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Finn:  Hey, sweetheart! Are you and your team ready for some snacks?

Violet: Mm-hmm. We’re starving.

Finn:  Yeah, a big-time game of T-ball will do that to you. Okay, here you go. Have at it.

Violet: These aren’t snacks, Daddy. They’re too healthy.

Finn:  Well, I’m a doctor, remember? I believe in a healthy snack.

Violet: My team is going to hate me.

Finn:  Oh. Well, we don’t want that.

Elizabeth: I hope it’s okay. I brought Aiden’s cupcakes for your team’s snack!

Violet: Thank you, Aunt Elizabeth!

Finn:  Yes. Thank you, Aunt Elizabeth. You saved my life.

Hopkins: Why are you so interested in my sister? What the hell is this? Aah!

Valentin: Move, and I break your wrist.

Anna: Alright. I want you to tell me about the baby your sister helped kidnap and the father, Peter August.

[ Telephones ringing in distance ]

[ Jordan sighs ]

Laura: Jordan. How are Alexis and Shawn doing?

Jordan: And good evening to you, too, Mayor Collins. They’re both in the interrogation room making a few phone calls to loved ones.

Laura: You’ll need to cut that short.

Alexis: Yes, I’m absolutely sure.

Molly: But, Mom —

Alexis: Don’t “but, Mom” me. I mean it. And the same thing goes for — for Kristina and Sam. The three of you, there’s nothing that you can do at this juncture. And if anything changes, I’ll let you know.

TJ: Is my dad with her?

Alexis: Yeah — uh, yeah. Tell TJ that — that he’s right here, and — and I’m going to hand the phone over. But I want to say one more thing. You have fun tonight and — and don’t worry about me for a second, and I love you.

Molly: I love you, too.

Alexis: Okay, here.

Shawn: Hey, TJ, you there?

TJ: You’re going to tell me the same thing Alexis told Molly?

Shawn: You got that right. Look, you and Molly enjoy yourselves. If I get any updates on my situation, you’ll be the first to know.

TJ: It’ll be good news. I know it.

Shawn: [ Sighs ] I hope so. See you soon, son.

TJ: See you soon, Dad.

Shawn: Ah, TJ’s hopes are up so high. He’s gonna be devastated if I get sent back to Pentonville.

Alexis: I think it might be unavoidable. For both of us.

TJ: Should we take our parents’ advice and spend the evening having fun?

Molly: Well, that was our intent when we came here. And it does make sense. I mean, after tonight, I may never see you again. You’ll be so busy doing rotations at the hospital, Dr. Ashford.

TJ: And you will be studying for the bar exam, Counselor Lansing-Davis, while continuing to work for the D.A. So let’s eat, drink, and indulge in each other while we can.

Molly: Oh! Did you order Champagne?

TJ: I’m afraid that is not in my budget. You have the wrong table.

Waitress: The Champagne is from the gentleman at the bar.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Cam: Hey, do you need more sunscreen?

Josslyn: Oh. Yeah, actually. That’d be great. I can feel myself starting to roast.

Cam: Do you want me to…?

Josslyn: Please.

Spencer: Watch the hands, townie.

Josslyn: Spencer?

Spencer: Live and in person.

Josslyn: [ Chuckles ] Um, how are you? What made you decide to grace us with your presence? It’s been forever.

Spencer: I thought it would be forever until you two got together. How’d that happen?

Cam: Just lucky, I guess.

Josslyn: Mm.

Cam: So, how long you in town for?

Spencer: Oh, I’m back for good.

Anna: Well, I’m confused. I don’t know — I don’t understand. You just said that you were hired by Peter to take him off the roof at G.H.

Hopkins: That was the plan. But I couldn’t get the chopper close enough, so I had to abort.

Anna: If you didn’t airlift him out, how did he escape?

Hopkins: I have no idea. And I’m done. You have any more questions, talk to my lawyer. I don’t have to tell you or you squat.

Valentin: You’re not making your life any easier by walking out, chopper-head. In fact, you’re making your life a hell of a lot worse.

