Days Short Recap, Monday, June 21, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole warned Xander that Sami was trying to find info to prove that she slept with him. She said if she did find something, he would be out on his butt. He said they needed to find some dirt on her. He thought she might have cheated on EJ the same way she cheated on Eric. EJ wanted to know why Sami didn’t want Lucas to stay at the DiMera mansion. She kept giving him excuses, but he had an answer for her. He told her that he didn’t have a problem with Lucas staying with them. Kate wanted Jake to make love to her. Jake told her that she had to get adjusted to everything. She said she was able to get along just fine. He insisted they wait before being together. She thought it was because of Gabi. He wanted to know why she thought that way. She reminded him how he turned to her and how she was getting in the way. He told her that Gabi was the past and he wanted to be with her. Chad talked to Gabi about Jake being with Kate. She didn’t think he would be with her. Chad told her that EJ and Sami were moving in the mansion. Sami and Lucas started arguing in front of EJ. EJ told her that it was okay for Lucas to stay with them so he could look out for Kate. Xander told Nicole that Sami and Lucas could be together the same way they were together. He explained what happened when he found them in the basement. Nicole told him that they hated each other so it wasn’t likely they would sleep together. Xander believed they did. EJ said Lucas could stay near his mother. Lucas said he was staying at the pub.

Gabi wondered how EJ could move in without telling her. He walked in while she was talking and told her that he owned the house before she moved in there. Kate continued to make Jake feel guilty for not wanting to be with her. Lucas told Sami that he was uncomfortable around EJ. He believed he was better for her than EJ. She said that he loved her. He’s glad that EJ loved her the way she deserved to be loved. Gabi and Sami bonded while they talked. Gabi was willing to be there for her if she needed to talk. They talked about what was going on with EJ and Jake. Gabi went upstairs and ran into Jake. She saw how he came out of Kate’s room. She thought he was going to have sex with her. He said he got out of it. They stated talking about EJ being back home. He thought EJ was back in town to take over DiMera Enterprises. EJ thought it was better than he imagined being back in Salem with his wife. He assured her that the bad days were behind them.

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