Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie told Jack about inviting Xander into her family home. Xander said he was drunk the last time he was there because of Sarah breaking up with him. Julie didn’t like the idea of him being drunk. Ava told Rafe that Gabi wouldn’t like the fact that they slept together. Ava told him that Gabi told her to move out of the house. He said he was going to confront her about it. Gabi told Jake that they were supposed to get together, but he wanted to be with Kate. He told Gabi he wanted to be with her. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell Kate. He said Kate was scared and lying in bed. She wanted to know when he was going to tell her. He said he was going to tell her. Lucas said he wasn’t. Kate told Dr. Snyder that she was blind. She said when she came home after being attacked she saw Jake and Gabi together. While she was telling him about Jake and Gabi, he realized she didn’t have memory problems. He also realized she wasn’t blind. Sami and Nicole argued when Sami confronted her about cheating on Eric with Xander. Nicole told her that she cheated on her husband. Sami said she didn’t cheat on her husband. Nicole said she was talking about when she cheated on Rafe with EJ. Lucas told Jake that he wasn’t going to dump Kate while she was suffering. Kate admitted to Snyder that she wasn’t blind. She said she didn’t lose her memory. He wanted to know why she did it. She said when she woke up, Jake was talking about their future together. She told him that he wasn’t going to say a word to anyone.

Xander told Julie that his behavior at her establishment was unacceptable because he and Sarah broke up. He said he wasn’t in his right mind. He said he left. She said he stole a bottle of Scotch from her. Lucas confronted Jake and Gabi about not hurting Kate. He told them that they weren’t going to hurt her by telling her that they were together. Kate told Snyder that she was going to get him fired if he said anything about her not being blind. She asked if they had an understanding. Before Snyder could answer, Jake came in to see how everything was going. Gabi told Lucas that it was worse to lie to Kate about her and Jake not being together. While they were arguing, she told him she wanted him out of her house. Nicole went over to Rafe’s house and saw him with Ava. Nicole realized they slept together. Ava talked to Nicole about her and Rafe. Nicole told her Sami suspected that she cheated on Eric. Ava asked why. Nicole said she did. Ava wanted to know how she knew. Nicole said she saw her with that guy. Ava asked if it was Xander. Nicole wanted to know why she assumed that. Ava said Rafe she offered Xander a job. Nicole told her not tell Rafe about it. Snyder confirmed with Jake that Kate was blind. Jake asked if it was permanent. Snyder said he was going to talk to a specialist. Jake asked about her memory loss. Snyder said he couldn’t give her a definitive diagnosis. Lucas went to see Sami and told her about Kate. He also told her Gabi kicked her out. He asked her if he could stay with her. Sami said he couldn’t after what they did. She told him she was going to prove that Nicole cheated on Eric.

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