Anna: Because you have one shot to help yourself. Mr. Hopkins, are you listening? I need you to tell me what happened to Peter August.

Valentin: I think you agreed to work for Peter August ’cause your sister asked you to.

Anna: And the money was good. We know he wired you funds.

Valentin: So you can talk nice with us here, or we can charge you with obstruction of justice.

Anna: Have you fingerprinted. I don’t think the New York Methodist is going to be all that happy to have one of their medevac pilots arrested. Come on. Come on! What happened on the roof?

Hopkins: I couldn’t land. The hospital wouldn’t give me clearance.

Anna: So how did Peter escape?

Hopkins: All I know is that August told me he’d be alone on the hospital roof, but he wasn’t.

Violet: My cousin Aiden made cupcakes!

[ Children clamoring ]

Finn: You just made my daughter’s day.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, I’m happy to help. Aiden actually made them for his Little League team, so I set some aside, because I remember you saying that you’re responsible for the team snack.

Finn: Mm-hmm. And you figured I’d bring something like orange slices and carrot sticks.

Elizabeth: Mm, something like that.

[ Both laugh ]

Finn: Well, thank you for saving me from a week of my daughter not speaking to me. Too bad our other problem isn’t as easily solved.

Elizabeth: You can’t stop thinking about it, can you?

Finn: I’m funny that way when I… kill someone and hide them in the hospital freezer.

Elizabeth: Well, you didn’t do it alone, Finn.

Finn: I wish to god I had.

Cam: Well, last I heard, you were taking a gap year, touring the world.

Spencer: I didn’t realize you kept up with my activities.

Cam: Grandma gives me the updates.

Spencer: Mm.

Cam: And Aiden is all kinds of jealous. You know, with your studying in France, I’m sure he would love to study pastry cooking in Paris.

Spencer: [ Chuckles ] My school didn’t offer culinary courses. It was more focused on the traditional curriculum — languages, mathematics — and the extracurriculars, of course — riding, theater.

Cam: Oh, yeah. Grandma said you were the lead in every show.

Spencer: She exaggerates. I was the lead in most of them.

Cam: Mm.

Josslyn: Mm-hmm. So, Spencer, how’s your tennis game?

Spencer: Better than ever. Yours?

Josslyn: Oh, well, I focus more on volleyball now.

Spencer: Mm, such a waste.

Josslyn: Excuse me?

Spencer: Volleyball is a team sport. Wouldn’t you rather shine as an individual?

Josslyn: Mm, no, I’d rather play the sport I love.

Spencer: Mm. Well, if you ever want to get back into tennis, I’m more than happy to give you a tutorial. I won’t bother asking you, Cam. You swing a racket like a sledgehammer.

Cam: Oh, thank you.

Josslyn: [ Chuckles ] Wow. You have not changed.

Spencer: Did you want me to?

Josslyn: No. What I’d like for you to do is… cool off.

Spencer: Oh —

Cam: [ Laughs ]

Josslyn: [ Laughs ]

Spencer: Ah.

Cam: Well, Spencer’s still annoying.

Josslyn: Oh, I don’t even think he can help it.

Trina: Who’s this annoying Spencer you guys are talking about?

Josslyn: Oh.

Cam: He’s an old friend. “Friend” might be stretching it.

Josslyn: No, Spencer is most definitely a friend. I mean, we’ve known him since before you were even in Port Charles.

Trina: Mm, well, I can’t wait to meet him.

Josslyn: Well, you know what? I think this might just be the perfect opportunity for that. Trina Robinson, Spencer Cassadine.

Nikolas: I don’t want to interrupt your night out.

TJ: You ordered the champagne. It’s only fair you share it with us.

Molly: And congratulate TJ and me on our domestic partnership.

Nikolas: I’m really happy the two of you made things official.

Molly: Thank you. And not to be a downer, but I hear that you and Ava are dealing with a stalker. The PCPD keeps the D.A.’s office posted.

Nikolas: Oh, I’m glad they’re taking it seriously. Any news on your mom? I saw her a couple times early on, but I haven’t been able to visit lately, which is remiss on my part.

