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Finn: Yeah, just close it behind you. How’s our little guy?

Steffy: He is still asleep.

Finn: Okay.

Paris: We’ll be quiet.

Steffy: Oh, Hayes can sleep through almost anything.

Paris: Oh, cute and perfect. With parents like you, I’m not surprised.

Finn: Hmm, well, you just wait.

Paris: Oh, please, Finn. I can handle a crying infant and a demanding toddler.

Steffy: I don’t know about that. Are you sure you wanna move in here? You’re gonna be dealing with a lot of screaming.

Paris: No. This is liberating, just getting all that stuff out of my trunk.

Finn: Yeah. I can’t believe your sister’s not coming back to la.

Paris: Yeah. It’s, uh, it’s crazy. It all happened so fast.

Steffy: Uh-hmm. I know you’re looking for a place, but you are more than welcome to stay as long as you’d like.

Wyatt: It’s not like I don’t have anything better to do than wait for my mother.

Flo: Okay. Wyatt, I’m sure she’s just stuck in traffic. It’s really no big deal, okay?

Wyatt: Well, it’s kind of inconsiderate, I mean, I got–I have things I have to do.

Flo: It–she’ll be here soon, I’m sure.

Quinn: I’m here. Hey, I’m here. Sorry, I’m late.

Wyatt: Okay. Cool. Where were you?

Eric: No, you’re right, Brooke hasn’t been coming in as much as she used to.

Ridge: She’s always been a very important part of this family and this company.

Eric: Yeah, she had. For a very long time. I’m glad she’s starting to wanna come in again.

[ Door opens ]

Ridge: Carter. Are you just coming in now?

Carter: Yeah. Uh, sorry. I got held up.

Ridge: Yeah. No, we saw your, uh, video call, it looked like you were entertaining someone special.

Steffy: How are you such a stylish person and you’re only bringing in a few bags?

Paris: Oh, trust me, 90% of that is clothes. There’s a few family photos in there, but I’m not really big on having a ton of material possessions. Unless it’s some fabulous bag. Fashion is my one vice I don’t feel guilty about.

Steffy: Girl, same.

Finn: Uh-hmm. Yeah, Steffy is not kidding. You should see the closet space she gives me.

Paris: Oh.

Finn: Like, about something like that.

Steffy: Can you stop that? Stop. Stop.

Paris: I just try to be smart about my money. Especially since I’m just starting out in my career and I’m not exactly rolling in it.

Finn: Well, um, I mean, I’m pretty close with the boss lady. I can put in a good word.

Quinn: Oh.

Wyatt: I love you.

Quinn: I love you, too, sweetheart.

Wyatt: Uh-hmm. But where were you? I’m concerned.

Quinn: About me?

Wyatt: Yeah. You.

Quinn: Why?

Wyatt: Because I texted you like 10 times, it’s like you’re avoiding me.

Quinn: No. I’m here now.

Wyatt: And it was like pulling teeth trying to make that happen.

Quinn: Wow. Well, the way I’m being treated right now, I’d rather be at the dentist.

Wyatt: Girl, bye.

Flo: Okay. Quinn, Quinn, I think what Wyatt is trying to say is that you two clearly have a lot of talk about.

Wyatt: Yeah.

Quinn: Um–

Wyatt: Yeah. Yeah. Like, how you managed to screw everything up and sabotage your marriage?

Eric: Looks like you put Carter on the spot here.

Ridge: Well, I saw a dress over the back of his couch and I thought maybe– I don’t know what I thought.

Eric: Well, I don’t care anything about his personal life, it’s none of our business, anyway. All I care about is that he complies with the conditions of his second chance here at Forrester, that he has nothing to do with Quinn.

Paris: I can’t thank you guys enough for letting me crash here until I can find a new apartment.

Finn: It’s our pleasure.

Steffy: Yeah, we’re happy to have you.

Paris: Oh, and–and–and whatever I can do to help, I’m happy to roll up my sleeves, wash some bottles, change some diapers–

Steffy: No. No, no, no. You don’t have to do any of that, but with, uh, a newborn, Kelly is gonna love the extra attention.

Paris: Oh, I’m happy to oblige. I’m already a big fan of that little cutie pie.

Steffy: Oh, I think the feeling’s mutual.

Finn: Yeah. She’s gonna be, uh, pretty stoked when she finds out you’re staying with us for a while.

Paris: That’s sweet of you guys to say.

Steffy: Well, you have a great energy about you, you’re positive and you’re enthusiastic about life.

Paris: I don’t know about all that, Steffy. But I try to stay optimistic. Keep things real. To be honest, this right here just feels meant to be. Like, the timing was perfect for all of us.

Steffy: Yeah, I agree.

Finn: Hey, well, let’s get your stuff, and get into your room, and you can settle, and kick back.

Steffy: Yeah.

Paris: Oh, I love the sound to that.

Steffy: You might be able to see the sunset from your window. It’s beautiful.

Paris: Oh, I love the sound of that even more. Oh.

Wyatt: Eric was the most important thing to you, and you just let it slip away.

