Days Short Wednesday, June 30, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe talked to Marlena about his relationship with Paulina. Lani overheard Paulina talking about the plans she was doing for the town. She didn’t hear the entire conversation, but she heard enough to know she’s keeping something from Abe. She wanted to know what she was keeping from her father. Shawn gave Brady Kristen’s personal effects. He didn’t really want to take them, but he did. He saw a picture of Chloe. They talked about Kristen. Brady said Kristen wasn’t the person he thought. Shawn tried to make him feel better, but he blamed himself for what happened. He admitted he was drawn to Chloe and Kristen had a front row seat to the whole thing. Shawn said that he loved Chloe once. He said it was a long time ago. He also told him that Philip was moving in on Chloe. Philip wanted to have a chance with Chloe. She thought he was pressuring her. He wanted an answer when Belle showed up. Paulina told Lani that she cared about Abe. Lani admitted that she hid something from Eli that almost destroyed them. She didn’t want her father to be hurt the way she hurt Eli. Paulina said she didn’t want to lose Abe. Lani wanted to know what she was hiding.

Abe continued to talk to Marlena about Paulina. She wondered how Lani’s mother would feel about that. Paulina lied to Lani about why she went to Florida. Lani didn’t believe her and wanted to know what she wasn’t telling her. Chloe talked to Belle about Philip. She admitted her feelings for Brady are what’s holding her back from being with Philip. Philip walked in on Shawn encouraging Brady to go after Chloe. Philip wondered if Shawn was still intimidated by him. They argued with Philip about what he did with Belle and Chloe. Philip reminded Brady about the times he had with Chloe. Shawn reminded him that he kept trying to ruin his relationship with Belle. Philip let them know that he knew what he wanted. Belle tried to convince Chloe that she should be with Philip. Abe walked up on Paulina while she told her about her insecurities about the town square. He assured her that she would do a great job. He gave her the zoning permit. He congratulated her for getting the permit.

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