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Recap written by Christine

Billy entered Crimson Lights, and Sharon asked what brought on his good mood. He replied that there was a laundry list of things – ChancComm was thriving, Lily was fantastic, he was spending more time with his kids, and Victor was out of town. He saw Adam on the patio and asked why Sharon let riffraff like that in here. She replied that one person’s riffraff was another’s valued customer. She poitned out that Chelsea framed Adam for poisoning Rey, so didn’t Billy question whether he’d misjudged Adam on other things? Billy contended that Adam drove Chelsea to madness, and he was surprised a mental health professional like Sharon couldn’t see that. Sharon said that maybe, because she was a trained professional, she could see things Billy couldn’t. She wasn’t in denial – she knew more than most what Adam had done, but she’d seen a legitimate change in him, not so different than the changes she’d seen in Billy. He was offended that she was putting him in the same category as Adam. She asked why his mistakes were forgivable and Adam’s weren’t. Billy argued that Adam was unrepentant. But Sharon disagreed. Sharon saw Adam show remorse in actions and words. He’d risked his freedom to save her daughter’s life not once but twice. Billy noted that Sharon saw Adam as someone who saved her daughter’s life, while he saw the person who took his daughter’s life forever. Billy took some satisfaction in seeing Adam alone. It showed that the article worked, and at least some people heeded the warning and steered clear of Adam. Billy suggested that one day, Sharon could do the same.

Billy went to the patio and observed that Adam was all alone. He heard Chelsea left town and took Connor. He said Chelsea poisoned someone and was just released from the mental facility, but he believed Connor was safer with her than he was with Adam or Victor. Adam thought Billy should be worrying about keeping ChancComm afloat instead of obsessing over his family’s location. Billy said ChancComm was in a great place, thanks to the amazing team, and due to the fact that Adam didn’t weaponize ChancComm. Billy thought that Adam was playing the good guy by backing off ChancComm, donating a kidney, sitting in Crimson Lights all alone, as a way to worm his way back into Sharon’s life and convince her that he’d changed. Billy said if Adam was really a good person, he’d realize Sharon was better off without him. “If you say so,” Adam replied. Billy said Sharon was in a good place with an adoring husband, and if Adam really cared, he was all alone. Adam suggested he could just be sitting here, having coffee, like Billy. He said Billy had to read an ulterior motive into it, because if Adam had turned over a new leaf, how would Billy continue to justify his vendetta and obsession. Billy said Adam thought he was a misunderstood innocent victim, and unfortunately that crap worked on Sharon. Billy left.

Sharon joined Adam on the patio and said she was glad he didn’t let Billy get to him. Adam could tell Billy had been itching for a fight. Sharon summarized some of what Billy said to her. Adam shared that Billy accused him of putting on an act for Sharon. Sharon wondered why people thought she was so gullible. She noted that she was the only one who knew Adam didn’t poison Rey, yet people treated her like she didn’t know what she was talking about. He told her not to take it personally. At first, he said no one trusted him, then he admitted that Nick kept an open mind, Faith had come a long way, and Victor was by his side. Sharon thought that showed how much progress Adam made. Adam said he wasn’t trying to lure Sharon back; as she’d said, she’d be able to see through that. He added that, besides, it was never his better angels that drew her to him. She asked what that meant, and he said that he always thought it was his wild side she found compelling. She didn’t know where he got that idea, after all the time she’d spent trying to help him get healthy and become the person he was meant to be. She said that was what was pulling her in. He saw her point, and he noted that she was with Rey, and he didn’t even have a dark side. He said whatever she had for bad boys in the past, she was clearly over it now. “Yeah, all I ever wanted was to be with the guy in the white hat,” she said, then she rushed away from the table and went back inside.

Ashland came downstairs, and Victoria commented that she thought he’d sleep in today. He said with his usual schedule, he would’ve already gone to the gym, had a meeting and some conference calls by now. He couldn’t maintain that schedule anymore, but he had no time to sleep the day away either. He had to go to NY and settle his affairs, gather some things from his office, and speak to a couple people. He wouldn’t go if he didn’t have to. She understood that this trip was also about visiting for the final time, to say goodbye to the life he lived in NY. She asked if he was sure he was up to the trip, and he said he was. She was proud of him for facing it head on, which she wasn’t sure she’d be able to do in his position. He thought she’d be able to handle it, since he’d never met a woman as gutsy as her. He asked her to come with him, but she suggested he might prefer having someone he’d known longer there, like an old friend. He said there was no one he’d rather have with him than her, and she said she’d love to go. Victoria had to wrap some stuff up at the office before the trip to NY. Ashland promised to take care of the travel arrangements, and his office would handle the rest. She told him to take it easy and save his strength, then she left.

