Days Short Recap Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jan brought Claire and Chloe to the cabin where Claire tried to kill Ciara. Claire said she changed. Jan didn’t believe it. Claire asked why she brought her there. Jan said to remind her that she didn’t change. Jan said Belle confessed to killing Charlie. Claire said she could let them go and she could be with Shawn. Jan said there was a problem. She said they knew about the plan so she had to kill them. Trask told Belle to change her plea to guilty. Trask thought it should be easy for her to do that unless there was an angle. Belle told her to accept the confession. Trask said she would reject the confession if she didn’t confess. Shawn and Philip talked about Jan kidnapping Claire and Chloe. Philip wondered what Jan wanted with Chloe. Claire told Jan that she said she couldn’t kill her. Jan said Chloe would do it. Belle told Trask that changing her plea required a hearing. Trask said she was aware of that. Belle said there was no time. Trask said they could call Justin and get it over with. Trask asked if she was having second thoughts. Belle said she wouldn’t change. Ben went to see Clyde to talk about Ciara sending him divorce papers. Ben told him that he cheated on Ciara. Clyde wanted to know what he did. Ben said Claire kissed him, but he didn’t stop it. Clyde wanted to know why he was upset. Ben said Jordan kept telling him that he was cheating on Ciara. Jan asked how Chloe wanted to kill Claire. Chloe said she wasn’t shooting Claire. Claire told her to do it because Jan wasn’t giving her a choice. Chloe agreed to kill Claire.

Clyde told Ben to take some action with his marriage. Ben wanted to know what he was supposed to do. He said the only thing he could do was sign the papers. He said Ciara keeps calling him and he hasn’t returned her messages. Clyde told him to get on a plane and find Ciara. Belle told Shawn and Philip that Trask wanted her to confess to killing Charlie. Shawn said she was going to be locked up. Belle said it was the only way to rescue Claire. Philip said Chloe too. Jan handed Chloe a knife so she could kill Claire. Chloe asked if she wanted her to kill Claire with a knife. Jan said she wasn’t going to give her the gun so she could turn against her. Jan told Chloe to gut Claire like a fish. Shawn asked Belle if she was sure what she was doing. Belle said she was. Shawn said Jan wouldn’t hurt Claire because it would hurt him. Trask came in and told Belle she had to go to the courthouse for the hearing. Jan told Chloe to kill Claire. Claire begged her not to do it. Jan took the knife out of Chloe hand. Claire told Jan to let Chloe go. Ben told Clyde that Ciara didn’t remember loving him. He said she was with Theo. He said he had to let her decide what she wanted. Jan said she could let Chloe go. She said Chloe was in the way since no one knew she killed Charlie. Chloe said she wanted to go home with her son. Jan said she knew she killed Charlie so she was going to have to get rid of both of them.

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