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Anna: Is this where Peter went? Did he hide down here before escaping? Did he escape, Finn?

Finn: No. He’s in there.

[ Indistinct chatter ]

Carly: Hmm. Ugh, you and that phone.

Josslyn: Well, it’s not like you’re free from your own, Mom.

Carly: Hey, I only use my phone to make calls, texts, and send e-mails.

Josslyn: Oh, and to spy on your children.

Carly: No, I would call that monitoring my children.

Josslyn: Oh.

Carly: So, what’s going on with you? How come you’re not hanging out with Trina and Cameron?

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] Thing is, uh — is there’s something that you should —

Spencer: Sorry to interrupt a mother-daughter moment, but I wanted to say hello.

Carly: Hello, Spencer. Josslyn told me you were back in town. So did a few of my hotel staffers.

Spencer: The attendants here were very helpful after I took an unexpected swim.

Oh, my gosh. You really should be more careful this close to the pool edge.

Josslyn: Spencer: Oh, I definitely learned my lesson.

Josslyn: Oh, one can only hope.

Trina: Hey, Mom!

[ Door creaks ]

Trina: [ Sighs ] I thought we were getting that thing fixed.

Portia: Oh, the carpenter said he’s gonna come by to repair it.

Trina: On second thought, maybe we shouldn’t fix it. That thing is better than an alarm system. I even heard it screech last night when you finally came home. The hospital is working you really late these days, huh?

[ Upbeat club music plays over speakers ]

Portia: So, when do we take this leap of faith?

Curtis: There’s no time like the present.

[ Upbeat music resumes ]

Shawn: Checking out the competition.

Curtis: Man, I have to admit, the sunset views here sure look better than mine at the nightclub.

Shawn: Yeah.

Curtis: Good to see you, man.

Shawn: Good to see you, too.

[ Laughter, chatter ]

Curtis: So, how does it feel to be a free man?

Shawn: Uh, hard to describe. The short answer is that it feels damn good.

Curtis: [ Chuckles ] Alright. What about the long answer?

Shawn: Well, freedom doesn’t always mean free from problems or challenges. I’ve still got plenty of those. Starting with my search for whoever shot Hayden. I was hoping you can help me out.

[ Knock on door ]

Officer: Commissioner? Someone’s asking to see you.

Stella: I know the officer’s only doing his job, but can you please tell him that I’m family?

Jordan: It’s all right. She is family.

Officer: Yes, Commissioner.

Jordan: Stella… [ Sighs ] What can I do for you?

Stella: You can tell me what you are doing to salvage your marriage before you lose my nephew altogether.

Elizabeth: Scott! Hi. Thank you for meeting me.

Scott: Hey. Sure, my pleasure. But — but it sounded really urgent on the phone.

Elizabeth: Yeah, um… How does the law define justifiable homicide?

Jason: Spinelli. Hacking into the security cameras bought me a little time. Thank you. Are you still there? There’s something else I need you to do.

Anna: Peter’s in the freezer.

Finn: That’s right. Peter August is dead. I killed him.

Carly: So…When did you get back to Port Charles, Spencer?

Spencer: A few days ago, but that’s no excuse. I should have come to see you before now to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I really admired Uncle Sonny. In my opinion, he was a great man. I’ll miss him.

Carly: Thank you. And the flowers you sent were beautiful.

Spencer: I only wish I could have delivered them in person, but the situation with, uh, my father marrying that woman… I know you understand.

Carly: I do understand. I do.

Spencer: [ Chuckles ] And I understand congratulations are in order. You and Jason are engaged.

Carly: We are, yeah.

Spencer: Well, I must say, this is the happy ending you both deserve.

Trina: I only stopped by to grab my tablet and head back out to the pool, so I’ll make this quick.

Portia: Okay.

Trina: The hospital’s working you way too hard. Last night, they kept you until after midnight.

Portia: Actually, I-I, um… I wasn’t working last night. I went out.

