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Ashland: I have a minor anxiety attack and you start to question if the merger was a mistake. I didn’t know you were an alarmist.

Victoria: I’m not an alarmist. I just want to make sure that we’re doing everything in your best interest.

Ashland: This merger is the most exciting thing that I have done in my career. I do not have one single regret.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Look, panic attacks don’t happen for no reason. Didn’t you just admit that these attacks are — are because you’re — you’re giving up things that are very important to you?

Ashland: I wasn’t talking about my business. And look at how everything’s changed — my marriage, the child that I thought was my flesh and blood, this diagnosis that is gonna steal my life away and the legacy that I was hoping to create by passing my business along to my son and teaching him how to run it. This is the burden that I wake up to every morning, and you are the one thing that keeps it all from getting so much worse.

Victoria: I’m glad that I’m helping. I just wish that it was enough to keep these attacks from happening. But I believe that there’s a way that you can stop them.

Billy: I’m really sorry to hear that. Yeah, I’m available tomorrow. You just let me know. You as well. Thank you.

[ Sighs ]

Phyllis: Problem?

Billy: My meeting just canceled on me.

Phyllis: Mm. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Billy: No one cancels on you.

Phyllis: No, no one ever. If you want to avoid last-minute appointment cancelations, why don’t you bring lily? No one would cancel on her.

Billy: Oh, you’re right. No one cancels on lily. Unfortunately, she can’t be here. She took a last-minute trip to go see mattie. So my meeting’s canceled. I’m here all alone. Maybe we should connect and figure out what’s going on with tara.

Phyllis: So your theory that sally and tara are working together? From what I’ve seen, you are 1,000% correct.

Kyle: What do you think about taking harrison to a pool party for kids at the grand phoenix this weekend?

Tara: That does sound like fun. But maybe we could find some alternatives.

Kyle: Well, if you’re worried about lifeguards or supervision —

Tara: It’s phyllis. I don’t think she likes me very much.

Kyle: Oh, I don’t think you need to worry about that. She feels the same way about half the people in this town.

Tara: I wasn’t a big fan of the way she just made herself welcome at our table yesterday.

Kyle: Yeah, you’ll have to learn how to take her with a grain of salt.

Tara: I hate saying anything ’cause I know she was almost your mother-in-law, but…

Kyle: What?

Tara: I think she feels like I’m somehow responsible for summer taking that job in italy.

Kyle: Well, you are responsible.

Sharon: Ooh. Darn it.

Moses: You can keep the heat. I mean, I’ll take a cold, crisp winter day anytime.

Faith: No offense, but that’s a little bonkers. Who likes ice and snow?

Sharon: Hey, you twO. You want something to drink?

Moses: Oh, yeah, I’ll take a lemonade. Thanks.

Faith: I still can’t believe that tigirlily was right here in this coffee house.

Moses: Yeah, it was pretty dope, right?

Faith: I can’t wait to see them perform at the new hope charity concert. What do you think, mom?

Sharon: Yeah, that sounds great. Maybe adam will be back from minnesota by then.

Faith: You mean rey?

Sharon: Yeah. That’s what I said.

Faith: No, you said adam.

Sharon: Oh, well, obviously, I meant rey. I’m just really anxious for him to come home. You know, I have too much on my mind today. Tiffany called and said she’s gonna be a little bit late for her shift. You know, would you mind taking over here for a little while? I think you’re up for it now, aren’t you?

Faith: What if someone comes in with a super-complicated order? Espresso macchiato with steamed soy milk and lemon zest or something.

Sharon: You’ll be fine. And, you know, you won’t be here that long by yourself.

Faith: Wait, where are you going?

Sharon: Errands.

Chelsea: Anita’s doing well.

Adam: That’s good.

Chelsea: Yeah, she’s gonna need a lot more physical therapy, though. For such a minor surgery, she’s facing a lengthy recovery.

Adam: Hmm. Well, I’m sure that’s frustrating for her.

Chelsea: Yeah. But being able to see connor so much, it puts her in a good mood.

Adam: I know how she feels. How’s he doing?

Chelsea: He’s really good. You know, anita takes any opportunity she can to tell people all about her brilliant grandson. She’s so proud of him, and connor, of course, loves the attention.

Adam: I’m glad.

