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Young & The Restless Transcript

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Billy: Sharon, good to see you. It’s been a while.

Sharon: You seem like you’re in a really good mood today.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Sharon: Any particular reason why?

Billy: Actually, I could give you a laundry list. ChancComm is thriving. Lily is fantastic. I’m spending more time with my kids. And Victor is out of town. Doesn’t get better than that. Oops-a-daisy. I’m gonna take that back. Why do you let riffraff like that hang out in your fine establishment?

Sharon: One person’s riffraff is another’s valued customer.

Billy: Oh, come on. Are you kidding me?

Sharon: Come on, Billy. You know, the truth is out now. Adam was framed by Chelsea. He had nothing to do with poisoning Rey. Doesn’t that at least make you question if maybe you’ve misjudged him in other ways, as well?

Billy: No, it doesn’t. Not at all. And I wouldn’t be so quick to say that he didn’t have anything to do with Chelsea’s attack on Rey. He drove her to a point of madness. That’s what he does. That’s a pattern. And I’m surprised that a mental-health professional as yourself doesn’t see that.

Victoria: Oh, hey. You’re up already.

Ashland: Hi.

Victoria: I thought you were gonna take it easy, sleep in a little bit.

Ashland: Well, normally at this time of day, I’d have hit the gym by now, taken a breakfast meeting, had a couple of conference calls under my belt. Obviously, I can’t stick to that routine now, but I don’t intend to sleep the day away, either.

Victoria: I know. I was just hoping maybe you would take it easier here than you would in a hotel room.

Ashland: Well, that was the plan. But before I slip into semi-retirement, I need to take care of a long list of things back in New York.

Victoria: Oh, you didn’t mention that you were planning a trip.

Ashland: I have to go back and, uh, settle my affairs, as they say, collect a few items from my office and check in with a couple of people, as well. I won’t be gone long. I wouldn’t even be going at all if it wasn’t for the fact that there are certain things I need to handle personally. I’m sure you can understand that.

Victoria: I do. I understand completely. Um, this trip is…about more than just tying up loose ends. You’re going back for the last time to say goodbye to the life that you lived there.

Lily: Johnny, come on! Are you ready? Johnny, come on! We have to get going! Do you have your shoes on? Hey. Okay. So, since your sister went to camp for her sleepover, I’m gonna take you to camp on my way to my meeting, alright? What’s wrong? Your stomach still hurt?

Johnny: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Okay. Uh, that’s okay. That’s okay. You can stay home today, alright? Hannah — she already said that she would be available in case we needed her, so I’ll just call her.

Johnny: Lily, can you stay home with me?

Elena: So nice of you to treat me to breakfast.

Nate: Well, you deserve it after the night you had.

Elena: I know. I can’t believe that second shift at the E.R. was so busy. Mm, it must have been the full moon.

Nate: Well, you should have called me. I would have gladly pitched in.

Lily: You finally got a day off. And after all the hours you’ve been working, I was not gonna interfere.

Imani: Well, good morning, you two.

Nate: Hey.

Imani: Nice running into you again. Lucky me — I saw that handsome face just last night, and now I get to see it again.

Devon: Hey, breakfast is almost ready. You want some orange juice?

Amanda: Uh, y-yeah, in a minute. The most amazing thing just happened. Imani called me with the best news. She has been up all night talking to Naya.

Devon: What’d she say?

Amanda: She said that she thinks that she finally got through to her. Naya is on her way back to Genoa City, ready to recant her confession.

Imani: Nate was so sweet last night. He really helped me with the dilemma that I was facing.

Elena: Mm. You must mean the partnership opportunity with Amanda. Yeah, he told me all about it. Sounds like a great opportunity.

Imani: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: Did you tell me that in confidence? I hope you don’t mind I shared it with, uh, Elena.