Quinn: Well, you’re wrong, Wyatt. Because as much as I love Eric, the most important thing to me always has been and always will be my son.

Wyatt: Oh, besides me, though. I just don’t get how– how you could run the risk of losing everything, mom.

Quinn: Look, I could try explaining this to you over, and over, and over again, but it doesn’t change the fact that I hurt Eric terribly, and I’m not proud of it.

Flo: Oh, are–are you sure it’s completely over, though, Quinn? Eric won’t work on the marriage, or maybe go to counseling, or something?

Quinn: Nope. He’s done with me. And to be honest, he has every right to be.

Wyatt: You know, it’s not like you to just give up so easily.

Quinn: I’m not giving up. Come on, you saw Eric’s face when he found out about my affair with Carter.

Flo: Yeah. He was devastated.

Quinn: Yeah. I ran my marriage into the ground. Used up all nine lives. I never thought I would say this, but my marriage is dead. It has come to an end.

Wyatt: Well, then, I’m sorry. I know how hard this must be for you.

Quinn: I only have myself to blame.

Wyatt: So what’s next? I mean, assuming you– you ended your involvement with Carter, right?

Eric: I don’t want this to be an issue.

Ridge: Dad, don’t do that. You asked him to stay away from Quinn and then that’s what he’s gonna do. He’s one of the smartest guys I know, so you don’t have to keep bringing it up, all right? Carter.

Carter: Yes. I’m assuming you wanna speak about the divorce.

Eric: There are few items we wanna iron out, yes, but mostly I wanna talk about the jewelry line.

Carter: Okay. Well, I’ve been working on a new deal with our manufacturers.

Eric: Don’t bother.

Carter: I’m sorry?

Eric: Don’t get yourself involved with that, all right? There’s, uh, no reason to do that.

Carter: But the deal expires at the end of the quarter.

Eric: It will run out. There’s no need to extend it.

Ridge: What Dad is saying is that he doesn’t want Quinn around here anymore.

Eric: I don’t wanna have anything to do with Quinn. And she’s had a good run here at Forrester, she’s a talented designer. But I’m–I’m terminating the jewelry line.

Finn: All right.

Steffy: Well, that didn’t take long.

Paris: Thanks for helping me get settled in. The view from my room is incredible.

Finn: Oh, yeah, it’s gonna be nice, and peaceful, and away from the main craziness– n: –Of this house.

Paris: Oh, I’m super excited. I’ve always thought Malibu was one of the coolest places in the world. And now, I can say I live here even if it’s only temporary.

Finn: Yeah. And it’s a beautiful place to wake up to. I mean, you can make a pot of coffee and then just take a walk on the beach.

Steffy: Uh-hmm.

Paris: Oh, I cannot wait for that.

Finn: I hope you’re used to getting up early, though, things start rolling around here at ungodly hours.

Steffy: Okay, don’t try to scare her.

Finn: No, I’m just preparing her. I mean, you–you’re probably used to sleeping in on Sundays?

Paris: Sometimes.

Finn: You can say goodbye to all of that.

Steffy: Oh, okay. It’s not that bad.

Finn: I mean, it’s pretty bad. But in the most amazing and meaningful way possible, but–I mean, look at my eyes.

Paris: Oh, yeah, they’re a little bloodshot.

Finn: I haven’t slept in three days.

Steffy: Babe. Okay, we’ll try to shield you from Kelly’s karaokeing and the baby’s screaming sometimes, but–

Paris: Oh, no. No. I’m not worried about it at all. I mean, a house full of giggling, and toys clanging around, and even babies crying, that sounds amazing to me.

Finn: Hmm, even at 4:00 am?

Paris: Even at 4:00 am.

Finn: Uh-hmm.

Paris: Recently, my life has just been way too quiet.

Steffy: Well, then, you’re definitely at the right place.

Paris: Bring it on.

Wyatt: Mom, you’re no longer seeing Carter, right?

Quinn: Do you know how risky that would be for Carter? The–the impact that our involvement has already had on him?

Flo: Oh, I can’t imagine Eric is too thrilled about it.

Quinn: Well, look, Carter has as long way to go to gain back Eric’s faith and trust. I mean, that relationship was severely damaged. Who knows if it’s ever gonna be healed, uh, not to mention his standing at Forrester.

Wyatt: Wait, I thought Eric decided not to fire him, that he’s still COO and lead counsel.

Quinn: Well, yeah, I mean, luckily, he is. I mean, Carter is–well, he’s an exceptional man. He–he’s worked so hard for all of the success that he’s earned.

Flo: But what– what about you, Quinn? I mean, I would– I would hate to see this happen, but are–are you expecting a pink slip to come your way?

Quinn: Oh.

Wyatt: Oh, great. Here we go. Divorce served with an extra-large side of…

Quinn: Yeah. Oh, okay.

Wyatt: …Pink slip. That’s great.

Quinn: All right. Bite your tongue, both of you. Look, I may not be welcome at Forrester anymore, come on. My jewelry line is far too valuable for Eric to just dump it. Besides, I’m just– I’m more concerned with, you know, what’s gonna happen with Carter and his standing, not just with the family but with the company.