Victoria went to Crimson Lights, where Adam called her the woman of the week. He hoped Nikki passed on his congratulations. Victoria said she did. Victoria congratulated Adam for getting a chance to run Newman Media as he saw fit while Victor was out of town and not looking over his shoulder. He clarified that, unlike her, he enjoyed working with their father and appreciated his expertise. Victoria was sure Victor enjoyed having someone to lap it up. Adam thought it was clear Victoria enjoyed flying solo, and that was why she chose a business partner she could get rid of in a few months. She shuddered slightly. Adam said exploiting Ashland was a bit ghoulish, but advantageous for Newman. Victoria said naturally, Adam saw it that way. He felt everyone would see it that way if he’d done what Victoria had – they’d call him monstrous and predatory. He said she was sweet Victoria, so she got to ride in and save Ashland in his last days, no matter how masterfully she manipulated her way into his company. Victoria was adamant that no one ever took advantage of Ashland. Adam said he wasn’t being critical, he was just pointing out the irony that Victoria was more like their father than she cared to admit and Adam realized. “You you have always underestimated me, and that’s foolish because I’m the one that you should fear the most,” she replied. Adam flashed back to the chess nightmare he’d had. In the dream, he’d told Victoria that he didn’t want to fight with her anymore, and she replied that it was too late, because he’d taunted her, provoked her and framed her. She said she was the one he should fear the most. Adam’s mind returned to the present, and Victoria noticed that he looked shaken. “Oh so I can get under your skin. That’s good to know,” she stated.

Victoria went home and found Ashland passed out on the floor. She got him up and wanted to take him to the hospital, but he refused to spend the time he had left getting poked and prodded. He was so sorry she found him like that. He’d had anxiety attacks in the past, and he thought that was what happened today. He admitted he was more stressed than he’d ever been, figuring out how to let go of the things that had been the focus of his entire life. He thought the recent attacks were more connected to the pressure of the situation than the actual illness. He assured her he wasn’t on his way out just yet. She knew he’d lived for his company, and she’d tried to alleviate some of the stress by taking that off his plate, but now she thought it may have had the opposite effect. She asked if he thought the merger was a mistake.

Adam went to work and called Victor, who was in his hotel in Italy. Adam said he had an interesting encounter with Victoria that gave him an idea he wanted to run across Victor.

Lily was getting ready for her meeting, and she told Johnny she’d drop him off at camp, but he told her he still had a stomach ache. She was going to call Hannah, but when he asked Lily to stay with him instead, she did. They played cards, and he asked if she knew his mom’s friend, Ashland. Billy had told him that Ashland was sick, but not like Johnny. Lily said that was true, Ashland wasn’t contagious, and no one in Johnny’s family would catch what he had. Johnny asked if Ashland would get better. Lily replied that the doctors were doing all they could, and Victoria liked him and wanted him to get better. She assured him that he could always talk to Billy, Victoria, and to her too. Johnny hoped Billy and Lily always stayed together.

Billy came home with flowers and found Lily and Johnny napping in the living room. Later, Johnny was upstairs, and Billy told Lily that the flowers were supposed to be a surprise for when she got home. He didn’t realize anyone would be at the house. She explained that Johnny still had a stomach ache, and she thought Billy’s theory might be right and he needed some extra nuturing. She did what her mom used to do when Lily was sick – crazy eights and ginger tea. He thanked her for being sweet to his boy, noting that she could’ve just called Hanna in. That was her plan, but Johnny asked her to stay, and she couldn’t say no to that adorable face. Billy said that Johnny got that from him. She was glad to have some one on one time with Johnny. She shared what he’d said about wanting them together forever and what he’d said about Ashland. Lily knew Billy and Victoria didn’t want to tell the kids too much and scare them, but Johnny was intuitive. Billy knew it wouldn’t be fun, but they’d have to figure out a way to tell Johnny.

At Society, Nate treated Elena to breakfast after her busy night at the ER. She talked about her crazy shift, and he said she should’ve called him to come in and help. She didn’t, because he’d finally gotten a day off. Imani came up and commented on getting to see that handsome face again. Imani crowed about how sweet Nate was, helping her with a dilemma, but her smile faded when Elena said Nate told her all about the potential partnership with Amanda. Elena thought it sounded like a great opportunity. Nate hoped Imani didn’t mind him telling Elena. Imani said she didn’t. Elena mentioned that she got a job offer in Baltimore, and she’d been kind of hoping Nate would ask her to stay, and he did. In a strained tone, Imani called that a sweet story, and she excused herself to place her order. Elena smirked as Imani walked away.

Devon made breakfast for Amanda at his place. Imani called and said she had the best news. She’d been up all night talking to Naya, and she’d agreed to come back to Genoa City. Devon wondered if Naya was really planning to come. Amanda had considered that, and she said she wouldn’t sleep well until the charges were dropped, but Imani was pretty sure she’d gotten through to their mother. Devon thought Naya would’ve been shocked to hear that recording. Amanda didn’t think even that would convince Naya that Sutton killed Richard. She noted that Sutton didn’t flat out confess, and Naya built her whole life around his career. Naya and Imani worked on all of Sutton’s campaigns. Devon gave Imani credit for being able to break free, and he said she wouldn’t have been able to do it without Amanda. Amanda felt responsible for her little sister and wanted to make sure she had strong footing.