Chelsea: I don’t think i would’ve been able to do this without him, so thank you for letting me bring him along with me and putting your foot down with victor. I know you didn’t have to do that, and it means a lot to me. I’ll forever be grateful.

Adam: That is all great to hear. That is the reason that I wanted connor to go on this trip with you in the first place. But, chelsea, it’s time to start talking about when to bring him home. We’re eating and drinking foods and beverages

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Chelsea: You want connor home already? We just got here.

Adam: He has lacrosse camp starting in a few days, and it wouldn’t be fair to upend his entire summer schedule for this.

Chelsea: We have plans, adam, things we want to do when grandma has her appointments. There’s this — this “evolution of the video game” exhibit at the museum and new baby snow monkeys at the zoo.

Adam: I assumed you would be doing all sorts of fun stuff, and I don’t want to rob you of your time with him, so when anita is better and you are able to come back, we can make up for it by giving you as much time with connor as you want, here in genoa city. All we’re doing is we’re just pushing the activities a little further down the road. That is all.

Chelsea: But [Sighs] How will he get home?

Adam: Connor can go with rey. As I understand, he’s supposed to come back in a day or two. That’ll be simple. He can drive our son home.

Chelsea: Adam, let him stay a little while longer, please.

Adam: I know your time with connor means a lot to you, and I’m aware that it means a lot to him, too. That’s why I thought it was important for you to go on this trip together, so that he could be reassured that you’re healthy. But he has seen that now.

Chelsea: Yeah, he knows I’m okay.

Adam: You can video chat. And it won’t be long until you can see him again. That is what’s important.

Chelsea: You’re right.

Kyle: That didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.

Tara: I should hope not.

Kyle: Yeah, well, what i meant was I certainly don’t blame you for summer leaving. Harrison is my kid and this is my life now, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. But it still put a burden on summer, and that’s nobody’s fault. Just is how it is. That’s why summer chose to leave. Apparently it was too much for her to handle.

Tara: “Apparently”?

Kyle: There’s part of me that wants to think there was more to it. I mean, she kept saying she was fine with the way things were, that she understood, so when she did that 180, it threw me. But…I guess it wasn’t as huge of a change in her attitude as i told myself. Signs were all there. I just didn’t want to see them. In a way, leaving me was… it was honest. Incredibly so. She broke my heart in ways that I couldn’t have dreamed of. But she felt the way she did and she did what she had to do.

Tara: Sorry.

Kyle: No. It’s not your fault.

Tara: I didn’t mean for you to open up about this. It’s your business. It’s not your job to make me feel better about all of this.

Kyle: Actually, it is my job to make this okay for all of us, including harrison. Look, I accept that responsibility, which is why i was wondering…

Tara: Yes, kyle?

Kyle: How would you feel if i asked sharon rosales to come by? I can call her and see if she has any free time.

Tara: Oh, I’ve — I met her at the coffee house. But why would you suggest that?

Kyle: Well, in addition to running crimson lights, she’s a therapist who has worked with kids and she might have good ideas on how to talk to harrison about locke’s illness.

Tara: I see.

Kyle: Okay, I know you have strong feelings about keeping ashland away from harrison after what happened at the park, but i want to make sure we go and do things the right way.

Tara: You amaze me. You never stop thinking about how we can make things better for our son.

Kyle: Any father would do the same.

Tara: Oh, you’re not just any father. You really are the best.

Victoria: All you have to do is just take one simple step.

Ashland: I know where this conversation is going because we have been here before. You want me to get treatment for the cancer.

Victoria: Yes, I do, because controlling your health will help alleviate the stress that you’re feeling. Yes, you can do yoga, you can do all the breathing, and that will help, but I’m talking about the real cause of it. You’re struggling right now because you feel like you’re out of control.

Ashland: I don’t want to keep having this circular conversation over and over again. If you were any other person on this earth, you wouldn’t dare keep revisiting this same thing day after day. I’ve told you again and again, I do not want treatment.

Victoria: And I can’t let it go.E I’M…[Sighs] This thing that’s happening between us is just getting so much stronger, deeper. I know I’m being so selfish, but I just want this to last as long as possible.

Ashland: As do I. But I do not want to experience some god-awful side effects just so I can add an extra half-hour to my life.

Victoria: And I don’t want that for you. But I keep thinking about your reasoning. You admit that you’re having these powerful anxiety attacks that can knock you to the ground. Do you know that’s a hell of a thing to hear from the toughest man that I’ve met in my life? You are a control freak.

