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Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

Spencer: Would you cheer up already?  Sun’s out. We’re spending quality father-son time. Isn’t this what you wanted?

Nikolas: No, yeah, yeah, of course it is.

Spencer: Right. Well, why don’t you grab us something to drink while I go change into my suit?

Shawn: Hey. This a bad time?

Jordan: Uh, seems like there’s never really a good time in here. I didn’t know you were stopping by.

Shawn: Well, I didn’t know I was, either, but I just met with my lawyer. And I have news.

Sam: I’ve got to say, I’m really happy it worked out this way.

Alexis: Thank you.

Sam: A rehabilitation-based facility. They’ve got to have vocational training, therapy.

Alexis: AA meetings.

Sam: AA meetings. And just think, you can walk the perimeter without having to worry about getting chopped up by barbed wire.

Alexis: [ Sarcastically ] Hey! Sounds like heaven.

Sam: Mom… [ Sighs ] I’m so sorry.

Alexis: Don’t be. You’re putting a positive spin on it. You know, I’m really grateful for the shift, but it’s still prison, no matter how you look at it.

Phyllis: You really think this is what Dr. Kishore meant when she said to take it easy?

Sonny: Lenny. Let me have that.

Lenny: I’m fine.

Phyllis: You should be resting.

Lenny: For what?

Phyllis: Oh, I don’t know. Your exploratory surgery in Llanview tomorrow?

Lenny: Where I’ll be lying on a hospital bed. Plenty of time to rest then. Look, come on. Business is finally booming, and I want things in order if I’m gonna be laid out.

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ] An answer for everything.

Lenny: That’s why you love me.

Phyllis: No more heavy lifting.

Lenny: Deal.

Phyllis: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Phyllis: We don’t open for another hour.

Sonny: I’ll get rid of ’em.

Phyllis: Thank you, Mike.

Sonny: Sorry, we’re closed.

Nina: Hi.

Sonny: Hi, yourself.

[ Both laugh ]

Sonny: Dang.

Valentin: Sorry I couldn’t meet you last night.

Anna: Oh, don’t be silly. You wanted to spend time with your daughter. Who can blame you? She’s an angel.

Valentin: She doesn’t get it from me.

Anna: No.

Valentin: You want to tell me your new theory?

Anna: Yeah. We’ve been trying to figure out who Peter’s accomplice was.

Valentin: You think we should be looking for an enemy.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Finn: Hi.

Elizabeth: How’s Violet? Still celebrating her big hit?

Finn: Oh, yeah. According to my daughter, she’s ready to go pro.

Elizabeth: Oh, knowing her, she just might.

Finn: Right?

Elizabeth: [ Chuckles ] It was so nice doing something normal, wasn’t it?

Finn: Mm.

Elizabeth: I’ll take watching a T-ball game over thinking about Peter August any day.

Terry: What’s this about Peter?

Britt: I just want to have a good time. You remember what that is? A good time?

Jason: Vaguely.

Britt: [ Chuckles ] Top down, wind in my hair.

Jason: Oh, so, what, now — now it’s a convertible?

Britt: Obviously. Maybe I’ll take you for a ride, if you’re not too scared.

Jason: Speed doesn’t scare me.

Britt: Even with me behind the wheel?

Jason: I said you were an awful driver. I didn’t say you were unsafe.

Britt:  Oh, I am definitely unsafe.

Britt: [ Sighs ] Pull it together, Westbourne.

Jason: Hey, is Dr. Quartermaine around?

Nurse: She’s not in her office, but I can have her paged.

Jason: Thank you. Is it okay if I say hello?

Britt: You want to say hello, you can say hello. I don’t tell you what to do. Just as long as you’re clear on where we stand.

Jason: As long as you know where to find me if you need me.

Britt: I won’t need you.

Austin: Dr. Westbourne, I understand you have to sign off on everything in this hospital, so I brought you a pen.

Britt: Uh, I’m a little busy.

Austin: Okay. It’ll take like two seconds.

Britt: So will this.