Trina: Out? Like, out-out? For fun?

Portia: Is it that impossible to believe?

Trina: Yes! By yourself?

Portia: Well, no. Terry…[ Sighs ] She invited me to go out, and I said yes.

Trina: That’s great! Better than great. Where?

Portia: Oh, here, there. You know.

Trina: Imagine if you asked me where I was, and I said that.

Portia: Okay, fine. Um, eventually, Terry and I ended up at The Savoy… with Curtis.

Curtis: Yo, man, you know, I’m no longer in the PI game, right?

Shawn: Yeah, TJ told me. But the fact is, your ex-partner is helping me with the actual investigation.

Curtis: Sam? Okay.

Shawn: Yeah.

Curtis: Um, well, Sam’s one of the best. If anybody can help you find Hayden’s shooter, it’d be Sam.

Shawn: Yeah, I’m counting on it. But I also know you did a deep dive on the case.

Curtis: Yeah, and I got exactly nowhere. You do know Hayden and I were friends before she left?

Shawn: I remember.

Curtis: Well, um, I never found a smoking gun. If I did, I would have immediately notified the cops.

Shawn: Well —

Curtis: But we never really could find who Hayden’s shooter was.

Shawn: Well, I know you were thorough, which is why I’m wondering if there was something in, you know, your old files — something that may not have even clicked back then that might mean something now.

Curtis: I’ll revisit my old records, see what I can find. It’s the least I can do.

Shawn: Thanks, man. Look, I just want you to know that I know you’ve already done plenty, and I’m grateful.

Jordan: My marriage is not open for discussion, and this conversation is over.

Stella: [ Sighs ] I’m sorry, Jordan, but if it takes a little tough love to get you to follow your heart —

Jordan: I followed it. Just like you encouraged. I went to go find Curtis to tell him that if he wanted to roll up his sleeves and make this marriage work, that I would be right beside him.

Stella: Oh, now you’re talking. Did you find him?

Jordan: Oh, I found him alright. At The Savoy. I also found the answer I was looking for… and it wasn’t the answer that you or I wanted.

Scott: Alright, Elizabeth, just a little piece of advice — if you’re gonna talk about justifiable homicide, you should do it when there’s, you know — there’s — nobody’s near you. I mean, to your lawyer.

Elizabeth: Okay, well, nobody’s near us now, so —

Scott: Yeah, I think it should still be a little hush-hush.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ]

Scott: Now, just between you and me… what kind of trouble are you in?

Elizabeth: No, this isn’t about me. This is about —

Scott: Oh, right.  [ Sighs ] A friend, right? 99% out of 100%, when somebody says, “it’s about a friend,” there never is a friend.

Elizabeth: Well, this time, there is.

Scott: Okay, alright. You’re gonna stick to your story. You want to take me for a buggy ride? Fine. So, this friend — why did they kill whoever it was that they killed?

Elizabeth: Desperation. Uh, outrage. The thing is, is that my friend didn’t mean to kill this other person.

Scott:  So it was self-defense.

Elizabeth: Well…[ Stammers ] No.

Scott:  Okay, okay, okay. First things first, Elizabeth.  [ Sighs ] You didn’t kill anybody?

Elizabeth: Scott, no! This isn’t about me.

Scott: Yes, it is about you, Elizabeth. I’m sorry to snap at you, but if you know that your friend killed somebody or anything about it, that makes you an accessory to murder.

Finn: After all the lives that Peter destroyed, is it really that hard to believe he’d meet a violent death?

Anna: No, I mean, I’m not having trouble believing that he was killed. I’m having trouble believing that you did it.

Finn: [ Sniffs ] Believe it, because it’s true. I’m the one who found Peter on the roof waiting for a helicopter to try to help him escape. I pleaded with him.

Peter: Stay out of my way, Finn. My daughter’s out there.

Finn: And my son is dying downstairs. Give me what I need to save him.