Imani: No, not at all. I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Elena: You know, it’s so funny. The exact same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. I needed career advice from Nate. I got a job offer in Baltimore, and as tempting as it sounded, I kind of hoped that Nate would ask me to say. And do you know he did exactly that. He made it clear he wanted me to stay right here by his side.

Imani: Mm. Wow, what a sweet story.

Elena: Isn’t it, though?

Imani: Well, um, if you’ll excuse me, I need to put in my order. The café con leche is so good here. Don’t you think?

Victoria: So, are you sure that you’re feeling up to making this trip?

Ashland: Oh, of course I am. I mean, you may think a farewell tour is a bit self-indulgent…

Victoria: No, of course not, not at all. I mean, I understand how necessary and meaningful this trip is to you. And I’m — I’m very proud of you for facing reality head on. If it were me, I would be tempted to hide or escape.

Ashland: I don’t believe that for a second. I can honestly say I have never met a woman as gutsy as you. Come with me.

Victoria: To New York?

Ashland: Mm-hmm. I mean, you can meet the members of your new executive team in person, and then I can take you to all of my favorite places.

Victoria: Are you sure about that? I mean, wouldn’t you rather have someone with you that you’ve known longer? I wouldn’t be offended if you wanted to take an old friend…

Ashland: Okay, okay. Stop. I need you to hear this, that there is no one else I’d rather have with me than you. But I understand if you’re not comfortable going. It’s totally up to you.

Victoria: I would love to accompany you.

Ashland: Well, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.

Sharon: Maybe it’s because I’m a trained professional that I can see things you can’t. And, believe me, I’m not in denial. I know more than most the things that Adam has done in his past.

Billy: And you still believe that he can be trusted?

Sharon: I’ve seen a legitimate change in him. Not so different from some of the changes that I’ve seen in you.

Billy: Oh, now, I’m gonna stop you right there and give you a chance to change that sentence because there is no way that you’re putting me in the same category as that guy.

Sharon: Okay. Well, then explain it to me. What — what makes you both so different? I mean, why are your mistakes forgivable and Adam’s are not?

Billy: Well, there’s plenty of reasons. For one, he’s unrepentant.

Sharon: That’s not true. He’s shown a lot of remorse, and he’s determined to change his ways — and not just in words. He’s made a lot of sacrifices, and he even risked his own personal freedom to save my daughter’s life — twice. Not once. Twice.

Billy: Well, there it is. That’s the difference between me and you. You look at him, and you see a man who saved your daughter’s life twice. I look at him as the man who took my daughter’s life from me forever. But I guess I can take some satisfaction in knowing he’s alone. It means the article that we did on him worked perfectly. Some people have heeded the warning and are steering clear. Maybe one day you can do the same. There are better ways to spend your time and energy than defending that snake.

Devon: Have you considered the possibility at all that Naya’s just saying the things to Imani that she wants to hear?

Amanda: Oh, of course. And that’s why I won’t sleep easy until these charges are officially dropped. But Imani is pretty convinced that she got through to our mother.

Devon: I bet she was shocked when she heard that recording of Sutton.

Amanda: You know, I don’t even think that that will convince Naya that Sutton killed my father, especially since he didn’t flat out confess.

Devon: Yeah, but it was close, though.

Amanda: I — I do understand why this is so hard for Naya, though. You know, she’s idolized her father for so long. She built her whole life around his career and his reputation. I mean, Naya and Imani worked on every one of his campaigns, one after the next after the next —

Devon: Well, I — I do have to give credit to Imani for even breaking free of this mind-set, you know? And she definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it without you and your influence.

Amanda: And that’s why I feel really responsible for my little sister. I need to make sure that she has some strong footing beneath her when she gets out of this.

Devon: Hey, look who woke up. Slept so long, you missed breakfast. It’s gone.

Moses: Aw, man.

Devon: I’m just playing. There’s more food in the kitchen for you.

Moses: Got me. Got me. Hey, I just — thanks again for yesterday. That was really cool of you to introduce Faith to TigirLily.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Moses: God, did you see the look on her face? That was so awesome.

