Days Short Recap Monday, June 14, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

EJ told Sami and Lucas that he was there because he was getting the man who tried to take his wife away. Sami and Lucas were worried that he was talking about Lucas. EJ said he was talking about Charlie. EJ asked how Allie was. While they were talking, Lucas told him he was there for Sami. Chad ripped into Gabi for not caring about what happened to Kate. Jake talked to Kate about her breaking up with him. He told her about hooking up with Gabi. She told him she had to tell him something. She said she forgave him. He asked if she forgave him for sleeping with someone else. She said she knew Gabi for a long time and knew what she was capable of. She said she knew Gabi hurt him and broke his heart. She said he went to Gabi to numb his pain. She said he has been there for her. She said he wouldn’t have given Gabi a second look if Kristen didn’t trick him. She said she acts tough, but she is terrified. He asked her if the doctor came to see her. She said he did. She said he told her that the blindness might be permanent. Gabi told Chad that Kate would do the same thing to her if she was with Jake. Xander showed up at Basic Black. He told her he would be able to help make it better. She said he didn’t work there. She said no one at Basic Black liked him. Xander wanted to call Sami. Lucas defended Sami to EJ. He wanted to know why EJ wasn’t there for her when she needed him. Sami asked Lucas to stop. Lucas left her alone with EJ.

Brady and Philip argued over where Chloe was going to recover. Chloe told them she agreed with Philip. Xander warned Nicole that Eric would never come home once he knows what she did. EJ told Sami that Lucas thought he wasn’t much of a husband to her. He said people used to think that she put herself before others. He said she took care of him and left everything to take care of him. He said he was distant. She said she thought he was dead. She said the last couple of years have been hard, but it hasn’t been that bad. He said he still felt lost. He said she stood by him even when he told her to leave him alone. He said she did everything to help him get better. He wanted to do the same thing to save their marriage. Nicole said having Xander hold the worst night against her was torture. She said she almost told Eric the truth. He still wanted a job. She said there was no room for him there. Chloe told Brady that she would be better off staying with Philip because Victor only called her names. She said Kristen and Jan almost killed her. Brady told her that he wanted her to lean on him. EJ asked Sami what happened between her and Lucas. Chad and Jake talked about Jake telling Kate that he slept with Gabi. Chad told him to break things off with Gabi. Jake wanted to know how he was supposed to break up with Gabi. Chad said he was on his own. Lucas went to see Kate and told him EJ was back. Sami told EJ that nothing happened between her and Lucas. He said he knew Kristen hired Xander to try to kill her. Sami asked if he knew Xander tried to kill her. EJ said he knew Xander from when he was recovering. He said Xander wasn’t a killer. He said he has done a lot and wanted to atone for his sins. He said he would handle Xander.

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