Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 8, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina was at her new home and looked over her plans for the town square. Abe showed up with the twins. He told her how much he liked Chanel’s proposal. He was going to make sure it was approved. Paulina thought she was too much of a flake to go through with her business. Abe wanted more info from Paulina and she admitted that she didn’t want to see Chanel fail and get hurt. He advised her about the best way to deal with her. She thought he was right. Chanel walked in Paulina’s house and saw her plans for the town square.

Gwen tried to take the drugs when Xander woke up and caught her. He grabbed the bag from her. He wanted answers from her. She told him that she was protecting Jack. He was willing to help her with the blackmailer, but she said she could deal with it herself. He thought she was making a mistake dealing with it on her own. Gwen managed to miss the drop off so Dr. Snyder called her. Xander was eavesdropping on her call. She promised Dr. Snyder that she would deliver the drugs when threatened to tell Jack the truth. Marlena found out from Belle that she was going to be released from jail. She let Allie know the news. Allie thought she would be able to move on with her life after his murder, but she didn’t think she could now. She talked to her about what happened when Tripp kissed her. She thought about Charlie. Marlena asked her if that was the first time she was physical with someone since the rape. She said it wasn’t the first time. She said it was easier when her friend kissed her. Allie said they were just friends and now business partners. Marlena wanted to talk about Tripp again. Allie didn’t know how to be with him without thinking about Charlie. She suggested Allie take things slow with Tripp.

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