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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander confronted Dr. Snyder about the drugs he gave Gwen. Kayla asked Gwen about Dr. Snyder. Gwen thought Xander told her what was going on. Kayla didn’t know what she was talking about when she mentioned Xander. Nicole wrote an email to Eric about what she did. When Abe showed up, she lowered the laptop. She talked to him about Eric not being in town. Sami wanted Lucas to wear a wire so he could get Nicole to confess to cheating on Eric. Nicole told Abe that she felt guilty being upset about Eric being gone when he is helping people. Sami told Lucas that Nicole broke her vows and shouldn’t get away with it. He wanted to know what this was about. He asked if it was about Nicole cheating on Eric or her cheating on EJ. Kayla told Gwen that Tripp thought she was upset around Dr. Snyder. Kayla said she would make sure he never bothered her again if he was making her feel uncomfortable. Xander told Snyder that he was pushing pills and making Gwen be his drug dealer. Snyder denied the claim. Xander said he didn’t care what he was doing, but he wanted him to leave Gwen out of it. Snyder said he wasn’t forcing Gwen to do anything. He said she runs errands for him and he would keep her secret about her miscarriage. Xander wanted to know what he was talking about.

Gwen told Kayla that Dr. Snyder didn’t do anything inappropriate to her. Gwen said she appreciated her reaching out considering she doesn’t like her because of Abby. Gwen said Abby caused her to lose her baby. Kayla asked why she thought she was talking about Xander before. Gwen said he was always stirring up trouble. Snyder told Xander that Gwen didn’t tell him the whole story. Xander told him to do it. Snyder said he couldn’t do it. Xander threatened him if he went after Gwen. Nicole told Abe that there were truths in her letter that would ruin her marriage. He asked if she wanted to end her marriage. She said she didn’t. She told him it looked as if things were going well for her and Eric until he left. Lucas called Sami out for cheating on EJ and using Nicole’s affair as an excuse. Sami admitted that she hated what she did to EJ. She said it was easier to hate Nicole instead. She wanted to know what she was going to do when she went home. She said EJ was going to know what she did when she went home. She said Rafe knew she was hiding something. Lucas said she should be honest with EJ. She said he would never forgive her. He told her to tell him that she needed comfort in her life. She said that would explain the first time, but what about the second. Lucas said their lives were in danger. She said she loved EJ and didn’t understand how she could hurt him. Lucas said she was in love with him. Snyder called Gwen and told her to keep Xander away from him or he would tell about her miscarriage. When she got off the phone, Xander was there. Nicole told Abe that her marriage was falling apart. She said marriage wasn’t for her. She said his marriage to Lexie was great. He said their marriage wasn’t perfect. She said it was because of her brother. He said his trust was broken when Lexie cheated. He said she was the love of his life. Nicole asked if it would have been better if he didn’t know about the affair. Abe said the lie would have destroyed their marriage. Sami asked if Lucas thought she was in love with him. He said the chemistry was still there. She said she was in love with EJ. Lucas said EJ pushed her away and shut her off. She said EJ was going to come around. Lucas asked what if he didn’t. He said it took two to make a marriage work. She asked what he was saying. He said they should give it another shot. Gwen confronted Xander about him threatening Snyder. She said it was a problem because he was blackmailing her. She wanted to know how he knew it was Snyder. Xander said he was eavesdropping. He said he went to the hospital and threatened him. She said Snyder would threaten her life. He asked if it was because he knew about her miscarriage. Lucas told Sami that they have been in love with each other since they were kids. He said they were the best versions of each other. He told her he wanted the passion they have again. She said she had a husband. He said he was all in if she was. He wanted to be with her. He said he didn’t care about anything as long as he was with her. Someone knocked on the door. She asked if he thought it was EJ. She opened the door and it was EJ.

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