Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Nina asks Lily if she can be a freelance reporter for Chancellor Communications since she intends to stay in town until Abby and Chance’s baby is born. Lily is impressed when she hears Nina’s experience as a reporter considering she is known for writing novels and screenplays. Lily tells Nina she may have a story for her but first she has to talk to Billy. Billy interviews Tara to try and confirm the rumor that Ashland is dying but she tells her that her soon to be ex-husband doesn’t confide in her about his health anymore.

Billy asks Tara if he should be worried about Ashland’s relationship with Victoria. Tara tells Billy that Ashland is only using Victoria to soothe his bruised ego. Billy asks Victor to talk to Victoria and tell her that continuing her relationship with Ashland will hurt her.

Sutton asks Amanda to be Nana’s lawyer because she was suffering from post-partum depression when she killed Richard. Amanda tells Sutton that she knows he killed Richard and Naya is taking the blame to protect him.

Ashland asks Victoria to go to Los Angeles with him and while they are talking Ashland begins to cough and Victoria worries that Ashland’s health is getting worse. Ashland leaves Victoria’s office and sees Victor getting off the elevator the two men say hello and Ashland gets on the elevator. Victor goes in and asks Victoria if the rumors that Ashland is dying are true.

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