TJ: Guess he hasn’t heard.

Nikolas: Heard what? Well, please tell me you have good news.

Molly: Well, it — it wasn’t good for a while. In fact, it was torture for my mom. She was locked up in solitary.

Shawn: Jordan told me someone leaked to the press about the investigation into Judge Carson’s sentencing bias.

Alexis: Is that good or bad for us?

Shawn: I doubt it’ll make a difference in my case. I pled guilty to shooting Hayden Barnes. I’ll probably end up back in Pentonville.

Alexis: After everything Jordan’s done for you, why would you say that?

Shawn: Because I know how the system works — slowly, very slowly. The investigation into the judge could take years. And in the end, they could determine that Carson did nothing wrong.

Alexis: Carson’s the one that should be in Pentonville, not you.

Shawn: Well, thanks for the support. But I worry more about you.

Alexis: [ Sighs, clears throat ] I’ll be okay as long as they don’t put me back in solitary. Honestly, I-I can’t do that. That was humbling. I-I mean, I was not prepared for that. That’s a tiny cell and — and — and no —

[ Door opens ]

Alexis: What happened? Any news?

Spencer: Sorry I’m all wet, but my old pal Josslyn is still a prankster.

Trina: Mm.

Spencer: What was your name again? Tina?

Trina: Trina.

Josslyn: Oh, uh, Trina, you actually have a connection to Spencer. Trina works at Ava’s art gallery, and Spencer here is Ava’s stepson.

Spencer: Not for much longer. Ava and my father are splitting up. Soon he’ll just be my father, and Ava won’t be my anything.

Josslyn: Mm, Spencer hasn’t forgiven Ava for forcing his dad into marriage.

Trina: Mm.

Josslyn: Spencer has been in France at boarding school for the past — I don’t know how many years.

Trina: Boarding school? France? You’re just full of surprises. I bet you left a trail of broken hearts behind.

Josslyn: Oh, well, he hasn’t taken the time to fill us in on his love life. But, uh, don’t get any ideas about Trina, okay, because she is all about her mystery man.

Trina: Victor. But he’s never met Cam or Joss. And when he and I took a selfie on his phone, he never sent it to me to show them. I wonder why.

Cam: Joss and I are starting to believe that this Victor guy doesn’t even exist.

Trina: It’s no great loss. I thought Victor was cool. Turns out he’s a total jerk.

TJ: To my beautiful, intelligent, and courageous domestic partner, for exposing Judge Carson’s bias to the world.

Molly: Well, my mom deserves credit for researching the judge and her biased sentences. And Martin Grey got the recording of Judge Carson admitting that she sentences people of color more harshly than she does white people.

Nikolas: Your mom must be incredibly proud.

Molly: Yeah, well, proud of me and relieved to be out of Pentonville. TJ’s mom made an arrangement to transfer my mom to the PCPD lockup for the time being.

Nikolas: God. I wish I’d known about the tough time that Alexis was going through.

Molly: Hopefully the worst is over.

TJ: Now that Judge Carson’s biases have been leaked to the press, the Attorney General’s office is under pressure to start an investigation.

Nikolas: Is there a chance that Alexis could go free?

Alexis: When the two of you get all sphinx-like, I get nervous. Are Shawn and I going back to Pentonville?

Shawn: Is this about the media leak you mentioned?

Laura: Uh, let’s just say that the Attorney General has called me to let me know that she is going to make the investigation into Judge Carson her top priority.

Alexis: Great. Do you know who leaked the story so I can send them flowers?

Shawn: Oh, I’m sure they have no idea.

Jordan: Well, Judge Carson’s rulings are in public record, so the leak could have come from anyone.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Jordan: It’s the A.G.

Laura: I told her to call you from now on. So, um… the A.G. and the governor are both very nervous about the amount of press around Judge Carson.

Shawn: Well, that’s good for us, right?

