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Recap written by Christine

Victoria and Ashland spent the evening talking. He confided in her about his marriage, and he told her she had a way of getting the truth out of him. He admitted Harrison was Kyle’s biologically. Ashland wasn’t going to give up on his son, though. Victoria stated that she didn’t share DNA with Johnny, but she was his mother, just as Ashland was a father in every way that counted. Ashland cryptically stated that Tara was no saint. Abby pieced together that Kyle was the father of Tara’s child, and she talked to Summer about it. Summer admitted that she felt insecure, and everyone was advising her to take a step back. Abby thought that Summer should take charge, keep an eye on Tara and resume planning her wedding. Tara told Kyle that her lawyer thought she should give into Ashland’s demands to cut Kyle out of Harrison’s life. Kyle argued that Harrison was his child too. Tara revealed that she’d signed an ironclad prenup, and she wouldn’t get anything in the divorce. She wasn’t sure what to do, but she didn’t want to lose her son along with everything else. Her shoe business was in debt. He offered to try and find her a job, but she didn’t want him to call in favors. She revealed she left Harrison with his old nanny and went out with friends. Harrison fell and got a minor cut on his chin, and Ashland blamed her for leaving him with the nanny. She thought Ashland would use it against her in court, but Kyle didn’t think a judge would consider that negligence or bad parenting.

Kyle read Harrison a bedtime story. Summer set up a romantic evening for Kyle, and he texted back that he’d be late because he was with Harrison. He mentioned that he wanted her to meet Harrison. When he got home, she told him she wanted to fast track the wedding. He felt the same way. Tara sent Kyle a text saying how much his support meant to her and Harrison. Summer read the text. Jack’s visit to Billy and Lily’s didn’t go well, because Billy wouldn’t stop fishing for information on the Lockes. Jack blurted out that Harrison was his grandson. Jack felt that Billy had a duty to protect his new nephew by dropping the story. Billy said he’d never do anything to hurt the little boy. Jack got irritated when Billy asked more questions about the Lockes, and he left. Lily disapproved when she realized Billy still planned to go forward with a story on the Locke’s divorce and affair, even though it could hurt Kyle, Harrison and Summer. She said they were dropping the story, and he reluctantly agreed. Jack and Tara talked about family, and she mentioned an estranged brother in Virginia. Jack was glad Tara and Harrison were in his home. She hoped he didn’t mind them staying a little longer.


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