Finn: I confronted him about Chase.

Peter: I don’t know what to tell you, Finn… except if Chase dies… blame Anna.

Finn: His answer was to throw the antidote off the roof.

Finn: No!

Finn: And then he tried to leave, and I…

Finn: You’re not walking out —

Finn: I couldn’t let that happen.

Peter: Get off of me! Aaaah!

Finn: So, yeah. It’s all true. I killed Peter August. I threw him face-first down a flight of stairs. He hit his head hard on the way down. He died.

Anna: I’m sorry.

Finn: That I killed him?

Anna: No. That you’ve had to bear the weight of what you did.

Finn: Yeah, well… it goes against everything that I stand for. But if I had to face Peter on that roof again… under the circumstances… I wouldn’t do a damn thing different.

Spencer: You and Jason will be perfect life partners. And I hope it’s not presumptuous of me to say that I think that Uncle Sonny would have approved.

Carly: Thank you.

Spencer: I guess there’s something safe and familiar about falling in love with a friend. How to explain how Joss and Cam wound up together.

Josslyn: Spencer!

Carly: Joss and Cam? What?

Josslyn: Well, yes, that’s —

Spencer: I know, I can’t believe it, either. I mean, it’s certainly true that they’ve known each other most of their lives, but I’ve always credited Joss with a more adventurous spirit. I would figure that, you know, she’d be drawn more to someone that’s… what? You haven’t told your mother?

Carly: [ Gasps ]

Josslyn: [ Sighs ]

Carly: Josslyn!

Josslyn: God, I wish he’d stayed in Italy.

Spencer: [ Gasps ]

Trina: Oh, so you and Terry had a drink with Curtis?

Portia: No. No, sweetheart. Um, Terry encouraged me to seek out Curtis, and I did.

Trina: Oh, so, you and Curtis…

Portia: It’s a new thing — for both of us.  [ Laughs ] You know I haven’t really dated that much since me and your father split up — at least never seriously, right?

Trina: And never, ever talking to me about it.

Portia: Did you want me to stop?

Trina: I didn’t say that.

Portia: Well, Curtis and I, we really enjoy each other’s company. You must have noticed that.

Trina: I knew you were close. I mean, Curtis called the night Cyrus took us hostage and wound up coming to our rescue. And when Curtis was shot, we kept vigil at G.H. So, I mean, it makes everything make sense.

Portia: But my interest in Curtis, I-I mean, it’s not because he risked his life to save us. It’s because of the man that he is. I like being with him, and I’d like to spend more time with him.

Trina: So…?

Portia: How are you feeling about all that?

Shawn: You know, one of the toughest things about prison was being locked away from TJ. Sure, he was on the right track and doing well in school, but he was also at a pivotal point in his life, and it’s easy for a young man to lose his way, you know, turn down the wrong road. TJ needed guidance and a strong role-model, and since I wasn’t able to be there for him, you were.

Curtis: [ Sighs ] Man.

Shawn: I’m just thankful you came to Port Charles when you did.

Curtis: One of the best moves I ever made.

Shawn: Nah, man. You’ve always been a real good friend. You know, someone I can count on and turn to. Despite what happened with Tommy.

Curtis: Uh, we all made a lot of mistakes back in the day. I don’t know anyone blameless.

Shawn: Man, those mistakes could have easily put a wedge in between us, but you didn’t let it. No, you made the friendship more important. You made it a point to always be there for me and TJ… and I just want to say thank you, truly. You’re a good man.

Curtis: That means a lot coming from you. Much respect.

Shawn: Cheers, brother.

Curtis: Cheers.

Scott: Uh, Elizabeth, for it to be justifiable homicide, the person that committed the crime would have to prove that he was in a situation where it was kill or be killed.

Elizabeth: I see. But what if —

Scott: I also recall coming to visit a friend of yours that, uh, was afraid that they were gonna be hauled in for questioning on the disappearance of Peter August. And I know that that friend was very important to you.

