Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, July 21, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Moses asks Lily for advice on how to show Faith he is interested in her and still respect her wishes to take things slowly. Lily advises that he give Faith surprises to show her that he is interested in her and will wait until she is ready to have a serious relationship.

Victor congratulates Victoria on the merger and she tells him that Ashland is living with her. Victor worries that Victoria will be hurt when Ashland dies but Victoria assures him she knows what she is doing and she won’t be hurt.

Kyle tells Sally he knows that she went to Los Angeles just before Summer got her job offer. Sally later tells Tara that Kyle is starting to suspect about Summer’s sudden job offer and if one of them goes down for the scheme the other will go down too. Phyllis overhears their conversation and is happy she has figured out their connection but she needs solid proof. Phyllis continues to act like she is Sally and Tara’s friend so they can trust her enough to slip up and admit what they did to Summer.

Billy and Victoria have a long talk and Billy realizes that Victoria loves Ashland and he feels badly that Victoria doesn’t have much time left with Ashland. Nikki manages to persuade Victor that Victoria knows what she is doing with Ashland and all she wants is to be happy with him for the time he has left. Ashland has another shortness of breath episode while he argues with Tara about Harrison’s custody.

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