anonymous friend with the exact same symptoms as ashland. What are you doing, billy? Why would you do that? Are you planning another tasteless invasion of the man’s privacy? Or are you truly that concerned about ashland’s condition?

Billy: The person I’m concerned about in all of this is you. Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

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Jack: Gee, I thought it was obvious. I — I definitely feel a connection with you.

Sally: Well, I am a woman of many talents, but mind-reading is not one of them, so I assume nothing.

Jack: Okay, fair enough. Um…when I’m with you, there is just a certain ease. You’re certainly easy on the eyes. But you’re intelligent and you’re witty and you’re a fighter. And I admire that, even if that sometimes is to your detriment.

Sally: That’s all too true.

Jack: I’m willing to give us another shot. See where this thing goes.

Sally: Sounds good to me. Although there will be people that won’t be as excited.

Jack: Well, they can have their opinions. I make my own decisions. I’m willing to give this another shot because I think you’re worth it. I hope you believe that. Your smarts, your talents are enough to get you anywhere you want to go in life.

Sally: Well, that hasn’t always been my experience, but…when you say it, I… believe it.

Jack: Good, I’m glad.

Sally: Being on the defensive all the time, feeling like you’ve got to fight to hold on to what you’ve got, it’S… it’s exhausting. And I really don’t want to do it anymore. But I know that I have to win back your trust, so that’s my goal.

Jack: Happy as I am to hear that, I do not want you feeling like you’re on trial.

Sally: Okay, well, then maybe if we went on another date, I could relax.

Jack: Well, why don’t I make some arrangements, and I’ll give you a call.

Sally: I can’t wait.

Kyle: Let’s say you’re right. Tara forced summer to break up with me and leave town. How’d she do it? Where’s your proof? ‘Cause surely you have some.

Phyllis: Nah, no proof.

Kyle: Yeah, that’s what i thought.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Let me tell you something. No, I don’t have proof right now. I don’T. But when I get it, kyle, you’ll be the first person I come to, okay? And I really didn’t want to have this conversation with you right now, but you sort of forced my hand, but I’m not mad. I’m not mad because this is on your radar. Thank goodness. Tara is the reason that my daughter felt the need to break off your engagement and fly on the other side of the ocean.

Kyle: Summer said that to you? Or is this just you, twisting things to fit the story you’ve concocted?

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, how dare you. How dare you. Summer is my daughter. I know her better than anyone. She would’ve never done this. She was forced. I know that. She was forced, and you know what? She didn’t even want me to do this and uncover the truth, but I’m doing it. I don’t care what she says. She’s the one who told me to stop.

Summer: Uh, second thoughts about…?

Victor: Well, you know, severing ties and pulling up stakes.

Nikki: This job offer came out of the blue. You barely had any time to think about it.

Summer: I mean, european haute couture is very hard to break into, so who needed time, really? Okay, yeah, that came out wrong. Now that I’m in italy, yeah, of course I miss my family and genoa city and, yeah, yes, I miss kyle. I am not gonna deny that, but I still think I made the right choice. I wasn’t ready to be a stepmom. I wasn’t ready to deal with kyle’s ex being a constant presence. It was just — it was too much. You know? And I’m sure that kyle is happy to be with his son, and I had to do what was right for me.

Victor: So you think you made the right decision?

Summer: Yeah, absolutely. Right, this is an amazing opportunity, and I feel like I’m at peace with everything.

Victor: Well, then I’m glad to hear that.

Nikki: Me, too.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Victor: I’m sorry, but I need to take that.

Summer: Of course.

Victor: Excuse me. Yes? No, I’m still in milan. Did you get the estimate? Yeah?

[ Door closes ]

Nikki: Well, everything you’ve said sounds reasonable, but it’s just the two of us now, and I want you to be completely honest. Is this really the life you want? With voltaren arthritis pain gel

Kyle: Sorry, no way do i believe tara somehow manipulated summer into leaving. Why would she say she didn’t love me? Why not fight for what we had?