Elizabeth: Okay, um, so, what if that friend needed your help?

Scott: It would be a conflict of interest.

Elizabeth: What conflict?

Scott: Elizabeth, you are my top priority. I will do everything in my power to protect you. So, now, you’ve got to tell me what’s going on so that I can help you out of this mess that you’re in before it’s too late.

Jason: Spinelli. Did you find it?

Anna: Whatever happened, I-I know you’re not a murderer.

Finn: A jury of my peers might disagree.

Anna: You confronted Peter. You shoved him. He fell down the stairs, and he hit his head. You tried to help him, didn’t you?

Finn: I checked for breathing. And a pulse. There was nothing. There was… nothing I could do. He was gone.

Anna: And you’re certain?

Finn: Yeah, well, you know, I didn’t spend a lot of time lingering over the body, alright? I had other priorities, like trying to keep Chase alive.

Anna: And you didn’t feel you could come to me?

Finn: Knowing Peter was dead wasn’t gonna bring you any closer to finding Louise. And I couldn’t risk leaving Violet without a father. Her mother already abandoned her. How could I leave her, too?

Josslyn: [ Sighs ]

Spencer: This is getting annoying.

Josslyn: Oh, tell me about it. What the hell is wrong with you?

Spencer: How was I supposed to know that you were keeping your romance a secret from your mother?

Josslyn: Mm.

Spencer: I thought you two shared everything.

Josslyn: Oh, we do. In fact, I was just about to tell her before you had to open your big mouth! God, remind me to tell Trina to not even waste her time with you. She is so out of your league.

Carly: Okay, here.

Spencer: Thank you.

Carly: You’re in town five minutes and you’re already causing trouble?

Spencer: Yeah.

Carly: Excuse me, please. I want to talk to my daughter. Sit down.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ]

Carly: You have got to stop pushing that kid in the pool.

Josslyn: Yes, I know.

Carly: I’m serious. It’s a safety regulation, okay? Stop.

Josslyn: I’m sorry. And I’d love to promise that it won’t happen again, but if Spencer is sitting close to a pool edge running his mouth about something that is none of his business —

Carly: Find another way to shut him up, okay? Because if Spencer hits his head, Nikolas will sue me.

Josslyn: Okay. But he is a jerk, and he totally deserved the dunking.

Carly: I agree with you on that.

Josslyn: [ Sighs ] I hope Trina stays away from him.

Carly: Okay, what do you want to talk about first? Trina and Spencer, or you and Cameron?

Trina: Okay, I’m not sure what’s happening here. Are you asking me for dating advice? Because that would be weird.

Portia: Oh, don’t worry. I’m not asking for your advice. And I’m definitely not asking for your permission. But I do want to know how you feel about it. I mean, do you have a problem with me dating Curtis?

Trina: Uh… [ Stammers ]

Portia: You can be honest with me.

Trina: Mom, all I want is for you to be happy.

Portia: [ Chuckles ] But?

Trina: It’s just, how long have you and Curtis — I-I mean, I saw the signs and thought something was there. Was I right?

Portia: Well, Curtis and I — I-I-I mean… yes. Yes, we have feelings for each other. But it wasn’t until last night that we decided to own up to those feelings and see where this is gonna go.

Trina: Any idea where that might be? Going, I mean.

Portia: Not yet, but I’ll keep you posted. [ Chuckles ]

Trina: Thanks.

Portia: You know, I just wanted to tell you first. I don’t want you hearing it from anybody else, you know?

Trina: I’m glad you told me.

Portia: What? What? What is it?

Trina: It’s just, does Commissioner Ashford know? Because I thought you two were friends.

Jordan: I walked into The Savoy just in time to see Curtis and Portia in…a close moment.

Stella: Oh, I see. How close?

Jordan: Close enough that their lips were touching.

Stella: I see. [ Sighs ] What did you do?