Devon: You know, I’ve, um — I’ve been trying to tell him that he has the coolest brother in the world, and I think he’s finally realizing it.

Amanda: Finally.

[ Laughter ]

Billy: All alone, I see. You know, I heard Chelsea left town and took your son with her. I believe she did the right thing. I mean, she just poisoned someone and was just released from a mental facility, but I do think that your boy is safer with her than he is with you — or his grandfather.

Adam: Why are you obsessing about my family’s whereabouts? Don’t you have enough things to do to keep ChancComm afloat? Or is, uh, Lily doing all the hard work so you can continue to churn out that tabloid trash?

Billy: ChancComm’s in a great place, actually, thanks to our amazing team…and due to the fact that you decided not to weaponize Newman Media and point it directly at us.

Adam: Gee, I wonder where my thank-you card is.

Billy: Mm.

Adam: I guess it got lost in the mail.

Billy: Yeah. You’re not gonna get a thank-you card because I just realized why you’re playing the good guy, and it has nothing to do with me or ChancComm.

Adam: Is that so?

Billy: All the things you’ve done the last few months — donating a kidney, backing off ChancComm, sitting in this café right here to have your coffee and act all sad and alone — that’s you worming your way back into Sharon’s life, trying to convince her that you’re a changed man.

Adam: And of course you know better.

Billy: I do know that if you were really trying to be a good person, that would mean putting someone else’s feelings in front of yours. That would mean realizing that Sharon is better off without you.

Adam: If you say so.

Billy: I do say so. ‘Cause she’s in a good place. She’s got a good husband that adores her. She’s happy. Now, if you could just get away from this sick obsession, maybe do the right thing and actually give a damn about her… you’d leave her alone.

Adam: It is really fascinating how your mind works. It couldn’t be that I’m just sitting here having coffee, like you. No, you have to read an ulterior motive into it because if all these other people are right and I have turned over a new leaf, how would you continue to justify your own vendetta and obsession?

Billy: You think you’re an innocent victim, you’re misunderstood. Unfortunately, that crap works on Sharon.

[ Door opens ]

Devon: So, you’ll let me know how everything goes with Naya?

Amanda: Yeah, of course.

Devon: I’ll see you later, alright?

[ Door closes ]

Devon: Oh, man. Dang, you made that food disappear. Sheesh.

Moses: Hey, man, I’m a growing boy.

Devon: I can see that. A well-connected growing boy.

Moses: Well, thanks to you, man. You really hooked it up with that special appearance by Kendra and Krista.

Devon: Oh, well, I knew it was a special occasion ’cause Faith means a lot to you.

Moses: Yeah. I’ll never forget the look on her face, yeah. You know, TigirLily’s music — it really speaks to her.

Devon: That’s the beautiful thing about music, is that it can connect to people on an emotional level.

Moses: Kind of like what you said about listening to dad’s favorite music.

Devon: Yeah.

Moses: I feel closer to him, you know, like I can understand him a little bit better.

Devon: When you know what moves somebody, that’s like an open window right to their soul.

Moses: I never thought about music like that before.

Devon: Well, yeah, and all art, really, no matter what it is. It’s just about seeing the world from another person’s perspective.

Moses: Yeah. I get it. Kind of like empathy.

Devon: That’s it. Exactly.

Moses: Deep. Well, sorry I haven’t been here to, you know, talk about this with you more, you know, so you can drop some more knowledge.

Devon: Oh, gosh. Come on. Don’t be sorry, man. You’ve been busy living your life. You got your volunteer work at the hospital, your internship at AskMDNow. Getting a real taste of what being a doctor’s like. What’s wrong? What’s that face for?

Johnny: I win!

Lily: What? Again!? Are you cheating? Oh, my gosh! Okay, you know what? That’s it. I’m gonna win this time.

