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Sonny: How long are you staying?

Nina: Well, as long as I’m needed.

Sonny: Mm. That could be a long time.

Nina: Could be. I wouldn’t want to cramp your style or anything, because I can just go if —

Sonny: You take another step towards the door, I might have to do something drastic.

Nina: Well, I wouldn’t want that.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Nina: Hey, why don’t you bring us some more beer? We got a lot of catching up to do.

Sam: Hey, I hope you don’t mind a splash of rum with your pineapple.

Shawn: [ Chuckles ] Shades of Negril. Have you been?

Sam: Um, yes, actually — a long time ago.

Shawn: I hear you. Well, cheers to your new office.

Sam: And a broad-minded parole officer. [ Laughs ]

Shawn: Cheers.

Sam: Cheers.

Shawn: Mmm-mmm-mmm.

Sam: That sure is good. You know I do my best thinking on a lounge.

Shawn: Oh, no justification needed.

Sam: Ah.

Shawn: We’re not slacking on the job. We’re working.

Sam: Yeah, that’s right.

Shawn: In fact…there’s our target now.

Alexis: Oh, my god. Ryan? Fancy meeting you here.

Monica: We have narrowed the candidates down to the two of you. It is imperative that we turn the page on Cyrus Renault. He nearly ran this hospital right into the ground.

Britt: Agreed. [ Chuckles ] And who better to do that than the woman who led the covert effort against him?

Terry: The woman whom he didn’t handpick in the first place?

Jason: Just tell me what happened to Peter.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] Jason, I’ve got a lot going on. I’m trying to get my family back to some semblance of normalcy. Cameron is starting PCU, Jake is taking a summer animation class, and Aiden signed up for a baking competition.

Jason: Okay, look, I don’t want to push you.

Elizabeth: Then don’t.

Jason: But I can’t ignore what I just overheard. And it wasn’t just the words. It was the tone of your voice. I’m pretty sure you’re in trouble. Let me help you.

Finn: You say you might have a lead on Peter?

Anna: It was more of a theory, really. You know, evidence is inconclusive, but it’s the best line we’ve got right now.

Finn: Everything starts with a hypothesis. You think it might bring you any closer to Peter?

Anna: It’s difficult to say. I hope not.

Sam: Hey. How’s it going?

Jax: Hey, Sam.

Sam: It’s been a while.

Jax: You know, I’ve been better. But I just heard that you and I are part of the, uh — the same exclusive club.  Your ex and my ex?

Sam: Oh.

Jax: Together at last.

Sam: Yeah. Well, I am definitely not looking forward to that bridal shower.

Jax: [ Laughs ]

Sam: I was thinking of making plans that coincide visiting day at Spring Ridge with my mother whether she is or isn’t available.

Jax: Yeah, how is Alexis? I h-heard that she earned a reprieve by exposing a biased judge.

Sam: I wouldn’t exactly call it a reprieve. I mean, just because she’s not in a maximum security prison, it’s still prison. She’s just with less dangerous convicts.

Alexis: How the hell did you get assigned to this facility? Are you even in there? There you are. I see you. I just really wasn’t expecting that this place would have such a variety of inmates, you know? I know it’s a minimal security prison, but I was kind of expecting white-collar criminals and some maybe drunken ragers. But — but not a locked-in you. Didn’t see that coming. Just how recovered are you? [ Gasps ] Oh!

Britt: I had nothing to do with Cyrus bringing me in as chief. But when I discovered what he was up to, I risked my life to stop his corruption — not only for this hospital, but for Port Charles. When I saw what his drugs were doing to this town, I wanted to take him down. And what I was doing was a hell of a lot more significant than gossiping at the desk with Nurse Baldwin.

Terry: I-I don’t dispute your dedication, Doctor. We were all very worried when you went into hiding.  Thank goodness you had Jason Morgan to satisfy your needs — for safety. This hospital is trying to salvage its reputation. Cyrus Renault was running drugs out of G.H. under your watch, and one has to wonder whether you looked the other way. The board could hardly be faulted for addressing this perception with a clean break.