Phyllis: Kyle, listen, this may be difficult for you, but i want you to look back on all the conversations that you had with my daughter. When you decided to move tara and her kid into your house while you were working out a wedding with my daughter? Think over all those conversations and what she said that maybe you didn’t hear at the time.

Kyle: No, no! No. I am letting you do this. I have spent weeks going over every moment I shared with summer, things I could’ve missed or done wrong, trying to find a clue as to explain what happened. I even blamed sally for it.

Phyllis: Okay, stop right there. You’re spot on with sally. You are spot on. I want you too look at this. Tara and sally have both benefited ever since summer left town. I mean, sally, she has her job at jcv, the job that she was after since she arrived in town, and the other one, well, she’s living in your guest room. Those two have benefited ever since my daughter’s been gone. That is not a coincidence. They are in this together.

Ashland: I need to find a way to explain to that sweet boy just how sick his father is, to prepare him for the day that I will no longer be in his life, and I wouldn’t be forced to do this if it weren’t for the news of my illness, my personal, private business being leaked to the media. By you, of that I have no doubt.

Tara: So now you’re gonna resort to wild unfounded accusations?

Ashland: Well, you lied about harrison’s paternity for years. I know what you’re capable of.

Tara: This is exactly what i don’t want you talking to harrison alone, because of the awful things you’re gonna tell him about me.

Ashland: Do you honestly think that I would waste one second I have left on this earth to be vengeful, trying to turn our son against his mother? If I am lucky, I have months with that sweet boy, and you have decades.

Tara: And you resent that, don’t you? You resent me.

Ashland: Oh, this is — you are a master at turning things around and making literally everything about you. No, really, it’s a gift.

Tara: There’s my answer.

Ashland: You’re clearly not thinking what’s best for our son, or else you wouldn’t have filed for sole custody.

Tara: I wasn’t trying to do anything —

Ashland: Don’t do this. Don’t use harrison as a way to gain control of the situation.

Tara: How can you say that with a straight face? You are literally the most controlling man I have ever known. You love to mess with people. You have raised vindictiveness to an art form. Victoria might buy this kinder, gentler version of you, but i have had years of experience with the real thing.

Ashland: You know, this prognosis and the reality I have little time left has definitely changed me, and you know that. But you have not changed a bit. You have traded one comfortable life for another.

Tara: Are you finished?

Ashland: I can only hope that somebody, someone sees all the way through you and exposes you for the fraud that you truly are. And then the whole world will see your true colors.

Billy: Okay, let me just be very clear about something, okay? When I asked nate his opinion about a sick friend, I did not know how close the two of you had gotten. Nate saw right through me and assumed it was for a story — a story that we decided not to publish, by the way.

Victoria: Don’t make any promises that you can’t keep. News is your business, and ashland is news.

Billy: When I told you that i was happy for you, I meant that. Clearly he makes you very happy. And ashland’s not gonna talk to me about how much time he has left. I only put two-and-two together when you let it slip that the kids are only gonna be staying with me for a few months.

Victoria: We have no idea how long ashland has.

Billy: Well, then the most important thing is to follow through with your plan and bring as much joy to each other as you possibly can. Look, vick, I got to be honest. It kind of took my breath away when I realized that you’re not just taking care of a friend or a business partner that got a bad diagnosis. You love him.

Victoria: Don’t sound so surprised.

Billy: You know, after our conversation, I told lily that i think you met the right person at the right time. And how terrible it makes me feel that you’re not gonna have a lot of time together. And I know you’re being brave and you’re trying to put a positive spin on everything, but it’s got to be really devastating for you. And I just hope that you know I’m talking to you as your ex, as the father to your children, as a friend. And you can talk to me about anything, and it’ll stay between us.

Victoria: You’re right. It’s awful. I am in love with him. Ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin?

Victoria: You know, ashland, he’s just — he’s such a proud man. And with good reason. He’s — he’s fierce, he’s determined, he’s so intelligent. That’s why it’s really hard watching him struggle with this cancer that he didn’t even know that he had. Makes me wonder if maybe we shouldn’t have merged our companies.