Ashland: I beg your pardon?

Victoria: In the best possible way.

Ashland: Ah.

Victoria: You’re upfront about your power position and you don’t let anyone doubt you. It’s who you are. It’s how you’ve defined yourself. It’s how you’ve always defined yourself. Until now. You are letting this disease be the thing that defines you, and that — I’m sorry — I just — i can’t understand. Try our new scented oils for freshness that lasts.

Chloe: Chloe mitchell reporting for duty.

Adam: Welcome to your first day at newman media.

Chloe: Thanks. I think. Am I brave or just crazy? Because never, not even in my most wild nightmares, did I ever expect this happening.

Adam: Well, I am glad that you decided to come on board. Are you looking for something?

Chloe: Um…you know, just checking for booby traps.

Adam: [ Laughs ]

Chloe: Just in case your offer wasn’t the altruistic gesture you claimed it to be. Do you mind if I indulge myself?

Adam: Oh, no, please, be my guest, chloe. Satisfied?

Chloe: Yeah. For now. So, um, chelsea left me a message yesterday. She told me that she had a great visit with connor, and that never would’ve happened if you hadn’t agreed to it, so good move.

Adam: Connor’s actually going to be coming home in a couple days.

Chloe: Wait, already? I mean, just when chelsea is getting her relationship back with her son and finally in a good place, you’re already pulling the plug?

Adam: I’m just trying to make sure everyone gets what they need. Not that I owe you an explanation. So why don’t we just focus on work?

Chloe: That’s probably for the best.

Adam: When you check out your new office, you’ll see that I’ve set you up with everything you need to dive right in. I’m giving you free reign to develop the fashion platform, including hiring your own team, because I trust your fashion instincts and because I have none of my own.

Chloe: So when chelsea does come back and when she’s ready to live her free life, you are still willing to let her be onboard.

Adam: I have no reason to go back on my word. I think it would be good for chelsea.

Chloe: You do? So you’re not setting chelsea up the same way you did with connor — make a promise, then break it?

Adam: That’s not going to happen.

Chloe: Okay. Got to wonder. No one plays mind games like you do, and maybe this [Chuckles] Was just all an act going way back to when you first offered me the job. Give me what I want, make me happy, keep me quiet. And this new leaf of yours is just one big act.

Faith: Making the perfect cup of coffee is a science. I figure once I excel at the simple stuff, the classics, then I can branch out, spice things up. I was thinking about trying a cold brew latte next.

Moses: No.

Faith: What’s wrong?

Moses: Please don’t hate me, but I can’t drink another ounce of your experiments. My hands are jittery, my life is flashing before my eyes. Just please no more caffeine.

Faith: I will never excel as a master barista with that lack of support. Speaking of careers, what’s going on with your future plans?

Moses: Well, actually, I was talking with devon, and a career in music might be worth checking out.

Faith: What’s nate got to say about that?

Moses: Not much. I mean, we haven’t really had time to talk about it. But what I can say is I’m really excited for going backstage at the new hope concert, see how everything comes together. Medicine is great, intellectually, but music —

Faith: Dr. Hastings! What can I get for you?

Nate: Uh, let me get just an espresso. Hey, bud. Listen, I know we haven’t had a chance to talk about things yet. But before we do, I want you to think long and hard about what you really want. Ask yourself if you really want to go into medicine. And consider what you’d be giving up if you don’T.

Faith: Either way, I think we can all agree on one thing. Moses should do the thing that makes him the happiest, right?

Nate: Of course.

Phyllis: So you were definitely right about tara and sally. I saw them commiserating right here. They…

[ Sighs ] They drove my daughter out of town.

Billy: You’re sure about that.

Phyllis: Well, pretty sure about that. I mean, they both benefited. Sally has her job at jcv. The other one has her ex-fiancé.

Billy: Not exactly sure tara’s capable of pulling all that off.

Phyllis: Oh, well, she’s relying on harrison to do it for her. Harrison is an abbott that jack and kyle didn’t even know about until now.

Billy: Because tara kept the truth from kyle.

Phyllis: Exactly. Of course, they can’t see that. All they see is a little boy who needs their love. I mean, hell, it was hard for me to accept that those two manipulated my daughter so, but they did. Tara and sally, they’re in this together, for sure. I mean, tara’s getting close to the abbotts because she doesn’t want to give up her gilded lifestyle.