Moses woke up and came downstairs, and Devon joked that his brother slept so late that breakfast was gone. Moses thanked Devon for helping him surprise Faith yesterday. Devon said he’d been telling Moses that he had the coolest big brother in the world, and he thought Moses finally realized that. After Amanda left, Moses thanked Devon again, stating that the band’s music really spoke to Faith. Devon thought that was the beautiful thing about music, it could connect people. Moses remembered Devon saying that about Neil’s music, and Moses felt closer to their dad after listening to his music. Devon said if you knew what moved someone, it was a window into their soul. Moses was sorry he hadn’t been around more often. Devon knew Moses was busy with his internships at the hospital and AskMDNow, getting a taste of what being a doctor was like. Devon noticed Moses was subdued and asked if he wasn’t interested in being a doctor anymore. Devon said these opportunities were to give Moses a chance to figure out if he’d enjoy being a doctor, and it was okay if he realized he wasn’t excited about it anymore. Moses said it wasn’t that, but it was just different than he expected. Devon asked if this was about Nate’s allergic reaction, and Moses admitted that was part of it. Part of him felt like he wasn’t cut out for being a doctor. Devon said that was fine, no one would be disappointed in Moses.

Back at Society, Imani told Nate it was always good to see him. He asked if everything was okay last night, given how quickly she left after that phone call. She explained that Naya had been the one who called. She brought him up to speed on her convincing her mom to recant her confession. He congratulated her on getting Naya to come around. He knew, as a doctor, how difficult it was to get someone to follow advice, even when it was in their best interest. Smiling, Imani said maybe when he got to know her better, he might find out she could be very persuasive when she wanted to. Amanda texted Imani to come to the courthouse. Imani said bye to Nate, but not Elena, and left. Elena smirked at Nate and raised an eyebrow. He asked what. “You mean to tell me you haven’t noticed Imani hitting on you?,” she asked. He thought that was overstating it, though he admitted Imani was a little flirtatious. Elena laughed at Nate saying “a little.” He said he was taken, so it didn’t matter. Elena turned flirtatious and said she wanted to hear more about that. When he said he had to get her home to bed, she said she wanted to go to bed, but she wasn’t tired.

Elena went down to Crimson Lights for a drink. Sharon asked if she needed two, adding that she saw Nate going upstairs with Elena earlier. Elena said he was gone, but he’d be back soon. Elena asked how Sharon and Rey were. Lola told her they had a great time in Miami. Sharon said they did. Elena asked if Rey had side effects from the poisoning. Sharon said no, he went back to work quickly, and she thought he worked too much. He’d been assigned to escort Chelsea to Minnesota to see her mom. Elena was shocked he was escorting the woman who poisoned him. Sharon said Rey didn’t hold a grudge against Chelsea. He felt sorry for her. When Sharon talked with Rey, she could tell he was impressed by the progress Chelsea had made. Sharon thought Rey liked making the point that Chelsea was getting better because she got away from Adam. She didn’t think it was fair that Rey wanted to lay the blame for what ultimately happened at Adam’s feet. Elena guessed that, as the victim, Rey got to decide who to hold responsible. Sharon said the irony was that she encouraged Adam to let Chelsea take Connor, mostly so she didn’t have to think of Chelsea anymore, and now Sharon was getting constant updates on Chelsea’s day to day progress. Elena hoped that Rey could come home to Sharon soon. Sharon couldn’t wait.

At the penthouse, Devon told Nate that Moses wanted to cut back on his volunteer work at the hospital so he could spend more time at the recording studio. Moses said it wasn’t that he didn’t want to be a doctor; he wanted to check out other options. Nate asked if this was Devon’s idea, and he said no, it was Moses’ idea. Devon had told Moses that they should get Nate’s opinion. Moses didn’t want to upset Nate. Nate wasn’t upset, but he was surprised. He said to give him some time to think about this.

Imani, Naya and Amanda went to Society, where they ran into Michael after their meeting. Imani took Naya to sit while Amanda spoke with Michael. Michael got a sense of how hard it was for Naya to admit her confession was false. When he met with her, it seemed like she felt that she let Sutton down and not the other way around. Amanda thought it was too painful for Naya to admit to herself how thoroughly Sutton betrayed his family. Michael said it’d be helpful if Naya cooperated with the newly reopened investigation into Sutton. Amanda promised to keep working on that, and Michael said he’d leave it to her for now. He left.

Naya asked Amanda if she was going to help Michael go after Sutton. Amanda intended to do what she could to get justice for her father. She owed him that, and she felt that Naya owed Richard too. Naya didn’t want anything to do with the investigation into Sutton. She was already conflicted about recanting, because that would make people think he was guilty and that she only confessed to protect him. Amanda asked why Sutton would pressure Naya to confess if he wasn’t guilty. Naya said she and Sutton both thought she might get a lighter sentence and it’d be easier for her to do time than it would be for him. Amanda pointed out how much Naya would’ve lost if she’d gone to prison. Imani thought Naya should see how wrong it was for Sutton to pressure her to confess. Naya did see it, and that’s why she told the truth, but that didn’t mean she’d ever believe her father was capable of murder or that she’d ever do anything to implicate him.

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