Monica: Uh, excuse me, Doctors. The lobbying is all done. We have made our decision. So, do you want to hear what it is?

Britt:  All ears.

Terry: I’m sorry, Dr. Quartermaine.

Monica: While both of you are eminently qualified doctors, any hospital would be privileged to have you as chief of staff.

Britt:  And what about this one?

Monica: Especially this one. So, congratulations, Dr. Westbourne. And congratulations, Dr. Randolph. You are both chief of staff.

Nina: What’s that smile all about?

Sonny: What? I can’t smile?

Nina: No, I love it when you smile. Smile all the time and preferably in my direction. But what is prompting that smile?

Sonny: I’m just happy to — happy to see you.

Nina: I am really happy to see you, too. Hey, stubble never looked so good.

Sonny: I was actually gonna shave.

Nina: No, because, you know, this rugged look, it really suits you.

Sonny: Yeah?

Nina: Yeah.

Sonny: Maybe in Nixon Falls , but, you know, a little rough around the edges is not gonna go well in a big city like Port Charles.

Nina: Oh?

Sonny: Yeah. You don’t know how close I came, I got to tell you, driving all the way out there… and bringing you back to me.

[ Door closes ]

Anna: I’m confused. You — you went to New York to find Peter. You were hell-bent on finding Peter, and — and now you’re dragging your feet. What happened? Did Valentin get in your head?

Anna: No, he’s not in my head.

Finn: Okay. Well, he’s not without guilt, right? I mean, he more than anyone shaped Peter into the man he became.

Anna: A-and he does regret his actions when Peter was a baby. He’s as motivated as I am to make amends, protect the people we love.

Finn: So if he’s all in, what has you dragging your feet? You said you would do whatever it took to bring him to justice.

Anna: Well, I meant that. But when I said those things, I-I couldn’t know where the hunt would lead me or what it might — might cost when I got there.

Elizabeth: Jason, please, I-I can’t talk about this with you.

Jason: If you can’t talk to me, how soon before you think you’re gonna be talking to the cops? I’m thinking of the boys. Jake, Aiden, Cam — Elizabeth, they need you, so whatever you’re mixed up in, I can help if you just tell me what’s going on.

Elizabeth: If I tell you, I’ll make you responsible, too.

Jason: Okay, I’m the one pursuing this. I accept the risk.

Elizabeth: Okay, the truth is, I’ve been wanting to tell you pretty much since the beginning because I trust you and I know you would understand. Peter August is dead.

Nina: You were on your way to Port Charles?

Sonny: Yeah, I, uh — well, I got very close, and then I restrained myself ’cause I-I thought that you — you know, I don’t want to interrupt you and your grandson. I mean, I know how important that is to you. Did you guys have a good time? You had fun?

Nina: Yeah, it was a really great time. You know, he’s doubled in size and he’s tripled his vocabulary. I was — I was teaching him how to swim, and get this. He loves the pool, hates the ocean, and he — he prefers jam over jelly on his toast.

Sonny: Right.

Nina: And, oh, and the world stops if we see a dump truck or a dog or — or… or anything under construc– am I going on a little bit too much about this?

Sonny: No. What are you talking about? I like seeing you happy like this. So it was a success with Wiley. What about the family? They get in the way again?

Nina: Wiley’s father is being very accommodating.

Sonny: What about the other grandmother? She — she’s… she get in the way, too, or not?

Nina: You know, I was expecting a little pushback, to be honest with you, but she has — um, she has found some compassion for the situation.

Sonny: That’s a switch.

Nina: Yeah. I mean, we’re — we’re doing it. We’re getting along. You know, I’ll give her credit where credit is due.

Sonny: Does that extend to your ex? ‘Cause he paved the way, right?

Nina: Yeah, he did.

Sonny: So he’s in your good graces now? I mean, you guys — you guys working it out?

Jax: You know, I would actually love to see Alexis. You think she’s up for a visit?

Sam: Yeah, sure. Go and try. I’m sure you’re welcome.