Laura: Not necessarily. That’s why I wanted to talk to you first, before you talk to your kids, before you get anybody’s hopes up. It’s just that I know how politicians operate. They need to talk out every single issue, and sometimes, it takes months. Even years. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. But it is still a waiting game.

Anna: There was another person on the roof with Peter?

Hopkins: Yeah. I was supposed to take only August to Pautuck. This other person could have implicated me in August’s escape, so I was relieved when G.H. wouldn’t give me the clearance to land.

Anna: Can you describe this other person that was on the roof?

Elizabeth: Finn, you really need to hear me when I say I don’t regret in the least helping you hide Peter’s body.

Violet: Hi.

Finn: Oh, wow. Let me get that for you.

Elizabeth: Looks like Aiden’s cupcakes are popular!

Violet: Mm-hmm. My team voted that he should make them for all our games.

Elizabeth: Oh, well, you’ll have to ask him if he wants to.

Violet: Okay.

Finn: Hey, are you ready? It’s almost your turn to bat.

Violet: Um, can you show me one more time just in case?

Finn: Yeah, yeah. Come here. Let’s do this right here. We’re gonna do it just like we practiced, okay? See, you take the bat. We’ve got our feet — we got our feet kind of shoulder-width apart like that. Stay like that. Uh, grip up a little bit here. Alright, and then we keep the eye on the ball. We imagine the ball right in front of us, right? And who are we looking at? Are we looking at the other players?

Violet: No.

Finn: No. Are we looking at the coach?

Violet: No way. We’re looking at the ball.

Finn: That’s right. We’re keeping our eye on the ball. We’re looking at the ball all the way in. And when everything feels right in the universe, we’re gonna swing. We’re gonna swing nice and level with our eye on the ball, okay? Just like that. That is perfect, right? You ready?

Violet: Thank you, Daddy. I’m ready now.

Finn: Alright, sweetie. I love you. Go get a hit.

Elizabeth: I wish we could watch our kids’ games all summer long.

Finn: Me, too. Without having to worry about a body in a freezer.

Elizabeth: And no way to get him out without someone seeing us.

Spencer: I seem to be, uh, dripping. Trina, you want to come tell me a little bit about, uh, Ava’s gallery?

Trina: Sure, why not?

Spencer: Right. Excuse us.

Josslyn: Do you think that Spencer is interested in Trina?

Cam: Well, if he is, he’s got a tough hill to climb. She doesn’t seem interested at all.

Josslyn: Yeah, I know. You know, Trina seemed mad at Spencer, which is strange since they’ve never met. But, you know, then again, you don’t really need to know Spencer for very long for him to rub you the wrong way.

Cam: As long as you’re not interested in Spencer, I don’t really care what Trina thinks.

Josslyn: Jealous already? Don’t you know? You were always the guy I wanted the most when we were kids.

Spencer: Trina, I am so sorry about lying to you —

Trina: I’m not interested in your apology, Spencer. I just lied by omission to my best friends because of you. Why would you pretend to be some guy named Victor? And before you lie again, you should know I’m very perceptive. If I suspect you’re being anything less than truthful, I’ll tell Cam and Joss all about how we really met.

Molly: In a perfect world, yeah, Mom would go free.

Nikolas: But this isn’t a perfect world.

Molly: Well, in Mom’s case, her sentence makes sense for the crime that she pled guilty to. I mean, she nearly killed Dante.

TJ: Which she admitted to.

Molly: Yeah. I-I just hope that Mom doesn’t have to go back to Pentonville.

TJ: It sounds like Judge Carson has influence with the deputy warden who’s in a position to make things difficult for Alexis.

Molly: Well, technically speaking, Mom did have an altercation with a guard. But, I mean, you guys know my mom. She’s not a very physical person, so it couldn’t have been much.

TJ: Alexis still got sent to solitary, and not just for a few hours. She was there for three days.

Nikolas: If I can help in any way…

TJ: Well, the thing is, Alexis didn’t go after Judge Carson on her own behalf. She did it for my dad. She was trying to get him out of prison.

Nikolas: Is there — is there a chance that Shawn could be released?