Billy: Which makes it open season on poor, vulnerable kyle. And if you’re tara, hooking up with your son’s biological father sure does tick a lot of boxes, doesn’t it?

Phyllis: You know, there’s one other thing I don’t understand. Summer recommended sally for her job at jcv.

Billy: You kidding me? Why?

Phyllis: I don’t know. I mean, honestly, it was soul-crushing for me to hear that. But she did. I mean, she hates sally.

Billy: And you think summer’s hand was forced somehow?

Phyllis: I don’t know. We just need to find out why she was manipulated. And we need to expose it, and then my daughter will come home.

Billy: Well, if that is your plan, phyllis, there is one question to be asked. Are you sure that summer wants to come home? With voltaren arthritis pain gel

Chloe: This “new adam” thing is just a hoax. And I’m gonna make sure the whole world knows it.

Adam: Fine. You saw right through me, chloe. Your job was a trap. It’s a joke. Get out of my office. Right now.

Chloe: You know, I knew it. I knew it was too good to be true, and you just proved it. You have not changed one damn bit. Well, you know what? I’m not intimidated. I’m not going anywhere because we had a contract. In fact, I had michael look it over to make sure it was legit.

Adam: Oh, that’s a great idea. I assume he said it was.

Chloe: Yes, he did.

Adam: Good to know. There’s the door. Oh, and take that with you.

Chloe: What’s this? A restraining order? Because that’s what it’s gonna take to keep me away from here.

Adam: That’ll be the key to your new office. You’re going to need it.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] Wait, you — what? Wh–

Adam: Look, I know that you were pushing my buttons, trying to get a reaction out of me. Was that the one that you wanted, chloe?

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You know, your pretend anger is very convincing.

Adam: Well, we needed to get that out of the way if we’re gonna work together.

Chloe: And we are.

Adam: And, yes, we do have a valid contract and I’m gonna hold you to it. And, yes, I want you to bring chelsea in on the project when the time is right.

Chloe: [ Sighs ] You are a real piece of work.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Look, I know that you’ll never trust me fully, but I do accept the challenge that you will come around eventually, because if you can one day see me in a new light, anyone can.

Chloe: Well, I better get going. I have work to get done. But in the meantime, don’t hold your breath.

Phyllis: Are you saying that my daughter wouldn’t want to come back into town? I mean, she loves genoa city. She loves her family. I inspire her.

Billy: Look, this is just a reminder that whatever dirty tricks sally and tara have played, summer did get her dream job. She is a smart, talented person in the fashion capital of the world. What other ambitious person wouldn’t want to be in her shoes?

Phyllis: I mean, well, that’s true. But, I mean, she would sacrifice the love of her life?

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Phyllis: What? Please tell me.

Billy: Look, I am fond of both kyle and summer, no matter what you think about me. But the love of her life? That’s a little wishful thinking with all the ups and downs that they’ve had.

Phyllis: So you think they would have broken up anyway?

Billy: Before summer left, i encouraged kyle to take one more shot to get her to stay, and she didn’T. She left and she has left before. So all I’m saying is maybe sally and tara hastened the demise of their relationship.

Phyllis: I know why people cancel their meetings with you, ’cause you’re a bum-out. I’m not gonna accept your pessimistic attitude about my daughter’s love life or about whether she wants to come home or not.

Billy: Well, that’s because you’re her mother.

Phyllis: No, it’s because she was manipulated into leaving town is why. My daughter will want to come back to reclaim what is rightfully hers. She is her mother’s daughter.

[ Sighs ] Sally and tara did this. They pushed my daughter out of town. And we must expose this. I cannot — i will not let this stand.

Kyle: Please, sharon, have a seat. So I assume you’ve seen the video of ashland and harrison at the park.

Sharon: I have.

Kyle: It was an isolated incident, a rare occurrence of everything going wrong that could’ve gone wrong. But it was awful for harrison seeing the man he calls father like that, and so tara and i think it’s important that we have a solid plan.

Sharon: Okay, um, well, I’m not sure what you mean exactly. What kind of plan?

Kyle: Like what amount of access for ashland is right given the situation and how do we talk to harrison about locke’s illness.

Tara: We just want to do the best thing for our son, to protect him.