Jax: ‘Cause I tried to visit her early on in Pentonville, but I was turned away.

Sam: Oh, do not take that personal because when she was at Pentonville…

Jax: Okay.

Sam: …She kept us all at bay. She didn’t want to see me, Kristina, or molly.

Jax: Really?

Sam: Yeah, but thankfully, she’s found some sort of a purpose. She’s helping other inmates out with their parole and appeals.

Jax: Although some of her prison clients leave a lot to be desired for.

Shawn: … I’m sure glad I made the cut… or I’d still be behind bars. But maybe that’s where you think I should be.

Jax: Abuse of power by a bigot judge is wrong, but I also believe the person who shot Hayden Barnes deserves the appropriate punishment.

Shawn: Then we’re in complete agreement.

Sam: What if I told you that Shawn was not that person?

Alexis: Nikolas! Oh, god, I’m glad to see you. And don’t ever sneak up on me like that again. This place is not conducive to surprises, and I just got a big one.

Britt:  We can’t both be chief of staff. How would that work? She’s chief of staff Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and I have the rest of the week?

Terry: Oh, so four days to my three.

Britt:  [ Sighs ]

Monica: No, I’m offering you a position of co-chief of staff. We need someone with institutional, organizational, and leadership skills. We also need someone with a fresh perspective, someone who can rally an already demoralized staff.

Terry: It’s an unconventional leadership framework. Well, I’m sure the two of you will make a very good team. I can’t imagine a better duo.

Monica: Maybe I spoke too soon.

Elizabeth: Finn caught Peter on the roof. There was a helicopter circling above. Peter had a vial of the antidote that was keeping Chase alive. He wouldn’t give it to Finn. Instead, he threw it off the roof and turned around to go back downstairs, and Finn just lost it. He pushed Peter down the stairs. And when I got to the stairwell, Peter was lying on the ground bleeding. No pulse. Finn wanted to confess, but Chase would have died if Finn hadn’t been around to save him. So…we did the only thing we could.

Jason: You got rid of the body.

Elizabeth: We thought about telling a million times. Not because we feel guilty. Peter August was a monster, and God forgive me, I feel no remorse for what happened to him. But Maxie — Maxie — I feel terrible that she’s terrified that Peter’s out there and might come back. But if we go to the police and we confess, a-at the very least, there’s gonna be an investigation.

Jason: Yeah, I mean, the fact that you guys initially covered up what happened, that might work against you.

Elizabeth: And Finn has Violet to think of, and I have my boys. And we still don’t know what happened to Maxie’s baby. I mean, obviously, she’s not with Peter, but she’s out there somewhere.

Jason: Where’s Peter’s body?

Elizabeth: Helena’s lab. In the subbasement, there’s a freezer. Peter’s inside.

Anna: We located Peter’s helicopter pilot in New York. We hoped that they would lead us to Peter or the baby or both, you know?

Finn: And? I mean, any news on the baby, at least?

Anna: Not Peter?

Finn: Well, I figured you didn’t have any news on Peter ’cause you said you didn’t want to find him.

Anna: Right. Um… as regards to the baby, t-the pilot had very little to offer before we arrested him, other than the fact that the original plan was to pick up Maxie, the baby, and the kidnapper, but that plan fell through.

Finn: Mm-hmm. I was told the police have cellphone records suggesting that the fake nurse met with somebody in the woods. Was it the pilot? Did she give the baby to him?

Anna: No.

Finn: Hmm.

Anna: No, if — if he knew where she was, he would have given her up in a heartbeat to mitigate the trouble he’s in. The irony is that if he had picked Peter up, he would be dead by now because we both know Peter doesn’t like loose ends. Not landing was the best thing that ever happened to that pilot.

Finn: I suppose.

Anna: So he was denied clearance to land, and he was circling. And he saw Peter on the roof. But Peter wasn’t alone up there.

Jason: Okay, uh, back to work. And if anybody… saw us together and questions you, all you got to do is say we were talking about the animation class that Jake is gonna take this summer.

Elizabeth: Okay. Jason, what are you gonna do?