Johnny: Lily, you know my mom’s friend Ashland?

Lily: Yeah. I do. I do. I know that he’s gonna live at your house for a little while, right?

Johnny: Yeah. Daddy says he’s sick, but not like me.

Lily: That’s true. He’s not sick like you. He, um — he’s not contagious at all, and no one in your family will get it.

Johnny: Will he ever get better?

Lily: Um…you know, I know that the doctors are doing everything that they can. I know your mommy really likes him and wants him to get better. And, listen, anytime you have questions like this, you can always talk to your mom and your dad — and me, too. Okay?

Johnny: I hope you and Daddy always stay together.

Imani: Well, it’s always good to see you, Nate.

Nate: You too. Hey, by the way, is everything okay? You left so suddenly last night after you got that call. I thought it might have had to do with your mother’s case.

Imani: Well, I’m hoping after today there won’t even be a case against my mother anymore. She was the one who called. She was in a panic about what she should do. And fortunately, I was able to persuade her that she was making a huge mistake taking the blame for Richard’s death. And now she’s agreed to officially recant her confession.

Nate: Ah. Congrats on getting her to come around. I know how tough it can be as a doctor to get someone to follow advice, even when it’s absolutely in their own best interest.

Imani: Well, maybe when you get to know me better, you’ll learn that I can be very persuasive when I want to be.

[ Cellphone pings ]

Imani: Oh, that’s Amanda. She’s asking me to head to the courthouse. Well, I have to run, but it was really good seeing you.

Nate: You too. [ Chuckles ] What?

Elena: [ Chuckles ] You mean to tell me you haven’t noticed Imani hitting on you?

Nate: I think that’s overstating it. She’s a little flirtatious.

Elena: [ Laughs ] A little?

Nate: [ Scoffs ] I’m already taken. What does it even matter? [ Chuckles ]

Elena: Oh, really? Tell me more.

Nate: You know, I would love to, but you’ve had such a long night. I need to get you home to bed.

Elena: Well, maybe I just got a second wind.

Nate: Then you don’t want to go home to bed?

Elena: Oh, no. I definitely do.

Sharon: Glad you didn’t let Billy get to you.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] He was clearly itching for a fight, but I wasn’t gonna give him the satisfaction.

Sharon: Yeah, he spoke to me first before coming out here. He seriously doubts that the changes you’re making are real. So I assumed he said as much to you.

Adam: Oh, he didn’t stop there. He accused me of putting on an act, specifically for you.

Sharon: [ Sighs ] Why would anyone think that I would be so gullible? You know, I’m the only person who was right about you. I knew that you didn’t poison Rey. And yet some people want to carry on treating me like I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, don’t take it too personally. I am the one that nobody trusts. Well, I shouldn’t say nobody. Nick is being open-minded. Faith has come a long way. And Victor has stood by my side.

Sharon: See? You have made a lot of progress.

Adam: Look, I won’t deny that it is important to me that you believe in me and you see how hard I’m trying to change. But it’s not like Billy said. I’m not trying to lure you back. Like you said, you could see right through that. Besides, it was never my better angel that drew you to me.

Sharon: What do you mean by that?

Adam: Am I wrong? I always thought it was my, uh, wilder side that you found more compelling.

Sharon: Um… I don’t know where you would get an idea like that. I mean, after all the time and energy I spent trying to help you become healthy and become the person you want to be, who you were meant to be — that’s — that’s more what was pulling me in.

Adam: Sure. Yeah. Yeah. I see your point. I mean, look at who you’re with now. As far as I can tell, I don’t think Rey even has a dark side. So, whatever thing you had for bad boys in the past, you are clearly over it.

Sharon: Yeah. All I ever wanted was to be with the guy in the white hat. [ Sighs ]

Victoria: I have to run. There’s a few things that I need to wrap up at the office if we’re gonna be flying out to New York tonight.

Ashland: Well, I’ll take care of all the travel arrangements. Um, my office will handle everything.