Billy: Well, I don’t know why you would think that. He’s trusting you with his legacy. I mean, he’s got to feel really good knowing that you’re carrying on his vision.

Victoria: It’s just that

[Sighs] So much of who ashland is, is tied up in locke communications group. It’s like he’s handing over this vital part of himself. This is something that gives him purpose.

Billy: Vick, he’s got a lot to live for. And he’s clearly got enough money to get whatever medical help he wants. Is there really nothing his doctors can do?

Victoria: There is treatment for this type of cancer, but the side effects are brutal. It’s not a cure, billy. At best, it will just add some time to his life.

Billy: Are you saying that he’s giving up without a fight?

Victoria: Ash hates the idea of spending his final days being pumped full of drugs that are just gonna leave him feeling weak anyway.

Billy: I find it hard to believe that you’re going along with this.

Victoria: I didn’T. I have been trying to convince him to get the treatments even though he made me promise that i wouldn’T.

Billy: I mean, of course he’s gonna want to spend as much time with you as possible and his kid, of course.

Victoria: Yeah, which makes it even more reprehensible that tara would seek sole custody of harrison. She claims that she’s protecting him. It’s ridiculous. Ashland cut her off financially, and she’s just acting out of spite.

Billy: Does he know how lucky he is that he found you?

Victoria: I hope you know that’s why things are moving along so quickly. I know — I know I’m not acting like my usual cautious self.

Billy: Now that you’ve explained it to me, I can — I understand it.

Victoria: You know, sometimes it’s overwhelming thinking about ashland dying. I just — I can’t let him know how much it hurts.

Billy: That was my concern all along, vick, that you two would get too close and you would fall in too deep.

Victoria: And this is how you support me? By saying “I told you so”?

Phyllis: I understand why you don’t see this.

Kyle: Stop. Enough. You’re totally reaching. Tara and sally barely know each other. They just recently started working together at fenmore’S.

Phyllis: Okay. Kyle, that’s what she wants you to think. Those two are a lot closer than you think.

Kyle: Okay, I get you would’ve preferred tara to pack up and go back to new york.

Phyllis: Yes! Yes, I would have, because that’s where she lives. Why didn’t she?

Kyle: Because I didn’t want to live 1,000 miles away from my son. I intend to be a solid, reliable presence in harrison’s life, and that’s even more important now that ashland is so sick. I get that that’s hard for you to accept. It was apparently a lot harder for summer to accept than she let on. I am asking you to stop taking your emotion out on tara and stop spreading this nonsense that she’s involved in some plot with sally spectra. Tara is going through enough. She doesn’t need people gossiping behind her back or to deal with that.

Phyllis: Alright, I’ll do that on one condition.

Kyle: Here we go.

Phyllis: One condition. Don’t let yourself so blindly be clouded by your love for your son that you can’t see what tara’s doing. Don’t accept what she says so blindly as truth. Okay? Can you do that?

Kyle: Okay, I have things to do. I’m not wasting my time on this anymore. And you know what? You can tell yourself tara orchestrated all this if that makes you feel better, but the bottom line is summer left me. It was her choice.

Summer: Alright. So you think I’m sugarcoating things.

Nikki: I think you don’t want to worry your grandfather and me. But in order for me to feel good about you moving here, I need to really understand what you’re thinking and feeling. Are you truly happy here in milan or simply resigned?

Summer: No, everything that i said before, I meant. You know, I have a great job in an amazing city. And frankly, I don’t think it could’ve come at a better time. There was always a reason why kyle and I would go back and forth, and I just feel like if it was meant to be, it wouldn’t be so hard and there’d be no hesitation on either of our parts, right?

Nikki: I think you’re asking the wrong person.

Summer: Okay, touché.

Nikki: This job with angelina marchetti is very prestigious and it’ll be fun and exciting. I’m sure you’ll gain some fabulous experience.