Laura: The governor is going to wait until the investigation reaches a conclusion, and then he’ll take action.

Shawn: But what about Alexis? She shouldn’t have to go back to Pentonville. The deputy warden is definitely biased against her. There’s no other explanation for a three-day sentence in solitary for such a minor infraction.

Alexis: What did the Attorney General say?

Jordan: A lot. Said your sentence is suitable for your crime, meaning you won’t go free. However, you won’t be returning to Pentonville.

Laura: Thank goodness.

Shawn: Well, that’s good news.

Alexis: That depends. Where am I being sent?

Jordan: Spring Ridge.

Alexis: I know that place. That facility’s right outside of Port Charles, and I advocated for my clients to be sent there.

Jordan: Spring Ridge has a low prison population with nonviolent inmates.

Alexis: Lots of opportunity to volunteer there.

Shawn: The guys at Pentonville called it a spa with guards.

Laura: Congratulations, Alexis. You’ll be much more comfortable there.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Laura: Oh. Oh, my goodness. Speak of the devil. It’s the governor. Excuse me.

Shawn: You don’t look very happy.

Alexis: No —

Shawn: I guess a prison is still a prison.

Alexis: I’m — I’m happy, and I’m really grateful. What about you and what about the others like you that were unfairly sentenced by Carson? I actually committed the crime I’m being sentenced for. You didn’t. And I’m benefiting. It’s not fair.

Elizabeth: So, how do we get Peter out now that the Cameras in the stairwell are working?

Finn: Thought we might borrow a gurney and a… body bag from the morgue, get Peter out of the hospital, and dump him in a landfill. Hey, sweetie, you got this!

Elizabeth: Yes, go, Violet, go!

Finn: Alright? Keep your eye on the ball!

Elizabeth: At least in a landfill, his body will decompose quickly.

Finn: Listen to us talking about another human being like this. A human being who I killed.

Elizabeth: Yeah, who deserved to die. You did the world a favor by pushing Peter down the stairs. He can’t terrorize anyone else.

Finn: I’m not sure the authorities are gonna agree with you.

[ Bat hits ball ]

Finn: That’s it!

Elizabeth:  Yes, Violet! Run!

Finn: That’s it! Go! First! Go to first! You got it!

Elizabeth: Run, Violet! Run, run!

Finn: You got it! Yes! Yes! Yes! Keep going!

Elizabeth: [ Laughs ]

Hopkins: I was distracted. I was attempting an unauthorized landing and was taking all kinds of heat for it.

Anna: Male, female? Height, build?

Hopkins: Male, tall.

Valentin: Was he dressed like a hospital employee?

Hopkins: He was dressed in street clothes.

Anna: Okay, what — jeans, t-shirt?

Hopkins: A suit, like… blue or gray. Uh… I thought he was one of you guys.

Anna: A detective? No. What else can you tell us?

Elizabeth: Yay! Good job!

Finn: Yeah! Good one!

Violet: I got the hit.

Finn: I saw. I was watching. Your hit was spectacular,

Violet: I did it just like you showed me.

Finn: Yeah, I know. You kept your bat level, and you kept your eye on the ball, and you ran so fast to first base.

Violet: The running was all me.

Finn: I know it was. But you know what? Game’s still going on. There’s no left fielder. Your teammates need you.

Violet: I’m glad you’re here, Daddy. I got the hit because of you.

Elizabeth: Aw, hey, what am I, chopped liver?

Violet: I’m glad you’re here, too, Aunt Elizabeth. This is my best game ever so far.

Finn: Ooh.

Violet: I love you.

Finn: Oh, I love you, too, sweetheart. I love you to the moon and back. Okay? You go get ’em, alright? Go get a hit.

Elizabeth: Good job, Dad.

Valentin: So, how old was this guy? What color was his hair?

Hopkins: His hair was dark. I’m not sure about his age.

Valentin: Dark. Was it long, short?

Hopkins: Long, ish.

Valentin: In a ponytail?

Hopkins: To his collar maybe.