Jason: I’m gonna make this go away.

Terry:  Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity, but I have to ask, since Dr. Westbourne didn’t take the deal, does that mean it’s off the table for me, as well?

Monica: Well, she didn’t turn it down. She just hasn’t accepted it yet.

Terry:  Do you think she will?

Monica: Since she is the daughter of Liesl Obrecht and Obrecht is nothing else if not pragmatic, I think she’ll see the wisdom of the choice.

Terry:  And if she doesn’t?

Monica: It really is in her best interest to. Look, Terry, cards on the table, um, I presented this as a package deal. Either you both accept it or neither one of you gets it and I go looking for another candidate.

Terry: You won’t have to do that. I will put my superpower people skills to work.

Monica: [Chuckles] Think of this as your first test in your diplomatic ability as co-chief. And if diplomacy doesn’t work, you can always go for flattery. It ain’t pretty, but it gets the job done.

Terry: [Sighs]

Nina: [ Sighs ] Jax went all-out for me, and I am greatly appreciative.

Sonny: Why wouldn’t you be?

Nina: He made me remember why I fell in love with him, but that was then. And I’m not that woman anymore. When I’m away from Port Charles, I don’t think about Jax.

Sonny: And when you’re there?

Nina: I think about you.

Sonny: And that’s a bad thing?

Nina: I should know better.

Sonny: Know better than to get together with a man like me?

Nina: I should know better than… to think I could make it work here. But I do dream about it. I dream. Mike, I think about you all the time. And when you called me and said for me to come home, it just seemed so right. But how could I possibly stay here? How could I make a life here?

Sonny: How could you not?

Finn: Can’t be certain about what you know… but I am certain I wouldn’t be very good at lying to you. Nor do I want to, so here we go.

No, don’t say another word. Just let me speak. Peter was supposed to be alone on the roof, but he wasn’t. And it spooked the helicopter pilot, and he backed off. But not before registering Peter’s companion — tall man, dark hair, wearing a suit. No one fitting that description has come forward. No one’s admitted to being on the roof with Peter. So Valentin and I, you know, we — we threw around a couple of theories. First theory is that person was a-an accomplice, but if that was the case, Peter would have insisted that the pilot land and he would be gone. That didn’t happen. Second theory is we’re not looking for an accomplice but an adversary, someone who went to the roof to confront Peter, stop him from escaping. But then why didn’t that person come forward, help law enforcement track him down? Perhaps there was an altercation. Perhaps things got out of hand. Perhaps something happened to — to Peter, something unintended that put this witness in an impossible situation. Maybe he can’t come forward because it will put his future at risk… and the future of everyone who relies on him.

[ Door opens ]

Elizabeth: Finn, I just spoke to —

Jason: Yeah, the cameras covering the roof and roof access. I need them to go down for about an hour, starting now. Can you, uh — can you hack them? Alright. Thanks, Spinelli.

Sonny: I know you have your whole life in Port Charles, and… if you don’t want to walk away from that, I understand. But that’s — that’s not what I’m asking. You know, Wiley — you can visit Wiley anytime you want. It’s only like, what, a couple hours’ drive?

Nina: Yeah. Are you making a case for me to stay here?

Sonny: How am I doing?

Nina: Oh, you’re doing great. It’s very sweet.

Sonny: Alright.

Nina: But it’s — it’s not really necessary because… Mike, I’m… not really concerned about keeping and maintaining my life in Port Charles. I’m… I’m really worried that my life in Port Charles is gonna come here… taint what I have with you.

Sonny: Well, you know, I know the feeling ’cause I’ve been wondering when that… old me is gonna show up, and I got to be honest with you, I don’t want — I don’t want him to. When I grabbed that gun… it was — it was a-a feeling that I had inside. It was very uncomfortable, and it scared me. I will risk losing my old life if it means… having you in my life.

Jax: So you turned down a plea bargain because you refused to give evidence — state evidence against Sonny. You chose prison so Sonny could stay out of it?

Shawn: Given how things ended for Sonny, I came out ahead of the game.