Victoria: Okay, but just make sure you take it easy, too, alright? You’re gonna need your strength. I’ll see you later.

Ashland: [ Exhales heavily ] Nope

Moses: No, everything’s cool.

Devon: Yeah?

Moses: Really. Um, I’m just, uh, grateful for all the opportunities.

Devon: I hear a big old “but” on the end of that. Are you just — are you not feeling medicine anymore? ‘Cause it’s fine if you’re not. That’s, you know — the reason that you have all these opportunities is to figure out if you would enjoy being a doctor. And if you’re not excited about it anymore or if it depresses you, then that’s fine. You’re not obligated to feel any way. That’s the point of this experiment, is to figure it out.

Moses: Yeah, it’s — it’s not really any of that. It’s just different from what I thought it was gonna be like.

Devon: Okay. Does this have anything to do with when Nate had his allergic reaction and you felt helpless about it?

Moses: Yeah. I mean, that’s part of it, but only part. I’ve seen what it’s like to be a doctor, and part of me just feels like I’m not cut out for it.

Devon: You know, like I said, that’s fine. If it turns out that a career in medicine isn’t for you, there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not letting anybody down. I’m just happy that you’re even asking the question of what you want to do at this age.

Moses: Yeah. And lately I’ve been thinking about maybe checking out some other possibilities.

Devon: Oh, really? Like what?

Adam: There she is — the woman of the week. I hope, uh, Nikki passed along my congratulations.

Victoria: Yes, she did. I should congratulate you, too.

Adam: I cannot imagine what for.

Victoria: With Dad out of town, you have a little breathing room to run Newman Media the way that you see fit, without him hovering over your shoulder. You should enjoy it while you can.

Adam: Mm. Well, unlike you, I enjoy working with our father. I really value his expertise.

Victoria: Oh, I’m sure that he values having someone around to lap it up.

Adam: You clearly enjoy flying solo. I mean, that is why you picked a business partner that you can get rid of in a few months. And exploiting that man’s condition that way was a bit ghoulish. But I got to hand it to you. It was extremely advantageous for Newman Enterprises.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ] Naturally, that’s the way you would see it.

Adam: And how everybody else would see it, if I, the monster of Genoa City, had done the same thing. They could call me predatory and worse. But you are sweet, delightful Victoria, so you get to ride in like the angel of mercy and save Ashland in his last days, no matter how masterfully you manipulated your way into Locke’s company.

Victoria: Ashland has never been taken advantage of by anyone. This has been a business deal, a very damn good business deal. The scenario that you’re presenting right now is preposterous.

Adam: Mm. Well, you don’t have to get defensive. I’m not criticizing. I’m just pointing out the irony. You’ve turned out a lot more like Dad than I think you would care to admit, a lot more than I ever thought you would.

Victoria: You know, you have always underestimated me. And that’s foolish because I’m the one that you should fear the most.

Adam: I don’t want to play against you. I have no interest in fighting with you anymore.

Victoria: Well, it’s a little late for that, don’t you think? You’ve provoked me, you’ve taunted me, you framed me. But most of all, you underestimated me — when I’m the one that you should fear the most.

Adam: Oh. So, I can get under your skin. That’s good to know.

Michael: All here. Thank you. Wow, what a surprise seeing you all here. Amanda, Imani, Mrs. Benedict.

Imani: Mom, let’s sit. I’ll buy you a drink.

Naya: Alright.

Michael: Look, I’m getting a sense of why it was so difficult for your mother to come forward and admit that her confession was false. When I spoke to her, it actually seemed like she felt guilty, like she had let Sutton down and not the other way around.

Amanda: Yeah, I — I think that it’s too painful for her to even admit to herself how thoroughly Sutton has betrayed his own family.

Michael: I don’t think I have to tell you this, but you know it would be helpful if Naya cooperated with the newly reopened investigation into Sutton.