Austin: Gotcha.  Hey, Cuz. How are you? We’re not there yet?  Okay, I understand.

Jason: I got to find Monica.

Austin: What’s going on with you and that guy?

Elizabeth: Finn was updating me on Anna’s search for Peter.

Finn: That’s right. She — she hit a dead end.

Terry: Oh, Biz, I’m so sorry. That monster took Franco from you, not to mention what he did to your brother. You know what? Prison would be too good for Peter. If there were any real justice, someone would finish him off and be done with it.

Anna: So, we were looking for Peter’s ally. But if it’s the opposite, then it all adds up. David Hopkins. He said he saw another man standing on the roof with Peter and that this man scared him off from landing.

Valentin: Now, Hopkins was denied clearance to land.

Anna: Yes, he was denied clearance. But do you think that would really stop him, given what Peter was paying?

Valentin: No, probably not.

Anna: Because Hopkins assumed that this other man was trouble, and he wanted to avoid that. And why didn’t Peter call him back, you know, and explain, “it’s okay. This man isn’t a threat”?

Valentin: Because he was a threat.

Nina: Surprise.

Sonny: Was it hard for you to leave your grandson?

Nina: Um, yeah, it was, but we have all the time in the world to be together, he and I, and this is where I belong right now.

Sonny: It’s good to see you.

Nina: It’s nice to see you.

Sonny: It’s — it’s gonna do a world of good for Phyllis that you’re here.

Nina: Yeah, I hope so, but… if I’m completely honest, she’s not the only one I’m here for.

Alexis: I’m really happy that I’m being transferred. I just can’t forget that I pled guilty because I am guilty, and I need to serve my time like anybody else.

Jordan: I hope you don’t mind, but Shawn has some news that he wants to share with you.

Shawn: It’s official — all the paperwork filed. As of today… I’m a free man.

Alexis: Oh! Oh.

Sam: Nice.

Nikolas: I didn’t realize you’d be here.

Ava: Is that a problem for you?

Nikolas: No, of course not. It’s always good to see you.

Trina: I’ll find us a spot.

Ava: Thank you, Trina. Uh, the gallery was — was slow, you know, what with the… beautiful weather and all.

Nikolas: Beautiful is the word.

Ava: We decided to close up shop and play hooky.

Nikolas: I can leave if it’d be easier for you.

Ava: Oh, Nikolas. What about us has ever been easy, huh?

Trina: I’ll be right back.

Ava: Okay.

Trina: You owe me one.

Spencer: Hello to you, too.

Trina: I could have blown your spot, told your dad all about how you were in town for weeks before you decided to show your face.

Spencer: But you didn’t, and I’m grateful. Do I need to say thank you again?

Trina: Nah, especially now that I know how you’ll make it up to me.

Phyllis: Nina! Oh! What are you — we weren’t expecting to see you so soon.

Nina: It’s so nice to see you. What, did you think I could stay away? I wanted to be here for you and Lenny.

Phyllis: You’ve already done so much as it is. And your family needs you in Port Charles.

Nina: Phyllis, you’re my family, too.

Phyllis: [ Laughing ] Oh.

Nina: Hey, there he is!

Lenny: You and I have a lot to say to each other.

Alexis: So the governor signed off?

Shawn: According to the powers of his office, my sentence was commuted and the appropriate paperwork was recorded and finalized.

Sam: And that’s it? No jail time?

Shawn: I’m out, time served, with no parole conditions. As for Judge Carson, the governor has urged her to resign from the bench or risk consequences from the judicial review board.

Alexis: So, what about the other defendants that were treated unfairly?

Shawn: Those sentences are being reviewed, with the governor putting pressure on the board to expedite the process.

Alexis: That’s it. It’s over.

Jordan: We’re gonna make plans with Molly and TJ to tell the other defendants tonight.

Alexis: They did right by us.

Shawn: Yeah, they sure did.

Alexis: I’m happy for you.

Sam: I’m really happy for you, too. Kind of jealous of the whole no-parole thing, though, but I’m — I am really happy.