Summer: But?

Nikki: Even though you knew there was this opening, you didn’t pursue it. This job fell in your lap.

Summer: All I know is, um, now that I’m here, it feels right. And I got to hold on to that ’cause being away from kyle, that — that does not feel right.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Tara: If you’re through with the mud-slinging, can we please get back to the matter at hand?

Ashland: You know, I have neither the desire nor the strength to continue this. We’ll figure out how and when to discuss what’s going on with me to harrison another time.

Tara: Why not now?

Ashland: Because you have made this so adversarial, so what would be the point? As for sitting down and actually discussing this with harrison — who is a smart, sensitive boy — he’s for sure going to pick up on our animosity, and that’s the last thing that I want.

Tara: Right, it’s always me. I’m the problem.

Jack: Everything alright here?

Ashland: Yeah, we were just discussing my illness and how to handle it with harrison. I know you were in the park the other day when I didn’t handle things so well.

Jack: I did not witness the incident at the time.

Ashland: But you have seen the video.

Jack: Not your finest hour.

Ashland: To put it mildly. I sure would like to get my hands on whoever’s responsible for putting it online.

Jack: I can’t blame you there.

Ashland: But right now I need to help harrison figure out what’s going with me in a way that’s not going to frighten or confuse him. And I would really like your help convincing tara that this is a conversation that I need to have with my son alone.

Jack: That can’t have been easy.

Tara: No, it wasn’T. Kyle had a therapist, sharon rosales, come drop by this morning to discuss how best to broach it with harrison.

Jack: I think sharon’s a great resource.

Tara: Yeah, she recommended that we talk to him together, but he has other ideas, as you just heard. And then he went on a personal attack. I just…just want to do what’s best for harrison.

Jack: I think that’s the right priority. And don’t forget — you have support. Our family is here to help you.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Sally: Sally spectra.

Phyllis: Hey, sally, it’s phyllis. Um, ugh, I need to talk to you about something.

Sally: Well, hey, it’s my new best friend, the one who decided to live and let live. You didn’t see me sitting right in front of you?

Phyllis: That’s crazy. I didn’T. Sorry, it’s been a long day.

Sally: Okay. You have my attention.

Phyllis: I’d rather show you.

Victoria: I should have never confided in you. What was I thinking? I don’t know why I never learn.

Billy: Hold on. I think you misunderstood what i was trying to say or I said it wrong. Vick, please.

[ Sighs ] Look, when you are in pain, I am in pain. And I’m watching you open your heart to a guy that is in a really tough place. And you’re gonna have to watch him succumb to this disease. And I didn’t understand why you would want to do that. But I get it. You’re in love with him. This is my longwinded way of saying that I feel terrible that you have to go through that.

Victoria: I know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking I… should get out of this while I can.

Billy: No. I’m thinking the opposite of that. Victoria: You sound like you really mean that.

Billy: I think you’re exactly what ashland needs right now. I think you need each other. There are times, I wonder…

Ashland: Well, that’s quite the endorsement, [Sighs] Considering the source.

Billy: I meant every word i said.

Ashland: I believe you did.

Billy: After talking with victoria, it’s very clear that you two are committed to each other. And she’s not gonna listen to me if I try to get her to bail either way.

Ashland: It’s a good point.

Billy: Look, if I haven’t been very clear, I think your situation sucks. And I’m really sorry that you’re going through it.

Ashland: Well, that’s very kind of you. But do you feel bad enough to keep reports of my predicament off your media platform? Uh, not for myself. For harrison’s sake. Even someone that young can get wind of things on the internet.

Billy: [ Inhales deeply ] No salacious stories. No stories of any kind, not from me. You have my word.

Ashland: I appreciate that.

Victoria: We both do. Thank you for being such a good listener.

Billy: Anytime.

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

Victoria: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Ashland: Uh, what did you need to say to your ex that turned him into such a good listener?

