Y&R Short Recap Thursday, May 20, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Chloe tells Kevin the truth about what she did to help Chelsea with her plan to poison Rey. Kevin worries Chloe might end up in jail, but Chloe assures him she will not be implicated in the scheme.

Billy and Lily decide where they want to live after looking at places online. Billy and Lily see Victoria saying goodbye to Ashland and they wonder why Victoria is really meeting with Ashland.

Nick and Adam give brotherly bonding a try as they watch baseball together, but their first try is very awkward. Adam and Victor decide to name their new company Newman media and enjoy the fact Victoria will be upset about it.

Chelsea meets with Rey at the mental hospital to ask for his forgiveness for what she did to him. Summer tells Phyllis that Harrison is Kyle’s son and Kyle plans to claim paternity in order to protect Harrison from Ashland. Phyllis advises Summer not to be scared of Ashland Locke because she and Kyle will get through this with the help of their families. Summer tells Kyle she is scared to lose him once he becomes Harrison’s father. Kyle assures Summer their relationship will be fine because he and Tara haven’t made any decisions about any kind of relationship with Harrison.

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