Jordan: What else? I left.

Stella: You just walked away?

Jordan: What was I supposed to do? Pull out my sidearm and tell them to freeze?

Stella: [ Sighs ] Jordan, I understand you’re hurt, angry. But let’s face it, Portia and Curtis share a past, and that can be a powerful draw. On second thought, maybe you did the right thing by leaving. This way, I can have a talk with Curtis — or Portia. Maybe I’ll just sit them both down.

Jordan: Stella, stop. Please, just let this go. Our marriage didn’t work. Curtis moved on. And now I need to move on, too.

Curtis: Look, I could never replace you. Or — or Tommy, for that matter. But I did the very best I could to be a father figure to TJ for as long as I could. That is until, you know, things between Jordan and I.

Shawn: Yeah, well, I was, uh — I was sorry to hear you two were splitting up. But just because the marriage is ending doesn’t diminish the family you helped create. Hey, you want proof? Look no further than TJ and Molly. I wouldn’t be here now if Molly hadn’t called out Judge Carson for targeting defendants of color. [ Chuckles ] Those kids are a hard act to follow.

Curtis: You got that right. Sometimes, I think, uh — I think TJ is the man I’ve always wanted to be.

Shawn: [ Chuckles ] All we can do is try, right?

Curtis: [ Chuckles ]

Shawn: Yeah. Well, in the meantime, besides running the hottest club in town, now what else is new in your life, man?

Curtis: The nightclub has me busy most nights. So, in the afternoons, I come here to recharge.

Shawn: Yeah, uh, there are definitely worst places.

Curtis: [ Chuckles ] You know, Shawn, tell me if I’m out of line, but, um, after you track down the person who’s responsible for Hayden’s shooting, what happens next?

Shawn: Well, I’m keeping my options open. Why?

Curtis: Because of The Savoy. That’s my baby, and I’m working to assemble a team that I can trust.

Shawn: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: And I could certainly use a man with your skills.

Scott: So, if your friend killed who I think they did, they should be given the keys to the city. But it’s not about what’s right. It’s about the law.

Elizabeth: Shouldn’t those two things be the same?

Scott: [ Sighs ] Well, theoretically. But, Elizabeth, the longer you stay quiet, say nothing, you know, you’re committing a crime. So, you need to tell me w-w-what’s going on so I-I can help you here.

Elizabeth: Don’t you think I would if I could? There are other lives involved, other people who would suffer if I came forward.

Scott: Really? So, this friend, he really means a lot to you?

Finn: Think I probably owe you an apology.

Anna: For what?

Finn: Being so hard on you about keeping things from me. [ Scoffs ] I never imagined myself living in a glass house and throwing stones.

Anna: It’s — it’s not the same thing.

Finn: Don’t let me off the hook.

Anna: I really wish I could. So, I-I — I need to ask you a question.

Finn: Go ahead.

Anna: So, you — you confronted Peter on the roof, and you pushed him. He fell down the stairs, and he hit his head. And then what? You — you transported him here?

Finn: Yeah, that about sums it up.

Anna: Okay. How? You couldn’t have done it alone.

Josslyn: Cam and I just started… you know, seeing each other, and I didn’t want to say anything until I knew there was something worth saying something about.

Carly: Okay. That’s weird — and great! And I’m happy for you. You’re happy, right? As long as you’re happy.

Josslyn: Yeah.

Carly: Does your dad know?

Josslyn: Not yet. And, please, you know, let me tell him.

Carly: I’m not gonna say anything. I won’t. I won’t.

Josslyn: Great.

Carly: You know that you can come to me about anything, right?

Josslyn: Yeah, I know. I know that. And I want you to know that this came as a surprise to me and Cam, too. I mean, Trina’s told us that we were the last people to know.

Carly: Yes, that does happen sometimes.  [ Laughs ]

Josslyn: Is that what happened between you and Jason?

