Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 2, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Nick and Devon consider whether they should advertise New Hope on Newman Media because Nick isn’t sure he can work with Adam. Adam offers Chloe a fashion outlet on Newman Media. Chloe turns down the offer, but Adam asks her to think about it and call him later with an answer about the offer.

Chloe visits Chelsea at the mental hospital and later tells Kevin that, she is really worried about Chelsea because she is really mentally ill. Kevin goes to visit Chelsea because he thinks she is faking her mental illness. Kevin tells Chelsea to forget Chloe helped her with her plan to poison Rey. Kevin gets worried because Chelsea is quiet and doesn’t seem to be understanding what he is saying to her.

Summer continues to grow more insecure about her relationship with Kyle even though he assures her that their relationship won’t change now that he is a father. Kyle arrives home and calls Jack because Tara and Harrison are gone.

Chancellor communications strikes first publishing an article on how Victor acquired his new media company. Adam decides to wait a little while before he publishes a response to the allegations in the article.

Abby tells Nina she got a text from Chance and she is glad to know he is okay. Abby also tells Nina that Mariah will soon be going for a sonogram.

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