Valentin: Anything else you could tell us, anything distinctive?

Hopkins: All I remember is that August was with a guy on the hospital roof. That’s it. Can I go home now? Oh, what is this?

Anna: You aided and abetted a murderer.

Hopkins: What are you talking about? I was contracted to fly a client. I didn’t even pick him up! I’ve done nothing!

Valentin: Peter August was implicated in a string of murders. We can prove that you’ve received money to help him escape. That’s a serious offense, certainly one that’s arrestable.

Anna: Okay, thanks, guys.

Hopkins: This is crazy! You got no proof! ‘Cause I did nothing!

Valentin: Do we believe him?

Anna: What, about the other person on the roof? I don’t know why he would make something like that up.

Valentin: I agree with you. But if Peter has another ally aside from the helicopter pilot and the nurse, that’s someone we know nothing about.

Cam: Something to cool us down?

Josslyn: Thank you. Huh. You know, Spencer and Trina seem to have a lot to talk about.

Cam: Yeah, well, Spencer has a lot to talk about with anybody.

Josslyn: Hmm.

Cam: And the only person I want to talk to is you.

Spencer: I honestly didn’t mean to mislead you.

Trina: You have no right to use the word “honestly” in a sentence. And who the hell is Victor anyway?

Spencer: My great uncle.

Trina: And why would you pretend not to know my best friends? And my boss? Why would you pretend not to know Ava?

Spencer: It’s complicated.

Trina: Is this the start of another stall? Don’t bother. Cam and Joss are right over there.

Spencer: Okay. Okay. I lied because I didn’t want my father to know I was back in Port Charles.

Trina: Why not?

Spencer: For three years, he let me believe he was dead. When he resurfaced, I didn’t take it well. And when he married Ava, I didn’t take that well, either.

Trina: Why did you even bother coming back?

Spencer: Because Dad is divorcing Ava. I wanted to show my support, but I wasn’t sure how he’d feel about me, so I laid low for a while.

Trina: He knows you’re back now?

Spencer: And he’s really happy I’m home. If he knew that I waited a few days before seeing him, it could destroy all of the progress that we’ve made towards fixing our relationship.

Molly: Shawn only pled guilty because he thought he shot Hayden Barnes. But he didn’t. Hayden was shot by someone else. No one knows who. Shawn was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time.

TJ: Diane miller plans to assemble a legal team to have Hayden Barnes’ shooting reopened and prove my dad wasn’t responsible. But my dad keeps telling me it’s going to take time. A lot of time. So we shouldn’t get our hopes up.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Molly: Or maybe we should.

Alexis: Thank you for letting me text Molly the news.

Jordan: Yeah.

Shawn: You just made her night out with TJ even sweeter.

Jordan: Well, let’s hope the next text is to TJ from Shawn.

Shawn: That won’t be for a while.

Laura: I wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Jordan: The governor?

Laura: Yes. The national press picked up the story about Judge Carson and her biased sentencing.

Alexis: I’m sure the governor was thrilled about that.

Laura: That’s why he was calling me. He told me he was going to make Shawn’s case his priority.

Alexis: Uh, w-what does that mean? A priority in politics, is that five years instead of five days.

Laura: Let me finish.

Shawn: Remember what I said about patience.

Jordan: Oh, I’m with Alexis. What did the governor say about Shawn?

Anna: What makes you think that this person on the roof with Peter is an ally?

Valentin: Okay, that’s interesting. Well, the hospital was searched from top to bottom. Everybody that was there the day that Peter escaped has been interviewed, so if this man isn’t an ally, why hasn’t he come forward?

Anna: Okay. So who is this person?

Valentin: I don’t know. Could be anybody. Could be affiliated with the hospital. Maybe not. But this man did meet Peter on the roof. Peter is Faison’s son. He has access to any number of support personnel. Could be a courier. Or maybe he was the one facilitating Peter’s escape.

Anna: Then why bother with Hopkins?

Finn: That’s it, Violet. Keep your eye on the batter. That’s it, sweetheart.