Jax: And how many years did Sonny get to enjoy his life while you were stuck behind bars?

Shawn: Look, Sonny wasn’t the only person to walk around free while I was in Pentonville. I didn’t shoot Hayden. Someone else wanted her dead. That person was never charged, never even investigated. I’m gonna find them.

Sam: And that’s where you come in. Shawn thinks that Hayden knows who was behind the shooting. If you help us find Hayden, we can finally put the right guy behind bars.

Nikolas: [ Sighs ] Enjoy the view, you son of a bitch.

Alexis: Oh, that’s mature. Just so you know, he didn’t approach me. I approached him.

Nikolas: I was relieved that you were transferred out of Pentonville. Had I known that this is where you would land, sharing quarters with Ryan Chamberlain, I would have broken you out and been done with it.

Alexis: You should probably know that talk about jailbreaks is not a good idea in here. Not even in jest.

Nikolas: Was I joking?

Alexis: You’ve already done enough for me, and I appreciate it.

Nikolas: I may have one string left to pull. I don’t like you in close proximity with Ryan.

Alexis: Look at him. He can’t move, can’t speak. He’s probably not gonna be able to murder anybody. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about him. I want to talk about you. Hi. How you doing?

Nikolas: [ Chuckles ] I’m up and down. Spencer’s home.

Alexis: [ Gasps ] That’s great.

Nikolas: Yeah, I’m so glad to have him back. Unfortunately… I might be losing my wife.

Britt: You’re still here.

Jason: Something came up.

Britt: Like a conversation with my boss? You said you were going to see her. You didn’t say something about me, did you? Because that would be really crappy of you to interfere with my work like that.

Jason: No, I haven’t talked to Monica about you. Why would I?

Britt: I don’t know. I don’t get why you do half the things you do.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Jason: I have to go.

Britt: Of course you do. [ Chuckles ]

Jason: [ Sighs ]

Britt: You owe me $19.97 — for the toothbrush head on my electric toothbrush. I bought a pack when I thought you might stay over. Just give me $5 since it was a pack of four and one was for you. I didn’t need a replacement head yet. I was trying to think of your comfort.

Jason: I got — I got $20.

Britt: Just Venmo me.

Elizabeth: Dr. Finn, I need you for a consult.

Finn: Dr. Goodman’s on duty. I’m dealing with something right now.

Elizabeth: Is everything okay?

Finn: Yeah, everything’s okay. Hey. Don’t worry. So, now what?

Anna: I don’t know what happened on that roof, but if Peter was trying to escape and he was somehow prevented from doing so, I think the person who prevented him would be given a great deal of consideration. That is, if an accident occurred during that encounter.

Finn: It’s too bad you’re not in charge of doling out considerations. There’s no telling what, uh, the police or a judge might do.

Anna: I know. What I also know is that if I followed Peter’s trail here, the police won’t be far behind because they have the pilot in custody and he’s going to have given them the same description of the man on the roof that he gave me. Whoever encountered Peter that day has one chance to get out in front of this… and one chance to have me stand by his side.

Sam:  If I can remember correctly, when Hayden first came into town, the two of you were seemingly close.

Jax: Oh, no, no, no. No, she was just trying to make Finn jealous. We were never more than business associates.

Sam:  [ Sighs ]

Shawn: You didn’t reach out to Hayden when she took off? She didn’t reach out to you?

Jax: No, I did. I tried, but all communication was cut off. Look, Hayden wasn’t my favorite person, but she was trying to create a better life for her and her child.  They seemed really close. She just met Finn, and — and suddenly, he was her only parent. I mean, I-I tried everything to — to find Hayden and bring her back.

Shawn: But no luck.

Jax: None.

Sam:  It doesn’t make any sense. Why wouldn’t Hayden at least try to contact her daughter or reach out or communicate somehow?

Jax: Well, maybe by staying away, it somehow protects Violet.

Alexis: I’m sorry about Ava. I didn’t know things had gotten so bad. Is there any hope?

Nikolas: Ava’s adamant about going through with the divorce.