Alexis: So what’s next? You got your whole life ahead of you.

Shawn: Uh, I’ve got time to think about that.

Alexis: Yeah, you do.

Shawn: But for now, my focus will be to make sure whoever shot Hayden be brought to justice.

Trina: Ava and your father are completely miserable.

Spencer: And?

Trina: And there’s really only one solution. We need to “Parent Trap” them.

Spencer: You have a twin?

Trina: What? No. We need to convince this couple on the brink of divorce that they belong together.

Spencer: Okay, but what if they don’t? I mean, someone hates them so much that Ava is terrified for her daughter’s safety.

Trina: Which is why Ava shouldn’t give in to him. Nikolas and Ava are stronger together.

Spencer: I don’t know. The incidents have stopped since they broke up. Tells me this creep is willing to leave Ava alone now.

Trina: No, that’s cool. We’ll just give in to a terrorist.

Spencer: Can I be completely honest?

Trina: I don’t know. Can you?

Spencer: Even if I agreed with you on the terrorist thing, I was never really a fan of your boss to begin with, so…

Trina: Whatever. I’ll do it myself.

Britt: I’ve been meaning to seek you out.

Austin: I’m flattered.

Britt: As I’m sure you’ve heard, things are in flux around here.

Austin: Right, the chief of staff thing.

Britt: Yes. And to retain my position, I’m going to need as many allies as possible.

Austin: Yeah, I understand.

Britt: And since I am the one who hired you, I would appreciate your support.

Austin: I’m sure you would. What do I get in exchange?

Britt: Other than the fact I’m the reason you have a job?

Austin: Right, other than that, correct.

Britt: Advocate for me to Dr. Quartermaine, and I’ll sign off on whatever you need.

Austin: Whatever I need.

Britt: Mm-hmm.

Austin: Whatever I need.

Britt: Whatever.

Austin: Okay, done.

Britt: Good.

Austin: Great.

Britt: Thank you.

Austin: You’re welcome.

Monica: Well, hi.

Jason: Hey. I hope you don’t mind I stopped by.

Monica: No. I mean, I’m always happy to see you. And I have a feeling that you are here to give me an update.

Jason: Yes. Uh, I had Spinelli do a deep dive on Austin. Seems legit. Son of Jimmy Lee Holt and Charity Gatlin. No felonies. I mean, he is who he says he is.

Monica: Well, thank you and Spinelli for looking into it.

Jason: Mm-hmm. Uh, did you need anything else?

Monica: You can read me very well. Actually… I’d like to talk to you about your engagement.

Valentin: Anna, there were plenty of people at General Hospital that day that wanted Peter brought to justice.

Anna: Yeah. Whoever was on that roof with him, you know, Peter knew that a clean getaway was impossible, because this person was a witness.

Valentin: A witness. You think Peter took him out?

Anna: No. There’s no one else reported missing. No. The only reason that that person didn’t come forward is because… they had something to do with Peter’s disappearance.

Valentin: So you’re saying Peter didn’t leave the hospital because he was incapable of doing so.

Lenny: Is it okay if Nina and I have a minute alone?

Nina: I would love that. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to catch up. Come on, you want to — yeah. Over here? Okay. Thank you.

Lenny: I just want to make something clear. I am incredibly grateful for your connections. The fact that I’m getting this surgery tomorrow so close to home… [ Chuckles ] That’s all because of you.

Nina: Well, thank you, Lenny, but it’s really all because of my late ex-husband. You know, he was very close to Dr. Hartman. Dr. Hartman was very happy to do it, as was I. Lenny, you’ve always been so kind to me. And Phyllis, you know how I feel about her.

Lenny: I do, which is why I need to level with you.

Nina: Okay.

Lenny: I’m going into this with a lot of reservations.

Nina: Yeah, Mike told me that you had some hesitation about the cost.

Lenny: [ Sighs ] It’s not about the money, Nina. It never was.