[ Bat hits ball ]

Finn: The thought that someone could have seen what happened with Peter keeps me up at night.

Elizabeth: If someone had seen you, they would have come forward by now. Yes, Violet, you got this!

Finn: You know, Anna could find a witness that the police missed. And if Peter’s body is discovered and traced back to me… it’d be devastating to Violet. I’ve — I’ve tried really hard to provide her with a sense of security and stability. Her mom’s been off the radar for a year and a half now.

Elizabeth: I still can’t believe that Hayden would voluntarily abandon Violet for so long. Finn… if something were to happen, if — if you were to get arrested, I want you to know that the boys and I would take care of Violet.

Finn: Thank you. Thank you. But what if someone saw you helping me hide Peter’s body?

Elizabeth: If they did, then why haven’t they said something? We just have to have faith that we’re in the clear. We can continue on with our lives and not let Peter take that away from us.

Laura: I saved the best for last. The governor has decided to commute your sentence to time served.

Shawn: Okay. W-what’s the catch? Uh, how long will the paperwork take?

Jordan: I mean, it can take weeks, sometimes months.

Laura: But in this case, the paperwork has already been handled. So effective immediately, you’re a free man!

Alexis: Oh. Oh! Oh! Gosh!

Shawn: [ Laughter ]

TJ: Congratulations, Mols.

Nikolas: I think we should order another bottle of Champagne to celebrate Alexis’ move out from Pentonville.

Molly: Well, I’m only sorry that her text didn’t include any news about your dad.

TJ:  My dad should have never been denied parole when it came up a few months ago. They said he was a model prisoner.

Molly: TJ and I were convinced that Shawn would be out in time to see TJ graduate from med school.

Spencer: Is there any chance that you can forgive me for lying to you?

Trina: For a while, I wasn’t talking to my dad. And when I finally did, it felt really good.

Spencer: So you understand why I didn’t tell him that I was back in Port Charles at first?

Trina: I get the anger. But do you really work at the Savoy?

Spencer: Um… no.

Trina: Then why were you there the night of my graduation party?

Spencer: I was thinking of telling Cam and Joss that I was back in town. But then when you came in all bloody and stuff, I realized that the timing wasn’t right.

Trina: Why did you pretend not to know Ava?

Spencer: Ava couldn’t know about my return, either. She would’ve told my dad.

Trina: And your mom?

Spencer: I would never lie about her. Ask Cam and Joss. Better yet, look her up online. Courtney Matthews. She died the day I was born.

Trina: I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to believe about you anymore.

Spencer: I get it. I do. And I’m really sorry. And if you want to tell Ava and Cam and Joss that I pretended to be some guy named Victor, I’ll understand.

Trina: But you don’t want me to, do you? You want me to trust you.

Josslyn: Okay, what’s going on? You two have been in intense conversation forever.

Jordan:  Hey. Mm.

Shawn: Thank you. I know you did a lot to convince the governor to commute my sentence, but what about all the other inmates of color Carson handed unfair sentences to?

Laura: Don’t worry, the governor is going to speed up the process of reviewing all of the sentencing. Uh, it’s going to be a long road. But I’m very glad it began with you.

Alexis: You are amazing. Did you promise the governor your firstborn son?

Laura: [ Chuckles ] No, I merely pointed out that his poll numbers might slip if he didn’t correct this horrible injustice. He is coming up for election.

Jordan: Mm. Finally, a politically savvy move that also achieves justice.

Alexis: You deserve this. You have been a model prisoner. You — you’ve been a rock star with the other inmates. And god knows you saved my life and my sanity.

Shawn: And you saved mine. Now I need to call TJ.

Jordan: Wait, wait, wait. I have a better idea.

Trina: Spencer and I were just talking about…art. He’s really interested in my job at Ava’s gallery.

Cam: Mm. I could see the movie title now — “Spencer Cassadine, Man of the World.”

Spencer: And I can see yours — sorry. What are your interests, besides Josslyn?

Cam: Mm, that’s — that’s funny. Mm. On that note, I think I’m going to head out. Can’t be late for work.

