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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen was in for a shock when Dr. Snyder arrived at Jack’s place. Jack wanted to know what he wanted with Gwen. He lied about her prescription. He also threatened Gwen. Jack left them alone so she gave Dr. Snyder his package of drugs. She refused to help him get people hooked on drugs. He was going to tell Jack about her miscarriage if she didn’t do what he wanted. Allie was nervous about Kate. Sami assured her that she would make it. They talked about what Sami and Lucas went through in the wine cellar. Sami wanted to stay long enough to see Eric come home. Allie told her that he was going to stay longer. Allie told her how Nicole got wasted and stayed at the Salem Inn when she found out about Eric extending his stay. Sami thought about seeing Nicole with Xander. Sami told her to visit Kate and she would take Henry back to Nicole’s place. Sami called Nicole a liar. Lucas helped Kate eat. He hoped she would get her sight back soon. She thanked him for being there for her. She wondered why Jake wasn’t there. He told her that Jake was there all night. Kate assumed things between her and Jake hadn’t changed. Lucas confirmed what she suspected. Gabi found Jake in the hospital lobby. He told her that Kate was so upset that she needed a sedative. Gabi thought Kate was going to use her blindness to get to him. He assured her that it wouldn’t happen. He said that Kate didn’t remember walking in on them.

Lucas met with Jake and Gabi. He told him that his mother seemed depressed. He said the only thing helping her was the trip they were taking. Allie showed up when Dr. Snyder wanted to examine Kate. Gabi wanted to know if he was going to tell Kate about them. Dr. Snyder examined Kate and said there wasn’t anything wrong with her eyes. Kate said she wasn’t blind. He thought it was emotional blindness. She explained everything she went through. She informed him that she found her lover with another woman. Xander showed up at Nicole’s place and told her that he was moving in with her. She told him that he wasn’t doing that. She told him that Brady didn’t want to hire him. He said he was going to tell Sami what they did. He told her to make sure he got the job. He did say that he would find another place to stay. He left and Nicole wondered what she would do. Sami showed up at Nicole’s place. Nicole called Sami out when she wanted to make conversation about Eric. Sami confronted her about seeing her with Xander. Nicole lied to her and said Xander walked her to the room. Sami knew she didn’t spend the night alone. Sami said she slept with a man Eric hated. Rafe asked Ava some questions about happened in the interrogation room with Kristen. She explained what happened. Rafe said she was the only one who could have seen her. She asked him if he was accusing her of helping Kristen. Rafe apologized for what he implied. He believed her. He was tired of people lying to him.

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