Shawn: Someone tried to kill Hayden. They’re still out there, thinking they got away with it. Well, maybe it’s connected to her subsequent disappearance, maybe not. But I owe it to her, and myself, to uncover the truth.

Alexis: Of course you do. And you should.

Jordan: Okay. I hate to ruin the celebration, but we’re due at the new facility.

Alexis: Wow. I get an escort from the commissioner. I’m honored.

Sam: Do you — just —

Jordan: Of course.

Sam: I love you.

Alexis: I love you. [ Chuckles ]

Sam: Me and the girls are gonna come up and visit as often as we can, okay?

Alexis: Okay. You go live your life and all that goes with it.

Shawn: You, too, Alexis.

Alexis: And you do what you have to do to nail that son of a bitch.

Shawn: On it.

Waiter: With compliments from the beautiful blond in the last lounge chair.

Waitress: Compliments from a certain gentleman.

Ava: Oh, thank you. How nice. Uh, which gentleman is that?

Waitress: Right over there. Enjoy.

Valentin: You think maybe the man on the roof with Peter that day incapacitated him or worse?

Anna: Yes.

Valentin: And he’s been covering his tracks ever since.

Anna: Yeah. But like you said, you know, there’s no shortage of people at the hospital who want Peter gone, dead, um, so it could be any number of men that night.

Valentin: Yeah, yeah, it could be. But I think it’s obvious you’ve zeroed in on one. And that’s probably why you’re here, because you want me to talk you out of it.  But I can’t do that. I think you and I both know there was a man at the hospital that day with every reason in the world to hurt Peter.

Anna: Don’t say it.

Valentin: Finn.

Terry: I am sorry. Me losing my cool about Peter probably isn’t helping either one of you.

Finn: No, no, we — we appreciate it, Terry. We do.

Terry: I can still count on your support in my bid for chief of staff?

Finn: You don’t even have to ask.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Terry: I have to see about a patient. See you later.

Finn: Yeah. See you.

Elizabeth: See you later.

Finn: What?

Elizabeth: I have an idea.

Finn: Yeah?

Elizabeth: See, isn’t this nice — going for a walk, getting a little fresh air, soaking up the sun, little vitamin D?

Finn: Have a private conversation?

Elizabeth: Exactly. We need to figure this out. We can’t leave Peter’s body in the lab forever, nor can we risk moving him while the cameras are running.

Finn: So we are effectively trapped, like we’ve been for weeks.

Elizabeth: Maybe not. If Terry becomes chief of staff, she can make the security cameras go dark again.

Finn: You really want to involve Terry in this?

Elizabeth: We’ve been friends since we were little. If I asked her to do it, she would. We wouldn’t even have to tell her about Peter.

Finn: No.

Elizabeth: No? That’s it, just no?

Finn: Pretty much.

Elizabeth: I feel like we’re tripping over each other here.

Finn: I know.

Elizabeth: The last thing I want is for you to turn yourself in to protect me.

Finn: And the last thing I want is for them to find Peter’s body and your DNA to be on it. I’d rather take the fall alone than implicate you in any way. The best thing for everyone is if this body’s never found.

Elizabeth: Which — and you’re not gonna like it — brings us back to Jason.

Monica: Well, first of all, I want you to know that I’m not trying to stop you. I learned a long time ago that I cannot control your life. Actually, I just wanted to — to let you know what’s in my heart and… why it hurts every time I think about what Carly did to your brother.

Jason: Okay.

Monica: Now, I know A.J. was a very troubled and very flawed man, but there was a time when I — when I really had hope, Jason. In spite of all the bad decisions he had made, I thought maybe this one time, he can turn his life around. He can — he can be better. He can do better. But Carly made sure that that never happened.

Jason: [ Sighs ]

Monica: Because Carly always used A.J. as a stepping stone to you. So that destroyed whatever was left with A.J. And, good heavens, I know this was a long time ago. Michael was just an infant. And Carly has grown up and lived her life. I’m just trying to tell you… just how hard it’s been for me.

Jason: I respect you. You know that.

Monica: Yes, I know that.