Portia: I don’t want to hurt Jordan. And I hope that we can find a way to remain friends through this. But before I speak with her — which I most certainly will do — it was just so important that I speak to you about it first.

Trina: I’m glad you told me. I was expecting to get my tablet and be on my way, but this was kinda nice.

Portia: I’ll take “kinda nice.”

[ Both laugh ]

Portia: Well, I hope everything works out for you. Or, I hope everything you want to happen, happens. Is that good?

Portia: That’s good. I’ll take that, too.

Trina: Well, I texted Joss I’d meet her, so…

Portia: Yeah, no, no. Go, go, go. Have fun. But you know what? I just — I just — I’m just so glad we were able to have this talk. You’re gonna be living on campus soon, and it’s just important that we keep this line of communication open. Right?

Trina: Right.

[ Door closes ]

Portia: [ Exhales sharply ] That went better than I thought it would.

Trina: [ Sighs ]

Shawn: Well, what kind of, uh, skills are you looking for? A bouncer for the velvet rope?

Curtis: [ Laughs ] Nothing like that.

Shawn: Ah.

Curtis: But I’m pretty sure you’d be good at that, too.

Shawn: Mm-hmm.

Curtis: I’m looking for somebody to help me run the place, and I hear you have managerial experience.

Shawn: At Kelly’s.  A diner, not a nightclub.

Curtis: Okay, obviously, there are some differences, but the way I see it, what you don’t know, you could learn on the job.

Shawn: Oh, man, I — look, I appreciate the offer.

Curtis: I-I know what you’re gonna say. But I’m telling you this right now — this isn’t a handout. You would actually be helping me, because I need somebody that I can trust.

Shawn: Ahhh… I want to say yes.

Curtis: Then say it.

Shawn: But, look — if you’re looking for something long term, I can’t give you that. My plans are to find whoever shot Hayden, and after that’s done, I need to figure out what kind of work I really want to do. You know? What kind of life I want to lead. But all I do know that’s for certain is, I’m my own boss, man.

Curtis: I get it. Having owned my own PI firm, now owning a nightclub, both mean one thing — I’ve been my own boss, so I see why you want the same. But, um, what you’re talking about, these are future plans, correct?

Shawn: Well, there’s no actual plans yet.

Curtis: Right. So, until you put those plans in place, I could sure use you at The Savoy.

Shawn: Just a couple of friends helping each other out, huh?

Curtis: That’s what friends are for.

Shawn: Ehhh… then I accept.

Curtis: Alright. Welcome to the team.

Shawn: Alright, alright. When I should start?

Curtis: Brother, you can start when you get ready.

Shawn: Damn, man. I wasn’t expecting to get out… [ Sighs ] …For a long time. But all of a sudden… here I am.

Curtis: And I’m here for you, when you’re ready.

Elizabeth: My friend needs help. I’m not gonna turn on him.

Scott: Okay, Elizabeth. I mean, I-I admire your loyalty. I do, I really do. But I — my advice to you is to just stay quiet. Don’t talk to anybody, because justifiable homicide does not apply in this particular crime. So, if the police come knocking at your door, dummy up and call me. Is that understood?

Elizabeth: Understood.

Finn: Peter and I were alone on the roof when I confronted him. What happened after that is on me, and no one else.

Anna: I hear what you’re saying. But, um, like I told you, if my instincts led me to you, odds are the PCPD won’t be far behind. And the more I know, the more I can help you.

Finn: I told you everything.

Anna: If you did have help, it’s understandable that you’d want to protect them.

Finn: There’s no one else. So there’s nothing left to say. Once you open this freezer, you’ll see what I did.

Carly: Well, it was a little different for me and Jason.

Josslyn: Well, I know you guys have been friends forever.

Carly: Yeah, for more than half our lives.

Josslyn: If we’re talking percentages, Cam and I have been friends pretty much all our lives. And, I mean, if it took you guys that long to figure it out, I guess it’s kind of the same.