Josslyn: Yeah, I have a P.T. appointment. I have to work on my ankle. Um, can I give you a ride?

Trina: Thanks, but I think I’ll stick around.

Cam: Mm, have more to talk to Spencer about art?

Josslyn: Uh, call me later.

Cam: Welcome back. It’s good to see you.

Spencer: Thanks for keeping my secret.

Trina: I’m just glad you and your dad are talking again. But so we’re clear, lie to me again, and I’m out, and so’s your secret.

TJ: I suppose if there were good news about my dad, I would have heard by now.

Molly: I’m sorry.

Nikolas:  So am I. I have some calls to make, so I’m going to say goodbye. Enjoy your night out.

Molly: Well, thank you for the champagne and the good wishes.

Nikolas:  Least I can do.

TJ: I don’t believe it. What?

TJ: You’re out.

Shawn:  A free man.

[ Both laugh ]

Shawn:  It’s good to see you. Good to see you.

TJ: [ Laughs ]

Alexis: Mmm. Compared to the swill they serve in Pentonville, you have — have no idea. This tastes like the perfect café au lait from a sidewalk cafe in Paris.

Laura: [ Chuckles ] I’m sorry things have been so hard on you.

Alexis: Oh, Laura, you have no idea.

Laura: Mm.

Alexis: I cannot thank you enough for intervening in Shawn’s case.

Laura: Oh, please. It was you and Molly and — and Martin did all the heavy lifting.

Alexis: And Nikola– Nikolas gets credit for an assist, because he saved me from Cyrus Renault’s people. And I don’t even know how to thank him.

Laura: Mm. Well, his methods were dubious, but it was for a worthy cause.

Alexis: You have to admit, Nikolas has really redeemed himself.

Laura: [ Sighs ] It’s a huge relief to be able to recognize my own son again. I only wish that he and Ava didn’t have to deal with this stalker in their life. But anyway, you’re right. You’re right. My son has turned into the good man that I always knew he was.

Nikolas: Congratulations on the release, Shawn. Well-deserved.

Shawn: Thank you. Yeah, freedom feels good.

Jordan:  Well, what’s the first thing you’re going to do to celebrate?

TJ: Champagne?

Molly: Ooh, the Metro Court’s filet mignon?

Shawn: I wouldn’t say no to either, but my focus will be to repay my debt to Hayden Barnes. Someone tried to kill her, and they came damn close. I’m going to find out who.

Finn: Hey!

Violet: I caught the ball!

Finn: I saw! You won the game for your team! I’m so proud of you.

Elizabeth: Your cousins will be so impressed.

Violet: Can I go celebrate with my team and coach?

Finn: Of course, sweetheart. I’m gonna be right here. Okay? That’s the most important thing in the world to me. I owe her love and security. I owe her everything. And for her sake, I’m going to keep going. It’s not fair to ask you to —

Elizabeth: Finn, I’m not going anywhere. We’ll deal with this together.

Anna: If Peter had someone waiting to transport him, why would he book a helicopter to fly him out of there?

Valentin: Diversion? Contingency plan?

Anna: No, no, no, no, ’cause why would he go to the roof if he wasn’t going to board the helicopter?

Valentin: Well, Peter’s walls were coming in. He’d killed Franco. He’d arranged for Maxie’s abduction, his child to disappear. He needed to get out of G.H. He needed to disappear himself. But if Peter’s helicopter couldn’t land, then that just leaves our mystery man on the roof.

Anna: Yeah, you’re right. No, that person’s very important. But there’s something that we’re — we’re — we’re not seeing clearly. You know? Something doesn’t add up.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Chase (to Willow): I can’t be your husband.

Britt: It’s so good to see you!

Nikolas (to Jordan): Can you be more specific?

Terry (to Portia): The only place to be is at the Savoy.

Ava (to Trina): How’s the new guy?

Curtis (to Johnny): You gotta say what you want even if you might lose what you have.

Sasha (to Michael): I’m just not sure I want him to be.

Stella (to Shawn): Get out of my way.

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