Jason: And obviously, you get to feel how you want to feel. But the truth is… I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Carly.

Ava: This is so nice. I should go thank him.

Trina: No, no, Ava, wait. Wait, wait — Ava. Wait.

Ava: Hi.

Austin: Hi.

Ava: Thank you so much. I-I’d like to return the favor, so, um, next round’s on me, huh?

Austin: Uh, sure. I’m not really entire–

Nikolas: I appreciate the gesture of good will. Does this mean you’re open to talking?

Ava: Huh?

Nikolas: The drink you bought me.

Ava: Uh, I didn’t buy you a drink. But he bought me a drink.

Austin: Oh, I didn’t. I didn’t buy anyone a drink. Not that I wouldn’t. I’m not cheap.

Spencer: Uh, the only one buying any drinks right now is Trina. She’s trying to “Parent Trap” you.

Monica: I know you owe a lot to Carly. Why do you think I’ve cut her so much slack all these years? And you love each other completely. So I’m — I’m not judging you.

Jason: I know. Looking — looking back at that time that you’re talking about… you know, everything around Michael’s birth, just all the lies, nobody wanting to give an inch… we were all wrong. How A.J. treated Carly, how we treated A.J. I can see how A.J. wasn’t all that bad.

Monica: You can?

Jason: Yeah. I mean, he was just trying to get access to his kid, and it was — that was his right. But not in the way he went about it. But I get it. And I have no excuse for my actions.

Monica: But Carly does?

Jason: Carly lied because A.J. said he was gonna take the baby as soon as it was born. And when Carly gets threatened, she — she comes out swinging. And that hasn’t changed. But what has changed is that she’s learned to — to love people, to trust people. You know, and now she understands that there are some things worth fighting for, and there are some things that aren’t worth fighting for. But we know exactly what we’re doing by getting married, okay? I just, I-I understand — I really do understand why this is hard for you, but I’m — I’m just asking you, can — can you accept it?

Monica: I just want you to be happy. So one more thing.

Jason: Yeah. Okay.

Monica: [ Chuckles ] This was your choice, wasn’t it? It wasn’t some maneuvering of — of Carly’s? It was your decision, right?

Yes. Yes, Carly and I made this decision together. It’s what we both want.

Monica: Okay. Then I am happy for you. Oh, but just to let you know, it is never gonna be easy for me to be in the same room with Carly. But, in all fairness, I think it works both ways.

Jason: Well, I appreciate you making the effort for Carly. Because I-I know you always make it for me.

Monica: I love you.  See, that’s the one thing — no, Michael makes it two — that Carly and I have in common.

Jason: I love you, too.

Lenny: Mike told you what I told him. And yeah, the bills from all this are on my mind. But the truth is, as soon as the doctor saw that spot, there was another reason I fought against you paying for everything. Because you weren’t just offering money to Phyllis. You were offering her hope. The — the growth they found that they want to biopsy and explore… [ Chuckles ] …It’s on my pancreas. Everyone knows that’s often a death sentence.

Nina: Lenny, often isn’t always.

Lenny: True. But if this surgery confirms what Dr. Kishore saw, the numbers aren’t in my favor. Money and pride, I can get over that. What I’ll never get over is… someone giving my wife hope when there isn’t any.

Britt: Dr. Randolph.

Terry: Dr. Westbourne.

Britt: Chief Westbourne, for now, at least.

Terry: Speaking of, I can’t help but notice that you’ve been having lots of talks with Dr. Gatlin-Holt and Dr. Navarro.

Britt: You’re collecting your people. So am I. You know, Terry, I don’t like this competition much, either. So give it to me straight. What do I need to do to get you to drop out of the race?

Terry: Excuse me?

Britt: Well, I know you’re only digging your heels in ’cause you’re team Elizabeth. So, what can I do? Give her a raise? Add more funding to your department? What?

Terry: And this is the exact reason why I want to be chief of staff. I’m just as qualified a physician, yet I don’t double-deal or get into bed with scum like Cyrus Renault.  I just want what’s best for the hospital.