Sharon: Well, I worry about the impulse to eliminate ashland from the conversation about his own disease, and it could send a message to harrison that illness and death are unnatural or something to be hidden. And you wouldn’t want harrison to grow up feeling afraid of people who have impairments or deal with certain challenges. And if you do limit their contact, harrison will feel abandoned by his dad, and then he’ll probably blame himself and wonder what he did wrong. I think what harrison needs to know right now, above everything else, is that his father loves him, despite everything.

Kyle: What do you think is the best course of action?

Sharon: I think that tara and ashland need to talk to harrison together, and I would be loving and gentle, but, above all, be truthful.

Kyle: That makes so much sense. It’s exactly what we needed to hear. Advil dual action fights pain 2 ways.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Kyle: What’d you think?

Tara: Sharon’s very knowledgeable. And it was so generous of her to share her thoughts and opinions with us, but for me, it isn’t just about that monday in the park. Ashland isn’t just a man who gets what he wants, he smashes anyone who tries to get in his way. And if I try to talk to him about this, that is the side that’s gonna emerge. And he’s already furious with me about trying to get sole custody of harrison.

Kyle: I think on some level, ashland knows he overreacted in the park, and he may even understand why you reacted the way you did. Look, I’m not saying the conversation will be easy, but if I’m right about ashland, it may not be that hard. And maybe it will lead to a compromise that helps harrison. That is what this is all about, right?

Tara: I just hate living my life under a microscope.

Kyle: No, no one is judging you, tara.

Tara: Oh, no? Ash resents me for trying to protect our little boy. Phyllis has crazy ideas about my motives and is trying to get me to admit to something. And now I’m worried that you and jack are going to judge me, too. All I have ever wanted is to do what’s best for our son.

Kyle: My father and I will always be in your corner, no matter what. And when it comes to phyllis, you let me handle her. But this stalemate with locke has to end, for harrison’s sake, and I know deep down you agree.

Victoria: Do you like the tea?

Ashland: Well, it smells like fresh-cut lawn, but let me guess, it’s good for me.

Victoria: I just — I thought that maybe you needed something restorative after your episode.

[ Sighs ] Is it helping?

Ashland: Uh, it wasn’t necessary, but I truly appreciate it. Just being around you, I feel exponentially better.

Victoria: Have you given any more thought to what I said?

Ashland: Of course I have.

Victoria: But you’re not changing your mind, are you? Because it’s too hard for the great and powerful ashland locke to admit that I’m right and he is wrong. I know what I said before was a little bit manipulative, but I’m running out of ways to make you see that you’ve made your decision in haste. I think a lot has changed since you declared that you’re not interested in seeking treatment. We’ve merged our companies.

Ashland: We have. And we became us.

Victoria: You are such a force. You still have so much to give, and I want to get as much as i can.

Ashland: I’d forgotten how greedy you are.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Yes, there is something in it for me, but there is so much in it for you, too, and I promise you, any extra time you get will be a gift. I will personally see to it.

Ashland: [ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ] It’s tara. I should probably get this. I’m so sorry.

Victoria: No, it’s fine. Of course.

Tara: Hello, ashland.

Ashland: What’s this about?

Tara: Harrison. I’d like to meet. We have a lot to discuss.

Sharon: Rey, hi. I just — I just needed to hear your voice. I do hope you’ll be coming home soon. Call me when you’re free. Love you.

Adam: Sharon.

Sharon: [ Gasps ] Oh, gosh!

[ Sighs ] Are you following me now? To be a thriver

Kyle: When ashland arrives, I’ll get the door, I’ll show him in, and then I’ll join you on the couch to show him that we are united. What do you think?

Tara: I think you have put a lot of thought into this.

Kyle: I only want to help.

Tara: But I should probably do this part on my own.

Kyle: You sure about that?

Tara: You’re very sweet, but I can handle him.

Kyle: Okay. I’ll give you your space. It’s probably good that harrison’s still at his play date. But I wonder…

Tara: What I’ll say about custody? Guess that depends on what ash is like when he gets here.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Geez, I say “hello,” and I’m suddenly stalking you?

Sharon: No, I-I didn’t mean that. I really apologize. I’ve just been really jumpy the last few days, and then you just came out of nowhere.

Adam: Well, it is a public park in broad daylight. You never know what’s lurking around the corner. It could be crying babies or suspicious looking butterflies. So what has you all spooked?