Carly: Yeah, we could, like, all wear matching outfits and stuff.

Josslyn: Oh, my god, no.

Carly: [ Laughing ]

Josslyn: Thank you for the offer, but I’ll pass.

Shawn: It’s too bad you two don’t get along.

Josslyn: Oh!

Carly: Never have. Never will.

Carly: Oh! I wanted to come say hi, but you and Curtis seemed like you were having a very important discussion.

Shawn: Oh, it was.

Carly: Okay.

Josslyn: Well, I’ve gotta run, but not before I do this.

[ Both chuckle ]

Josslyn: Yeah. Please don’t tell me I’m all grown up now.

Shawn: Well, even if you are? [ Stammers ]

Josslyn: I know. It has been a while.

Shawn: A minute or two, yeah.

Josslyn: Stop, you’re gonna make me cry at the pool. Okay, bye.

Carly: Bye.  [ Laughs ]

Shawn: Well, she has grown all up.

Carly: Oh, god, you don’t know the half of it.

Shawn: Well, I’d love to hear what I’ve missed.

Carly: And I would love to share that with you. But first, I want to talk about you and your future and hoping that it has something to do with me and my family.

Joss: Where have you been? What’s going on?

Trina: Oh, my god, Joss. You’re not gonna believe this.

Spencer: Believe what?  [ Sighs ] I’m already enthralled.

Trina: On second thought, maybe this was a bad idea.

Josslyn: Huh. No argument here.

Trina: [ Sighs ]

[ Door creaks ]

Portia: Please. [ Chuckles ]

Curtis: Hi. Um, what the hell is that?

Portia: Oh, just a little souvenir from when you kicked the door in.

Curtis: Oh, right. Sorry about that.

Portia: Don’t be sorry. You saved our lives.

Jordan: Signed, sealed… and on its way to be delivered to the courthouse.

Stella: Feel better now?

Jordan: Actually, yes. I do. Curtis is free. [ Sighs ] I’m free. And now there’s no more looking back, no more asking myself what might have been.

Stella: [ Sighs ] I thought my nephew meant more to you.

Jordan: Stella. [ Scoffs ]  I love Curtis. And at one point, he loved me, too. But our marriage didn’t work. So, once those papers are filed… the rest of my life can finally begin.

Jason: Elizabeth, can I, uh, talk to you for a second?

Scott: Whoa, wait. Whoa, whoa. Hang on a second. Is this your friend? ‘Cause he’s got his own lawyer.

Elizabeth: No, no, it’s not Jason.

Scott: Okay, that’s good.

Elizabeth: W-we need to just — we need to talk about something else.

Scott: Okay. You do know, Jason, if anything happens to her, I will —

Jason: I know, I know. I’m gonna have to answer to you.

Scott: Yeah, you will.

Elizabeth: Thank you for meeting me. I’ll call you.

Scott: Okay. Bye, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Okay.

[ Lock clicks ]

Elizabeth: Did you get my message? I think Anna knows about Peter. Please tell me you got to his body before she did.

Anna: I was afraid someday that I was going to have to identify Peter’s body. You know, that is, if I… I didn’t end his life myself. Really is the only two ways… that this could have played out.

Finn: I guess I saved you the trouble.

Anna: For as much as he hated Faison, he turned out the same way. Choices he made… led him here.

Shawn: Well, Curtis and I had a conversation, and I think I’m gonna help him out at The Savoy.

Carly: [ Sighs ] Okay. Well, I’m really happy for Curtis, but I’m sad for Jason and me. We could really use your expertise.

Shawn: Okay, I have no doubt you can handle whatever comes up.

Carly: [ Laughs ]

Shawn: Especially since you and Jason are, uh…[ Clears throat ] …In it together?

Carly: Yes, we are, and we’re very happy.

Shawn: [ Laughs ]

Carly: [ Laughs ] And while I’m sure you will make The Savoy even more successful, I want you to know that you always have a place with us.