Amanda: Yes, I will keep working on that, Michael.

Michael: Thank you. I’ll leave that in your hands for now. See you later?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Michael: Okay.

Imani: I ordered you a drink.

Amanda: Thank you.

Naya: Why were you talking to him? You’re not planning to help him go after Sutton, are you?

Amanda: I’m gonna do what I can to get justice for my father. That is the least that I owe him. And whether you would like to face it or not, you owe him the same thing.

Elena: Sharon. Hey. Mind if I grab an iced tea?

Sharon: Just one?

Elena: Yeah.

Sharon: I saw Nate go upstairs with you earlier.

Elena: Ah. Yeah. He’s gone already, but he will be back soon.

Sharon: I’m so glad that things are working out between you two.

Elena: Yeah, I am, too. But how are you? How are you and Rey? When I talked to Lola, she said you guys had a great time in Miami.

Sharon: Uh, yes. Yeah, we did. We had a great time.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Has Rey had any lingering side effects from the thallium poisoning?

Sharon: Um, no. He’s completely recovered. In fact, he felt so well, he actually went back to work right away, and I think he’s working too much.

Elena: That’s great.

Sharon: His current assignment is escorting Chelsea to see her mother in Minnesota.

Elena: Wait. What?! He was assigned to escort the woman who tried to kill him?

Billy: Those flowers were supposed to be a surprise for when you got home.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: I didn’t expect anyone to be here.

Lily: Yeah, well, Johnny’s poor little tummy was still hurting him, so maybe it is a bug, but I think that maybe your theory is right and he just needs a little extra nurturing during this time.

Billy: Well, either way, your motherly instincts were firing on all cylinders.

Lily: Well, I just did what my mom used to do for me when I had an upset stomach, which was crazy eights and ginger tea.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] Thank you for being so sweet to my boy. I know you had a busy morning. You could have just called Hannah.

Lily: Well, I was going to, but Johnny asked me if I could stay with him, and I couldn’t say no to that adorable little face.

Billy: Mm, he gets that from me.

Lily: [ Laughs ] But, no, I’m glad that we had some one-on-one time. And we had fun. You know what he told me?

Billy: Oh, I could only imagine.

Lily: That he hopes that you and I stay together forever.

Billy: Did he?

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: Like father, like son. I’m with him. You’re the best.

Lily: But he did also bring up Ashland and his illness. So, I know that you and Victoria don’t want to scare them too much by telling them a lot, but I do think that he’s pretty intuitive and knows something serious is going on.

Billy: Yeah. Okay. Well, thanks for the heads-up. I’ll talk to Victoria and make sure that we are on the same page about how to handle that. Death and dying — never a fun conversation, especially not for a kid when they’re so full of life. It’s a hard concept to grasp. But we don’t have a choice. We have to figure out how to tell him.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Victoria: Ashland? It’s me! I left — Ashland? Ashland!

Sharon: So, because Chelsea’s mother is in the hospital, Michael Baldwin decided that it would be okay for her to go and visit her mom, only with the accompaniment of a law-enforcement officer. And for some reason, he determined that that person should be Rey.

Elena: And Rey doesn’t have a problem with this at all?

Sharon: Rey doesn’t hold a grudge against her. Yeah, a few days before he left, I could tell that he felt sorry for her. And then when he calls, he really seems like he’s impressed with the progress she’s made.

Elena: I mean, I suppose that’s a good thing.

Sharon: I think he just likes making the point that Chelsea’s doing better because she got away from Adam. He still wants to lay the ultimate blame for everything that happened at Adam’s feet, and that’s just so…unfair.

Elena: Well, I guess considering he is the victim, he gets to decide who he wants to hold responsible.

Sharon: I guess. You know, the irony is, I’m the one who encouraged Adam to let Chelsea go out of town with Connor, mostly so that I just didn’t have to think about her anymore. But now I’m getting constant updates on her day-to-day progress.

