Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 31 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Summer was conflicted, and she confided in Phyllis that she wondered if she and Kyle should get married now so they could deal with this situation as a unit. Summer admitted that there could be something between Kyle and Tara, but she wasn’t sure if it was real, or if it was her insecurities talking. She was determined not to let this situation tear her and Kyle apart. Ashland showed up at the Abbotts and threatened to call the police if he couldn’t see his child. Tara let him come in. Ashland and Kyle clashed over the way Ashland spoke to Tara. Tara let Ashland spend time with Harrison. The judge found Chelsea not guilty by reason of insanity, and Michael delivered the news to her. Chelsea complained that she was locked up, while Adam was free. Victor asked Nick and Adam to do a joint project with New Hope and Newman Media. Nick said he’d consider it. Victor mentioned wanting to bring Noah on board. Nick didn’t think Noah would take the job, but he said that he’d support Noah if he decided to accept. Adam and Victor were pleased Chelsea would be staying in the psychiatric facility instead of going to jail. Victor assured the concerned Adam that someone would always watch over Chelsea. Victor visited Chelsea and told her she really did need mental help. He told her that if she didn’t commit to therapy, she’d never be allowed to leave the facility. Nick told Phyllis about his meeting with Victor and Adam. Phyllis was suspicious of Victor’s motives for trying to bring his family back into the fold. Sally left a voice message for Ashland about her helping him find his son. She thought the fashion house he invested in would be just the thing to draw Summer out of Genoa City. Sally decided to put down breadcrumbs to lead Summer to the job. Sally apologized to Summer, but Summer thought Sally was running another scheme. Sally mentioned that she was thinking about taking a job at the Marchetti fashion house in Milan. When they met with Lauren, Sally wouldn’t mention Marchetti, so Summer did. Lauren recalled that Eric Forrester had ties to Marchetti. Sally decided she might need a favor from Eric. When the paternity test results were ready, Kyle called Summer. Tara tried to talk Ashland out of going for full custody. Ashland told Tara not to run again, and he told the Abbotts they made a serious mistake interfering. Kyle received the results. Ashland vowed to take his son back to NY soon. Kyle announced that he was Harrison’s father, not Ashland. Sharon and Rey were glad Chelsea would be staying in the hospital instead of going to prison. They made plans to go to Miami on a second honeymoon and to stay in a hotel instead of at his mom’s house. It was Faith’s first day back at school. Sharon was pleased to see Faith smiling again when she talked with Moses. Moses and Faith made plans to visit the parts of Genoa City that were important to Neil once Faith was feeling up to it. Michael was suspicious when he found out Victor visited Chelsea in the hospital. He noted that Victor had also been there when Chelsea had her breakdown, and he brought in a doctor who just happened to be treating Chelsea now. He told Lauren that he wondered if Victor was pulling the strings.


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