Summer: You know, at least 10 times a day, some awesome, unbelievable thing will happen, and my first thought is, “kyle’s gonna flip. I can’t wait to tell him.” And then I remember…

Nikki: I know the feeling.

Summer: Kyle was my best friend.

[ Sighs ] You know, we even worked in the same building, and… when you’re around someone 24/7…

Nikki: I know. When they’re gone, it leaves a hole in your life.

Summer: We were a team, and it just feels so unnatural to be so disconnected from him.

Nikki: Well, you two shared a long history. Even when your lives took you to different places, you always managed to find a way to get back together. Darling, what you had with kyle is very rare and special. I would be surprised to hear that you didn’t feel the sense of loss that you’re describing.

Summer: [ Sighs ] I just wanted to be with kyle for so long that [Sighs] It really hurts to imagine a future

[Gulps] That doesn’t include him.

[ Sighs ] But I got to let go of that feeling. I mean, I have to. My life is in italy now.

[ Sobs ] So, uh, yeah, you’re right. I’m — I’m not happy yet. But I hope that I’ll get there.

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: [ Sighs ] We have an employee who’s still learning the system. And, um, they may have erroneously charged your room with something, so I just… if you could do me a favor and just, you know, take a look at this, tell me what’s not yours.

Sally: How many stars does this hotel have? ‘Cause it might be a few too many.

Phyllis: Uh, well, if, uh, one of those charges is not yours, I’ll make it right. That’s the mark of a five-star hotel.

Sally: Okay, well, here is a charge right at the top here — minibar, $36. I don’t even have a minibar in my room. You gave me a fridge instead. Remember?

Phyllis: Oh, my apologies. I’ll make that right. Just mark off whatever isn’t yours, and I’ll take care of it.

Sally: Oh, “expect to get cheated and scammed.” How do you like that for a headline?

Phyllis: For what?

Sally: For the review about this hotel that I’m about to post, once I get through [Sighs] With all these bogus charges.

[ Paper rustling ] Oh, my god. Not touching is still touching protection.

[ Pen scratching paper ]

[ Paper rustling ]

We have a problem.

Phyllis has figured things out.

[ Paper rustling ]

[ Cellphone chimes ]

We have a problem.

Phyllis has figured things out.

Tara: [ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Damn it.

[ Sighs ]

Kyle: What’s wrong?

Tara: Oh, um, the usual.

[ Chuckles ]

Kyle: Hmm. Ashland? Take it your talk didn’t go well.

Tara: Oh, I know I shouldn’t take things personally, but he was in rare form today.

Kyle: I’m sorry he upset you. But did the two of you manage to come to an agreement?

Tara: Ashland is insisting that he talks to harrison alone, breaks the news to him without anyone else there.

Kyle: Hmm. So, the exact opposite of what sharon advised.

Tara: I know. I told him that, and he wasn’t interested. The man is so self-centered.

Kyle: Hmm.

Tara: But I [Sighs] — I suppose I would be, too, in his shoes. Guess I should be a little bit more understanding.

Kyle: Hmm. So, where did you and ashland leave things?

Tara: Oh, we’re gonna talk again. Soon, probably.

Kyle: After the two of you have had a chance to cool off a little bit.

Tara: Don’t worry, kyle. Everything is fine. I mean, ashland and I will — will work it out. Somehow. [ Chuckles ]

Victoria: [ Sighs ] I told billy what I’m feeling.

[ Sighs ] I just feel a little overwhelmed from time to time. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. And also I admitted to him that… I’m in love with you. I realize this is going very quickly, but this is not a normal circumstance. We don’t really have any time to waste. I need what you bring to my life. I’ll take what I can get. I love you, ashland. And don’t tell me not to feel that way. Don’t even try.

Ashland: I-I guess I need to find a way to stay alive.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Do you mean that —

Ashland: Yeah, I-I-I-I-I — I’ll start treatment. Then, maybe I’ll get lucky and it’ll actually work. I sure as hell hope so.

Victoria: [ Sighs ]

Ashland: [ Sighs ]

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