Elena: Ugh. Ugh. Well, hopefully this assignment will be over soon and Rey will be back home to you.

Sharon: I so can’t wait for that to happen.

Elena: [ Sighs ] Thanks for the tea.

Sharon: Sure.

Elena: Bye.

Devon: Thanks for coming, man. You should take a seat.

Nate: Of course. [ Sighs ] What’s up?

Devon: So, Moses has been confiding in me. And he was talking about making some changes to his volunteer schedule.

Nate: Yeah? It’s pretty tight now. I’m not sure he can fit anything else in.

Devon: Well, that’s the thing. It’s not about adding more. He wants to cut back on some of his hours at the hospital so he can spend time in the recording studio with me ’cause he’s interested in seeing how it all works.

Nate: Hold up. Uh, I’m confused. I thought Moses was here to learn about being a doctor.

Moses: Yeah, that was the plan, but I’ve been having second thoughts. And it’s not that I don’t want to be a doctor. I just thought it might be worth checking out some other options, too.

Nate: Was this your idea?

Devon: No, it definitely wasn’t my idea. We were just talking about it earlier, and he brought it up. And I said we should get your opinion.

Moses: I don’t want to upset you.

Nate: I’m — you’re not — I’m just surprised. You know, give me, um — give me some time to think about this, and then we’ll talk.

Naya: Look, I’m telling you I want nothing to do with any investigation into Sutton. I mean, as it is, I’m conflicted about recanting my confession. That alone will make people think that my father is guilty of murder and that I only confessed to protect him.

Amanda: Didn’t you? I mean, let me ask you something, Naya. Why would Sutton pressure you into confessing if he wasn’t guilty?

Naya: We both thought that I might get a lighter sentence and that it would be a lot easier for me to endure than it would be for him.

Amanda: Easier? Giving up your freedom, your family, your friends, your reputation? You thought that that would be easier?

Imani: Mom, you have to see how self-serving and wrong that is. For him to put that kind of pressure on you is just unconscionable.

Naya: I agree. And that’s why I finally admitted that my confession was false. But that doesn’t mean that I will ever believe that my father is capable of murder. So, you can push all you want. But I will do nothing to implicate my father.

Ashland: Oh, thank you.

Victoria: I wish you would let me call an ambulance. What if you had a heart attack?

Ashland: No, no, no, no, no. It was nothing like that. I remember that feeling. I know the difference. Thank you.

Victoria: Still, you should get checked out.

Ashland: I refuse to spend what time I have left sitting in a damn hospital getting prodded and poked and dealing with doctors day and night. I’m so sorry. It must have been frightening coming home and finding me like this. I will get some anxiety medication. I’m pretty sure that that’s all it is. I’ve had anxiety attacks in the past when I’ve been under a great deal of pressure, so…

Victoria: Yes, I know. You’ve certainly been dealing with a lot the past few weeks.

Ashland: I’m more stressed than ever before, figuring out how to let go of all the things that have been the focus of my entire life.

Victoria: I’m sure.

Ashland: I’m pretty certain that these recent attacks are more connected to the pressure of the situation than the actual illness, so don’t worry. I’m not on my way out just now.

Victoria: I know you lived for your company, and I — I was just trying to help alleviate some of the pressure and the stress and take that off of your plate. But I feel like maybe it’s had the opposite effect. Do you think this merger was a mistake? Should we not have done it?

Adam: [ Breathes deeply ]

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Victor: Yeah, son?

Adam: Dad. How, uh — how’s your trip?

Victor: Good. You know, uneventful.

Adam: What, uh, about the weather?

Victor: Beautiful weather. You know, it’s a beautiful city, great to walk around in. So, why are you calling? Something happened or what?

Adam: Uh, no worries. Everything is, uh, fine here.

Victor: You just called to say hello?

Adam: I had an interesting encounter with Victoria today. It gave me an idea that I wanted to run past you.

Victor: Huh.

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