Sharon: Um, our conversation the other night. You know, you completely turned that around and made it about us.

Adam: I wasn’t aware that i did that. We were talking about people’s perception of me. I mean, billy had just accused me of putting on a performance to try to get you back. I mean, the conversation just flowed from that.

Sharon: Well, but then before I knew it, we were talking about which one I liked better — good adam or bad adam. And I don’t know what that had to do with anything. And just so you know, I don’t feel pull towards either side of you. Right now what I feel pulled toward is rey, who is going to be coming home soon after being out of town looking after your ex of all people. So don’t try to rope me in to talking about our history. It’s in the past.

Nate: Hey.

Victoria: Hey.

[ Sighs ] I’m so glad you could make it.

Nate: I’ve got to admit, i was surprised to get your call, but always happy to make time for you. Everything okay?

Victoria: With me, yes. I’m great. I just wanted to pick your brain on behalf of a friend.

Nate: Okay, I’ll help if i can.

Victoria: Look, I know it’s not your specialty, but I have always respected your abilities so much. My friend has been diagnosed with small cell lung carcinoma.

Nate: I’m sorry to hear that.

Victoria: Until now, he’s been resistant to treatment, but I was hoping that maybe I could learn a few things to give him a reason to consider some of the options.

Nate: I read the news and i watch tv. I have a pretty good sense of who you’re talking about.

Victoria: No names.

Nate: Understood. I should tell you I recently had a similar conversation with billy. He had questions about a hypothetical friend’s health. Shortly after, those articles from chanccomm went online.

Victoria: Did he mention any names?

Nate: No, he kept it anonymous. Didn’t reveal many details, but it’s clear to me you’re talking about the same person.

Victoria: I’m not surprised that billy asked you about this, but honestly, I don’t want to get into why he’s curious. I’m only interested in what you have to tell me.

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Adam: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Chloe: Hey.

Adam: Chloe. Come iN.

Chloe: I e-mailed you some designs, some other ideas I want you to take a look at.

Adam: You don’t waste any time, do you?

Chloe: Get back to me when you can.

Adam: Yeah, you can count on it.

Chloe: Thanks.

Faith: I’ve been working on my latte art. It’s a heart. What do you think? Hi, mom.

Moses: It kind of looks like a pineapple. But it’s cool.

Faith: What do you think, mom?

Sharon: Good work.

Faith: Is everything okay?

Sharon: Yeah, sure.

Faith: You seemed a little off before you left.

Sharon: Oh, I was just thinking about rey and worried. He can’t get home soon enough as far as I’m concerned.

Victoria: My eyes are wide open. I’m aware of conventional treatments — radiation, chemotherapy. I know that this is realistically not a conversation about a cure, it’s about buying time. And making the most of that time.

Nate: I’m glad you have a clear-eyed view on this. With this type of cancer, you’re talking small percentages, low probability of success, small amounts of time.

Victoria: I understand that, but there must be scientists out there somewhere trying to combat this. New drugs, different approaches. I want to hear about clinical trials and promising experimental treatments on the horizon. Anything like that. Nothing’s off the table.

Nate: Yeah, these are great questions. And as you’ve said, oncology is not my specialty, but I’ll be more than happy to confer with colleagues and see what’s out there.

Victoria: Thank you. That’s wonderful of you. Thank you.

Nate: Just doing my job.

Victoria: You’re being modest. I know that you have a lot on your plate right now, but I have to give my friend something, anything, present him with an option that maybe he hasn’t heard of before. That might help him make a decision.

Tara: Thanks for getting here so quickly.

Ashland: Where is your entourage of abbotts?

Tara: I just wanted it to be the two of us. We need to talk about how we’re gonna explain things to harrison.

Ashland: Things. You mean my diagnosis.

Tara: This is something I’m willing to do as a team.

Ashland: A team? Well, that is something that we are no longer, and you made that crystal clear when you went for sole custody.

Tara: Don’t make this any more difficult than it already is.

Ashland: Oh, I should make it easy for you? Why? Are you having a bad day?

Tara: I’m making an effort.

Ashland: The only effort that I care about is the one you made trying to keep harrison from ever seeing me again.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

Kyle: Hey, phyllis.

Phyllis: Yeah? Can I help you?

Kyle: Simple request. Tell me what the hell you’re doing to tara.

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