Shawn: Well, I’ll remember that.

Carly: And thank you for stabbing Jason.

Shawn: Oh, anytime.

[ Both laugh ]

Josslyn: You know, I promised my mom I’d stop pushing Spencer in the pool because it’s dangerous, but I can make an exception.  What did he do to you?

Spencer: I tried to prevent Trina from making a fool of herself by attempting to “Parent Trap” Ava and my father.

Josslyn: “Parent Trapping”? How?

Trina: I sent them each a drink and had the server tell them they were from each other.

Josslyn: That’s a great idea.

Trina: I know, right? And it would have worked if Mr. I’m-Not-A-Fan-Of-My-Stepmother hadn’t outed me and ruined it.

Spencer: That’s it. I’m done trying to help people.  Au revoir.

Josslyn: Ciao, loser.  [ Sighs ]

Trina: So, how did Spencer try to help you? Or am I reading that wrong?

Josslyn: Oh, no. He helped me alright. He told my mom about me and Cameron literally seconds before I was going to.

Trina: Oh, how did she take it?

Josslyn: I mean, it was fine, but it’s awkward.

Trina: I feel you. You know what’s even more awkward? When your mom opens up to you.

Curtis: And Trina was okay with it?

Portia: She seemed to be, yes.

Curtis: You told her it was me?

Portia: I did.

Curtis: I mean me, not some other Curtis.

Portia: No, no. She knew the Curtis I was speaking of, yes.

Curtis: Okay, so, when you told her that we were gonna start “seeing each other,” are you sure she knew what you meant?

Portia: I was very clear.

Curtis: Huh.

Portia: Which was, I don’t know, kind of new. [ Chuckles ] Not just because I haven’t really dated much since Marcus and I split, but because she’s my little girl, you know?   And yet, she’s not anymore. She’s a grown woman.

Curtis: Mm-hmm.

Portia: And instead of, like, her always confiding in me, it’s — it was kind of like we’re confiding in each other, you know?

Curtis: Right. And how does that make you feel?

Portia: Good. It felt really good. Like my daughter and I are actually, I don’t know, becoming friends. And I could really use one of those right about now.

Curtis: [ Sighs ] I assume you’re thinking about Jordan.

Portia: Aren’t you?

Curtis: Yeah. Uh, I’m thinking that I’d better tell her about us before she finds out some other way.

[ Knock on door ]

Officer: Commissioner, you’re wanted in interrogation.

Jordan: Thanks. And thank you, Stella, for your concern.  [ Sighs ] But I do have to ask you to just —

Stella: I know, I know. You want me to mind my own business.

Jordan: I do.

Stella: Then I will. And, please, don’t worry about me. I’ll show myself out.  [ Sighs ] One thing you should know by now, Jordan… my family is my business. Oh, lord, forgive me. But it’s for a good cause.

Finn: I knew this moment would come. The whole end of the road, getting caught thing. But now that it’s here, I’m almost relieved. I’m glad it was you.

Anna: Yeah. Let’s not put it off any longer, then. Ready?

Finn: Yeah.

Jason: Yes, I did get your message. I did not cross paths with Anna. Spinelli was able to take care of the security cameras so I could get to the basement unseen. But once I got into the lab —

Elizabeth: Just tell me what you did with the body.

Jason: Nothing. I opened the freezer, Peter’s body isn’t there.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Portia (to Curtis): How is this something Trina needs to know?

Jordan (to Dante): Did Anna tell you what she’s doing to follow up?

Josslyn (to Trina): Proceed with caution.

Anna (to Finn): Are you absolutely certain that Peter was dead?

Gladys (to Sasha): You put my son up to this, didn’t you?

Brando: What’s your third wish?

Laura (to Carly):  Are you having second thoughts?

Elizabeth (to Jason): Is there a way to find out?

Jason: There is.

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