Britt: So do I.

Terry: [ Scoffs ]

Monica: Hello. Is everything okay here?

Terry: Perfect.

Britt: Just peachy.

Monica: Good, good, because I would like to see both of you in my office, please.

Anna: I went to see Finn today at the hospital just to — just to update him.

Valentin: And?

Anna: Oh, it was there. It was all there — in his body language, the way he spoke. And, uh… then it just made sense suddenly, the description — male, tall, light suit, dark hair to the collar. It was Finn.

Elizabeth: Looping Jason in could be the solution to all of our problems.

Finn: No, thanks.

Elizabeth: Finn.

Finn: Look, if we get caught, any good will we might have with the cops goes right out the window when they know you collaborated with a hit man.

Elizabeth: That’s the point. Jason doesn’t get caught. This is literally his profession. He’s been a suspect in multiple murders and disappearances of really bad people, by the way, people roughly on par with Peter. But Jason has never been convicted in any investigation. Why? Because there’s never any evidence. If anyone could get rid of this problem, it’s Jason.

Finn: Elizabeth, I don’t think we can risk involving him or anyone else. Peter was a threat. Now he’s not. Whatever mess that created… we clean it up ourselves.

Nina: Hope is a very powerful thing. I believe in that. And, Lenny… you’re very strong. I believe in you.

Lenny: And I appreciate all the good energy. But I need to ask something of you. And I know that’s a lot on top of everything else you’ve done.

Nina: You can ask me anything.

Lenny: Make me a promise?

Nina: Name it.

Lenny: When it becomes clear… that there’s no more battle to fight… you won’t let Phyllis hold on. It’ll just make it that much harder for her when the worst happens.

Nina: If the worst happens.

Lenny: Please. Can you do that for me?

Phyllis: You two finished yacking it up?

Lenny: Yeah. [ Chuckles ] I just needed to say a proper thank-you. I’m so grateful, Nina. For everything.

Nina: [ Sighs ]

Sonny: You okay?

Nina: It’s just really em-emotional. I just — I feel really bad that they’re going through this. One thing I’m happy about is I am happy that I’m here. I’m happy that I’m —

Sonny: You’re home.

Jordan: So, someone will take you to your housing soon. That, the cafeteria, and most other sections are segregated by gender, well, except this communal recreation area. Visitations also happen here.

Alexis: I got to tell you, this isn’t much worse than my freshman common room.

Jordan: [ Chuckles ] This facility has infinitely more privileges than Pentonville, but it’s still a prison, so you need to be on guard.

Alexis: So the rules that my, uh, consultant gave me still apply.

Jordan: Well, don’t let these cushy accommodations make you forget your place. If the warden senses that this is about anything other than restitution and rehabilitation, she will make your stay here difficult at best.

Alexis: And at worst?

Jordan: She’ll make it all go away and send you back to Pentonville.

Sam: So, I got your voicemail last night, asking if I was still in the P.I. game?

Shawn: I have a job for you.

Sam: Let me guess — it is to find the person who committed the crime that you went to prison for.

Shawn: And get them off the streets before they hurt someone else.

Austin: “Parent Trap.” Are you a twin?

Trina: Oh, my god.

Spencer: She’s trying to convince you that you’re still in love with each other.

Nikolas: Well, she wouldn’t be wrong.

Ava: Trina, do you have anything to say?

Trina: I’m sorry. I know it seems kind of juvenile.

Spencer: Kind of?

Trina: But I hate what this is doing to you. I just want you to be happy.

Spencer: Look, this isn’t easy for either of you, obviously. But you cannot play games with people’s hearts like that.

Trina: You mean like you are?

Valentin: Anna, this is going to be difficult for you… if you have to prove that a man you love killed Peter.

Anna: We don’t know that. We don’t know that Finn killed Peter.

Valentin: Okay. Okay, but if we assume that Finn was on the roof with Peter that day, then he would obviously know how and if Peter left the hospital. I mean, it’s n– it’s not impossible that maybe he extorted Finn, forced him to help him escape in exchange for one final dose of the antidote.

