Days Short Recap June 4, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jan and Chloe fought over the gun and it went off. Chloe got hit in the arm. Philip rushed to her aid. Jan grabbed the money and threatened to shoot them. Philip threw dirt in her face. He slammed her against the bushes until she passed out. He made a phone call after she passed out. Shawn told Brady about Jan. Philip called him. Shawn and Brady rushed to the hospital. Chloe woke up at the hospital with Philip by her side. He assured her that she would be fine. He said he would have killed Jan before he let her hurt her. Brady arrived and Philip blamed him for what happened to Chloe. Allie got a text from Chanel. Allie thought about their kiss. She said she was okay with her coming over. Chanel arrived and told her about opening a bakery. She wanted to use the Horton donut recipe. She also wanted Allie to work with her. She wasn’t sure she could get the recipe, but she would try to do it.

Julie arrived at Allie’s apartment and introduced her to Chanel. Chanel told her about her plan to open a bakery. She refused to give her the recipe especially once she found out she was married to Xander. Allie reminded Julie about the pot filled donuts at their book club meeting. Julie was embarrassed so she agreed to let them have the recipe. Allie and Chanel celebrated their new business. Gwen was at the hospital and told Dr. Snyder that she delivered the package. Tripp saw them together. Dr. Snyder took Gwen somewhere more private. He wanted to meet her at his office so their transactions looked more legit. He gave her another envelope. She reluctantly took the envelope. Tripp went inside his office. He needed something from Dr. Snyder. Tripp introduced himself to Gwen. He told her how they were cousins. He wanted to know if she was okay. Gwen eventually left his office. Dr. Snyder didn’t appreciate him being in his business. He ended up getting paged. Shawn went to Chloe’s room and heard Philip yelling at Brady about Kristen. Philip backed off of him. Chloe said she wanted to help put Jan away. Shawn believed Jan would be locked up for good. He thought Chloe and Claire’s statements would be enough to put Jan away. Shawn left the room so Brady apologized to Chloe for everything. He agreed with Philip that he was responsible for what happened to her. He didn’t think Kristen loved him. He thought she was obsessed and it almost killed her. He told her that he ended with Kristen. He said he wouldn’t let her down again. Shawn talked to Dr. Snyder about Jan. He told him that Jan was in a coma.

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