Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 15, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Faith tells Moses she wants to take their relationship slowly for now, so they agree to be good friends.

Amanda can’t find any information about Sutton so she asks Lily for help but Lily says she doesn’t have any reporters that have connections that go far back enough to find information about Sutton. Lily advises Amanda to ask Victor to help her.

Billy asks for Phyllis to help him find out what the connection is between Sally and Tara and he tells Phyllis that he saw them talking at the park but he couldn’t hear their conversation. Phyllis is happy that Billy has the same suspicions about Sally and Tara and she is more than happy to help Billy find out what Sally and Tara are hiding from everyone. Phyllis has a talk with Tara and later sends a text to Billy telling him they need to talk.

Abby, Sharon, and Tessa are very worried about Mariah because she has only sent them texts saying that she set up some exploratory meetings for work because she needed to get away for a few days. Stitch tells Sharon he was about to return home to Iowa when he was offered a job at Memorial and decided to stay in town for an interview. Sharon tells Stitch that she, Abby, and Tessa are worried about Mariah so after Stitch talks to Sharon he heads over to the Chancellor mansion to offer his support to Abby.

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