Anna: No. I mean, yes, yes, that is a possibility, but… once Finn had developed the antidote, then he would have come clean to me about that.

Valentin: So it’s possible that Finn did something to Peter.

Anna: There’s only one way to find out.

Elizabeth: I hear you, I understand what you’re saying, but we are not equipped to handle this on our own. We have no plan.

Finn: I’ll think of one. I just need some more time. Hey. Everything’s gonna be okay. I have to get back to the hospital.

Jason: Elizabeth. We need to talk.

Phyllis: Uh, drinking the night before surgery?

Lenny: The fast doesn’t start until dark.

[ Laughter ]

Lenny:  Oh, come on. Don’t deny me this. How long before my next one?

Sonny: To Lenny.

Nina: Mm.

Lenny:  Oh, to hell with that.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ]

Lenny:  To family.

Phyllis: Ah.

Lenny:  The chosen kind.

Phyllis: Mm.

Nina: To family.

Phyllis: To family.

Nina: Mmm. Mmm.

Sonny: Mmm.

Nina: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Time to open up. Lenny, why don’t you give me a hand?

Lenny: I thought you told me to take it easy.

[ Sonny laughs ]

Sonny: S-subtlety is not one of Phyllis’s strong points.

Nina: Mnh-mnh, god love her.

Sonny: So, uh… we got a lot of catching up to do. How long you staying?

Nina: As long as I’m needed.

Sonny: Could be a long time.

Nina: It could be.

Sam: After what you just did for my mother, there is absolutely no way I could say no to you, so, yes, I will — I will do whatever you need.

Shawn: Yeah?

Sam: Yeah. I’m just gonna have to ask my current parole officer, because I still have like…three months left before I can spend time around another convicted felon.

Shawn: Uh, do you think it’ll be a problem?

Sam: Uh, I don’t — I don’t think so.  Pretty lenient, considering. It’s a long story.

Shawn: So, when can we start?

Sam: How about now?

Shawn: Sooner we get the ball rolling, the sooner we get Hayden’s shooter.

Spencer: Don’t bother, Trina. My father knows all about how I tried pushing him and Britt together.

Trina: Oh. Well, as long as everyone’s being honest with each other. Again, I’m sorry.

Ava: Oh, Trina.

Spencer: I’ll talk to her.

Nikolas: So, where does that leave us?

Ava: It leaves us right where we’ve been, Nikolas. In the midst of a divorce. And for my family’s safety, these six weeks can’t pass quickly enough.  Ah, perfect timing. [ Chuckles ] Let me get you another drink, huh?

Austin: Okay.

Alexis: I’m well aware this is not a vacation. I still have a lot of work to do on myself. A lot.

Jordan: Hey. Good luck, Alexis.

Alexis: Thank you very much. Really.

Monica: I wanted you both to be the first to know that I have made my official recommendation on who should be chief of staff.

[ Knock on door ]

Finn:  Hi. You have an update on Peter’s whereabouts?

Anna: I just might.

Jason: What’s going on?

Elizabeth: I’m fine. Really.

Jason: Uh, if that was true, I would — I would be glad. But here’s what I know. About a week ago, you told me that Peter wasn’t anything that we had to worry about anymore. And you were about to tell me something else, and then Finn walked up, and now you and Finn are in the park in the middle of a workday talking about Peter and a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Look, I understand you’re trying to protect Finn. You don’t have to protect him with me. Okay? If you know what happened to Peter, all you have to do is tell me. I will help you.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Britt: Are you eavesdropping on me?

Shawn (to Sam): There’s our target now.

Alexis: Fancy meeting you here.

Monica: We’ve made our decision.

Nikolas: I could lose my wife.

Anna (to Finn): If I follow Peter’s trail, the police won’t be far behind.

Jason (to Elizabeth): I’m pretty sure you’re in trouble. Let me help you.

Nina (to Sonny): We got a lot of catching up to do.

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