Alexis: Well, what about a compromise? Legal separation?

Nikolas: Ava won’t consider it. How can I blame her? I mean, the stalker — he’s broken into Wyndemere, our hotel room, Ava’s gallery. He’s even targeted little Avery. That was the deal-breaker.

Alexis: Do the police have any leads?

Nikolas: They’re working on something, but they refuse to keep me in the loop. All they know for sure is that the stalker is exploiting Ryan’s obsession with Ava.

Alexis: Ryan? It can’t be him.

Nikolas: Yeah, so it would appear. What if it’s a-a fan or a wannabe or a familiar, someone who is just trying to impress Ryan by, uh, following in his footsteps, doing his dirty work? I have to find this bastard before it becomes too late for me and Ava.

Alexis: You know, you’re not gonna get anywhere until you can rule out a connection to Ryan. I mean, it’s too bad that you don’t have anybody that’s close enough to this to suss it out. Oh, wait.

Elizabeth: Jason, I went to see Finn to tell him that we talked, and Anna was there. I have a really bad feeling she knows.

Terry: Crazy question, but is it possible Britt Westbourne doesn’t entirely deserve her reputation?

Elizabeth: That is crazy.

Terry: It goes against conventional wisdom, maybe, but I don’t know. Maybe beneath her snarky exterior lurks a woman who’s desperate for companionship and compassion, hoping someone will hear her cry.

Elizabeth: She once made flambé out of a little girl’s doll.

Terry: No coming back from that, huh?

Elizabeth: I have better things to think about than Britt Westbourne. Why are you suddenly trying to unearth compassion for her, anyway?

Terry: I’m just looking for a way to charm and disarm her, but you’re right. There are better things to talk about, like what’s going on with you, Biz?

Anna:  I know my word counts for very little these days, and I wouldn’t blame anyone for being reluctant to put their fate in my hands. I’ve broken a lot of people’s trust, and I can’t apologize enough.

Finn: Hey, you don’t have to do this.

Anna:  No, I do. I do. ‘Cause I can’t let Peter… or whatever’s happened to him… I can’t let it ruin another person’s life. It was you. You were on the roof with him. Tell me what happened.

Finn: Better…if I show you.

Nina: There’s that smile again. [ Laughs ]

Sonny: [ Laughs ] I’m just happy to see you. You know, last time you left, I had to do everything I could to — to memorize your face.

Nina: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah.

Nina: It’s too bad, like, phones don’t have cameras and stuff like that.

Sonny: Oh, that’s a nice little, uh, way to kill the mood.

Nina: I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. Forgive me. Forgive me. But you don’t have to memorize my face. I’m gonna be around.

Sonny: I’m happy for that. Why don’t I just take a selfie for — just for — you know what I mean?

Nina: Alright, let’s do it.

Sonny: Let’s see.

Nina: You know how to use it?

Sonny: I’m — I’m — yeah, I do know how to use it.

Nina: Okay, ’cause I’m here to help you.

Sonny: [ Laughs ]

Nina: Okay. Wait.

Sonny: Okay, ready?

Nina: Cheese.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Nina: Perfect.

Sonny: Oh, you look great.

Nina: Thank you. You know what?

Sonny: What?

Nina: I should have had some coffee instead of these beers because I’m just getting so tired. You know, it’s that drive back here. Maybe I should go and settle in before we have to take Lenny to his treatment tomorrow.

Sonny: Oh, I know. That’s not gonna be fun, right?

Nina: Mnh-mnh.

Sonny: Yeah, you should go. You’re probably tired and the whole thing.

Nina: [ Groans ]

Sonny: So, uh, this is better than coffee.

Nina: Huh?

Sonny: Remember last time you left, we made a deal? And I said, “why don’t — w-why — I’ll give you my — my sauce, my special sauce, in exchange for a dance,” when you came back, right?

Nina: I remember that.

Sonny: Alright. Well, I’m ready to collect.

Nina: Mm-hmm? Yeah. How can I resist?

In your eyes is where I wanna…

Nina: Oh. Ooh. Smooth. You didn’t miss a step.

