Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 16, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Stitch suggests to Abby and Tessa that someone from Tess’ past may have kidnapped Mariah to get revenge on her. Abby and Tessa worry that something bad may have happened to Mariah as another day goes by without a response from Mariah to any of the texts they have sent to her.

Victoria tells Billy and Nikki that Ashland will be moving in with her. Nikki worries that Victoria will be heartbroken when Ashland dies but she tells Victoria that she trusts her to make the right decision about her life. Billy shares the same worry as Nikki, but he is also upset that Victoria wants the kids to spend more time with him and Lily while Ashland is staying with her. Billy feels that Victoria is kicking her kids out of the house so she can live with Ashland. Victoria explains that she is protecting the kids and the arrangement will only be for a few months.

Billy and Phyllis work on a plan to find out Sally and Tara’s secrets. Sally overhears Phyllis mention Tara’s name to Billy and she heads straight to the Abbott Mansion to warn Tara to be careful around Billy and Phyllis. Tara cries and tells Jack Phyllis blames her for Kyle and Summer’s broken engagement and Phyllis said some awful things to her that she can’t repeat to him.

Devon gets upset when Amanda tells him Sutton threatened her. Devon tells Sutton that if anything happens to Amanda, he will have to deal with him. Amanda asks Victor to back Sutton into such a tight corner that he will be forced to tell the truth about the death of her father. Victor tells Sutton he has a problem with Amanda, but he knows what to do to handle the problem.

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