Quinn: [ Sighs ]

Carter: You wanna end Quinn’s jewelry line?

Eric: It’s the only option.

Carter: I understand why you may feel that way, but–but is that–

Ridge: Carter, easy. It’s Dad’s company, he doesn’t have to explain anything to anybody. He’s the boss.

Carter: And I get that part. But part of my job is to advise you on financial matters and Quinn’s line is one of our biggest assets.

Eric: We’ll make up for it elsewhere, all right? This isn’t a first for us. We’ve phased out other lines before.

Carter: The accessory line sold a million units last month alone. It consistently generates massive revenue.

Ridge: It does sell out season after season.

Carter: And last I checked the resort line, there’s a waiting list right now.

Ridge: There is a waiting list.

Eric: So, the suggestion is what? That we ramp up production on this line instead of killing it?

Carter: That’s not what I’m saying. The point I’m trying to make is, is that we have to be smart. We can lose tens of millions of dollars per year. Now, Eric, as your COO, I’m asking you if you could– if you can set aside your personal feelings and find a way to keep Quinn’s line alive.

Carter: This company is a success because of your business acumen, your leadership, Eric. You’re the reason why we all have jobs to come to every day. Now, rarely does an emotional decision fare well in a global enterprise this massive and Quinn’s jewelry line is one of our most reliable moneymakers.

Ridge: I agree with Dad. Quinn shouldn’t be anywhere around this building ever again. But Carter’s got a point. It seems that every fashion house has their own accessory line and if we get rid of ours, we can’t replace it, then, lose money, a lot of it. I’m not sure we can make that up.

Eric: He’s not wrong, but I don’t want Quinn in this building, anywhere.

Carter: That’s understandable. She can work offsite. I don’t foresee her having issues with that.

Ridge: You think that’s doable?

Eric: Write it up. Make it clear to her.

Carter: I’ll draft a letter setting the parameters. She’ll be required to work off premises, but still be legally obligated to fulfill her contract at Forrester.

Eric: It was a good advice, Carter.

Carter: Just trying to help.

Ridge: You got to go or you’re going to be late for your meeting downtown.

Carter: Yeah.

Eric: Get it done.

Carter: Yes, sir.

Ridge: I’ll walk you out.

[ Door shuts ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Quinn: I–I have to– I have to take this. [ Clears throat ] This is Quinn.

Carter: Hey, it’s me. Are you not somewhere you can talk?

Quinn: Uh, exactly.

Carter: Okay. Well, I know we said our goodbyes, but I need to see you as soon as possible.

Quinn: I’m not sure that’s where we wanna go with this.

Carter: Well, please, it’s important. Meet me at my place. You won’t be disappointed.

Quinn: Okay. I think I could make that happen. I’ll see you there.

Flo: Is everything okay?

Wyatt: Yeah. You seem anxious.

Quinn: Me?

Wyatt: Yeah. You. Who was that on the phone?

Quinn: Who?

Wyatt: What?

Quinn: What?

Wyatt: See? This is what she does. This–when she’s acting all secretive and keeping something from me, that’s this. What’s going on?

Quinn: Uh…

[ Birds chirping ]

Finn: Here.

Paris: Headphones?

Finn: Noise-cancelling headphones. I suggest you wear them to bed to cancel out the early morning cartoons.

Steffy: Yeah. Kelly likes things very loud.

Finn: Yes.

Steffy: Yeah.

Finn: And she watches the same 12-minute video over and over.

Steffy: Over and over that we now have it memorized.

Finn: Yes. And you will, too in a, uh, few days.

Steffy: Yeah.

Paris: Oh, you guys are clowning. I am so fired up about this.

Steffy: You really are.

Paris: Yeah. And being around family is just comforting, even if it’s not my own. Honestly, that might make it a little bit easier. [ Laughs ] Zoe and I had some drama when I first got here and just when we were starting to repair our relationship, now she’s gone to Paris. So, I try to lose myself in my work and spending time with Zende, but there’s still this void. So, spending time with you and your beautiful kids will help fill that little void in my heart.

Steffy: And you’re filling a void in my heart. Like, I’ve been neglecting my girlfriends, so this is nice.

[ Laughter ]

Paris: Well, you are CEO and you have two kids. I mean, it’s not like you aren’t busy.

Steffy: Yeah, it’s a lot but I still miss my friends, so it was nice that you’re gonna be our roommate.

Finn: Yeah. And don’t look at it like we’re doing you a favor because I think it might be the reverse.

Steffy: I hope your energy rubs off on me, honestly. [ Laughs ] And your– your dedication for helping others and your patience with Finn’s Dad jokes.

Finn: Hey. What?

Steffy: Well, it’s–well, it is–it’s true, babe. [ Laughs ] You really have a kind soul. And you sing lullabies like Beyoncé.

Paris: Oh, those are some big shoes to fill. [ Laughs ]

Steffy: I’m really excited for what we’re gonna share.

Paris: Yeah, me, too.

Steffy: Yeah. I feel like we’re gonna have so many surprises this summer. [ Laughs ] It’s gonna be fun.

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