Sonny: I’ve been practicing.

Nina: Oh, you’ve been practicing.

Sonny: Yeah.

Nina: I think you’re kind of a natural. One of your many, many talents. I should go. [ Sighs ] Now I should go.

Sonny: [ Chuckles ] You better go.

Nina: Yeah. I’ll, um… I’ll see you tomorrow.

Sonny: Alright. Forget something?

Nina: Hey, Mike.

Sonny: [ Laughs ]

Nina: I let it simmer until it was hot.

Sonny: Mm.

Nina: Best sauce I’ve ever had.

[ Door closes ]

Jax: Well, if you pick up Hayden’s trail again, my resources are at your disposal.

Sam: Thank you, Jax.

Shawn: Appreciate that.

Jax: Yeah, absolutely.

Sam: We knew it was a long shot that you had a way to contact Hayden, but we had to take it.

Jax: Have you tried Elizabeth, Hayden’s sister? I mean, if there’s anyone that Hayden would feel safe communicating with, it would be her.

Sam: Okay.

Jax: And just one more thing — Hayden and I were working together with Nikolas. He brought us all together on some scheme to regain his family fortune.

Sam: Oh.

Jax: So you might want to start with him.

Nikolas: Forget it. I don’t want you putting yourself in Ryan’s sights.

Alexis: I’m just gonna keep an eye on him. What’s the big deal?

Nikolas: He’s a psychopath.

Alexis: Look at him. He’s just staring at the corner. He’s gonna continue to sit there and stare at the corner until somebody comes in and turns him around and wheels him out of here.

Nikolas: Alexis, you were fortunate to be transferred from Pentonville. Quit while you’re ahead. Don’t go looking for more trouble.

Alexis: I’m not looking for more trouble, so don’t worry, okay? I think I can handle a deactivated serial killer.

Elizabeth: Sorry. I’m just distracted.

Terry: Distracted or upset? Because there’s a difference.

Britt: Nurse Baldwin! Dr. Randolph.

Elizabeth: Excuse me. I have to pick up some labs.

Britt: You and your bestie catching up on the hot goss?

Terry: Actually, I was about to ask Elizabeth a question about dental hygiene. How often do you change your toothbrush, Dr. Westbourne? Manufacturers do recommend between three and four months, but I can only go one. Call me extravagant, but nothing short of a good, stiff bristle will do.

Britt: [ Laughs ] Were you eavesdropping on me?

Terry: When I was choosing where to go to med school, I almost turned down my first choice because my ex was going there, too. The thought of taking gross anatomy with that cretin was almost more than I could bear. But then I got a grip. Hell if I was gonna turn down one of the best schools in the country and let my ex think I was floundering because of him.

Britt: If I turn down a demotion, it won’t be because of Jason.

Terry: One — it’s not a demotion, and two — are you sure?

[ Knock on door ]

Monica: What is it, Robert?

Robert: The security cameras, the ones Mr. Renault had turned off to cover his illegal comings and goings?

Monica: Yes. You — you re-installed them. So what is it?

Robert: We installed software to alert us to future tampering. The alarms are sounding. Someone’s trying to get in.

Elizabeth: It’s Elizabeth. I need your help.

Anna: Whoa. Haven’t been down here since Olivia Jerome took Griffin.

Finn:  Yeah, it’s been here a long time. The hospital tried to keep it sealed off without much success.

Anna: Yeah. Is this where Peter went? Did he hide out here before he escaped? Did he escape?

Finn:  No. He’s in there.

On the next “General Hospital” —

On the next “General Hospital” —

Portia (to Trina): How are you feeling about all of that?

Jordan (to Stella): I also found the answer I was looking for.

Elizabeth (to Scott): How does the law define justifiable homicide?

Anna (to Finn): You couldn’t have done it alone.

Finn: There’s nothing left to say.

Shawn (to Curtis): I was hoping you could help me out.

Josslyn (to Carly): Is that what happened between you and Jason?

Jason (on the phone): There’s something else I need you to do.

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