Days Short Recap Monday, June 7, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander found Gwen’s drugs and she insisted that they were for her pain. He didn’t believe her and called her a drug dealer. He wouldn’t have cared, but he wanted to protect Jack’s reputation. She said she would never sell drugs because her mother was an addict. She told him about her mother, but he didn’t seem to care about what she said. They ended up struggling over the drugs. Jack arrived and saw them fighting. He called them out for acting like children. Jack got a phone call so he left them alone. She admitted to Xander that someone was forcing her to deal drugs. He wanted to know more about her situation. She told him that Jack would be the one to suffer in the end. Jack came back into the room so Xander and Gwen apologized to each other.

Ava approached Sami while she was thinking out loud about Nicole sleeping with Xander. Ava told her that she was wrong about Nicole and should leave it alone. Ava wondered how Sami’s long-distance marriage was going. Sami didn’t want to talk about her marriage to EJ, but she did bring up Charlie. Ava got upset with Sami and told her that she would do anything to go back in time and be a better mother to him. She was sorry for what Charlie did to Allie. Sami softened towards her a little. She admitted that she made mistakes too. She agreed that Charlie did a horrible thing, but they share a wonderful grandchild. Ava asked her not to make Nicole’s suffering worse by pursuing the issue. Sami went to the Inn to find proof that Nicole cheated on Eric. Nicole ended up running into Sami at the town square. Sami let her know there was no record of her renting a room at the Inn. She said she used the corporate card to pay for the room. She told Sami that she had a receipt. Sami warned her that she would be watching her. Sami walked away from her. Nicole said that she had the receipt made in case Sami decided to start snooping. She admitted that sleeping with Xander was the worst mistake she made.

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